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You may recall our short outage last week; we were messing around with the servers here at PlayStation Central Command. By doing [whatever it is the engineers have done], we’ve enabled some new functionality. Reading the comments, a few of you have figured it out – the PlayStation.Blog is now mobile compatible.

The next time you head over to the blog from your PSP, Blackberry, or iPhone (or probably whatever mobile device you’re running, assuming it’s newer than a Star-tac), you’ll see a specially formatted, easy to read (and load!) version of the Blog. You can even comment; now you can tell us what you think from the comfort of your office restroom!

There’s no special URL to go to, just hit up the normal address, and our patented Internet Gnomes will do the rest. Please let us know if you’re experiencing any compatibility issues, and we’ll flog the Gnomes a little harder. It’s ok, they deserve it :-)

PlayStation.Blog mobile

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  • Have been trying this on PSP for 15 minutes now and it ain’t working. All I get is white screen and the loading ripple icon in the corner.

    Great stuff.

  • How about an iPhone app? Where we can see our trophies for games we own, message friends, view flickr photos that you guys post, vimeo videos, etc.
    That’d be sweet.

    .99c or free only, though.

  • Working great on IPhone 3GS

  • YAY for expanding!
    I cant wait to see some more awesome new features come to the Blog. keep up the awesome-ness Jeff!

  • Can you guys do something about the browser for Psp. It really bites, it takes almost forever to load anything. I use my iPhone because it loads way faster and doesn’t run out of memory. Thnx Anyway keep up the work.

  • Testing it on my G1 now and it looks good.

  • Should the pic be a PSP?

    Or better yet a PlayStation Phone! =)

    Nice work though!

  • Cool but, Europe is getting all kinds of features added to their psblog. Where are ours?

  • … why… are you using… an iPhone picture to show off a new way of accessing SONY PLAYSTATION’s official blog?

    It is nice and all that all mobile devices can benefit from this… but this site does nothing misleading nor morally wrong by promoting Sony devices… Use the picture of a PSP Go, or a regular PSP. Say that it works also on other mobile devices like the iPhone… :(… sigh…

    • Yes, it\’d be terrible if iPhone owners were exposed to PlayStation information, wouldn\’t it? ;-)

  • ok, is this really supposed to work on a PSP or should I sell it for an iPhone?

    It’s taking ages (like 20 MINUTUES) to load on the PSP. Friends with iPhone are getting in instantaneously.

  • Looks nice on the iPhone, but loading this page basically locks the PSP. Please make this more PSP friendly.

  • Would you please consider making the page compatible with the Sony Walkman X browser? Please!!!

  • “Looks nice on the iPhone, but loading this page basically locks the PSP. Please make this more PSP friendly.”

    “ok, is this really supposed to work on a PSP or should I sell it for an iPhone?

    It’s taking ages (like 20 MINUTUES) to load on the PSP. Friends with iPhone are getting in instantaneously.”



  • I wish it could save my login info

  • Nice but you guys should make an iPhone/iPod Touch app.

  • I can’t log in to comment from my blackberry storm. It says my browser isn’t supported. Also are you guys tweeting all your posts. Because I don’t think I got this post on my twitter.

  • Nice one Gnomes :)

    Can i have some Gnomes?

  • On my Samsung Instinct, it does not seem to be mobile at all. It still appears the way it has been for awhile. Time to hit up the Gnome :)

  • There really is an indescribable feeling you get while posting from the office restroom. I was just a casual browser of the blog but now, with this “enhancement”, I can both browse and comment….from the comfort of the restroom. Wow, it feels good.

    Thanks guys.

  • I noticed this last week — nice little surprise. From what I can tell though, red comments don’t show as read on the iPhone.

  • While we’re on the subject, how about a new browser for the PS3? Google Chrome maybe?

  • i’ve just tried from my N95 and it looks peachy. To all the team very well done

  • He used an iPhone because it shows more expansion in mobile devices. Such as if he would of showed it on a PSP, Some people would think it’s only on a PSP. Therefore PSB readers which don’t have a PSP wouldn’t about the mobile look of the site. It was a great idea for him to use an iPhone.

    P.S.: We don’t need Mozilla FF. We need to join with APPLE! lol

    ALso, I need my Marvel vs. Capcom 2 now please.

  • it’s so strange to see an iPhone on a sony site :D
    but i am sure Sony earns millions on the iTunes music store, also all iTunes music these days work perfectly fine on all sony’s devices as iTunes is now DRM free.
    link to people who still don’t know:

    sony and apple actually have a long working history together, from floppy drive to Powerbook 100 (sony made it all).

  • Therefore PSB readers which don’t have a PSP wouldn’t *care* about the mobile look of the site.

    Sorry typo.

  • I replied to a post last week from my G1 and I’m currently doing it again. Nice!

  • Just got my iphone on friday so this is really nice to see. Thanks.

  • Can you instead give me a job and let me create a PSB application for the iPhone? It would be much better than thus mobile website. This mobile website doesn’t look cool as the original on the other hand looks perfect.

  • Cool, something I have been wanting. Will try it out from my PSP later.

  • We already knew this, I’ve been using it for iPhone since the day after the site went down…

  • Vernon_Hardapple

    As at least one other user mentioned, I am unable to log into the site via my BlackBerry Curve browser, so obviously won’t be able to leave comments. Can you guys please take a look at this issue? Someone there at the Blog must have a BB Curve to test it out on.

    Otherwise, I like how much faster the blog loads as opposed to the standard version.

  • Sending from my iPhone, looking good!

  • Where can I get some internet gnomes?

  • Nice one…
    Since we are talking about Mobile, what happened with the use of ‘cell phones picture’ feature that was on the survey earlier this year?

  • Awesome !!

  • I’ve Been using the mobile version

  • I don’t see the “mobile” version of the site on my Palm Pre. But at least the full site displays fine on my Pre.

  • Yes, yes, yes! I’ve been praying the blog would go mobile! And it finally has. The blog is my home page on my psp, and now I’ll actually be able to load the blog and comment quickly on the go. Thanks!

  • I meant last year or whenever it was, not really sure about when we got that survey.

  • PerFECT ! ! !

  • An actual app would be better like the one for Xbox360.

  • Great job! But where did you got the gnomes?

  • Slow as hell on my PSP.

    Maybe you guys should focus on getting it running on your own products first before you concentrate on the iphone, etc. ;)

  • Sweet!!!!!!!! Works great on my new 3Gs iphone

  • I have to agree with above posters, we need a iphone app for the blog and maybe be able to check our PSN profiles so we can check what friends are playing while we are all at work.

  • Tell your gnomes to work harder…I’m posting this from a Palm Pre but on the regular, full version website.

  • Kay ppl i like it but when am i getting cross world chat by that I mean me being able to send messages to my friends on psn using PS blog ( i really wnaa talk to a few ppl when im at work ) its imp i guess…

  • perfect im getting sony ericsson aino so it will be cool

  • Hay Jeff,
    the European Playstation site is being updated with a trophy leader board. When will the US playstation site be updated with a trophy leader board? Actually, when will the US playstation site be updated with portable trophy card? The US playstation site is lacking behind the European Playstation site in term of features that benefit Trophy collectors.

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