PlayStation Home Updates Mall with New Stores and Items

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Hey Home-bodies,

Locust_Star here jumping in with a quick heads-up regarding today’s content update. Long story short: We’ve managed to push a few extra goodies out the door at the last minute. The first of which is the Namco Bandai Arcade, which is live as of right now. And if you mosey on over to our Mall, you’ll notice a huge change in both layout and inventory. Of special note is the new Costumes store, which we are launching packed full of new costumes for you. Each costume in our inventory – from old community favorites (Ninjas and Pirates and Guiles, oh my!) to brand-spanking new get-ups – has found its way over to this new locale.

In the revamped Threads store (Threads II), you’ll see that we have rolled out some awesome animated t-shirts. And in the Costumes store, you’ll find the new Killzone 2 Helghast Tactician outfits as well as Samurai, Medieval Knight, Spartan, Luchadora, Robot, and Geisha costumes all waiting for you to collect. We’ve even bundled them together at special discount prices, so go check ‘em out and let us know what you think over at the official Home General sub-forum.

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  • Thank you so much for the update Locust, you guys are doing a great job rolling out these updates for us. I will be there when I get out of work tonight.

  • Finally, the mall looks much better than ever before and loved it including the animated t-shirts.

  • Wow, I just check the Mall and it looks amazing now! Amazing job guys!! But I have a question what is the difference between Thread 1 and 2?? I don’t get it. Why not just have a Thread for Home Developers Stuff and one Thread for Game Clothing? Makes a bit more sense, like “Thread Home” and “Thread Games!” or something like that.

    Anyways, could you guys PLZ enable In-game music like other games? I don’t care about other people not hearing my stuff, I just want to hear my music while been at home. That will make my experience more fun, since most of the music and/or environment sounds are boring. So plz, could you enable the function??

    Besides that, keep the amazing work, loving home now more than ever!

  • I loved Namco arcade games, finally the arcade space is here to chect out thanks!!!

  • I loved Namco arcade games, finally the arcade space is here to check out thanks!!!

  • Hey Locust,

    Is public voice chat back (coming back at all)? If not I’m still not quite interested in coming back.

  • i love the buzz space! thnx!

  • I’m loving it! Cool update, guys. I just hope there can be a few benches or seating areas like in the Gamers Lounge to talk to people. Maybe when the Mall gets bigger. Thanks again

  • You guys really should include a way to ‘try on’ clothes before you buy them. The little icon and relatively sparse description either doesn’t do them justice or results in disappointment when it isn’t exactly what you expected. The avatar stores should be like the Wardrobe section where you’re avatar is there and you can see what items look like on them.

  • The new mall looks great, btw.

  • An animated shirt (and mask!) like Rorshach’s from Watchmen would be awesome!

    I love the idea of the arcade, but I feel like without the ability for friends to see/hear the game and for us to be able to speak to/hear eachother, it will be kind of a flat experience.

    One idea might be to pick the highest score in the whole arcade and ‘project’ it up on a large screen that the whole arcade can see/hear. At least that could emulate some of the cooler aspects that physical arcades can sometimes provide.

  • I will expand on #14’s idea :

    Instead of doing video, why not create either

    A.) Fitting room – preview the clothing
    B.) Timed trial on items of say 1 minute.

    I state this cause I bought a few items that just didn’t look the way I expected them to, so now I second guess every purchase I make on things lol.

  • If only Sony worked on features people actually WANTED like:

    -cross game Voice chat
    -improved in game xmb
    -improved player cards
    -more avatars
    -improved party features
    -proper web browser (webkit based or something)

  • Why can’t I buy the Helghast helmet. It says ERROR where the price should be. Also we need a bundle on that outfit. 5 bucks is a bit steep.

  • Why never nothing for people who purchased club houses i.e. club house stuff

  • Someone should check the Buzz! quizzes for typos. One of the superhero quizzes said “Who is the Gosht Rider?”

  • to bad they didn’t have the Joker suit that so kool if that had that I wish it would come to home

  • There’s a bald spot on the samurai helmet. It should be red and not flesh toned at that spot.

  • The bald spot on the samurai helmet is at the top rear of the helmet and the front, just above the horns.

  • Looks like I gotta check out Home for the first time since Xi.

  • Once again thanks Locust_Star.

    Saw the Namco Bandai Arcade when we used to be able to region travel and couldn’t wait for it to come to North America.

  • and i cant get to try them out

  • Lol Shame on the idiots that actually buy this stuff. Sad, but very true.

  • So the Home Stuff store is being reserved for interactive items. Just an idea, but it would be cool to have a virtual Aibo, Qrio, Rolly. Remote control cars, stuff like that. Some classic Sony stuff, Walkman, etc.

  • I just tried getting the killzone 2 helghast outfit for my male character and the helmet has error on it where the price should be. All the other parts of the outfit have the price and you can purchase them. But the helmet is messed up =(

  • Great update, keep up the good work SONY. HOME is really coming along now, and every time I log on I end up having a pretty good time chatting with people.

    Still, what keeps the experience from being great instead of just good are a few things:

    – Customizeable options for public voice chat
    – A platform in your HOME apartment for all the trophies you’ve earned (or perhaps, just Gold and Platinums)
    – On the same note, perhaps you can offer pins or badges for hitting certain levels
    – The ability to JUMP!!! Let’s jump around!

    With these updates and the many other great recommendations given by the community, HOME can finally turn into one of the reasons consumers look to a PS3, rather than just some gimmick application that’s tested once and left to dust. =)

  • @ Locust_Star:

    Will we now be able to use the purchased items with sub accounts?

    I can’t stand the fact that we must purchase things more than once when using the same PS3.

    User accounts should not matter.

    Please answer this…or at least inform me that this could possibly be considered in the near future.


  • @ Locust_Star again:

    Oh, and a clothing preview option would be useful as well…yes?

  • If there would actually be more Videos of what is going on in the Mall and what is available I would go to Home and the Mall more often!

  • Yaaaawwn!!

    Sorry I’m tired. Good night all.

  • i love the new home updates but i think sony is putting too much time into it. id much rather have a firmware update with better party system, voice chat rooms, join friends game from xmb. also home takes too long to load.


  • What happen to the Mall o_ O” ?

    It use to be all modern & clean looking now it looks like some bling’d out ghetto mall !!

    Also filling the mall with redundant stores is stupid, seriously all clothes costume outside of designer brands should be in 1 threads store.

    I really like the Namco Bandai arcade but… not sure y there needs to be a Namco Bandai theater ?

  • CydoniaX/Locust_Star talk to Eidos and WB to give us our Dark Knight, Joker premium costumes as a cross promotion for Batman Arkham Asylum. Make em premium quality put a heavy price on em so we dont see too many of em. Wayne Manor home space wouldnt hurt either.


    BTW Great job with the Namco Arcade center and theatre plus Namco Museum game intergration. I’m loving my Galaga Arcade cabinet in my personal space.

  • i must say the mall all new design and update is by far the best thing ever so far.i love the new stores, especially the new costume place.just home period u guys are defently stepping up your game with home.

    is the home fun stuff place ever going to get anything? cause everyday i go into that place hoping there something to buy there.

    last thing in December, though its not for couple of months u guys should have discounts on somethings in the mall.since come December it will be one year anniversary for home open beta.

  • SONY 4 THE WINNN!!!!!!

  • My goodness, why do the HOME stores take so long to load the items? Please fix this.

  • Cool you can walk on water now without glitching, and btw Locust I really need your help I played a Namco Arcade game thingy a while ago, the when I held down da PS button a selected the return to PlayStation(R)Home and now it won’t let me sign in! This was about 3 hours ago. Can you please help???

  • Billy, you’re breakfast is ready…. Billy Madison; do I get a Snackpack?

  • like to start by saying gj on all the new content release….ive already purchased most of it…..THE REAL REASON I LEAVE THIS COMMENT LOCUST IS THAT SO I MAY GET A ANSWER TO A QUESTION I AS WELL AS MY COMPANY HAS BEEN TRYING TO ASK FOR A FEW MONTHS NOW….. my corporation is interested in possibly opening or renting store space in the mall kind of like diesel did. we feel that our product would offer and be great service with positive feedback int the HOME newtwork…if you have time to maybe respond to this feel free to post here or leave me some contact information…once again gj on the update and @HOME forever!!!!!

  • I’m going to have to disagree with the response to the mall on here. The stores that were added to the mall simply make it look good. All the items in Threads 2, Costumes, or Diesel could easily be put in the regular Threads store with their own categories. Same with the furniture stores. To me, it just seems like the Home Team wants to put up a quick fix to simply make the Mall look nice while not providing much new items/functionality. Also, the ‘new’ music that was added to the mall, for lack of a better word, is boring.

    Also, will the inside of the mall ever match the model in the Central Plaza? There are multiple floors with staircases and such on the outside of the mall but the inside of the mall has two floors. It’s inconsistent.

    I don’t wish to offend anyone but I’ve been playing Home since the Open Beta was released in December and am eager to get new content that isn’t just clothes and furniture.

  • Why are you people going about making the mall look all nice and pretty without actually DOING anything? “Oh look, we added pretty colors to the mall.” Great? You divided the stores in more unnecessary ways just to make it look like you did something, when in actuality you did nothing. Why not actually make things for the Home Stuff store?

    “The Stuff store is being reserved for interactive items, which will be released in the future.”

    Then work on it. Stop adding boring music to the mall, stop switching up the stores to hide the fact that you don’t do anything, and stop delaying anything interesting for all your trivial crud.

    Congratulations, you’ve managed to do absolutely nothing once more. Exactly why Home is an utter failure.

  • I have LBP ever since it came out but i never got the platinum trophy, so i ask you 2 help me by hearting me and my levels. If you want i will even heart you and your levels. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • the_lone_wolf_42

    Ok i am on home in almost all of my spare time if i’m not playing LBP or Army Of Two..I’ve heard alot of wants/requests from you guys from people in Home and they all say the same be able to play their own music while in Home. Is this a possiblility in the future? At the least be able to play music in our apartments. Please dont leave me hanging on this question. I’m pretty sure this will awnswer the question on many peoples mind if you write a response. Thanks!

  • the_lone_wolf_42

    and Artiantil..dont sit there and say Home is a failure just because your not happy with what they’ve done.There are a bunch of people who disagree with you and i’m sure they worked hard doing what they did. Its not like they made all the hype and didnt live up to expectations. they added two awsome new spaces as well as made good improvements to the mall. personally i think the ability to walk in the water by the falls is a nice touch. they added animated shirts as well. I wouldnt count all that as “absolutely nothing’ i understand your just voicing your opinion but dont sit there and make Home sound like a failure because in my eyes it is a huge success.

  • cool

  • @the_lone_wolf_42 Seriously? Well, here’s why Home falls short. THERE’S NOTHING TO DO. They cut the only halfway interesting thing which was Xi. The team keeps constantly cutting, it’s counter-productive. I mean, what’s the point of Home? There’s next to no personal spaces, and when you’re trying to add furniture you constantly hit constraints. Not to mention if you dare to turn on a light your entire apartment disappears. The gamespaces are a joke. Like I really want to go to a dreary sports complex and race on an INDOOR track, or wait two hours for the upstairs to load just so I can see completely filled tables of Poker. Red Bull air race? It gets boring REAL quick. Nothing to do elsewhere in Home. Did you see the closed beta plaza? You could be out in the open instead of closed into a small area with buildings that don’t even remotely match the places inside. On an artistic system like the PS3 I’d rather not be constantly boxed in. With the theater you can go to “ten exclusive screens”. One problem: the US only has one screen. There’s no reason why the load times are so insane, especially for such small areas. Basically, the poor function is a deterrent. Home is getting widely negative reviews for a reason.

  • Hey Locust_Star! Wanted To ask you If the gliches in the rail ( where you can walk up the rail) at the mall then possibly walk and throw yourself and get stuck in the under glich world like I did. and the floating glichesafter you get up off the bench will they be fixed? LOL I had to reset my system when I used it a couple of times.

  • can someone tell me why in the world my sub account can’t access Home? I realize it’s still in Beta, but my parent’s made their name the master acc. I’m 19, i feel like i’m old enough to play this game…=\

  • hey Locust_Star i think when the stuff store open with items you should put a radio in it so me and the home community would be able to listen to music in our space

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