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You may recall our short outage last week; we were messing around with the servers here at PlayStation Central Command. By doing [whatever it is the engineers have done], we’ve enabled some new functionality. Reading the comments, a few of you have figured it out – the PlayStation.Blog is now mobile compatible.

The next time you head over to the blog from your PSP, Blackberry, or iPhone (or probably whatever mobile device you’re running, assuming it’s newer than a Star-tac), you’ll see a specially formatted, easy to read (and load!) version of the Blog. You can even comment; now you can tell us what you think from the comfort of your office restroom!

There’s no special URL to go to, just hit up the normal address, and our patented Internet Gnomes will do the rest. Please let us know if you’re experiencing any compatibility issues, and we’ll flog the Gnomes a little harder. It’s ok, they deserve it :-)

PlayStation.Blog mobile

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  • Cool!

    Does it go to this page when entering the URL on the PS3 browser or is it the same old blog?

    • We\’ve actually optimized the code with the PS3 browser, so it should render out cleanly. Let us know if you have any issues.

  • hmm il have to check this out via the psp.
    nice job on this guus keep up the good work.

  • Awesome!!!

  • should have been guys lol. still wish we had an edit button. atleast one that stays active for about a minute or two.

  • Hmmmmm…. It doesn’t work with my Nokia N70

  • thats so cool.

  • LoL with the iphone pic
    you should of used a PSP

  • will it be fast or slow on loading?

  • Well i tried it out on my PSP and it wouldnt load, so you might want to double cheak that

  • There’s Symbian OS compatibility ?

  • Posting this from my iPhone!
    Love the mobile version, been enjoying the past few days.

  • Oh my god. That is Amazing. Any zune HD compatibility? :P

  • This is great on the psp, I check the blog at school with it and now its easier than ever.

  • I noticed this a few days ago. Thanks, it makes it so much easier to read on the iPhone without having to zoom in. The page loads a hell of a lot faster too.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    think you Jeff for the update.

    now can i ask you about the ps BLOG prodcaist

    is it coming soon??????????????

    • I\’m thinking that the PS Eye chat could become the \”podcast\”. Let\’s see where it leads.

  • Freaking sweet! Going to the restroom now to check it out!

  • Thanks very much, makes loading the PS Blog so much faster :)

    Very much appreciated!

  • Opera on Wii
    Internet Explorer on XBOX360? :p

    Would be good Firefox for PS3… Mozila AND Sony Playstation 3… Good Idea!

  • this is cool but can you hurry up and put marvel vs capcom 2 on the psn so i can download it thanks!

  • will thi be like the psp browser? let me remind you that the psp browser was worse hen the ps3 browser. thats why i got a laptop in the first place.

  • Opera on Wii…
    IE on 360?
    Firefox on Playstation 3!?!?!?!

    Mozilla AND Sony… Would be Greate!

  • I have a problem when i post a comment here…

  • This is great. Now we only need an official podcast for all things PlayStation coming directly from the PlayStation Central Command with Gnomes included.

  • lol, why didn’t you used a PSP screenshot rather than an iPhone?

    • Because more people use iPhones to visit our site than any other mobile method (we can see that behind the scenes).

  • @lx-Red-xl I agree it’s very sad that Sony are promoting the use of this feature through the Apple iPhone. Next SONY will be telling us that the iPhone is better at music, video and games!

    Come on Sony, you’re slipping behind!

  • Whatever you do, do net let the gnomes unionize. We had a similar problem with the oompa loompas at our office…

  • I liked viewing the blog like normal on my Ipod touch I hate this simple cell phone version. Is there a way to view the blog like before and how i see it on my computer?

  • Yeah!!!! Posting from my iPod Touch

  • Sweet news, I used to always check the block on my psp, but then it stopped working.

    Glad to hear that it’s gonna work again.

  • Works pretty good. Here’s some suggestions:

    1) resize pics so they fit on the phones screen. I’m on my iPhone and the iPhone pic on this page only shows about 25% of the left side.

    2) make the input text box bigger. The font is really small for some reason

    3) create a mobile version of the psn sign in page. It’s still the same size on mobile browsers as it is on a computer.

    4) make the rest of psn mobile. I wanna be able to see my trophies and stuff from my mobile phone.

    So far good job!

  • @#8 actually seems much faster loading

  • Awesomeness. But be nice to your Internet gnomes! XD

    (Honestly, after all they’ve faced, I think it’s about time they throw of the yoke of oppression and rise up against their masters! …I’ll be their leader… and then I’ll rule the Internetz! Muhahahaha!)

  • Good to hear this, I’m currently reading the blog from my iPhone.
    is there any hope to see you guys making a PS blog application for the iPhone? maybe an application that show us the PSN updates and all the blog info by organize them with tags for every game and writter.. that would be cool and I would be willing to pay for it, I dunno maybe like $1.99 or hopefully $0.99

  • I am using both the blackberry browser or Opera mini. The update doesnt allow you to sign in to post comments. Any way to fix this? Also will the Playstation forums be formatted for mobile use?

    • No plans for the forums. We\’ll look into the Opera browser – that\’s what I use on the Blackberry as well.

  • It’s nice,–thank you! But, could you make it more like the original site.

    Also, someone should really do something about Playstation®Store: It looks, and sounds annoying!! You can do it!! Use your patented work Gnomes, if not.

    There are plenty of good examples to look up to, if needed.. lol

  • I am unable to sign in to either the Blackberry Internet browser or Opera Mini to post comments. Is there a way to fix this? Also will the Playstation forums be fixed for mobile use?

  • Playstation Blog on PSP loads really slow so heres my suggestion:

    1) Make PSP version load faster

  • wow, now there’s a good way to sell psp’s, put an iphone image on the playstation blog, sony where do you find these people? i would rather see a psp image there instead of an iphone and i’m sure sony would also. i guess you weren’t kidding jeff when you said you were gonna clean out your desk, has apple made you an offer?

  • Excelent improvement! First comment from my office’s rr :)
    thanks for it!

  • I noticed that last week. Definitely appreciated, though I was also glad to see the full version still available on mobile. If only iPhone supported flash. (Not that I blame Apple for the lack of support, nor the blog for using flash.)

  • PSP needs keyboard other wise I stay with PS3. But it is cool to get news where ever you go!!!! :)

  • Woof commenting from my iPod touch, thanks to Jeff and the psblog team for this. I’m a huge mobile surfer,this is a great addition.

  • When is Final Fantasy XIII coming out?, and where is Final Fantasy versus XIII

  • Dear Mr. Rubenstein,
    Do you have any idea when the Brazilian PSN will be lauched? and if the DLC will be area 1?

    Congratulations for the “mobile blog” great Idea.

    Best regards

  • it works on my Phat psp
    but it VERY VERY VERY slow
    it takes a few mins to Load the pages

  • It’s all coming 2gether. Muhahaha

  • @ 25 lol i don’t see how this feature will put sony back or slipping if you look at the big picture it will grow there audience . the more new people means profit . every week they will see new games , features about sony so i just don’t see how they “ slipping ”.

  • Oh my gosh, my dreams have come true I can read the blog from the can!

  • sweet, I was worried that it would only be available on the iPhone. Now on the PSP, i can get the blog anywhere! YES!

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