SingStore Update: Coldplay, Radiohead and More

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SingStar - Coldplay "Violet Hill"

Good news for all you SingStar fans! We’ve got lots of new content hitting the SingStore this Thursday. Three new song packs will be added to the store along with 16 new songs including the following hit singles:

  • Offspring, “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)”
  • Kelly Clarkson, “Because Of You”
  • Cheap Trick, “If You Want My Love”
  • Radiohead, “No Surprises”
  • Gloria Estefan, “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”

The update will also include two Ultimate Coldplay packs as well as a SingStar Essential Country pack. Currently available for $6.99 a piece, each song pack features the following chart-topping tracks:

SingStar - Coldplay "In My Place"

Ultimate Coldplay Pack #1

  • The Scientist
  • The Hardest Part
  • Yellow
  • Speed of Sound
  • Clocks

Ultimate Coldplay Pack #2

  • Violet Hill
  • In My Place
  • Trouble
  • Don’t Panic
  • Lost!

Essential Country Pack

  • Martina McBride, “A Broken Wing”
  • Sara Evans, “Born to Fly”
  • Montgomery Gentry, “What Do You Think About That?”
  • Trace Adkins, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”
  • Trace Adkins, “You’re Gonna Miss This”

We’ve got a lot more SingStore updates in the pipeline for the weeks ahead so please stay tuned!

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  • Still no radiohead songs I want to buy. Shame.

  • you guys should add the singstore to the regular PSN store, you could get alot of people to DL music especially to the PSP

  • Finally Cold Play

  • does singstar comeout with rock and country are they developing a rap or hip hop style one or not cuz thats all im waitin 4

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Boy, SCEE sure loves that Coldplay!

  • It’s nice to see more music finally. I play so much my blue wired mic is shot. Will the sony wireless mic from the UK work over here?
    please update songs weekly like xbox lips. i refuse to switch to the dark side but it should have scea’s attention.

  • More US Top 40 hits please.

  • THANK YOU! Its awesome to see updates on the blog finally!

  • For all those complaining about no wireless mics… GET SINGSTAR QUEEN WHEN IT RELEASES!

    It’s almost here.

    I have a request. Could you guys patch the game to where we can look up our stats? You know like how many profile views we have, how many songs we’ve sung, how many duets, how many battles, how many medleys… etc… that way I can at least see how much further I am to getting a trophy as I play the game. I’ve had it for months but I don’t play it enough and I”m not trying to trophy whore it, it just feels like I’ve played more songs than the trophies are letting me in on. I want hard numbers.

  • Needs MOAR Radiohead!
    I have Vol.1, 2 & 3 so I have both Radiohead songs already.

    For those asking about Wireless Mics, in the UK we have wireless mics but they are compatiable with the PS2 singstar as well so they are not bluetooth, you use a dongle, plus they are battery powered instead of rechargable. THEY SUCK!!

  • This isn’t my type of game at all….but having Coldplay AND Radiohead has increased my interest in it by about 1000%. Good work.

  • Is there anyway to make the singstore in the US have more US related songs. since every update are often filled with european hits that a lot of people does not know of.

    I’ve been requesting a lot of US hits on their facebook page, but people there tend to ignore me and often suggests to write a letter here or a comment, which i did in the past yet never received any response.

    Hopefully in the future, (hopefully later this year) we’ll receive more songs that had been hits in the US.

  • @i3lacknek0 I’d rather Americans just start liking UK hits… The only American hit titles that I care about on Singstar are going to be released soon, or have already been released… We’re talking Gorillaz, Apocalyptica, Abba, soon to be Queen, etc…

    I’d really rather not have a whole bunch of Auto-tune songs cluttering up the store and some fool rapping about how much iller his raps are dan dem utter rappas rhymes be is r whils slappin dem hoes yo and token dem joints dawg.

  • Singstar is a great game!

  • Good update but can we expect any Michael Jackson songs anytime soon?

  • I will buy this game as soon they pack it with some nice wireless MICs

  • Thank you for the update! Not a bad one!

    Any word on the wireless mics?

  • BTW welcome to the blog Shaun Wharton!

    Hopefully you can keep U.S. Fans updated here in the US Blog!

  • The_Punisher111


    Needs Metal/Rock (i.e Metallica & Linkin Park) instead of these gawky boybands like Coldplay and The Fray.

  • I really WANT to give more money to the Sing Store, I really do.

    But Radiohead, my fav band is ill represneted. 3 songs (including “No Suprises” which was already available) are far too little.

    Bring us more of everything, PLEASE!!!!!!!! :)


  • PLAYLIST – papa roach, lifehouse, the fray, snow patrol, panic @ the disco!, fall out boy, and all american rejects – PLEASE?!

  • Nice to see an update. This is one game thats store is closed off from the PSN. I would really like to be able to look up what songs are available in the store. I don’t have SingStar yet. If I could see what songs are in the store then I think I could make my decision about the game because the included songs don’t interest me much. I mean maybe a few songs but I need to know there are many more I can buy after I buy the disc.

    Any word on the wireless mics?

  • I like If u can Copy Game in Hard Drive so u can all song in 1 game u don’t change disc

  • Nobody cares about SingStar. We didn’t even get a single reply. LOL

  • My Wife says that if you don’t add new Taylor Swift songs that she will break my PS3. Please for the love of God do what she says.

    P.S. If you can throw in some new Shinedown for me that would be sweet.

  • Pretty decent update but I gave up on this game long ago after being severely disappointed about what actually came out from what was promised. Congratulations on actually making announcements about the game and hopefully in the future even better song packs that aren’t just Coldplay will come out. I love the band but it seems like the only major artist that Singstar can finagle songs from. The day I return to Singstar is when it becomes a videogame cousin of iTunes and we get a ton more song options.

  • @ MakaiOokami

    well, i got Singstar for ps3 when it first came out, all i had to do was download european songs. i’ve even downloaded german, french, and italian songs even though i do not know what i’ve been saying.

    i don’t want rapper type songs as there’s that rapstar game coming out anyway which is dedicated to rap songs, which i care less off. but at least singstar should bring 90’s american hits. or maybe more spice girls, leona lewis, etc. i also request UK songs that i know and heard of before that are very well known in UK. but the ones that are usually out are 80’s songs, and i do not know any 80’s song, i don’t even like 80’s song, yet i still download them due to the lack of choices.

    i don’t really like the new songs we have right now, but i wish they would focus on more on the 90’s and 00’s instead of filling the whole game with 80’s songs and songs known only from europe.

  • StalkingSilence

    5 Stars! Thanks for bringing this to the US PlayStation Blog!

  • Thanks for answering my request and doing this on the US blog as well!!

  • why cant there be new country that is not already on the ps2 country disc? mix it up a bit I realise it makes it convienient for not having to switch discs but it would be nice for the content on the ps2 versions being able to be put on the hard drive since we have already paid for them :s

  • Can’t remember the last time I booted up Singstar, the support had been so horrible for it. Maybe I’ll actually give it another spin….

  • My family , friends and I really like the singstar game and use it a lot.We like coldplay a lot as well so we were very happy.Despite this some more variety(genres) would be good as we do have a wide variety of friends with varied tastes.The main complaint we get is the lack of balance in the genres.Imagine of the 690 songs less than one percent (< 10%) is R&B and Rap/ Hip Hop , two genres on this game that are heavily overlooked.When looking at current music charts this is hardly the case. I really hope you continue getting great song packs with new music that is more balanced and reflective of the real world.

  • Please give us more Whitney! “I have nothing”, “One moment in time”, “Didn’t we almost have it all”, and “I will always love you”, of course!

  • Very disappointed with the updates…can someone please get better content for Canada and the U.S. How about the same content available everywhere!!!

    Where are the wireless mics already??? We are tired of tripping over our cords.

    How about a jukebox style player for Sinstar so it randomly plays songs and videos during a party…that would rock!

  • I love SingStar! I have 6…but please make more for the parents wont let me get a PS3

    soooo please make some more…I just LOVE them!!!

  • Viva La Vida, strawberry swing, cemetaries in london, Green Eyes, Politik, and spies. That is your next cold play pack. I will definitly buy it.

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