New Katamari Forever Trailer!

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Hi Everyone! It’s me again, Kazuhito Udetsu! It’s very hot and humid in Japan, but apart from that, I’m doing well. This time around I’d like to introduce the latest trailer for Katamari Forever. Please enjoy the antics of the monkey and rooster!

Oh! If you’re planning on going to San Diego Comic-Con this week, stop by the Namco Bandai Games booth and play Katamari Forever!

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  • hahaha this looks funny

  • Hello Kazuhito Udetsu san, I must admit I like your Japanese commercials much better, and find them just to be more fun to watch.

    Either way the game looks to be fantastic, and I cant wait for this game to finally come out for the PlayStation 3. It is a day 1 purchase for me.

    Lets just hope it has Trophy support and DTS at bare minimum.

    Thanks again for making us PlayStation fans happy by giving us another fantastic Katamari game. It would be cool if you could include the port of Beautiful Katamari on the same BluRay disc as well. You and I know it would easily fit both games on a 25GB BluRay disc! :D

  • I see its splitscreen which definitely is a good thing, but tell me thats its multiplayer online too??? If so you have my $$$.

    And include in-game XMB music play, just like NOBY NOBY BOY, which made my heart skip a beat when i found out that feature while playing it.

  • This should be the first Katamari game to be released in Europe, so i’m not bothered whether most of the levels are from older games :D

    As long as it’s as good as the older ones

  • Will this game have all the music from the past katamari games?

  • Yay!! These games are so much fun. How can anyone really hate katamari?

  • looks like it comes out September 22, & Amazon’s got it priced for 46.99.

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