PlayStation Home Updates Mall with New Stores and Items

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Hey Home-bodies,

Locust_Star here jumping in with a quick heads-up regarding today’s content update. Long story short: We’ve managed to push a few extra goodies out the door at the last minute. The first of which is the Namco Bandai Arcade, which is live as of right now. And if you mosey on over to our Mall, you’ll notice a huge change in both layout and inventory. Of special note is the new Costumes store, which we are launching packed full of new costumes for you. Each costume in our inventory – from old community favorites (Ninjas and Pirates and Guiles, oh my!) to brand-spanking new get-ups – has found its way over to this new locale.

In the revamped Threads store (Threads II), you’ll see that we have rolled out some awesome animated t-shirts. And in the Costumes store, you’ll find the new Killzone 2 Helghast Tactician outfits as well as Samurai, Medieval Knight, Spartan, Luchadora, Robot, and Geisha costumes all waiting for you to collect. We’ve even bundled them together at special discount prices, so go check ‘em out and let us know what you think over at the official Home General sub-forum.

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  • I just jumped on home a few minutes ago and checked out the arcade space for Namco, and have to say i am pretty impressed, it is a cool implementation how you have to have the game, then you can play the arcade games all ya want! Love it… very excited to see what kind of other things are awaiting Home in the future!

  • Thanks for the new items and updates

    Any word on when/if we will ever see the SingStar trophy items in Home?

  • Nice, nice. :)

    But I think you guys should start working on the trophy room already. >:(

    Oh, and if anyone from Sony is reading this, then you need to change your policy on the older 60 GB models. Those seem to get the “Yellow Light of Death” more frequent then the newer 40, 60, 80 and 160 GB models.

  • Can’t wait to check ’em out.

  • Why did the change the mall music?I really liked the old one…I have a question,can you tell me when we will get killzone 2 game launching?

  • Wow nice, the mall looks much better.

  • Also,wnen will we get items from the home stuff store?Its always empty

  • Noice!
    Too bad I’m a sucker for free stuff…

  • IN GAME MUSIC FOR HOME (I need to dance in my apartment) I’m telling U So U can put it in there. LOL!!!! :)

  • Any news on the trophy room for Home?

  • IDOLM@STER owns my soul. All you SCEA kids need to do is localize the 3 PSP games…

  • This was the best update i have seen in a while L_s i must get some moeny together ;)

  • Huge update this week. Lots of new collectibles from mini games. Only one free thing that’s new in the mall that I see, the plain Namco hat.

  • Locust, you need to post more videos showing all the Home clothing options for ALL clothes. That would really help potential buyers.

    • Great idea. We\’re definitely going to be doing more videos showcasing new items as we move forward.

  • wow!! can’t wait to check this out… BTW it will be so cool to have new items, like a drumkit and be able to interact with it, also we need new central plaza i’m kinda’ getting bored with the actual one, and also to have different weather and time hours like sun sets and stuff anyway nice update!! thanks to all!!

  • great now I need a PSN card cuz those spartan and medieval outfits are awesome along with the Helghast tactician outfit but u need to fix the glitch for that outfit

  • Ill definitely be heading over there to check everything out…the remodeling for the store is attractive and catches attention, or are those the stores that we was never able to access??

  • That DJ game keeps freezing my PS3. Ouch.

  • And I can’t experience any of it cause my ps3 is out for repair! :( Please don’t do any limited time things while I am homeless…

  • When I saw the Namco Bandi theatre space I couldn’t help be have an awesome glimpse into what the Grand Turismo HOME space will be like.

    That’s going to be AWESOME!

  • And yeahh @ 9…In game music wouldn’t hurt at all…in some spaces it be so boring with no type of sound at all, besides I’m a very big fan of in-game music no matter what it is

  • HeY L_Star..good update..but there JUST A FEW things missing.all voice chat..or allow more than one person to call on your “phone” AND in-game or HOME.. MUSIC!! please. these updates would make home alot more convenient THANKS FOR EVERYTHING so guys are doing a GREAT JOB keep it up! ooh and ONE MORE WITH THE TROPHY ROOM..i would love to show off all my TROPHIES..i got more than 4oo and im werking on gettin my 3rd platinum..:p

  • Spent $20 already today, going to get another 20 card. Socom stuff slipped past me. got alot. thanks for keeping it interesting.

    One question though is on my mind; When Home does end, what happens to all the virtual items we’ve bought over the years? Do they get carried over to the next system or be applied as credit toward far future games? Just a thought I’ve been pondering…

  • You should make the stores like actual stores ie. a room you can walk in with other people and see the costumes/clothes on display instead of flipping through pictures by yourself. It would be a lot more fun.

    Also, the music for that clip was pretty cool. This is the sort of stuff that should be playing as you walk around, not that sterile, boring muzak and bird twittering.

  • When will the PSN Store update?

  • I’m still waiting on the avatars to become the stander online ID icon/ gamercard icon for PSN….. then there will be a REALL reason to buy the clothing

  • Cool, thanks for updating and expanding Home. By the way, new Mall looks so much potential than the old one.

    What about the words on the Trophy Space?

  • WOW! lotsa stuff out today~ just a couple questions:

    – is home getting Trophy support/a trophy space soon/ever?

    – when is Disgaea 3 getting patched for Home support (or is it already)?

    – and will home be getting even more awesome stuff soon to come? costumes, TVs, Arcade tables, furnature, etc?


  • Cool! I will be back on Home now. Finally, we can earn arcade cabinets for our apts and the mall has a new look. I see that you hid the stuff store too! lol. Thanks Guys.

  • What I really want to know is where I can get the song that plays in the background of the mall. I love that loop.

  • Checked out the Namco Space, can’t wait to get my hands on some pac-man.

  • @Kenshin71, I agree with you. Even if you still get the traditional 2d store menu when you walk to the checkout, it would still be much more immersive that way. :)

  • great update for home guys

  • That DJ area is freezen my ps3 too their is a glitch it keeps freezen if i dont move controller for 5 mins than it freezes plz fix the glitch

  • The video doesn’t work for me :S

  • HeY L_Star..its me again..just wanted to ask you ONE MORE going on with the HOME STUFF STORE..dude i would love to use that unicycle or the loudspeaker or even the drums! but yeah PLEASE give us some kind of new on this store, WE HOME-BODIES would APPRECIATE it!

  • wow amazing trailer

  • I’ve seen some cool new stuff for Home lately but there hasn’t been anything that makes me want to download it again. I’d like to note that customizing your avatar still fails to bring any personality to them. They just seem so stale and lifeless.

  • IF you guy like updating the home than United State update playstation store why don’t you like updated at the same time

  • because xbox live update there marketplace constantly but psn store update there United State store 3:30 to 5:30 P.M. and that [DELETED]

  • Finally, we have a better Mall then the EU HOME.

  • Sony are you really kidding me? Your artist spends one day to make 10 items(ok maybe a little bit more) and you charge 1 dollar for each? Or what about the houses(that are completely useless by the way) that cost 5 dollars each?

    I cannot justify the prices on those items that take one or two days to design when I can spend 60 dollars on a game that took two years to make and it is actually fun.

  • like new mall but miss the old music to it

  • Awesome. I’ll certainly be picking up some more contume pieces on my next PSN card. Thanks. New pieces means new improvised custom costumes I can make for myself. I never thought I’d be spening money in Home last year, but in the last 6 months I’ve probably spent around 16-20 dollars so far. And I’m not bitter at all, lol. It’s not like i HAVE to. I’m just enjoying it, and I feel good showing my support for a service I love so much, and for all the free stuff (online service, Home) and great features Sony gives me all the time. Thanks guys. I’ll continue to show my support of PSN through Home.

    Now Locust, since you didn’t answer me yestarday, I’ll ask again, when will the Motorstorm Pacific Rift Home launching be enabled? The game itself already supports it. Now it’s on Home’s end.

  • Oh, and the Buzz space is a 10/10, I LOVE playing it. I have seen a couple questions that imo weren’t quite kosher though.

    Since when is a hockey puck a round ball? LOL It’s a puck!! But it’s fun anyway. I havn’t won yet though :(

  • Damn you everytime you add some stupid cool costume to the store I have to buy it!, yeah the hamster Costume I own it, yeah the Pirate costume, O Ninja costume yeah I’ve got that to…..!!! now I need gladiator and Trojan

  • Amazing update guys!!!

    Is there any news on when the Trophy Room and the revamped Theater will be released?

  • MORE ITEM SPACE IN APARTMENTS, PLEASE! I can’t display all my goodies that I’ve bought and won, so why bother buying anymore? Please fix this so you can take more of my money from me. :)

  • There’s an error on the Killzone 2’s Tactician helmet

  • The 1 thing that will make me buy outfits and use Home more often is a 3D representation of my Home Avatar on the XMB that all of my friends see.

    Otherwise, the mall looks great and from what I read there’s new music (thank god).

    Also, you guys should make internet meme outfits. Even if they’re for a limited time.

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