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Happy Sunday everyone, enjoy the week’s reading list. As always, these are stories we’ve actually read and endorse throughout the past 7 days. For instance, I totally agree with Dale North‘s positive review of Pangya Fantasy Golf for PSP (link #1) – it’s good enough to make me kick my all-time favorite, Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2, out of my travel bag – at least temporarily.

In fact, Pangya is what I’ll be playing on my way down to San Diego Comic-Con International on Wednesday morning.

Say, are any of you coming down to Comic-Con this week?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 13, 2009)

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  • Test comment (sorry)

  • Is the Fat Princess interview going to be today? :D

  • @ 13 the holiday line up is not bad just not as big then others holiday that all . i own both system and i don’t see anything to brag about or for fanboys to post one up you comment but that being said i still think it’s going to be a big year for uncharted .

  • I’m glad to hear that the VOD service is doing a lot better. Bringing it to the PSP Store was a great idea, I’ve been buying a lot more video content now that I can download it straight to my PSP (and copy it to the PS3 later).

    I’m a huge anime fan and love that you guys have added a lot more anime to the service in the last two months. I just finished watching Shuffle, I downloaded the complete series from the Store. If you guys could try to get some more big name anime like maybe Cowboy Bebop and FLCL, that would be awesome. Maybe talk to Disney about getting some Hayao Miyazaki films on there, too.

  • @Jeff

    Please get us Turbo Graphx-16 games on the PSN like they are getting on Japan’s PSN.

  • Hi Jeff, I did not know where to write about this.

    This is not the topic related, but a friend of mine sent me a video today.

    It’s a LBP rip off. It was made by a brazilian tv channel called SBT. As a brazilian I am so embarrassed.

  • I recommend Sony bundle the motion controller with the Playstation 3 hardware when it releases. Mimic what Nintendo did. Put a game or series of games in the package the show off the technology and what it can do. The only way to get wide-spread adoption is to make certain that every future Playstation 3 owner already has the hardware needed to play the motion-enabled games.

    If Sony ignores this and tries to sell the motion controller as an accessory only it will greatly decrease the amount of motion controller owners, which will turn away developers/publishers, which will decrease the industry support which will fall back to bad sales on the consumer end.

    I want to see this thing succeed. Tie in the features of Microsoft’s Natal and Sony will have the best motion control anywhere.

  • When will I read:

    Trine is out in Playstation Network.



    PSN User/Trophy API is welcome also

  • Greetings Jeff,

    Just wondering if your going to have another
    comic-con contest (Similar to last years
    “Win a PS3” contest.) for the blog readers?

    Also could you show off some White Knight Chronicles? (If it’s being shown at comic-con.)

  • Sweet! My interview with Guerrilla Games made it onto the list. Thanks to Guerrilla Games once again and to Jeff Rubenstein for posting it.

  • No mention of the epic FAIL that is 1943?

  • VC2 on PSP seems an incredibly dumb idea. Maybe you can do a survey. For all those PS3 owners who bought VC who thinks it’s a good decision to put the sequel on a different platform, maybe one you don’t own? Let me see a show of hands.

    /crickets chirping

  • Hey cool! The original story of my Marksman (posted by GU) is on that list! Rock on!

  • How about PERSONA 5 coming to PS3?

  • If I have some constructive suggestions for PSN (Actually not cross game chat), where is a good place to post or e-mail them so the people who actually get us the content for the network can see it? I have a few things I want to see but this post probably isn’t the place for that but thought I would ask here where I should go with my suggestions :)

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