inFAMOUS Facts, Figures, and Future

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Ever wonder what goes into the making of a video game? The July issue of Game Informer reveals a number of fun facts from the Sucker Punch team regarding the development of their super-hero exclusive, inFAMOUS. We thought we’d go ahead and share a few of our favorites from the issue and also the development team with you!

  • In addition to the kitchen espresso, the inFAMOUS team traveled to Starbucks approximately 18,200 times. Two groups of 10 people per day, five days a week.
  • There were 10 inFAMOUS babies born during development. One employee had two during that time.
  • It took over 70,000 separate art, code and media check-in submissions to make inFAMOUS.
  • The inFAMOUS team consumed 17,472 cans of diet Coke and 13,104 cans of diet Pepsi during development.
  • There were no less than 14 high rise buildings constructed within 3 blocks of Sucker Punch’s offices during the inFAMOUS development cycle.

Here are a few more fun facts about inFAMOUS worth mentioning…

  • inFAMOUS is the fastest demo to reach the 1 million milestone on the PlayStation Network.
  • According to a recent NPD report, inFAMOUS was the fifth best-selling software title for the month of May after being on the shelves for only 6 days (the title launched on May 26).

We’ve also got a new video to share… check out this walk-through video of the Titanic Beatdown mission with commentary from Sucker Punch Game Designer, Darren Bridges.

But wait, we still have one more fun fact to share with you all…

We’re excited to announce that a new inFAMOUS space will be launching in Home very soon. We’ll have a lot more details on the new space for you all next week, so please stay tuned!

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  • Please release some DLC with NEW powers, Like a flame power Etc.

    Would definitely buy that!

  • There BETTER be a sequel to this game!!

  • You guys should watch what you are drinking. I’m also a video game programmer and at work, I drink only water (but we’re allowed to drink beer on friday afternoon!) and it does wonders for your health. Coke Diet or Zero isn’t very healthy, especially when you sit down on a chair all day.

  • stop me if you’ve heard this one before,

    Please give inFAMOUS DLC!! PLEASE!! please? i love this game too much and i didn’t want it to end. :( but that arena type thing you mentioned where you could set up different scenarios, sounds pretty awesome!

  • Coke>>>>>>Pepsi

  • release downoldable powers or something !! way cool!!! or challenge maps …i want everything!!!

  • @50… giga blades arent that great…they offer 1 hit kill when u punch but they are 1 use and u have to get close

  • @50 Ashkental

    The Gigawatt blades are quite over hyped and not all that great. >.> The megaton hammer served me far greater. :D I did get the code from a friend who knew someone who had 5 codes from Gamespot.

  • oh snap i just remembered ihad a code
    left over
    gimmie ur email

  • –or psn heheh

  • inFAMOUS is My new favorite game. its so great to have a adventure like this in the summer of long hours of balsting helghast.

  • do you guys get free muffins at your work?

    also im going to play though on hard evil mode.
    for platinum.

  • My favorite side mission. :D
    That mission is a bit more fun on the good side, because you can just go crazy and lightning storm it up.

  • In-game music would be a really nice feature.

    Other than guys have made an amazing game :) Kudos to you and I hope to play a second (and maybe third) game soon. :O

  • Gray-Fillabuster

    Amazing game. You guys deserve all the praise you can get.

  • Looks to me like you guys worked your tails off in an incredible job. Thanx to the crew!

    Oh yeah. R.I.p Micheal Jackson

  • Thats alot of starbucks and soda. Pepsi, Coke, and SBcks aint going broke anytime soon, at least not in Seattle.

  • Two babies during one dev cycle? Jeez, settle down, Romeo and/or Juliet! :-P

  • Someone has to tell the devs at Sucker Punch that they need to make a screenshot of Alex Mercer from Prototype wearing women’s underwear so Infamous can win the Zero Punctuation grudge match between the two games.

  • anything except zeek’s rooftop apartment – ugh! sticky bombs please!

  • @70

    What about anything but zeke’s rooftop?

  • Congratulations to Sucker Punch and SCE for making such a great game. Your time and effort has clearly been spent well. Your team deserves all the success the game is garnering. I hope you can keep up the good work.

    Please make the sequel (or at least a lot of DLC) to inFAMOUS as soon as possible! This new franchise now has a legion of fans ready to buy up any and all things related to the game.

  • Hey how about an Infamous DLC pack for LittleBigPlanet? perhaps with a Cole costume for Sackboy (and other enemy outfits as well)..and stickers…etc.. that would be sweet!! Now if we could get the Paintinator to shoot lightning……….

  • So you’re the PR specialist? Ever considered another profession?

  • That was cool… i’m going evil now…lol

  • @73

    Greatest. idea. ever. enough said.

  • Fantastic game. Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to DLC or a sequel or both.

  • Wow those are some impressive facts and figures! I really hope inFamous goes onto sell millions as it really is one of PS3’s best games.

  • cool, those are a lot of things happening during development, wonder if those things happened during killzone 2, uncharted and the other exclusives.

  • We need to know about upcoming DLC, if there is any, ASAP.

    Many of us have the game beat at 100% and are itching to trade it in.

  • I just want to know if you are ever going to release this game in japan. I really want to play it but i don’t want to pay extra for shipping.

  • Interesting facts. Can we expect to see DLC for this game? Their are quite a few things u could add. Maybe do something like what fallout3 does?

  • and also if anyone wants a gigawatt blade power ask i hv 1 left.

  • … whoever had those two babies sure was busy.

  • there wouldn’t of been one million dl if it weren’t for the free infamous costume for homely

  • This space will be fantastic on PlayStation Home, plus I hope they expand the game by adding some add-ons like they did to LittleBigPlanet, Prince of Persia, Burnout Paradise Ultimate and fo course MotorStorm!

    This game was one of the best games, spending 4 years into creating this game paid off nicely, now you can tell that Sucker Punch is a fabulous games company : )
    Sony you did a good actually great job making conracts with Sucker Punch and allowing all of their games to be exclusive for PlayStation : )

  • NDGO it doesn’t matter about the price when you play this game, it’ll be WORTH IT!!
    Trust me, I’ve only played the demo and thought that the entire demo was more relieving than getting the platinum trophy in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune!

  • Yea a patch with a feature “New Game+” for when you complete both good and evil letting you have all the powers just for fun and let some missions repeatable for ppl that didnt get all the powers can keep getting xp.

    Also it would be nice if, after you beat the game you could see all the drop shards you missing directly in the map.

    <3 Cole, thanks for this awesome game Sucker Punch

  • damn good game.

    will the home space be available to us ukers or is it yet another of thousands of us exclusives?

  • A sequel would be nice. The ending leaves you stuck in Empire City. Infamous 2!

  • so whens the new infamous comming out?
    we all know its comming please announce it at TGS.
    “änd when that day comes ill be ready”
    n dw about the gigawatt blades there crap.
    there just a add on mele attack but basicly useless because you can only use them once then you have to activate them again.
    thats fine on easy but try it on hard you will be dead.
    and did sucker punch take out a attack?
    i remember seeing a attack early like last year in a video where cole was on top of a train and did like a vertical pulse than a spiral came out of the pulse sending everyone close to it flying into a wall.
    why did they take that out it would of realy come in handy on the train mission.

  • Great to hear some more news about inFAMOUS :)

    One question I have though . . . before release it was said there would be a demo-unlocked costume or something in HOME. The item would be put in our HOME inventory. Did this ever release or are we still waiting for it?

  • Yeah, picked this up yesterday after I saw this blog post. Was a little inbetween from the demo. I have a great idea for DLC.

    How about co-op using Zeke as the second player? He can melee and use his six shooter. Plus a new area over one of the bridges for more missions.

    You can thank me later for the great idea.

    Great game. Seems to have plenty of replayability.

  • “It took over 70,000 separate art, code and media check-in submissions to make inFAMOUS.”

    Speaking of which, I’m curious to know which version control system Sucker Punch prefers. Which method does a professional development studio use to manage its code?

  • I am a Japanese ”Infamous” fan.
    Is it going to release it in Japan?
    I want to know a Japanese sale date early.

    I look forward to it very very much.

  • If they released DLC, digital comic books or anything at PlayStation Store for inFAMOUS…I would buy it.

  • How many years was it in development?

  • If i was a creator i would make Playstation network able to play against others and instead of 1vall its like teams and the people had different color of lightning…like one team would have red,other team purple,and many more hopefully they use my idea.
    If not just mine..

  • Everyone sign the petition
    Its for Infamous getting DLC

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