inFAMOUS Facts, Figures, and Future

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Ever wonder what goes into the making of a video game? The July issue of Game Informer reveals a number of fun facts from the Sucker Punch team regarding the development of their super-hero exclusive, inFAMOUS. We thought we’d go ahead and share a few of our favorites from the issue and also the development team with you!

  • In addition to the kitchen espresso, the inFAMOUS team traveled to Starbucks approximately 18,200 times. Two groups of 10 people per day, five days a week.
  • There were 10 inFAMOUS babies born during development. One employee had two during that time.
  • It took over 70,000 separate art, code and media check-in submissions to make inFAMOUS.
  • The inFAMOUS team consumed 17,472 cans of diet Coke and 13,104 cans of diet Pepsi during development.
  • There were no less than 14 high rise buildings constructed within 3 blocks of Sucker Punch’s offices during the inFAMOUS development cycle.

Here are a few more fun facts about inFAMOUS worth mentioning…

  • inFAMOUS is the fastest demo to reach the 1 million milestone on the PlayStation Network.
  • According to a recent NPD report, inFAMOUS was the fifth best-selling software title for the month of May after being on the shelves for only 6 days (the title launched on May 26).

We’ve also got a new video to share… check out this walk-through video of the Titanic Beatdown mission with commentary from Sucker Punch Game Designer, Darren Bridges.

But wait, we still have one more fun fact to share with you all…

We’re excited to announce that a new inFAMOUS space will be launching in Home very soon. We’ll have a lot more details on the new space for you all next week, so please stay tuned!

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  • Please release DLC for this game. I will but them all


  • Can’t wait to see the Home space!

  • 10 babies? O_o

  • Any plans for DLC? inFamous is an excellent game with great replay value. DLC would just be icing on the cake.

    Unless the cake is a lie ;)

  • That’s a TON of aspartame… :\

  • I already got a Platinum on this game.

    You guys should release some DLC that lets Cole use his electric powers to fly around the City.Kinda like Static Shock.
    And some new missions of course.

  • One woman had 2 babies? She was a busy lady ; ) Nice work guys, loved the game!

  • “There were 10 inFAMOUS babies born during development. One employee had two during that time.”

    The developers at Sucker Punch are Love Machines…

  • SWEET!
    Coke FTW!

    Cool with the Home space but how about some inFAMOUS DLC! =)

    I’ll pay …

  • Custom Soundtracks and that Slow.Mo Feature you use during trailers and previews…

    Not difficult to implement, and guarantees more replay value for most of us…

    Besides you don’t need to make a DLC feature, just a patch I think?

    Regardless its a great game, and those were really good fun facts lol. Congrats to the parents (you know, infamous counts as a child for most of the developers at sucker punch right?).

  • I loved Titanic Beatdown. lol

  • Hey, Sucker Punch seemingly prefers Coke over Pepsi… very nice!

  • I already Platinum’d the game.
    You guys should release some DLC that makes Cole use his Electric Powers to fly around the city, kinda like Static Shock.
    And some new missions of course.

  • I love data like this:-)

  • First of all congratulations on putting out the most fun I’ve had in an open world game since GTA Vice City.

    Second Congratulations on all those Babies! Any of them named Cole, perhaps? lol

    I would love to see some added “danger” patched into the end game. It took a real long time to grind XP once I cleared the game and city streets, to complete my powers.

    I love this game, and as others have requested would love some DLC. Perhaps a new island with new problems/villans?!

  • wow the demo reached a million faster than Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 o_O !!

  • yea, some dlc that would allow u to fly on a piece of electrically charged metal!that would be awsome….

  • This game is great! I definitive buy.


  • Nice!! i really love those stats from games and developers, there should be more

    Infamous was an awesome game and i cant wait to see what the home space looks like.

  • Please give us downloadable content for this game! Many people are done playing it and crave more!

  • I may pick this up on the way home tonight.

  • I loved that mission. Except I was a coward and I stood on the edge near a power source and brought down the lightning storm till everything was dead :)

  • Any word on a bug patch, i actualy fell under the map last time i played

  • That’s is pretty interesting, I wonder if they kept track or just did some quick mathematics from a few control days.

  • One more to ask for a New Missions DLC. Infamous is suck a great game.

    Another great thing if possible is give now the damn Gigawatt Blades for all owners, I dont live in USA, so I couldnt get the game from Gamestop.

  • Thanks Kate.

    Infamous Home space sounds excellent and I agree with a few others here…DLC would be appreciated.

  • Thanks for this, I have just a couple more questions:

    1. How many people worked on this game?

    2. How large was this game’s budget?

  • You guys are awesome, thank you for such a great game.

  • Infamous is great i hope DLC will be availible :)

  • Plz Plz make some DLC

  • Awesome game. Maybe some new DLC or more side missions.

    the main thing is inFAMOUS CLOTHES LINE. i would love to get a reaper hoodie, especially the conduit white hoodie. that would be sweet.

    Next up is Sly 4 right?

  • Yes! Coke wins again! Stupid pepsi, when will you learn -_

    And as for the employe who had two babies during development, you guys clearly aren’t working him hard enough for him to giving that much over time at home.

    Also, after the home space, is there anything else planned for the future of infamous besides a potential sequel?

  • First off, InFamous is a great game. I agree with everybody wanting DLC. I think that would be sweet. As far as what kinda of DLC, I want a new game plus mode. I want to play the game from start to finish with the fully upgraded powers. Also I think someone should make Cole a cheesy superhero costume as another skin. And please, please, please give us an Evil Cole, Reaper (white and red), Kessler, Sasha,and Trish outfits for Playstation Home. Also custom soundtrack would rock.

  • The Titanic Beatdown mission would be a good theme for a DLC level where we could customize the different enemy’s to battle and just go crazy. That was perhaps the best missions…other than Terror bus in the game. Unleash Lighting Storm and watch the bodies fly!!

  • After the first two or so times of seeing such statistics about what went into making games, I stopped be surprised. I assume a lot of those were estimates taken from averaging out the habitual habits of the employees? What would really be impressive is if journalists staked out your garbage cans, rummaged through your trash, followed you home and observed you and came back with some solid, highly intrusive, potentially illegal stats. :P

    I really would love to get around to playing inFamous some day, but before I get it, I need to get my PS3 repaired and I have no idea when that’s going to happen. Keep Cole warm for me, will you?


    DLC would definitely be good call. I’m interested to see what happened with Sasha after you follow the inFamous path and more about this threat they threw at us at the end of the game. Also, whats up with Zeke, he didn’t exactly disappear of the face of the earth.

  • DLC would be awesome. I loved this game. Played through it twice already and will be hitting a 3rd soon.

    Would love more missions or even an online mode of some sort.

  • More developer commentary videos would be sweeeeeet. That was one of my favorite things about the first Sly Cooper.

  • I know they said they wouldn’t…….. but PLEASE RELEASE SOME DLC!

  • I would like to give you guys some more money, please release DLC. :)

  • Soundtrack?

  • @ 11
    That patch sounds real nice. BTW im almost platinum…..Let’s see that Home Space!!!

  • DLC would be awesome

  • It was all that caffeine that gave them energy to make those babies.

  • good short game :( 3 sites only

  • Whats the word on a patch for the ability to see what shards and stunts you’re missing after finishing the game? The game is perfect save for the after-game where it falls apart at the seams for having NO replay value at all since you can’t find anything you need since there is no ability to find unfound objects.

  • haha I was scrolling down and only read the part “We’re excited to announce that a new inFAMOUS” I was like omg new one? then scrolled back up and read it and was all like T_T

  • I Want DLC, please tons and tons of DLC…add like 20 more islands…wait maybe i am exaggerating a bit but the fact is that I really really want DLC for this game!!

  • DLC Would be GREAT, i have 2 types of DLC you could make:

    – Expand the campaign a la Epilogue on Prince of Persia

    – Special location that you could put any enemies and do battle against

    Oh and Give us the Gigawatt blades for godsake! I live in Brazil and here we don’t have ANY GameStop so how am i supposed to enjoy the game at it’s fullest?

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