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Hope you’re enjoying this long weekend (if applicable). Here’s what we read this week, feel free to add your hits in the comments area. We’ll be back tomorrow!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 29, 2009)

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  • happy 4th of july to all the ppl from the blog!

    also, when are we gonna see the promised patch of zen pinball?

  • demon’s souls FTW
    i’ll pre-order the Stop Importing It” edition
    just 3 months to go

  • That Infamous vs Prototype Contest was an epic win!!!

  • Cool, but any GT5 new coming our way?

  • Hey jeff.. as always I have a couple of questions and hope u can reply to me :

    1) is it possible for you guys at Psblog to make a live chat with Namco Bandai? I would love to learn more about their Tales of Vesperia, the game will be released in Japan this September so I hope their planning on releasing it in U.S/Canada?

    2) Before E3 I was sure that white knight chronicles will be released this year but till now there’s no news about it, is it still scheduled to release this year?

    Thank you and have a nice Sunday :)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      1) Like all publishers, they\’ll announce when/if they\’ve got something to announce, whether they\’re on a live chat or not. I did make sure to send NB an email last week with some reader quotes about how much they want it!

      2) When there is a specific release date set, we\’ll have it here first.

  • That Killzone 2 and MGS4 bundle is the best bundle of all time without a doubt.
    2 of the best games ever all in one package.

    Nice. :)

  • another good week i guess

  • That Killzone 2 and MGS4 bundle is the best bundle of all time that is very true i hope its real

  • That bundle is amazing! It should sway more than a few gamers that are on the fence.

  • By far the best PS3 bundle i’ve ever seen, PS3 Bundle includes Killzone 2 and MGS 4!!! @ BestBuy next Sunday! If I didn’t already have a PS3 and those 2 games I would certainly buy it.

    Also my obligatory request for the week, please more avatars, some of Infamous, Bioshock, MGS4, and some more Killzone would be quite nice to have. As always thanks for another week of info.

  • Wow that bundle is gonna deystroy the competition.

    Cant wait for Demons Souls, im definitely getting that deluxe edition!!!

  • almighty-slayer

    Yahtzee’s challenge was funny. I can’t believe Radical and SP actually played ball. Good on them :)

  • I REALLY want there to be an MKV video type support for the video player on PS3. PLEAAAAASE listen to this for the next firmware update.

    great week btw. hope next week is even more ACTION PACKED!

  • Sony should turn Underworld into a game. let Santa Monica Studio make it the same team behind God Of War make it. that game would be a master piece if made right. Being a Vampire killing Lycans think of the blood&gore that an be in that game. the gaming world needs a killer Vampire game.

  • Jeff, did you pick up Blazblue? Because if you don’t, I’ll buy it for you. :P

    And does anyone know any good anti virus software? My laptop keeps crashing. I’m posting from my iPod Touch.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Not *yet* but Ryan Clements from IGN convinced me that I should give it a go. I will soon.

  • PS Cloud.

  • why is FFXI listed in there? , they DID say that they’re working on a PS3 version, but did they leave it for FFXIV ? or its still coming?

  • let me jus be the first to say that punisher no mercy is such a piece of garbage the graphics suk big time the online play laggy and glichy and its a wannabe ur3 with out the fun and non glichy and laggy online play you people who made this game and took all that time to make a crapy game like and then made it seem great and when on abt how awsome it was made me want to buy it i want yall to send me a check for 9.95 the amount i paid for this pos game and for those who havent bought the game dnt it suks big time

  • This week news is all about that MEGA-AMAZING BEST BUY BUNDLE!!!!!

  • Yahtzee’s Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge was very funny. It was great to see both game studios play along with it.

  • Jeff what you think about the new BC rumors???

  • So I guess you guys don’t read N4G :P

  • @24
    too late, 19 and 20 already beat ya…

  • @27


  • Hope to get a Fat Princess Release Date soon

  • Hey Jeff, I still haven’t recieved my Uncharted 2 schwag bag. It’s been over 2 weeks and I want to know who I can contact to ask them about how I can track the item


    P.S. I’m typing on my I touch. :)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      They haven\’t all been shipped yet. If you still don\’t have yours in two weeks, let me know.

  • Is there any news on the fallout 3 dlc?

  • jeff chris question will the walkman X-1000 be PS3 compatible like updating the software through the PS3 editing playlists and moving songs from our PS3 to the walkman and will we see the u.s release of the walkman X-1000 soon cause we saw it at ces then nothing they said it’ll be out mid june but it’s not i really don’t feel like importing it from europe so can you guys help me out by finding out thanks in advance

  • Any news on the fallout 3 dlc?

  • Ok here are my links, The first one is a must see.

    Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal Recreated in Rag Doll Kung Fu:

    Sony Patents Emotion Egine Technology for Cell Processors:

    PS3 News: Sony Promises GT5 will release this fiscal Year:

    Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3:

    Sony drumming up a storm with Playstation Cloud:

    Yes I know you dismissed those cloud images as fake, but you can’t dismiss the Patent filing

  • Hey, Jeff!

    Do you think it’s possible to have Rockstar come to the blog and do a live chat or something? I think it’d be great for the users to be able to ask them questions on the upcoming Agent, which I already have reserved, and maybe some future updates on any new titles they’re working on?

  • @Chris
    Do you think there will be an update to delete trophies (in [my trophies]) that you have 0% in, and also to delete trophies that you have, that way in case your a trophy completionist and yu can’t get 100%.

  • Jeff, Think you can loan me $70 for Demon’s Souls?

  • Jeff

    You should do podcast beyond again and maybe get Chris in there too.Their 100th episode is coming up and who better to be apart of it then Mr. PlayStation Blog himself.

    P.S. Greg is awesome
    (says so in his PS3 profile)

  • jeff would we see Fat Princess this month?

  • Hey jeff… Didn’t see anything about fat princess in that list and I didn’t last week either (idk if I missed it though).. I want to know some more about this game cuz I can’t wait for it!!

  • I really want that ps1 iphone case and controller keychain! where can I get them?

  • i would love if you guys made a post of chat with YOU guys, alotta people want to ask stuff for long.

  • lol my friend is bragn that xbox is gonna have twiter and face book tryn to shove it in my face i was like frome day one with my ps3 i go to my twiter face book and myspace acount thats old new lol looser BURN!!!!!

  • Hey Jeff, any news on whether PSN will be getting the full downloadable game service like XBox Live is getting in August?

    360 owners will be able to download titles like Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, DiRT etc., 30 games at launch available. I know there are a few mainly Sony 1st party titles on PSN already but I’d imagine the PSN team would want to maintain parity with Live.

    Also Chris said you guys were trying to get Frozenbyte (Trine devs) on the blog but they seem in the dark why Trine hasn’t been released on PSN yet. Could you ask Grace Chen or whoever what the hold up is?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Trine has a number of publishers (different one for PC than for PSN). I can assure you that Grace isn\’t holding anything up.

  • Was my Fight Night review post deleted? If so, why?

  • the first link for demons souls isn’t working for me anyone else having this problem.

  • so, nice posted, by the way when we have buzz space and call of duty space at home and the tv and radio like you guys did with the picture frame when we have it ?

  • To add onto 40’s request, how about a weekly or monthly open blog post were we can ask anything or just chat. A lot of people often ask for features and what not on nearly every blog post because updates threads and what not don’t come too often. That way if this were to happen perhaps people could get the asking out of their system. (Take my avatar request for example) :)

  • almighty-slayer

    You? Boring? Now we all know that thi isn’t true ;)

  • i hope that bundle is true

  • hey ppl i’m back finaly found out what my password was:) aanyway can you tell us if their will be a demo for the punisher that would be great thanks!

  • @Jeff’s reply to #8

    How did that go, anyway? Did you get any sort of response from Namco Bandai or are they ignoring us? ;(

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