SingStore Update: Coldplay, Radiohead and More

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SingStar - Coldplay "Violet Hill"

Good news for all you SingStar fans! We’ve got lots of new content hitting the SingStore this Thursday. Three new song packs will be added to the store along with 16 new songs including the following hit singles:

  • Offspring, “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)”
  • Kelly Clarkson, “Because Of You”
  • Cheap Trick, “If You Want My Love”
  • Radiohead, “No Surprises”
  • Gloria Estefan, “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”

The update will also include two Ultimate Coldplay packs as well as a SingStar Essential Country pack. Currently available for $6.99 a piece, each song pack features the following chart-topping tracks:

SingStar - Coldplay "In My Place"

Ultimate Coldplay Pack #1

  • The Scientist
  • The Hardest Part
  • Yellow
  • Speed of Sound
  • Clocks

Ultimate Coldplay Pack #2

  • Violet Hill
  • In My Place
  • Trouble
  • Don’t Panic
  • Lost!

Essential Country Pack

  • Martina McBride, “A Broken Wing”
  • Sara Evans, “Born to Fly”
  • Montgomery Gentry, “What Do You Think About That?”
  • Trace Adkins, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”
  • Trace Adkins, “You’re Gonna Miss This”

We’ve got a lot more SingStore updates in the pipeline for the weeks ahead so please stay tuned!

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  • Great! More Coldplay!

  • Does singstar have wireless mics yet? Only thing holding me back from a purchase.. it is 2009 afterall.

  • Sweet,but i want Some Kanye West,Eminem or maybe Black Eyed Peas

  • If you guys ever made a Muse or Depeche Mode SingStar I’d be up to buy that.

  • Singstar really needs some sort of group competition mode, like a tournament tree.

  • That’s a lot of Coldplay right there. Might get this game just for that.

  • I agree with the Muse comment. Muse would make the game just a little more awesome.

  • Finally more Coldplay! I already bought all the songs individually in Ultimate Pack #1, so I am glad the second pack is all new songs (for North America, anyway… I know the EU SingStore already has them for a long time).

  • If we had wireless mics in the USA then I would be jumping up and down like Yahoo! However, the SingStar availabitlity of accessories and latest software sucks donkey balls here. We are so behind and it’s annoying to see other people with wireless mics when participating with singstar online as well song selections that are not available in the USA but are USA songs made available for the european countries. Kinda blows in my opinion. You want to give us news? Then give us the same titles and accessories exactly when everyone else gets them. Or else, don’t show us what they have.

    End of my rant.

  • Thank you for posting the Sing Store updates as was requested.

    Cold Play!

    last request, Weezer, please?

  • Give me some Sublime, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead: Karma Police, Alice in Chains

    Give us some of the PS2 songs on the store for the PS3

  • nice guys finally something good.

    how come this is 1st time u guys posting over here about updates

  • very cool thanks! just need the accüsed and/or wireless mics for USA and then i will blissfully throw money at you.

  • Great to see the US finally getting info about singstore updates!

    Also good to see some more well known songs appearing (who doesn’t like belting out some Kelly Clarkson? haha).

    I hope this is a sign of things to come. Keep up the great work!

  • Craazy | July 7th, 2009 at 3:23 pm
    Has the right idea.

    Gladto get some Coldplay.
    Now serve us up some Pearl Jam and G&N please, with a side of Wolfmother. =P

    Is there any chance of ever getting Beatles songs in SingStar?

  • *G&R = Guns’N’Roses lol!

  • @17

    you make spinach dip in a sourdough bread bowl

  • @3 I know there is atleast one Eminem song on there already.

    i wonder if this will become a weekly update.

  • They erased my 40 Year-Old Virgin comment!

  • I love Coldpaly

  • “No Surprises” might be one of the most depressing songs I’ve ever heard, but it also might be my favorite Radiohead song. Don’t own Singstar, though.

  • Thank you for finally including SingStar updates on the PSBlog!!

    You guys are the greatest!

  • Finally! We’ve been waiting for regular SingStore updates on the blog. Great job.

    Will there be full lists of the new releases every Thursday going forward?

  • I’m so glad I’m not alone after reading the Muse/Sire comments. Seriously, why can’t the US get some DM, Erasure or Morrissey? At least let us give you money to get them off the UK store. Come on Coldplay? Really?

  • Radiohead, Nice.

  • I love radiohead and that’s just enough news to make me go out and buy this game :)

    Rock Band needs Radiohead as well. Come on HMX!

    Awesoem update though. I’m glad to hear it.

  • More Killers tracks, please! And how about you add some Green Day, as well.

  • Please release the Disney songs as DLC in the USA and Canada. (Canada specifically.) Also, I don’t know if it would be posible to make a temporary “copy to hard drive” feature to facilitate the disc swaping process. (Currently it is pretty good but it could be better. It takes a little bit long to disc swap for only 1 or 2 songs from that disc – it slows the party down!) Thanks.

  • Great! It’s good seeing updates for Singstar on the Playstation Blog! Now you guys just need to get all those Depeche Mode songs from Europe over here :P

  • What’s up with some Michael Jackson songs? The man just passed away and we still don’t have not one song from that man. Come on SCEE, give us some MJ songs.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Why did you link the word Singstore to the UK Singstore and not the US one?

    Don’t get me wrong, great initiative here on the blog, but we want more support, this game could be up there with Rockband and GH if SCE wasn’t so stubborn. For example I want uncensored songs, as the artists originally saw them, I’m not 12 anymore and you could make a sub-community that require CC verification in order to buy the songs.

    Overall thanks for this update.

    I doubt this would be a weekly update, though that would be a good and welcome idea.

  • I really, really hope there will be a Singstar: Michael Jackson. But I fear I might need to wait forever.

  • yeah , michael jackson is a good thing, i might buy it , i already feel like i lost my childhood memories when he died….

    but i know why they can’t do it the reason people will assume that Singstar are making money off his death and that is really bad, but people are always into the negative side.

  • awful song selection …coldplay is nice but come on …country freakin music…wheres the r and b and rock/alternative…current stuff please ..every freakin artist has a video out these days and we get trace adkins …..sara evans ??????? people who approved these song selection should work in a different department .

  • Great update… Looking forward to sing some songs from Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera in the future… A song pack from them would be awesome :D

  • PLEASE release ALL of the songs on the ps2 singstars.

    ALL of Singstar Rocks, Amped and 80s! And mroe songs by those artists, you need more classic kareoke tunes!also the FULL song of American Pie and Vincient by Don McLean.

    Enough of the euro centric alternative pop!

  • You have both kinds of music: country and western.

  • Where is Viva La Vida…

  • When are the wireless microphones coming?!!!!!

  • It would be nice if the SingStar Disney songs were brought to the SingStore for download… NTSC is out of luck to date since the PS2 Disney disc is PAL only. Please make these available- my daughters (and I!) want to sing them!

  • Shaun… try to get Sony to match the licenses across regions. I know music/video licensing is not an easy task but it’s good to have that as a goal!!


  • It’s nice to see a Sngstar update here!!! I really hope it happens every time the singstore is updated (every 2 weeks, like in the EU blog…
    Even knowing no one will respond, I have a question:
    That Singstar Sampler Pack that appeared in the ESRB site, for what I can see, it is a mix of Singstar Vol.3 and Singstar Pop Edition songs (please don’t miss Billie Jean)… Does this will come with the wireless mics for US??? Any word of when it will launch???

    PS: I would prefer the whole Singstar Vol. 3 playlist without any alterations, but… a mix is not that bad… And I’ll have the music I waited for so long: David Bowie’s Space Oddity!!! and other nice one Amy Winehouse’s Rehab

  • Go to for wireless singstar mics! I got them and I don’t know how I lived without them!

  • Nice to finally see some worthy updates… and also the news of more to come!

  • Thank you guys :D I know the blog staff is excited about this, they love their Radiohead. Right?

  • Wireless Mics please!
    Thank you.

  • im thinking about buying singstar , my sister wants to play it lol but i will wait for the wireless mics

  • I’d like to have the Bluetooth mics that were supposed to be developed. I’ll take wireless mics while waiting, but don’t give up on the bluetooth mics please. :)

    And please get some better music on the store. MJ would be nice. How about some 80’s power ballads?

    And how about some more bundles. It gets a expensive after a while, and the bundles help out a little.

    Thanks for the update and keep them coming. :)

  • For a second I thought I saw “A Place for My Head” by Linkin Park. THAT would have been interesting… I think. Well… seeing a 13-year-old kid screaming into a mic…? Yeah, I guess not.

  • Where’s viva la Vida? And when will Vol 3 be coming out? and how about updating the store more often than ever couple of months.

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