New Katamari Forever Trailer!

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Hi Everyone! It’s me again, Kazuhito Udetsu! It’s very hot and humid in Japan, but apart from that, I’m doing well. This time around I’d like to introduce the latest trailer for Katamari Forever. Please enjoy the antics of the monkey and rooster!

Oh! If you’re planning on going to San Diego Comic-Con this week, stop by the Namco Bandai Games booth and play Katamari Forever!

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  • 2nd and 1st to notice no video

  • “Video not available”

  • Im asking you guys as a PSN friend, please stop with this first nonsense. Its stupid, and nobody cares. Just stop.

  • Oh, and I cant wait for Katamari Forever!

  • lol looks fun

  • na naaaa, na na na na na na na, na na na na na naaaaaa

  • Hmmmm. another Katamari. Im happy that the Playstation 3 just expanded its library, but i never really got the meaning of Katamari. Its kinda like Noby Noby Boy in a sense wheres theres no true objective to the game, but then there is one. like how Noby Noby Boy stretches to make Girl grow. In Katamari you roll just for the sake of getting bigger or to please your king or something -_- im i right who knows? well what ever made me buy Noby Noby Boy will surely make me buy Katamari Forever i guess its just the Playstation Fanboyism in me

    @Jeff how would you describe previous Katamari games im lost whats the point of the game.

    Kazuhito Udetsu would you care to explain the the game objective

  • Poopookakabumbum

    How much is this game going to cost, since it’s basically a compilation of old levels?

  • The point is to roll stuff up. There is more of a point than Noby Noby Boy.

    It’s fun.

    I just hope this game isn’t expensive as there are no new levels.

  • cool looks good

  • Amazing. I want this game now!

  • Best trailer ever.

  • Release date please :)
    Oh and can we have some new avatars please

  • Nobody should support Scamco. They are always screwing over PS3 owners.

    Stop releasing full priced, hand-me-down ports of 360 games.

  • I love how it going to have trophies and PlayStation Home rewards~ i really cant wait for more actual Information on the game. and i agree with 13th post

  • How long before the release date and delay are announced?

  • I’m looking forward to this game so much! 1st day purchase!

    Oh just a question Namco Bandai, will you ever release Tales of Vesperia for the US/EU PS3? :P

  • Any chance u guys can make iPhone compatible videos of these trailers as well for the mobile page

  • This game looks FUN! However, wish I could attend San Diego’s Comic-Con. :'(

    The prince on the trailer remainded me of NOBY NOBY BOY’s prince. :)

    Keep up the good work guys, this game looks fantastic!

  • @babybluedb: there’s more of a point to katamari than there is to noby. in katamari you have levels that have goals and if you don’t beat the goals, you fail. there are levels that require you to get to a certain degree of temperature, or collect a certain number of origami cranes and so on and so forth. it infinitely has more point to it than noby. this is the 5th game in the series…

  • Why does this game seem to be comprised of only levels from previous Katamaris?

  • Great trailer! It put a smile on my face. :)

    I’ll definitely be getting this game when it releases. I <3 Katamari!

  • I’ll definitely be getting this. I’m importing it as well and it should be here in a few days since it comes out in Thursday in Japan. Can’t wait.

    @TRIX_BOL: that’s cause it is the same prince.

  • @ Everyone
    for anyone who is asking the same pitiful questions about release dates and why there are only the same old levels just go here: and read the very little about it. It CLEARLY states that the NA release date is September 22, 2009, it will feature “a mix of 30 levels, with some being brand new and some being levels from previous titles in the series.”
    There you have it.

  • @Magesx: because most of them are from other games, including the 360 game. So far though, articles say 30 levels, only about 16 or so have been revealed so i’m hopeful that the rest will be all new ones. I hope anyways.

  • I really should read em all instead of a few at a time:

    I’ll definitely be getting this. I’m importing it as well and it should be here in a few days since it comes out in Thursday in Japan. Can’t wait.

    @TRIX_BOL: that’s cause it is the same prince.

  • most bizarre video I’ve seen in a while

  • Even if they are the same levels, this game should be the best version of Katamari. If you’re a fan of the game (which most of you don’t seem to be because you’re whining about level counts and how many of them are new) than this will be the definitive version to play Katamari until you die. New art renders, and EPIC MUSIC is better than most games on the next-get consoles give you.

    I know personally that I will be playing Katamari ‘forever’.

  • That video wasn’t bizarre. It was a sad, lame attempt at being bizarre and kuh-razy. The marketing team for this game needs to move along to another project…

  • Will there be a demo of Katamari Forever?

    English Tales of Vesperia release?

    Riiiiiidge Raaacer! 8? :D One more crazy-demand for future games: Breakdown remake and Breakdown 2 on PS3. Make it happen, Derrick!

  • Just watched the trailer. You guys are right about them being the same levels. Maybe they will create more objects. The music still sounds awesome, if not better. And the toy Prince in a car better go on sale too.

  • I can’t wait for this one! :) Release date???

  • I seriously can NOT wait! I love katamari! When can we buy this?!

  • WTF was that!?
    this kind of games belong on some kind of children’s hospital or something :|

  • i would like to know why namco doesnt release more tales games to the ps brand? i mean there are a ton of tales games that have never make the trip over this side of the pond. plus, we dont know if they will release vesperia or tales of the world radiant mythology 2 ( ps3/psp) to NA…

    i want to know why the discrimination, namco? since you already know that the tales franchise have a following here in the states!

  • I agree…Katamari looks fun and i’ll give it a try but, I’m more interested in the tales franchise. Ps3 owners have been screwed over and there’s finally a chance for us to play Vesperia yet there’s no indicative of US ps3 owners getting that chance.

  • This game looks good and its a day one buy but please Namco Bandai bring Tales of
    Vesperia to North America

  • WTF! At first, it looked like a little kid show but the rest of the game looks pretty cool!

  • I live just a stone’s throw from Miami, don’t tell ME about heat and humidity! :-P

    Anyway, I’m so excited that we’re getting another Katamari game… I thought it would be an enhanced port of Beautiful Katamari, but some of these levels look like the levels in previous Katamari games too!

    Are there any levels in this game specially designed for PS3 or is this sortof a “greatest hits” package? Any chance we could get a rundown on what levels from the older games will be in the package?

    Love the trailer — good rule of thumb: monkeys make ANYTHING better!

  • Katamari is a game of scales. tiny, small, large, huge, Massive, ASTRONOMICAL!

    You won’t understand until you play it.

  • Graphically, I was expecting much more. Disappointing because I was wanting to check this one out! Maybe I’ll just try and find Damacy since I’ve never played the series.

  • This “game” looks bizarre.

  • LOL looks cool! Reminds me aof a famous Japanese game :)

  • Is it going to be a retail game or PSN download?

  • Roflsome! Can’t wait for this, love me some Katamari… :D

  • lol that was pretty good

  • Game is looking awesome!

    Do you guys plan on having Playstation Home Rewards like Namco Museum Collection?

    Please design a Gundam Home Space. Maybe an area in Side 7 or aboard the White Base. I want to buy my Amuro and Char Aznable costumes already. There are Gundam fans in the U.S. too. :(

  • wtf is this… these games are just plain wierd, theres little point to them but im glad ps3 has them, something for everyone.. even the ones with epilepsy it seems lol

  • “I like to roll things”
    Yeah… I bet you do. =D

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