PSN Cards Debut in Canada

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Hi Everyone! Kyle Moffatt, Senior Public Relations Specialist for Sony Computer Entertainment Canada back to the blog with some great news for Canadian gamers. With the Stanley Cup finals ending last week the team at PlayStation Canada figured it would be a great time to bring the prepaid PSN cards to Canada! The cards, available in $20 and $50 denominations, can now be purchased at EB Games and GameStop locations across the country. In the coming weeks and months you’ll also be able to buy the cards at: Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV, The Source by Circuit City and Rogers Plus entertainment locations with more to come.

It’s great time to pick up a PSN card so buy one today and check out some of the great content available like Flower or The Last Guy (two of my favorites) or a PSone classic like Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. You can also get ready for a game I’m really looking forward to – Fat Princess. Now Canadians can have their cake and play with it too!

Keep checking the blog for future posts from me. See you online.

PSN Card Canada

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  • Awesome news. Thank for the cards. Video Store next?

  • I have a question about these cards, so if I get a 20 dollar card, can I buy 2 10 dollar games, or is the tax going to be over it, leaving me with a amount that I cant really buy anything?

  • now if we got those in europe.

    this would sell alot in europe and make sony rich

    now take hint and release it in europe damn it

  • @2:
    Unfortunately, the tax does factor in, which is why the $20 denomination is a bit of a crock. So you can get a $10 game and a $5 something.
    On another note, when is the video store coming, because that’s where I would be spending most of my PSN card credit?

  • whens the video store coming??

  • thats good think

    Europe should get it soon also.

    btw we want some news on Fat Princess Jeff.

    When is it coming out?

  • Thank you so much, SCEA! Now please, get the video store up here too :)

  • Thank you SONY Canada,
    Now that a guy from SONY Canada is here, let’s talk about the Video Store for Canada, anything to say about it?
    What’s that Kyle??? I can’t hear you, what???

  • Video Store pleez

  • Kinda sucks for our friends abroad from the States. I mean, just now getting the cards but still not the services. I guess we don’t have have that much to complain about. Good move in the right direction though.

  • Good news for Canada. Kinda pathetic it took this long though.


  • Took long enough.

    Maybe next time it won’t take you god damned years to get things like this out the door.

    Also, maybe you’ll look into getting the video store in Canada? It’s pathetic its taken this long to get even a peep about anything Canada related from you guys.

  • Thanks for the cards.. Video store next please.

  • madman well Europe should be more pissed since they haven’t get the cards yet,so calm down.

  • Wait for next year around this time when they will announce with a fanfare that they are starting the Video Store in Canada!!!!!
    Only to find out we have one music video and 2 seasons of some obscure canadian show available… :/

  • Awesome now lets think about Latin America.
    Any news on SCEA comming to LA ?
    Im ready to send a Resume to SCEA :)

  • Ohh Fersis I undestand your pain, I used to live there, I am glad I moved to Canada.
    Mudate para aca, te esperamos :D

  • Thanks for the info and next will be the video store,right??

  • Why don’t you just release these cards everywhere?

    Don’t you like money?

  • gamespot not in canada

  • I’m not Canadian, but I still have to say it:

    About time. These cards should have been available worldwide at launch. Not everyone has a credit/debit card.

  • Remember the announcement made with Little Big Planet about Sony getting into Latin America?…

    Still waiting you know…

    Im not that mad because I buy stuff from the US store, but is a pain to get relatives to use their credid cards for me…I rather buy a psn card down here in Mexico…like we can with MSPoints…

  • who cares?

  • @ 2

    With a $20 card you’ll only be able to buy one $10 PSN game. You’ll have to pay tax when you buy the PSN card from the store. You’ll also have to pay tax from that $20 PSN card when you buy a $10 PSN title. To answer your question…yes! Your remaining balance will be $9.50 or $9.25 roughly. This is why I rather use a credit card or a bank card.

  • Better late than never I suppose.

  • That’s how it is in NYC.

  • What about people in Europe and in the UK?
    We also bloody want them


  • HAHAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard, now that the playoffs are over they thought it would be a good time. Well, honestly I’m glad to see the PSN Cards here in Canada, but they could’ve brought them over a long time ago for the gamers without credit cards. Now if Sony could work with the CRTC and get the Video content too. … I hate the CRTC!

  • it’s about !@#$ time
    now give us our video store and vidzone

  • jeez its about time. i’m american actually but i felt sorry for our canadian brethren. now we just need to get the video store over to them and europe and get play tv over here to the good ol’ usa(n canada of course). sony needs to unify its global playstation brand so that all parts are equal. hey almost all just digital anyway and in this day and age digital goes anywhere. except the psp go. too little for value for way too high a price. its actually worth less than a psp 300 really. enjoy canada.

  • Wow I didn’t even know Sony had a studio in Canada. You guys really need to do more to appeal to canadians.

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo


    *celebration commence nao*

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo


    Yea, they even have a poorly done website.

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Thanks for finally bringing them over here. As soon as I heard they were available, I swinged by my EBGames, picked up a card and bought the two Killzone 2 map packs.

    I was worried that when the psp go came out i would have no way of buying digital games, thank you Sony, I can live another year without a credit card :)

    This will help DLC too. I used to buy multiplatform games on xbox just cause i could buy the DLC. But this is greeat

  • @21

    Gamestop IS in Canada. In the Shopper’s World Mall on Steeles Ave. in Brampton, Ontario for example.

  • Canada has their our website we want our own PS blog

  • I don’t know about any one here but I have never paid TAX on PSN cards. I live in Indy and NEVER have they taxed me for them.

  • i honestly cant understand what took you so long… i dont even live in Canada but that should have been released when the PS3 launched.

    At least they did come out.

  • Finally!

  • Pics or it didn’t happen. Oh wait.

  • PSN Cards for EUROPE?

  • @ 2

    That would depend on if Canada (or your particular area of Canada) taxes digital goods. It goes state by state in the USA, and I personally have never had to pay tax on the PSN.

  • “Reseau PlayStation, MD” – would be a great doctor’s name.

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo


    SCE Canada is apart of SCEA.

  • thank you Playstation, Sony ,whoever else helped get this done good work !!!!!

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo

    Rambling Johnny | October 14th, 2008 at 1:21 pm
    Sony you want to show Canada some love get use psn card and the video store!

    Kyle Moffatt replied on October 14, 2008 at 5:56 pm
    We are working on both of these. Stay tuned.

    Bring us the video store Kyle!

  • I think it’s obvious that Canada doesn’t have a video store yet due to their multi-lingual needs. A video file with 2 audio tracks would be a lot larger, and it may present a whole new technical problem to even allow the PS3 to switch between tracks in files. Putting up each piece of content up twice (in both languages) would solve that, but think of how much space that would take up on Sony’s end. Don’t blame Sony, blame the French! ;)

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