UNCHARTED 2 Live Chat with Naughty Dog

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There couldn’t be a better time to talk Uncharted 2: Among Thieves than now. Following a triumphant E3, Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig and Co-President Evan Wells will be fielding your questions in today’s live chat. So get your questions ready, because we’re firing it up at 2PM sharp!

UPDATE: And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone for all the great questions, and of course to Amy and Evan from Naughty Dog for taking the time to talk with us. Remember you can view the entire chat by hitting the ‘Replay’ button below. See you next time!

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  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    Will you be able to make your own character in the multilayer? Maybe even use your PS Home Avatar?

  • I am guessing the official release date will be announce on Spike TV. spike TV gametrailer just when to visit Naughty Dog a few days ago.

  • i wish they would post my questions… i think they are really good ones

  • No Split-screen WHY? :'(
    Is Sony ever going to get a complete game

  • why isn’t my question showing up?

  • will the whole MAIN campain be able to be played on coop

  • will Uncharted engine be outsourced to other developers of ps3 exclusive games

    uncharted 2 is the best looking game of all time. do you rely on direct data streaming to achieve photorealism . I mean what exactly does the U2 engine relies on to achieve that insane amount of details

  • @54

    like halo 3? i wished resistance was going to have the same features, then i hoped killzone would match it… the both exceded it in one way or another just not as a complete package :( oh well, here’s to MAG!

  • Live chat does not work all that well on the mobile version

  • Glad to see there will be another multiplayer demo

  • some of these questions shed no new light on the game all this stuff is already known. CMON get down to the nitty gritty, its only what? a hour chat and its almost done :(

  • my questions wont go through i think, and they havent answered 1 in a while now

  • Chat’s actually going preety good so far. The Ratchet and Clank one was far worse.

  • wow, now the stupid comment are getting posted. Way to go Chris, you fail twice in a row on those comments.

  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    A lot of dumb questions are being answered. Jesus Christ!

  • I submitted a question but it didn’t get chosen. So here it is:

    Will we be seeing an Uncharted game spin off on PSP in the future?

  • It would be cool to play as Ratchet in the multiplayer mode… At least then I could pretend that I had Ratchet and Clank multiplayer on ps3

  • meh cant really think of any good questions for some reason…. ugh

    I asked if they changed the water effects at all, and made them more realistic somehow. I know they added rain though, thats pretty cool.

  • Will there be Game Launching support?

  • Why does like every questeion that gets accepted contain “You’re awesome Naughty Dog” in it?

  • wow, chris is slipping bad now.

  • Beautiful! Thanks! is posted but my question about stealth isn’t….?

  • Evan Wells – “cloud computing” PS CLOUD is REAL !!!!

  • and……done, what horrible questions.

  • While it is bad that those comments get in, this isn’t even close to as bad as some of the previous chats.

  • [Comment From Person youll never know]
    Will Sully and Elena make a return?


  • Wow, someone just asked whether Sully and Elebna are in it. >:(

  • wow this chat started out great, and now it is turning into crap. Has anyone seen the last 9+ question that was submitted? just wow Chris

  • as usual none of my questions are coming up…but stupid ones are getting posted….LOL

  • they are definitely choosing to answer the worst questions that are being asked. COME ON! GET JUICY WITH IT ALREADY!

  • my comments aint showin :(

  • They haven’t answered a quesion in a while now. >:(

  • They don’t seem to want to tell me whether there’ll be a Collector’s Editon. :(

  • ‘This is awfully specific, but: Will that sweet .45 Defender handgun ever make it to competitive MP?’

    seriously, they choose to post this?

  • 2:32 [Comment From rukusa]
    awesome Evan
    2:34 [Comment From Sponge-worthy]
    More puzzles!!!
    2:42 [Comment From Pound_lb003]
    Beautiful! Thanks!
    2:44 [Comment From Person youll never know]
    Will Sully and Elena make a return?


  • Now this is getting ****** ridiculous…

  • Jeff, please answer this.
    Why is Savage Moon (Full Game) not on the Playstation store? Please answer this I want to buy it! $$$$$

  • @76 crXss
    I say that and shuck my head in disbelief. Do people not keep up with this game to ask that stupid question?

  • Chris Morell, PlayStation.Blog: We’ve only got a few minutes left with Amy and Evan (time flies!), so get those last questions in!

    I’m trying, but it’d be easier if you didn’t ignore every good question and post the retarded ones!

  • wow wat kinda balls questions are these

  • i appreciate the effort.. but crappy questions asked/

    “Is Elena/Sulley making an appearence?”… really, that got through?

    come on

  • Umm whenever I leave a comment on the live chat it doesn’t show up, whats going on?

  • Jeff please answer this.
    Why is Savage Moon (Full Game) not on the Playstation store? Please respond, I want to get it!

  • above

    please dont compare realistic games like Uncharted and Killzone 2 to cartton garbage game like halo 3 at 600p , which wasnt a game but a lame crap with powerpuff aliens in low poly green diapers

    please dont compare the most realistic and best game of 2009 to crap x360 games like halo 3 at 600p

  • Why not, instead of a useless live chat, just have questions left in the comments section answered by developers? That way there are fewer sycophantic questions and more questions coming from people who are going to pay $60 of their own money to buy the game instead of receiving the game for free.

  • who cares if he is darker?!

    I wanna know about the treasures in game. Will they have a whole list of them to collect in the co-op as well?

  • this chat was a total FAIL

  • @95 chriscowboyd
    That is a great idea, more question will be answer and less stupidity from some of the post and questions that got posted.

  • this was a wasted oppurtunity… the questions that got through were boring. ‘Will .45 hand gun be in multiplayer’… really chris?

  • I also asked the question:

    What are your plans for DLC?

    Didn’t get chosen though. Instead they chose:

    Is Elena/Sulley making an appearence?

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