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Hope you’re enjoying this long weekend (if applicable). Here’s what we read this week, feel free to add your hits in the comments area. We’ll be back tomorrow!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 29, 2009)

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  • @ 42 Kenshin71

    I think the PSN already is a full downloadable game service. Warhawk, Socom:Confrontation, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Burnout Paradise come to mind?

    I would love to have more games on the list to choose from though which I guess is what you should be asking rather than comparing PSN Store to Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Keep in mind that Micro$haft’s game console may scratch game discs as you play them. It rendered four of my 360 games useless and scratched tons of others. Which is a problem a lot of people have.

    Would love to see a PS2 Classics game list on the PSN Store…

  • @ZAANOS,

    I already mentioned those games. Go back and read the post again. A choice of 5 games (4 1st party) in 3 years is not a service. I too would love to have more games to choose from, a pity then that it is MS that are offering 30 full downloadable games with regular updates and not Sony. The question remains, why not? I hope someone at Sony can give an answer but I won’t hold my breath.

  • “Jeff Rubenstein replied on July 5, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    1) Like all publishers, they’ll announce when/if they’ve got something to announce, whether they’re on a live chat or not. I did make sure to send NB an email last week with some reader quotes about how much they want it!”

    Did you mention mine as well Jeff? *lol* I’m dying to get this game, seriously! I’m gonna write a mail as well to Namco. Mind you, I already wrote two mails to them when I felt disappointed about negleting us RPG PS fans. From one mail I got a response back they appreciated the feedback. Funny enough 2 weeks later Eternal Sonata was announced haha, yeah I know pure coincidence.

    Atelier Rorona sold like one of the best Atelier games in PS history on the PS3 so I’m hoping we’ll get to see this game asap as well?!

  • We in Europe have Topatoi now by the way, an adventure / platform game from the PSN store. Really recommendable!

  • @52 Are you counting the OG Xbox titles which are being counted as part of the service now that they have been moved into that category and the Xbox originals section is closed? I think I’d rather have new titles released on PSN that previous titles you can pickup at Gamestop cheaper than the MS points price.

    I’ll probably still download some if they ever come to a realistic price on their hdds.

  • Count me among the folk that want Trine sooner rather then later. That goes for Trine info, too.

    Let us know something asap! If the developers don’t know what the hold up is, maybe we should get a statement from the publisher for the PSN title?

    It’s on my top 3 games I’m looking forward to this summer, don’t make me get it for PC instead!

  • Say hello to my new iphone wallpaper

  • Jeff, when are you going to interview Harmonix about The Beatles: Rock Band? I can’t wait to know more about it.

  • Hey Jeff and PS3 Fans look what i got to share!


  • Hello Jeff. I must say I am impressed with your connection to the fans. For that, you have my respect. I would also like to thank you for keeping us updated specifically with any Tales of Vesperia news (or any Tales of news on PS3/PSP). Honestly, I do own the 360 version, but I am a HUGE Tales fan and my desire to play this game is the same as if it was a completely new game. Thank you for being awesome. *raises imaginary glass to toast*

  • Sum1_BetterZenU

    I have been watching the sales numbers for the ps3 lately and noticed they are crashing. Why, hmmm maybe because the wii and xbox 360 are so much cheaper? Maybe because the 360 has the features that gamers want. Maybe because its all about whats hot and whats not. You can decide for yourself, but I’m convinced that Sony can not wait this one out. If they want to stay in the console biz they have to go all out. Give us massive amounts of features and perks. Launch a new marketing strategy. Give us: a universal party system(up to eight friends), universal voice chat(up to eight friends), more avatar choices, in game music, event calanders, cheaper movie rentals, contests and prizes , celeb gamers, ps3 exclusive tournaments, scrap HOME and use the space for more features, personal calander with reminder messages, in game notices when you have made a new personal best, etc. BE CREATIVE, and by that I mean give us everything we need, and all the stuff the other guys don’t have and can only lose sleep over.

  • Confrontation BLOWS !!!! I havent played my PS3 or Socom in 3 months and nothing new ? Wat i love your vids. I agree with everything. Once my site comes up and running i will post your up new videos . This is gay i hate it. Nothing is like SOCOM 1 anymore. once my site comes out ill advertise your vids and .

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