UNCHARTED 2 Live Chat with Naughty Dog

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There couldn’t be a better time to talk Uncharted 2: Among Thieves than now. Following a triumphant E3, Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig and Co-President Evan Wells will be fielding your questions in today’s live chat. So get your questions ready, because we’re firing it up at 2PM sharp!

UPDATE: And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone for all the great questions, and of course to Amy and Evan from Naughty Dog for taking the time to talk with us. Remember you can view the entire chat by hitting the ‘Replay’ button below. See you next time!

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  • ‘based on the mp beta, uncharted 2 is already looking like the best game on ps3… are you sharing your tech with other ps3 devs?’

    Oh my God, are you flippin serious right now?

  • Did they said something about DLC?

  • @58
    As much as I hate Halo 3 it covers MP in all corners, something for some reason Sony refuses to do with their MP games, *sigh


  • They should tell us who the live chat is going to be with a couple days in advance. Give us a chance to post questions and then put a list out of the questions that they are going to ask. I tried multiple times to ask questions and none got through…

    maybe I should have said “you guys rock” and that would have made it through. Instead of my other questions.

    we appreciate the trouble you guys go through to get these developers on the blog, but there needs to be a better way to run these chats..

  • i asked questions like:

    will you guys have DLC after launch?
    will there be clan support?
    how much of a challenge was this game to make?
    what weapons will be in the game?
    will there be an Uncharted 3?

    and many more good questions. none of which were answered.

  • this chat is just a ‘praise naughty dawg’ celebration.

    failed oppurtunity and really, who is asking some of these super lame questions?

  • @101 Captain__Planet
    Some people really do not know that ND, IG and SP all shape tech with each other and other Sony first and second party companies.

  • I truly believe that those live chats are not working out for most of us.
    How about you pick… let’s say 20 “GOOD” questions a week before and do a video chat interview via PS3 for us to watch like you did for Shatter for PSN the other day. It takes the pressure off of you, makes it easier to schedule with the Developers, we get our questions answered, and everyone is HAPPY!!!!

    Just a thought
    Let me know if the rest of you guys here agree



  • What a missed opportunity…

  • I’ve played hundreds of games, but uncharted must be one of, if not the best, game i have ever played. Everything seems perfect (graphics, ai, physics, story-line, characters, acting, gameplay.)

    Just like many others, I was always hoping Elena and Sully would return, it would not be the same without them. I was over the moon when I saw them in the trailer. I thought maybe you invited them back after seeing all these people asking about them, but hearing Emily and Nolan were in the first mocapped scene is nice to know.

    I didn’t buy uncharted when it first came out, mainly because the demo seemed purely shooting based. Of course, when i gave in and purchased it, i realized how much more there was to it (Story-wise, platforming, problem solving.) Perhaps the demo for 2 should show more of the game’s variety.

    Before buying the game I watched the PSN videos about the making, during which I found out more about NaughtyDog (like who works there.) Then when we were first finding out about Uncharted 2, I didn’t hear any mention of Amy, i was so glad to hear that you were still doing the story.

    I’m sorry this is such a ridiculously long and muddled reply, but Uncharted was such an amazing game.

  • I understand that as developers, Naughty Dog has to be aware of whatever info they release on Uncharted 2 and I appreciate them taking the time out to answer questions, no matter how pointless and uninformed some of them were, but this was honestly just a waste of time and I hope for better in the future.

  • I didn’t get my question selected so I’ll just post it here. I was wondering if there was any news on a Collectors Edition? I don’t buy CE’s, but would for Uncharted 2.

  • great questions this time. Read the whole thing, and asked a few questions.

    90 minutes of cut scenes!?!?! MY GOD!!!! THATS INSANE!! Thats like a full entire movie!! sha-weet

  • Next time let us vote for the top 20 questions or something..instead of some of those questions that went through..

  • arrrg…I missed it by a few minutes.

    I was going to ask if there’s a special edition or collectors edition planned for release?

  • thanks for sharing your time naughty dog! Can’t wait to buy uncharted 2! I’m only buying U:2 in November and skipping all the other titles on release =P

  • I love Naughty Dog!!

  • @109 SPARDA
    That is a great Idea and I will support that for sure.

    @103 MariusElijah
    Yeah but Halo does not compare to Sony first party in terms of graphics. Halo 3 graphics look like an original Xbox game to be honest. I have it and was disappoint in this “next gen” Halo 3 game.

  • It’s over already? Damn I wanted to ask if Sully and Elena make a return.

    Now I will never know :(

  • You know, every time there’s a chat I think to myself “Don’t bother; you’ll just get frustrated”. But I can’t help it. I always end up joining these chats and I always end up getting frustrated. Please Chris and Jeff, find a better way to get our questions answered, for the sake of me and the rest of the Playstation community.

  • Will a soundtrack be available?

    Are treasures with unlockables returning?

    Any DLC?

    Coop has boss encounters, does singleplayer?

    I think these would have been good questions.

  • I can’t belive they didn’t talk about DLC, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to ask that question, but maybe ND won’t talk about it yet

  • @Bloody_Marcel: Actually it’s been confirmed for weeks and in this chat that Sully and Elena are in the game.

    Anyway, I can’t understand why Naughty Dog couldn’t just answer my Collector’s Edition quesrion. Even if they just told me they couldn’t answer the question I would’ve been satisfied. I hate these chats because so many fans get ignored.

  • June 30th, 2009

    The day The blog turned on Chris Morell.

    It was quite a thing to see.

  • Good Q&A.

    I don’t think many people want to hear about any DLC they have in the works before they even ship the game out the door. For one, they probably don’t have any and are focusing on finishing the retail disc.

    Think about it, it’s kind of like asking, “What are your plans to milk my wallet further after I buy the game?”

  • Well, none of my questions got through again, but someone would complain that my question was stupid anyway. Also, since I learned how the questions are moderated, I’m fine with it. You see, they take the most submitted coments and select the next one of those comments submitted and let that one be viewed. My (online) friend Griffins22 actually broke the code last time and got an astounding two comments in that were smart! Anyway, this really is the best chat I’ve seen yet. Exponentially better than the Insomniac chat over R&C Future: a Crack in Time.

  • I never got to ask my question :( Well if anyone else can answer this, is Uncharted 2 going to go beyond realism again? Because honestly if Uncharted 2 is nothing but people vs. people its going to get boring real quick to me… Hopefully its not all people and machines we face…

  • Someone obviously doesn’t watch the game trailers…maybe they asked that Sully and Elena question cause they knew it would be picked.

  • Uncharted 2 is the best game of 2009

    It got best game of e3 and best console game awards from game critics

    I wont be surprised if the game gets 100% at metacritic.

    Just the name uncharted : among thieves itself is a GOTY material

  • great chat! loved it!

  • @Waffman11: Yeah, you got to repeat your question over and over agina. Unfortuantely that disn’t work out for me this time.

  • Blkant, The first one did have Monster things..and no one really liked that so I wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see that.

  • Damn missed It. :(
    not one person asked weather U2 will have unlockables? like Uncharted 1 did,

    weapon select, Mirror level, Slow-mo.
    Really wanted to know this!!

  • much better than the ratchet one…hopefully insomniac comes back for another chat because the first one was horrible.

  • YES I got TWO of my question chosen HAHAHAHA

    Will there be split-screen?

    First I wanna say I loved the Beta but I didnt play the first one. So my question is how friendly is Uncharted 2 for new players, story wise?

  • At least this one had actual questions.

  • @136
    Buy and play the first game.
    It’s cheap, plus it’s a very good game.

  • Some these questions were terrible..

    “How did the Beta goin you opinion?” Doesn’t even make sense lol Plus who’s cares?

    “Will Uncharted 2 have multiplayer trophies?” WHO CARE’S!

    “What crazy technical terms can you throw at us, that the ND Engine 2.0 boasts?” seriously? :s

  • My questions, in case they don’t get answered during the chat:

    1. Will the audio assets on the disc be 24-bit lossless? If so, will the sound be output unfettered as 24-bit LPCM or DTS-HD MA?

    2. Will there be any local co-op in the main story mode? Or switching between characters? The latter is one of the things I liked from the Broken Sword series (the third one, specifically), as it provided a natural break to allow another person to play for a bit.

    3. Will there be any patch to the original game to integrate its experience (via gameplay or audio/video assets) with the sequel?

    4. Will the game render in 1080p natively, or at a lower resolution and upscale? if the latter, will anti-aliasing be used?

    5. are there any gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered characters in the sequel? If not, are there any plans to expand the palette of characters in this direction via DLC or in sequels?

    6. I really liked the pure stealth/no guns trophies in Mirror’s Edge, Quantum of Solace, and other games; will this game have similar trophies? (Also, a request: please don’t have trophies that make me replay the entire game twice just to get them.)

  • good work naughty dog, if you do your explosions like just cause 2, uncharted 2 WILL BE THE BEST GAME OF 2009.PLEASE READ MY COMMENT!!!THANKS

  • This game sounds amazing, I have to add this on my day 1 purchase…

    Hopefully I could with all these games coming out in the fall, plus PSP GO!…..Well still if i don’t do day 1, its still a definite purchase.

  • Please do not change the match making. Its fine as it is!


  • Damn, I missed this when it was live. But it’s great to see so many questions and enthusiastic fans! I want this game so badly, and I’m glad they confirmed a public beta.

  • collectors edition???

  • Uncharted 2 will get 10 out of 10 from most sites based on just the SP mode. I really feel bad for inferior looking games which include MW2. Those games will just be buried under sand by Ultra-realistic Uncharted 2

  • I want to know why some of my questions don’t go through. They were good questions! And then these stupid ones like “Are Elena and Sully going to be in it?” get posted. WTH. i asked:

    Aside from traversal gunplay (we’ve all heard enough of that) how has the gameplay changed or improved in Among Thieves from Drake’s Fortune?

    and that didn’t go through. My two questions that did get through are under Nate and Nate Fox.

  • Chris, we shook hands at E3, remember? And then you deny my comments :(

  • A great deal of pointless questions got answered. Why were people asking about the Uncharted movie? Who cares?!! I want to know about the game. I asked…

    Will you be able to make your own character in the multilayer? Maybe even use your PS Home Avatar?

    But it was not answered. I’m surprised someone didn’t ask what naughty dog had for breakfast this morning. Idiots…

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