PSN Cards Debut in Canada

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Hi Everyone! Kyle Moffatt, Senior Public Relations Specialist for Sony Computer Entertainment Canada back to the blog with some great news for Canadian gamers. With the Stanley Cup finals ending last week the team at PlayStation Canada figured it would be a great time to bring the prepaid PSN cards to Canada! The cards, available in $20 and $50 denominations, can now be purchased at EB Games and GameStop locations across the country. In the coming weeks and months you’ll also be able to buy the cards at: Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV, The Source by Circuit City and Rogers Plus entertainment locations with more to come.

It’s great time to pick up a PSN card so buy one today and check out some of the great content available like Flower or The Last Guy (two of my favorites) or a PSone classic like Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. You can also get ready for a game I’m really looking forward to – Fat Princess. Now Canadians can have their cake and play with it too!

Keep checking the blog for future posts from me. See you online.

PSN Card Canada

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  • canadian dollars or US dollars?

  • Number 32 you RULE! Help us have videos in winter that we don’t have to trudge through tons of snow to get. I hate walking or driving in snow so please open the video store for us by this winter. You will make thousands of dollars just from me. Thank You Kyle!

    Thanks in advance…

  • FINALLY! Took you guys waaayyy too long to get these to Canada.

  • Kyle is not coming back, he doesn’t know how to answer, he thought he would be prized for this “Too little to late” news.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Now Canada just needs to be included in the contests on the blog. :/

    • We have made some of the contests, like the design a golf course for LittleBigPlanet, available to Canadians.

  • now in Portugal! Europe!

  • And are they actually available now like the post says? Or in like the next few weeks?

  • WHAT ABOUT EUROPE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • @4, @2, Tax is included when you buy the card, not when you buy things in the store.

  • @ 50 Blame the CRC

  • nice 2 see something new coming to Canadian PS3 owners but i think what most of us really want is the VDO store content. everyone seems to be ignoring this fact. i for one know i would spend a fair chunk of change in their. an update would be nice. what is causing so much trouble.

  • This is great news. It will save me money from buying pre paid credit cards which I always got stuck with money on it I can’t use.

    @50, Only French would have to be added to the list of languages nothing else. But I doubt that is even the problem. Its probably to do with laws or the Canadian rating board wanting a part of the money. But it would be nice if Sony would say something about it besides two words.

  • Considering 25% to 40% of the comments on every weeks video store update blog ask to bring the video store to Canada I think sony would be wise to do so. Get a licensing deal with the CBC while you are at it. The government cuts mean they need money (something like 800 jobs cut this year with more cuts next year), and they have lots of quality shows that should be on the store, like The Hour, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report, Da Vinci’s Inquest/ Da Vinci’s City Hall, and Intelligence.

  • LOL u mention the resident evil directors cut,but the video store isn’t available here.

  • 5 Stars.

  • Are there any plans to sell these cards on

  • 5 out of 5, rather.

  • now we just need the Video store

  • oooooh canada!

  • Resident evil director cuts is a PS1 videogame

    ” rsx3.2 | June 19th, 2009 at 9:57 am

    LOL u mention the resident evil directors cut,but the video store isn’t available here.”

  • Are they coming to Europe anytime soon?
    We need them the most in here :/

  • HEY HEY! This is marvelous news! Man I just finished my electrical trade schooling, then I come home, go on the internet and find out that we’re getting pre-paid PSN cards.


  • Thanks Sony!

    …now about that Video Store for us Canadians too :D

  • Yes, Canada finally got the PSN Cards, but the down side to this is the tax. Though games like Gunstar Heroes you pay less for it on the PS3 (PSN – $5.64; VC: 800 points ($8), XBA: 400MP ($6.40)

    As for the people waiting for the Video Store, Don’t blame Sony, point the finger to your ISP (Rogers, Bell, etc), an example is… if you login as a PS3 US account in Canada, the video store content is viewable, but not downloadable and Just like if you go to in Canada, you’re sent directly to and just like “Cocoa Pebbles” is no longer available in Canada because of the sugar content, its all import/export control in both digital and physical content.

  • What about SCEE?

  • Good news for us even if im using my credit card!

    Give us some news about the video store now…. sry but i had to say it, at least if we could get some infos about it, you guys just keep being quiet and avoid it

  • Well, finally. Now I can stop sharing with a 12 year old up in Canada that couldn’t get PSN cards.

  • thanks but no thanks, it only took sony how long to come out with this in a country that boarders with US.. c’mon. its the same thing with the Video Store on PSN… im guessing Canada will get that around 2012…

  • Video Store in Canada please! Yes, I know it will kill Canadian networks…boo hoo, they should have seen it coming like ten years ago!

  • final freakingly… still waiting for the video store

  • I think a lot of us are confused as to what is preventing Sony from bringing the Video Store to Canada. After all, Apple was able to do it (although to be fair, it was quite a while after being available in the US for Apple as well).

    Can Sony at least comment on what is holding this up? Is it regulatory (CRTC) or licensing with the studios or something else?

  • Bring them to europe sony would make big bucks a lot of people dont own or want credit cards!!!!

  • Last I checked the blog didn’t recognize the canadians as part of their reader base. If you are going to post stuff like this here, you need to respond to all the people clamoring on about why they don’t have a video store in canada.

    PLEASE tell them SOMETHING/ANYTHING so they stop spamming the video store updates with ‘Not in canada voted 1/5’



  • Wow they waited for hockey to end before doing anything.

    Congrats Pens. Pittsburgh best city in the world.

  • Great news about the cards. This will help out a lot of kids who don’t have credit cards.

    I personally don’t care about the video store. I love the way the PS3 allows me to stream movies from my media server and computer (check out Tversity people!!!).

    I think the next thing you guys should do is open up the PS3 so we can play PS2 games. That’s the only way you’re going to get more people to buy your console for that price. You don’t need to drop the price. You need to give more options.

  • “Good News Everyone!” i purchased my first $50 card last night, the first of many

  • Sony: Here are the cards you have been whinging about forever.
    Canada: video store or GTFO!


  • this is off topic but i just read that activision said that they might have to stop supporting sony because of the price of the ps3’s………. SONY!!!! LOWER THE DAMM PRICE AT LEAST 50 DOLLARS!!!!!! I LOVE CALL OF DUTY!!!!!!!!!!

  • PLEASE! GET THOSE CARDS TO EUROPE! I’m waiting for ever. Why aren’t they here yet ;( I’m a big fan of playstation but this is getting irritating.

  • It’s good to see that the Canadian Playstation people are at work in bringing us what others already have.

    It would have been nicer to put a Canadian touch to the cards… like a maple leaf or something (but please, not the Queen).

    I don’t care much about the video store if the contents are not going to be HD or at least with Dolby 5.1.

    But it would certainly be necessary to have our own Playstation Canada Blog on our Playstation website in order for us to be in contact and hearing what Canadians want.

    Thanks for listening and thanks for the cards.

  • I know this is really going to make a lot of people in Canada happy.

  • USA – Xbox Zone
    JAP – Nintendo Zone
    EU – Sony Zone…

    ho realy?

    And my PS3 got YLOD!

  • Finally it’s here.

  • Will this ever be available to the EU?

  • Thank you!!!

  • Still not at Blockbuster.

  • ehhh cards… now how long for the video store? 3-4 years? ps4 launch?

  • Oh dear, i guess Europe is the ony region left

    Off to complain on our blog i guess

  • Thats because they are at EB and Gamestop, NOT BLOCKBUSTER or didn’t you even read the post.
    And to cleversignin, you are the perfect example of someone whining about whiners.

    Classic Indeed.

    Pens suck Detroit Rocks.

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