An Introduction to Trine, Coming Soon to PSN

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Hi everyone,

My name is Olivier; I work for Nobilis, a publishing company which is based in Lyon, France. I’m a Product Manager and I’m here to tell you about an exciting new release for PlayStation Store: Trine.

Trine is a fantasy action and platform game that combines 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. The game is balanced between action and puzzle-solving sequences. Three heroes are bound to a mysterious device called the Trine in a quest to save the kingdom from evil, and the player can at any time freely choose whoever is best suited for the upcoming challenge or puzzle.

Trine, 1

Because physics is at the core of the gameplay, there is not just one solution for each puzzle; in fact you can even find a way the developers have never thought of!

You can control one of the three characters of the game and switch at any time to solve the puzzles in a different manner. Each character has a unique ability, so choose the one you think is best suited for the situation.

The Wizard can create and move objects around to build a bridge or crush his enemies with a box. The Thief uses her bow to attack and her grappling hook to move quickly and avoid dangerous traps. The Warrior is better suited for close combat and tends to hit before he thinks!

So you can play through the 16 levels of the game, switching from character to character, but you can also play with one or two friends in a cooperative mode. Play the whole adventure together and find new solutions by combining your characters’ powers.

Trine, 2

How about asking the Wizard to create a box so the Thief can use it with her grappling hook? Or why don’t you make the Wizard levitate you, while you, The Warrior, destroy your enemies that were too high to reach in the first place?

With 3 players, the range of options widens: ask the Thief to use her bow to fire at your enemies, while the Warrior protects her with his shield and the Wizards creates boxes on top of the skeletons’ heads to crush them!

Possibilities are huge and this trailer will show you what sort of things you can do in Trine.

Coming soon to the PlayStation Store for PS3. For sure…you’ll love it!

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  • 20 bucks? idk……..

    ill have to see

  • @46 Only one person asked if it had Trophies, calm down. Some people still don’t know Trophies are now mandatory, it’s nothing to get worked up about.

  • I am reading complaints about the $19.99 price tag, but has anyone stopped to consider that the game must have a decent amount of content in it to qualify to even have a platinum trophy?

  • looks amazing!! I hope we can get a demo!

  • Wizard shot the food!

  • I wonder if I can remake this game on LbP I’m gonna try maybe Nobody X will do one that dude kills it. Oh yeh the game looks sweet though let me see what the reviews say first.

  • 20 dollars is too much.

  • Game looks rad.

  • i played the demo over Steam, and i was really impressed, i just wonder how the Wizards box creating technique will be used with a PS controller and not a mouse, but i am really excited for this game to come out on PSN

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi jsm142008

      Everything is really fluid with the PS3 Controller, you will control the cursor used to create boxes with the Right Analog Stick !

  • i can’t wait for this game..

    i don’t care if it has co op or not.

  • Buying it as soon as it comes out.

  • The co-op elements looks awesome. Hopefully it will offer both online and same-system multiplayer.

    Either way, looks very nice.

  • first I have heard of it but sounds interesting I will pick up a copy.

  • When is the release date!

  • I played the demo of this on steam, its a really fun game. Im interested to see how they change the controls to suit the ps3. Thanks for bringing this over it looks fantastic! :)

  • Trine looks great, but any console game with a cursor makes me uneasy. Any chance for a demo on this one??

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Letters2Kay,

      Unfortunately there won\’t be any demo for Trine but the controls are really easy to learn and you can quickly precisely control your characters.

  • So does any one know whats coming on the july 9th PSN store update?

  • Sounds amazing. Hopefully its priced at a respectable level. But def looking forward to it, especially for the coop.

  • it looks beautiful

  • Bug42: No durr, we can see your PSNID on your comment. Anyway, this game does look interesting, but $19.99 is too steep for me.

  • Finally!!

  • It looks nice is it co-op or multi player? I would like to play this with my kids.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Locster60,

      It is a cooperative mode, you actually have to help each other in other to overcome the obstacles.

      Each character has a different capacity which you can combine to move forward.

      It\’s really fun to play !

  • Lost Vikings anyone?
    GOD I would give anything for a next gen Erik, Baleog and Olaf! Sony go steal that shiz. Or at least get us the Norse By Norsewest PS1 game on the PSN lol.

    This looks great!

  • Trine… thanks to Mr Capcom I am getting this game :)

  • @ Oliver Vermeille

    In-Game XMB Music option included??

    • Olivier Vermeille


      Trine will not support the XMB music function however i’m confident that when you hear Trine’s music scores you won’t miss XMB that much :)

  • looks really fun going to buy for sure!

  • I am glad you guys made this game.

  • Can’t wait!
    Looks awesome!

  • IT BETTER COME OUT TODAY THIS IS RIDICULOUS! The original release date was in late June and now today’s the supposed to be release date screw 360!..Sony you better stop pulling our leg!.. If its one thing that I can’t stand its people who lie about upcoming stuff which isn’t true!..Omg hurry up with IN GAME MUSIC FOR ALL OUR GAMES THAT WE PURCHASED IN THE PAST AND NOW AND CROSS IN GAME CHAT!!!!360 kicking your [DELETED] Sony due to your stupidity!!

  • What will happen first:

    Trine will be released on PSN.
    We all die of old age.

    I’m leaning toward choice “A”.

  • Woo hoo

  • Looking forward to it. I hope soon is really soon.

  • They usually do these “coming soon” posts like right before the game releases so it is probably (hopefully) releasing today! I can’t wait for this game!!!

  • I was all fired up until the projected price. $20, not a chance. $15 and we will talk. I love the look of the game, a demo might sell me more at the $20 price.

    I realize that with the amount of content, this is basically a retail release on PSN. But it’s hard to let go of my thoughts on a downloadable game being worth $20.

  • I feel this is the most beautiful PSN title since Flower! The particle effects, glows/blooms and all the colors are amazing!

  • How do you pronounce Trine?

  • This game looks awesome! All I need is a price and a release date please =3

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hello Enigma777,

      Thanks for your comment, here is what you need ;) :

      19,99$ and end of July !

  • Yes! Thanks PSBlog, it’s about time!! Now, for the real questions…. How does the wizard control on PS3? I played the PC demo, and I’m hoping making boxes won’t use a “draw” mechanic… maybe a scale mechanic ala LBP?

    Either way, let me know! I’m excited for this one!

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Xoonaka,

      It\’s very easy to control the Wizard\’s magic skills, just use the Right Analog Stick to draw a box and \”boom\” it magically appears :)

  • By “Soon” you mean today????????? I want this game so badly.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Luillin,

      Actually it will be released by the end of this month!

      Thanks for your patience, I hope you\’ll enjoy Trine !

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Looks good, do want! :)

  • I’m not so sure about the price point, but it sure looks pretty.

  • I just hope PSN will update soon :-/

  • I hope it’s coming out today. Please!!

  • I want it so much.. but $20 seem overpriced to me..

  • When?

    Day one.

  • Wow! seems like a great game.

    It’s always nice to see that such a game has been developed in my hometown.

    Allez l’OL!

  • Trine has been on my radar for quite a while now.

    With the release on Steam last week I hoped that the PSN version would be avaliable the same day. Unfortantly, to my dismay, this did not happen =(

    Hopefully we will get a release date soon and the release date will be the same for EU and US otherwise I will have to import a PSN card.

  • :D !
    I will definitely be buying this the first day it releases. I’m really hoping it’ll be today, but I don’t mind waiting another week.
    @The guy who asked how wizard box making would work – I’d imagine they would use a button for it, like square, press it and make a little box, hold it and make a big box.

  • I wish i was a magicain! This looks cool.

  • I will definitely purchase when this comes out. This game looks like there was a lot of work put into it, so I hope it does well for you guys!

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