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Happy Sunday everyone, enjoy the week’s reading list. As always, these are stories we’ve actually read and endorse throughout the past 7 days. For instance, I totally agree with Dale North‘s positive review of Pangya Fantasy Golf for PSP (link #1) – it’s good enough to make me kick my all-time favorite, Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2, out of my travel bag – at least temporarily.

In fact, Pangya is what I’ll be playing on my way down to San Diego Comic-Con International on Wednesday morning.

Say, are any of you coming down to Comic-Con this week?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 13, 2009)

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  • First! You guys don’t read that good of information.

  • What about the link where IGN says they have a PS3 slim? :P

  • Some good stuff, cheers

  • jeff or chris i read from cdv forums sony submitted a patch for sacred 2 when will sony release it?

  • Is it just me or does Gran Turismo PSP look like it has a better sense of speed than Gran Turismo titles on the Playstation home consoles? Look at the videoo on joystiq.


  • I just can’t BELIEVE this week that you fine folks didn’t cover Battlefield 1943’s community challenge. That was a HUGE thing for alot of Gamers. 43 Million Kills in one week in a Three Level game is alot. The xbux 360 fans did it in three days(they got 3 times as many players tho). Us PS3 users were averaging about 1284 kills per minute( yes I did the math) which in itself is no small matter. Are there any other games that have that much participation or action in them? I’d love to see stats for KZ2, Socom or any other shooter.

    Anyways the Air Superiority level was Down Today because WE BROKE THE SERVERS! That’s how many people were playing all night.

    Alot of “Ex-Socomers” on there as well…

  • I’m pretty sad to see Valkyria Chronicles 2 is no more than a simple spinoff on the PSP.

    With the high school styled appeal and the supposed “mission system”, this game might end up being what Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was to the original Final Fantasy Tactics…

  • Pangya definitely needs to get more love. It’s quite a good game. I think people just don’t play it for the same reasons many do not play Hot Shots Golf. You know the whole, “OMG they aren’t real people! It’s for kids!” mentality.

  • how about this?? its a modern warfare 2 wishlist!!

  • Wish I could have been in California since E3 ’09, to get my hands on UNCHARTED 2, MAG, Heavy Rain, God Of War III and more exclusive demos.

    I hope you guys make much interviews as possible and enjoy the show. :D

  • why is my comment awaiting moderation?

  • VC2 being for the PSP is a clear sign that the PS3 is selling very poorly and is scaring away developers.

    Also, the holiday lineup is looking terrible, as the PS3 only has two major exclusives, Ratchet and Uncharted 2. Pretty pathetic, at least compared to the competition.

  • Finally, Battle Fantasia! Thank you.

    Why isn’t the PSPGO screen the same size as PSP-3000?? By widening to proper size, you could also add room to the currently cramped controls/buttons, — which, undoubtedly, are going to be alot of trouble.. imagine trying to play a ‘fighting game’ with it! (Who came up with this design, anyway?)

  • @11: That’s unfortunate. PS3 is favorite console out now. I blame it on removing backward-compatibility, and continuing PS2; They should’ve gotten rid of it in favor of PSP. (What PSP could’ve done with better CPU and infrastructure would make a major difference.)

    Wish they could change this.

  • righello,

    i dont understand anything your sayinng dude. whatever you posted was pretty whiny too, sorry. i wish i didnt try to read your sob story. this is the internet not your diary jeez.

  • Sooooo Many great PS3 and PSP games I’m saving up to afford them all :) and the new PSP GO!

  • hay jeff has mag really ben delayed to 2010???

  • VC2 PSP ! ! !

    i really hate people who complain too much. i cant help but to make fun of them. especially since sony gives people so much options. im like cmon dude if your comparing the psp go to the psp 300 and you wish the psp go was like the 3000 then why dont you just get the psp 3000?

    then people talk about the price like its a dillema. im like dude, its not in your price range just keep it walking.

    same thing with the ps3. you have no idea of how annoying it is to be eating at a restaurant with a mob of homeless people staring at you from the other side of the window. if you didnt get the joke its because youre hungry.

  • This is why I love the PS3. Every week that passes we get more & more of these interestign articles?
    Can we get some ‘Blog Magic’ and have a new exclusive trailer for God of War 3? I don’t think I can wait till TGS for a new one :(

  • Patriot_Infinity

    Jeff… do you have any idea how incredibly awesome Peace Walker is going to be? Every time I see screencaps or the trailer, it sends chills up and down my spine =O

  • @Jeff
    You misunderstand. All of the information I’ve read leads to it having the same great gameplay of the original, the artistic style (which was retained since Raita is still doing the art concepts), and even better customization.
    However, I especially liked the storyline (high school kids as cadets is a bit less mature than the already ragtag militia), the development team behind the original (SEGA WOW), and the scale of the battles (though the lowering from 9 to 5 isn’t really THAT significant). That’s three considerable changes for this sequel.

    That it’s coming to the PSP isn’t much of a bother to me (I own one and have played it more than any system I’ve ever had, mostly Monster Hunter Freedom). We’ve seen games with great scope and storylines on the PSP in the past; I’ll be holding out some hope for this game.

    But here’s the question that I hope gets answered by “yes” soon, regardless of how the game turns out: Will it be coming here?

    (Hint hint: Jeff, you’re the PS.Blog’s Valkyria Chronicles hero. Can you see if the newest VC DLC and VC2 will come out here within the next… year or so?)

  • hey jeff. any word on when we will here anything at all about Resident Evil PSP? at all, even a teaser video, or count down or anything. i cant wait to hear some more on it.

    • Capcom is on here all the time, so when they\’re ready to announce any further details, you know you\’re probably going to be reading them here first.

  • Ooh, here’s a good one…

    adhocParty has been trademarked! Good on ya SCEA, I really want to ditch XLink Kai.

  • You guys took all of my links. :(

    Anyway, no I will not be attending comic con this year. I wish I could though..

  • Jeff, we havn’t had a post from Namco Bandai in a while about Katamari Forever, did they just disapear? or go into hiding to finish the game? and what about some Tecmo? i’d like to hear about quantum and Ninja Gaiden! (awesome reads btw)

  • Oh wait here’s an article I just found.

    The PS3 is doing better than you think:

  • Couple links here that should interest PSP fans.

    New Dissidia: Final Fantasy screens:

    Disgaea 2 PSP pre-orders:

  • can anyone tell me when its the tokyo game show this year? i have heard that the show was moved earlier but i’m not sure about that.something tells me that this tgs will be more interesting than last year because sony may have a few megatons to announce this time around ie : playstation cloud,new firmware, more avatars and yes more games…

    anyways,i wish jeff could bring namco on the blog because i have a question or two about them not bringing enough jrpgs to north america…i wish they bring more of the tales series to this side of the pond :o

    anyways,i’m pretty happy by the games that both atlus and nisa are bringing this summer for both the psp and the ps2

    just wish the rumours of a firmware for ps2 backwards compatibility were true.. but just one can dream right? ;0)

  • ah shame that valkyria 2 isn’t for the ps3, i was really hoping for a sequel, maybe the next one will be.

  • @16: Not a diary, or a complaint. Just hinting. If you don’t get it, ignore it.

    [I also don’t think the PSPGO should be like 3000; the controls are just going to be a problem. Plain fact.]

  • Damn, Jeff, you and Chris have the best jobs EVER!

    I’m jealous :(

  • lol Good point, Jeff! And certainly fair enough. Now that’s logic.

  • I wish I could go to Comic-Con, I want one of those Bioshock Prints made by Jhonen Vasquez, I would give my left arm for one. I want this more so than any other video game related item i’ve ever seen.

  • what is tgs?

  • Kinda off subject, but is there something on the ps3/game deveopers have access to that’d let them use pictures off the harddrive to try to make character faces exactly like yours?

    I thought it would be a good feature for playstation home, and games like tony hawk or wrestling games or saints row or something could be good with it.

    Anyway just my opinion on it anyway.

  • @ 32 | slack_1
    TGS means; Tokyo Game Show. If you are talking about gaming industry.

  • I hope you have lots of patience, The load times in Pangya are TERRIBLE. You can probably finish a full round in Hot Shots for what it takes you to play 9 in Pangya.

    The carry distances on the clubs are way too low as well, especially the short irons.

    100yd pitching wedge travels 75yds in the air and bounces for 25yds. Hitting the ball low makes it travel 80-85 yards in the air and bouce for 15-20 yards.

    That’s just straight up wrong.

    License challanges are awesome though.

  • Hey Jeff, is SONY giving the keynote at TGS? I hope so :)

  • When the Bionic Commando Rearmed update coming? It was mention over a month ago.

    Who’s ready for some FURY!!!!

  • Great to know. Greetings from Panama… a little bit sad because we couldn’t beat USA on saturday’s Gold Cup game. Did you watched the game Jeff?

  • Great to know. Greetings from Panama… a little bit sad because we couldn’t beat USA on saturday’s Gold Cup game. Did you watch the game Jeff?

  • is the new metal gear solid game only gonna be for the new psp or will it be on both antbody no cuz i dont…… oh and send me a friend request

  • @Jeff

    How about getting us some of those Turbo Graphx-16 games on the US PSN?

  • you guys should try and figure out a way to ba able to send your friends messages when on the computer not just from your ps3 it would be pretty cooooool i think

  • VC2 in the PSP is such a waste.

  • Jeff can you please take over the EU blog as well, these guys are getting laaaaazy… less than one post a day… shame on them.

  • Jeff, do you know if Sony is going to work with HMX to make Rock Band Network work on PS3? The HMX devs say they’re trying to work with you guys but do you know if Sony wants to?

  • Jeff the PS3 needs more RPG’s, i’m freakin out here man! Whats word on the street on White Knight Chronicles and Tales of Vesperia? or any other upcomming RPGs? (I already got Demon’s Souls)

    Also anymore upcomming GT5 news or interviews?

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