Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Out this Tuesday

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Wall

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is just around the corner. It’s hitting the shelves on this Tuesday, June 23rd. I’ve talked a bit about the game previously when we released the demo a few weeks back, and now you get the chance to dive into one of the most immersive PSP games available.

Monster Hunter is a game packed with variety. As the name states, you’ll be hunting and slaying all various kinds of monsters in the areas around your home, Pokke Village. There’s so many different monsters that I’ve lost count. And you’ll be in a vast and varied landscape of deserts, jungles, swamps, mountains, caves, snow, active volcanoes, and more. Your character can be customized in just about anyway possible, down to even the sound of their voice. Taking pieces of the monsters you’ve carved off, and items you’ve gathered in the world give you the means to create thousands of unique pieces of armor and weapons. With so much to customize, you’ll probably never run into anyone with the same setup as you.

Being that the game is so large, you’ll never run out of things to do. There’s literally over 500 quests to go on, and you can even take three other friends with over AdHoc. In fact, the game is really built on bringing friends with you on the hunt. It’s a blast working as a team to bring down monsters that would seem insurmountable alone.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Felyne

If you do decide to take on the monsters alone, we’ve implemented a great new AI partner to accompany you on your quests: The Felyne Fighter. They come along with you on your quest and can help you fight the monster, gather materials, and even help you lure monsters into traps. You can level the Felynes up and give them new skills, and even have more than one to choose from for bringing with you.

Also, for all of the fans out there that have been playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2, you will be happy to know that you can transfer your character over and keep all your hard earned work. In addition, we have drastically reduced the load times for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with the new media install function, which means more hunting and less waiting.

This is all but a small fraction of what Monster Hunter has to offer. There’s something for everyone, whether you like swords, guns, or even a mix of both! Snag the demo on the PlayStation Store, and look for it in stores on June 23rd!

Have fun hunting!

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  • I would love it if MH became popular in the US like in JPN. Aggressive marketing maybe will work… who knows…It would have been great if RE Outbreak 3 ever came out too :(

  • Tell Sony to put up Ad Hoc party on the North American PSN. It’s such a waste of a good service to be only in Japan. Especially since handheld gaming is a culture there and in the west you’ll be lucky to run into any one with a PSP let alone a copy of the game you also have.

  • Shaun arent you going to try and break the playstation blog like John did, no goodies for us?

  • Monster Hunter games are pretty tough so I’m still undecided on this one. Sad to hear this won’t be a digital download from day one however.

    Do you know when Fate/Unlimited Codes will be releasing?

  • you know capcom, i want this game to be as much as popular over in the US as it is in japan,can you guys pull it off?

    i wouldn’t care about it being on any of the systems, but i saw the Awesome marketing shirts/boxes/bundles/Soup/Snacks….ect
    and im hoping it will be succesful!

    this game and MH3 deserves it! market market market!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Nobody cares about this, MH3 PS3 and MHP3 PSP with interconnectivity or bust.

  • I love monster hunter!!! I can’t wait to get this game. It’s too bad it’s more popular in japan

  • I would love it if MH became popular in the US like in JPN. Aggressive marketing maybe will work… who knows…It would have been great if RE Outbreak 3 ever came out too :(

    Yeah, me too.

  • how do you put an avatar next to your comments?

  • We want Monster Hunter on PS3!!

    We want Yakuza 3 ported here in the US!

    If does happen, pls only on PS3.

  • Ad-hoc party (or better yet Capcom should have programed infrastructure mode in the first place) or the game will never get the following it gets in Japan…why this isn’t co-ordinated with SCEA is astounding. Yet another lost opportunity.

  • While I look forward to MHF Unite, I really wish for a proper console version. Capcom would do well to produce this for PS3; Japan has already shown its love for the PSP games of this franchise. Still, one can hope.

  • We seriously need an english Ad-Hock Party!!! Get working on it Jeff!

  • I love the monster hunter games, but I do not know anyone that really has them in my area.

    I know we can download online from the japanese store, but have you guys ever considered adding online support for monster hunter on the psp? I know other games support it.

    Also, when can we see a next gen Ps3 version? :)

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Capcom, please stop locking PS3 save files, it’s a HUGE hassle! I have to do a 5.5 hour full system backup to copy the saves for 3 games.

  • yeah i am hearing about this AdHoc Party on the PS3 from the Japanese store how do i get it can some one help me out

  • i always control the camera (d-pad) with my index finger while i control my character with my thumb. it’s hard to get used to, but it works. but then the psp go was announced, and after seeing its analog position, i don’t think the control method i use will work anymore.

  • I guarantee you I’d be second behind no one in the line to pick the game up if it weren’t for that camera system. The problem’s been there since the original Freedom where fighting the bigger, faster monsters requires practically a third hand to use the d-pad and the analog nub at the same time. PLEASE, work out some form a lock-on or better camera control.

    Shame Monster Hunter 3 was passed on. At this point, I’d gladly share it with the 360 considering what it’d look like and how it’d control.

  • I have got to ask, ive never played any of the games, i never got around to the demo either, but i was looking for a good RPGesqe game for the PSP. I am not into FF games, but this looks to be a pretty decent game. Do you all recomend it?

  • Tuesday can’t come soon enough! I’ve been wanting this game real bad since I heard about it. Also: Good job giving it a real cover! They weren’t the end of the world, but I couldn’t stand those White PSP Capcom game covers. And as many have said, AD-HOC Party is a must. Who at Sony do we contact to voice our desires?

    And Shawn: Is there, or will there be, a plushy Felyne? I think it’d be pretty cool to have, and I’d gladly import one if they were only available in Japan or wherever….


  • this is a definite pick up. never owned a PSP, and i’m gonna go with the PSP Go, so hopefully this’ll come out to digital download soon.

  • I just read the 1up review of the game and I’m SUPER PLEASED to see an America-based industry commentator give this game (and the series) an A. This series has become my favorite of ALL TIME! I love – LOVE – how Capcom has made this game BIGGER with every installment, even when they went from the PS2 down to the portable PSP. The PSP titles are BIGGER in content than the PS2 equivalents and that makes the PSP mighty. I’ve already reserved my copy and CANNOT WAIT to own this one. Hurray for June 23rd being this next Tuesday!

    And I raise my voice in agreement with so many others; MH PS3 would be nothing short of gorgeous and EPIC! Please, now that PS3 has outsold Wii for 2 months straight in Japan, start working on MH PS3. By the time it’s done, the install base in Japan (and America) will be exponentially larger than when MH was first announced (then killed) for PS3. I think Capcom marketing analysts need to reassess trends and profitability on this one.

  • I don’t give a rat’s FURRY BUTT about this monster hunter.

    I wanted Monster Hunter on the PLAYSTATION THREE.

    Now you guys are making it for the wii with unnecessary, gimmicky waggle controls (albeit optional) and crappier graphics.

    Great call.

  • Hey I want my megaman code! I haven’t receive it yet!

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    Never really liked monster hunter, but I’ll check this out.

  • Hey I’m not that big on the Monster Hunter series but I’ve played my friends PSP games and they’re pretty fun.

    He’s educated me on the series, telling me that a big part of the game is the a beauty of the creatures and of the world they live in.

    However, he’s constantly complaining to me about Monster Hunter 3. He owns both a Wii and PS3 and is angry at the move of Monster Hunter 3 to Wii. Not because he hates the Wii or anything, but he feels that the next big title in the series should be realized in full HD. Like he said, the beauty of the world and creatures.

  • I tried the first Monster Hunter and the demo of Unite and I never got hooked up. I’m guessing because of the multiplayer option. Without the real online the Ad-Hoc is not amazing. Meaning any of my friends play Monster Hunter and in Usa there is not the portable gaming tradition that exist in Japan. You can do the missions alone but not the same (and really hard)

  • Can’t wait for this baby to come out… lulz

  • Man Finally MHFU is showing up, Ive waiting for like a year for this, cannot wait to wear my armor once more and go to hunt!

  • WHAT IS THE AD-HOC PARTY THING??? ;everyone wants it in the US… and … HOW DO YOU GET THE JAPANESE PS STORE???

  • Shawn, what are YOU going to do…?

    It has been said you can transfer your save file from MHF2 over to MHFU. I nave 700+ hours on MHF2, I can solo everything, just have Rajang left in the Training School (Plan on finishing that off this week!), I have the best armors, the best weapons, blah blah blah…

    …but you know what?

    I MISS BEING A n00b!

    I never thought I would say that. Ever.

    So when Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is released I am considering starting completely over from scratch. I miss the thrill of being afraid of the Kut Ku that is attacking me while I am trying to get herbs. I miss the excitement of seeing what weapons/armors I can make after I kill my first Elder Dragon…

    • Well, I honestly was playing 2ndG before. I transfered my portable 2nd save to it. I actually have my retail copy of Freedom Unite already (one of the perks of being in the industry) and made the decision to just start fresh.

      It\’s a good feeling to start over again actually.

  • …If I completely transfer my character over I will still be excited when I beat anyone of the new monsters and see what I unlock…but the challenge will be gone. If I want full Hypnoc armor, I can easily just spam him and make it. I won’t have the, “I should make this weapon so I can kill him and I need to make this armor…” I already have extremely good weapons and armors, taking him down won’t really be a problem and if it is, I can just team up with my fellow HR6+ on Ad Hoc Party and take him down in no time.

    MHFU does go to HR9, that I am excited about. With my current HR 6 character I probably won’t stand a chance, so I would get to get all the HR9 weapons and what not, and the game WOULD be a challenge again but only for HR7-HR9, that will take what….100 hours maybe? That is NOTHING in MH time.

    Perhaps it is time to start over from scratch. I still don’t know for sure what I am going to do. I could have 2 characters, my current HR 6 one and a n00b, but I don’t really like doing that…I guess we’ll see. I loved the way MHF1 transferred to MHF2, I wish MHF2 transferred to MHFU exactly like that. With tickets and money, not HR and progress…

  • The more I think about it the more I WANT to start from scratch and work my way up again. Who knows when the heck the next Monster Hunter with come to the US.Monster Hunter Freedom 3 for the PSP has been announced with a Dec 2010 date. That is more then a year away. Monster Hunter 3 is for the Wii, which I don’t currently own. Wow after all this rambeling I think I have decided I might as well take my sweet time and enjoy MHFU! I am starting over! w00t! HR 1 here I come, LOL!

    **Anyone who is interested in Ad Hoc Party just copy/paste the link below to a guide I wrote on how to get it**

  • Cool ive always been a MH fan since the ps2 days. one question price?

  • OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!!!!! Make a Monster Hunter game for the PS3

  • This game looks like it has depth for miles? Im picking this one up for sure

  • The few times I used the JP ad-hoc party were awesome times. Phantasy Star Portable demo was like playing PSO back in the day, only with voice chat. Now with MHFU coming out this week, North America needs Ad-hoc Party here!!! What are you waiting for, Sony?

  • Ok, i created a japan psn account along time ago, so could someone tell me what to look for in the store so i may download the ad hoc party so i can enjoy monster hunter the way its meant to be played. Any help is appreciated.

  • Hello
    I would love to see an answer to this:

    A lot, A LOT! of people are mad because a few years ago it was said that MH was coming to PS3 and for that reason many people bought the console.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love MHF (I am Getting MHFU and I have the Ad Hoc Party), but what I really want to see is a Monster Hunter for the PS3 with its OWN online.

    I think this is hope less because MH3 is for Wii, but they have to pay to play… Am I right? If it is so, PS3 online is free. Should I keep hoping?


  • >> Sorta… If you use AdHoc Party on the PS3 from the Japanese store you can link your PSP to the PS3 and play it online, voice chat and all.

    AHAHAHAHA. Capcom tells people to download from the Japan store since SCEA can’t seem to get on the ball and drop ad-hoc here. Kinda funny/sad in a way.

    On topic of MH: No thanks, bro. I’ll stick to PSP if I want a hack and slash.

  • You guys have got to see the Wii bundle, if I didnt have a wii I would buy it. Its all black like all my other consoles

    Im really excited to play the full version of this game. I bought MHF2 to get used to the game. I traded it in for a full refund yesterday. I have a 2000, if they had the psp bundle here I would probably buy it. I want the 3000 as well.

  • I would really like Ad-Hoc Party coming into the PSN Store in the US!!! That would be the greatest gift you could give us! :D

  • In fact, I own the Ad-Hoc from the Japanese store, but don’t understand a fr*aking thing… :'(

  • Ok so when you say that you can send in “all your hard work,” what does that include? HR? Armor? Weapons? Guild Card? Money? Item Box stuff?

    I’m…pretty far into MHF2 and well… I’m definately still getting Unite, but I want a heads up.

    MH3 on the Wii is not a good idea.

  • Wii monster hunter 3 not good idea =( PS3 is what it is all about not the Wii =(

  • Wii sucks anyway!!!!

  • I am kind of disappointed that there is no direct way to play online, although the game does look great and I look forward to these new customization features, I guess we will have to keep tunneling until the PC MMO reaches our shores.

  • I hope they bring the ad-hoc to the US store, I’ll download it from the Japan store so I can play with my friends (as they’re currently over an hour away) but it would help the game’s install base grow here in the NA market if there was one on the US store. I guess since it’s still in “beta” it’s not coming here but come on :P

  • You MUST release a Europe/North America version of AD-HOC party. You can’t say ” We’d like Europe to appreciate(=BUY) MH as japanese do” without giving us a such important tool.
    We are not fool, you can’t get the maximum giving nothing. And it is quite ridiculous to say ” Use the JPN one”!!!! Why should I create a JPN account to download a JPN application for playing with JPN people?

    You wont see a penny from me and other thousand of people till you give us our Ad-Hoc party.

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