An Introduction to Trine, Coming Soon to PSN

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Hi everyone,

My name is Olivier; I work for Nobilis, a publishing company which is based in Lyon, France. I’m a Product Manager and I’m here to tell you about an exciting new release for PlayStation Store: Trine.

Trine is a fantasy action and platform game that combines 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. The game is balanced between action and puzzle-solving sequences. Three heroes are bound to a mysterious device called the Trine in a quest to save the kingdom from evil, and the player can at any time freely choose whoever is best suited for the upcoming challenge or puzzle.

Trine, 1

Because physics is at the core of the gameplay, there is not just one solution for each puzzle; in fact you can even find a way the developers have never thought of!

You can control one of the three characters of the game and switch at any time to solve the puzzles in a different manner. Each character has a unique ability, so choose the one you think is best suited for the situation.

The Wizard can create and move objects around to build a bridge or crush his enemies with a box. The Thief uses her bow to attack and her grappling hook to move quickly and avoid dangerous traps. The Warrior is better suited for close combat and tends to hit before he thinks!

So you can play through the 16 levels of the game, switching from character to character, but you can also play with one or two friends in a cooperative mode. Play the whole adventure together and find new solutions by combining your characters’ powers.

Trine, 2

How about asking the Wizard to create a box so the Thief can use it with her grappling hook? Or why don’t you make the Wizard levitate you, while you, The Warrior, destroy your enemies that were too high to reach in the first place?

With 3 players, the range of options widens: ask the Thief to use her bow to fire at your enemies, while the Warrior protects her with his shield and the Wizards creates boxes on top of the skeletons’ heads to crush them!

Possibilities are huge and this trailer will show you what sort of things you can do in Trine.

Coming soon to the PlayStation Store for PS3. For sure…you’ll love it!

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42 Author Replies

  • FANTASTIC!!!! i’ve been soo excited for this game for such a long time. and then when i found out you had co-op i was stoked

  • Still no release date? Let me know if you need a beta tester PSN is Bug43

  • How do the controls work, does the right analog stick control the cursor?

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Darkos87,

      Yes, exactly, the right analog stick will control the cursor !

      It\’s very easy and accessible to play with the PS3 controller !

  • Been looking forward to this, going to buy as soon as it’s released most likely.
    I think at first glance of gameplay anyone becomes interested and looks into this title.

  • I mean Bug42 (hahaha)

  • Great game and I am really looking forward to it. It comes out on PC today, I believe. When is it coming to PSN?? Today is PS Store update day …

  • looks pretty good actually. Lets just hope we get a demo please SONY. For some reason you guys dont like demos too much.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi lildre09,

      Thanks for your comment and the interest you\’re showing for Trine.

      As for the demo, I\’m sorry to announce that there won\’t be any on the PlayStation Store.

      I hope you\’ll enjoy the game !

  • Soon, as in today ???

  • I saw a story on this game some time ago and was completely blown away! It reminded me a little of Lost Vikings, which I absolutely loved. I had no idea this would be 3 players simultaneously!!! Definite day 1 purchase for me and I’ll know at least 2 of my friends will be picking it up as well. We’ve been looking for a great coop game for a while and this looks like it will fit the bill nicely!!! I can’t wait! Announce a date already!!! lol

    • Olivier Vermeille


      I\’m glad you\’re anticipating the release of Trine as much as we are !

      It won\’t be that long a wait since the game will hit the PlayStation Store later this month !

  • I thought it was coming out today…

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hello MS3Boy,

      I\’m sorry if you were disappointed not to be able to download the game today.

      I hope you\’ll be happy to hear that Trine will be released later this month !

  • MMMMM this looks yummy, not like Cakes and Princesses yummy but like a steaming pile of warm apple pie.

  • Hope this hits soon. I can’t wait to check it out.

  • I’m confused. Is it 3 players co-op local or online? Thanks!

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi SomberResplend,

      The 3 player co-op mode is local only. So you can play the whole game by yourself, with a friend and with two friends !

      It\’s really fun to watch your friends coming up with new ideas to solve puzzles !

  • It was originally listed on IGN.COM as a release for today. A checking of the list this morning has it missing, so it should be today. However, I will not hold my breath, as this could easily become another Fat Princess. Also, in the review of the PC version on Gamespot, it says the PC price is $29.99, $10 cheaper than the console version. $19.99 is verrrry steep for a PSN game, especially if they don’t release a demo first.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hello figureguy,

      I can confirm to you that 19,99 $ is the price on the US PlayStation Store.

      Please consider Trine as a full release and a true adventure. There are many secrets to discover and the physics-based engine ensures a great replay value !

      I hope you\’ll enjoy the game.

  • I am really looking forward to this game.
    It looks fantastic.
    I hope it sell extremely maybe we get an online go-op mode patched on later this year.

    Spread the news people.


  • I apologize, I meant to say the PC version was $10 MORE than the console.

  • I hope it isn’t as expensive as it is on the PC. $29.99 seems a bit too much for this game (I played the demo, by the way, so my opinion isn’t based solely on screenshots).

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hello TheManda,

      Trine will be priced at 19,99$ on the US PlayStation Store.

      I hope you\’ll enjoy playing it :)

  • Yes, very much like lost vikings. I am still on the fence about it.

  • Will we be seeing a demo for Trine on the PSN as there was on PC? I know that if I could just get my wife to try it co-op that she’d love it.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hello Gorvi,

      I’m sorry to announce that there won’t be any demo on the PlayStation Store.

      I hope you and your wife will enjoy Trine, the co-op mode is really fun to play !

  • $19.99? Wow, nevermind, I’m not made of money.

  • Just posted on the Europe blog about this and hoping that the cooperative mode is both offline and online. :)

    Looks absolutely amazing, both graphically and gameplay! Can’t wait to find out the release date and pricing.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi sltlthriot, I hope you\’ll be ok with me doing a little copy/paste of the answer on the Europe Blog ;)

      Thanks for your input, i really hope you’ll enjoy playing Trine !

      The US Price will be 19,99 $ and it should hit the PlayStation Store by the end of July.

      As for the cooperative mode, it is local only.

  • @ 20

    But it comes with a Platinum trophy! :P

  • I’ve heard a bit about Trine from a few of the podcasts I listen to. Nearly all of them say the game is great but that the price is way too much.

    I hope it’s cheaper on PSN than it was on PC.

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    Played the demo for PC and it’s really fun.
    quick questions…
    1. Is there a demo coming for PSN?
    2. How long it takes to beat the the game?
    3. Co-op only local?


    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hello Cerberus_Hunter,

      Thanks for your input. As for your questions :

      1. No, there won\’t be any demo on the PSN.
      2. It depends on the way you\’re playing it can take about 7 to 8 hours to beat the game and over 10 if you\’re looking for all the secrets.
      3. Yes, the co-op mode is only local.

      Hope you\’ll enjoy Trine :)

  • I hope we get to have it today or at least a demo.. today’s update should be great with battle field and Cross Edge DLC :)

  • We need to know two things: date and price.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Yoinazek,

      Here are the two things you need :)

      Date : end of July
      Price : 19,99 $

      Enjoy !

  • Does it have offline co-op, online co-op or both?

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi joseph2411,

      There is an offline co-op mode (up to 3 players) but it\’s not playable online.

  • @14 I’m not shocked your math is as bad as it is, but some common sense should suggest to you that 29.99(PC) is higher than 19.99(PSN). So PSN is cheaper not more expensive.

    Also you have to realize does this look like anything else on PSN? This is definitely not a retro style megaman.

  • Hmmm… so as a wizard, i can throw my friend off some cliff. Interesting “accidents” happen all time after all!

  • played the demo when it became available on Steam and it was actually quite fun…but the price was way too high for pc. I do hope the price is better on ps3, because I will def grab it if it is.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi robotsonik,

      In that case, you will be please to hear that Trine will be priced at 19,99$ on the PlayStation Store :)

  • I really am excited about this game and I will buy it once/if you add online multiplyer.

  • @22

    If this was last year, they would have me sold at the words platinum trophy. This year is a different story though. If there’s a demo and that really blows me away, I’ll think about it.

  • @13
    That’s what I’m wondering.

    Coop is online or just local? Kinda an important question to get figured out…

  • Who else is going to buy this because of Giant Bomb?

  • you guys are great developers, and we PSN gamers will support this amazingly unique title, thank you

  • Well congrats nobilis, You just sold me a copy ;).. Looking forward to Trine.

  • very nice looking game, please release a demo when you get a chance.

  • Can’t agree more– video looks great but would love to see a demo. And release date and price? Is it really $19.99 on PSN? Last, trophies if any?

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi jazzyrider,

      Yes, Trine will be priced at 19,99$ on the PSN and Trophie will, of course, be present in the game :)

  • Will buy this the day they add online co-op.

  • Sounds cool.

    I wonder if the characters would level up.

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Gringo234,

      Yes there is a bit of levelling in Trine. Actually as you progress into the game you will be able to do more and more actions with your characters.

      For example, the Wizard can only create boxes at the beginning of the game but will later be able to create planks to make a bridge etc..

  • Awesome news! Been looking forward to this for some time… But we want more details, like when!? :P

  • Saw this trailer awhile back, and have been anticipating it’s release ever since.

  • Release Date please.

  • this look it use the unreal engine 3

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi kmkaizen,

      Actually the developers used a \”home-made\” engine which is solidely attached to the physX engine as well !

  • twenty bucks? SOLD, Iam so excited for this game and cant wait for it to show up.

  • for the freaking love of god, people stop asking about trophies , they are made for all games since 1/1/09 so dont ask for them.

  • Ghettocarpenter


    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi Ghettocarpenter,

      I\’m sorry to announce that there won\’t be any demo for Trine on the PSN

  • This game looks sweeeet O_O

  • What on earth? When is this game coming out!? It’s already been released for the PC and the developers say that it is all on your end now. Sony, you can’t say “COMING SOON” for every game! Xbox tells their users what is coming out at the start of the week, why can’t you do that? Enough announcements, we need more GAMES!

    • Olivier Vermeille

      Hi INTVGene,

      Actually the PS3 delays are just a little longer because of extensive testing on this platform.

      I hope you\’ll enjoy Trine !

  • omg AWESOME!!!!!! please add more skills, gettable/upgradeable weapons for each class and bosses! if u do that, this will be a SUPER MUST HAVE!

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