Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Out this Tuesday

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Wall

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is just around the corner. It’s hitting the shelves on this Tuesday, June 23rd. I’ve talked a bit about the game previously when we released the demo a few weeks back, and now you get the chance to dive into one of the most immersive PSP games available.

Monster Hunter is a game packed with variety. As the name states, you’ll be hunting and slaying all various kinds of monsters in the areas around your home, Pokke Village. There’s so many different monsters that I’ve lost count. And you’ll be in a vast and varied landscape of deserts, jungles, swamps, mountains, caves, snow, active volcanoes, and more. Your character can be customized in just about anyway possible, down to even the sound of their voice. Taking pieces of the monsters you’ve carved off, and items you’ve gathered in the world give you the means to create thousands of unique pieces of armor and weapons. With so much to customize, you’ll probably never run into anyone with the same setup as you.

Being that the game is so large, you’ll never run out of things to do. There’s literally over 500 quests to go on, and you can even take three other friends with over AdHoc. In fact, the game is really built on bringing friends with you on the hunt. It’s a blast working as a team to bring down monsters that would seem insurmountable alone.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Felyne

If you do decide to take on the monsters alone, we’ve implemented a great new AI partner to accompany you on your quests: The Felyne Fighter. They come along with you on your quest and can help you fight the monster, gather materials, and even help you lure monsters into traps. You can level the Felynes up and give them new skills, and even have more than one to choose from for bringing with you.

Also, for all of the fans out there that have been playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2, you will be happy to know that you can transfer your character over and keep all your hard earned work. In addition, we have drastically reduced the load times for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with the new media install function, which means more hunting and less waiting.

This is all but a small fraction of what Monster Hunter has to offer. There’s something for everyone, whether you like swords, guns, or even a mix of both! Snag the demo on the PlayStation Store, and look for it in stores on June 23rd!

Have fun hunting!

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  • Cool story bro.

  • Yay!! Looks good!

  • When can we Unite on the PS3?

    • Sorta… If you use AdHoc Party on the PS3 from the Japanese store you can link your PSP to the PS3 and play it online, voice chat and all.

  • Nice wallpaper with that Rajan monster, does Capcom have more new wallpapers for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

    • I actually made that one for me awhile back, and thought it was time to share it with the other fans. I can see if I can create a few more this weekend… If I do, check my Capcom page:

  • Will it be on the PS Store?

    • Not right now. Although, the way the industry is going, especially with the freakin\’ cool PSP go, I imagine it\’ll be available on the PSN eventually.

  • i don’t want to buy UMDs anymore will this be downloadable through PSN?

  • Where is monster hunter for the PS3?

  • Any word on Ad Hoc Party hitting PS3?

  • Hurray! i love monster hunter XD

  • I wish we could have got this or MH3 for ps3, someone stole both of my psp’s and i loved those things.

  • NEED to know this: is this going to be released on the PS Store? As someone who is going to go for a PSP Go! in the future, I really need to know this..


    • I mentioned this above in a reply, but basically not right now. However, since the PSP go is all digital, I imagine we\’ll see this as a downloadable eventually.

  • I would have bought this game cause it looks like it has countless hours of gameplay.

    But I played the demo and I simply cannot wrap my brain around that broken control scheme. Oh well.

    • Give it another shot. The controls seem weird at first, but trust me, it grows on you really quick.

      After really looking at how the game is controlled, there\’s really not a better way to play the game.


    Can you make sure that in LP2 for PS3, make R1 shoot, L1 grenade, and R2/L2 turn left/right 90 degrees. All the games I have like Uncharted, CoD4, MGS4, inFamous, Battlefield:BC, etc use R1 and L1 as the primary shoulder buttons. If Bionic commando used R1 and L1 instead of the 2’s, more PS3 owners might have bought it.

    another request, can Capcom remove (Trophy pack.) from the SFIV Trophy list, I don’t see it saying (Street Fighter IV Achievement pack.) on 360, it makes it seem like it’s done on purposes on the PS3 version.

    Thanks Shawn!

  • Why should we support this game when its nothing more then a overpriced port? The Wii on the other hand gets a brand new game, along with actual online play.

    • Port? You must not follow Monster Hunter news. Unite is built from the ground up FOR the PSP. In fact, if I may be so bold, it\’s one of the best PSP games, both graphically and gameplay/content wise, available.

      And although there is no online, there are ways to play the game utilizing the AdHoc function. In Japan, for instance, there is the AdHoc Party Beta which allows you to play AdHoc PSP games online via your PS3.

  • Only viable concern for me is if this is going to end up on the PSN store. Still on the fence on picking up a PSP Go, all digital is something I want, BUT the video store still won’t let me download my $9.99 copy of Afro Samurai Resurrection (which I’ve been trying to dying to watch, server keeps timing out).

    Anywho, yeah so I’m wondering if this will be on the PSN store. If it is, definite buy, if not, I’ll wait till it is. No need in buying it twice. Fairly certain it will be as it pretty much pushed the PSP in Japan, though it will counteract the new media download option which makes the game faster (it’ll be faster than umd being on the memory stick, depending on the mem stick you have).

  • I dont understand how the Ps3 is going on its 3rd year anniversary. And this franchise has not hit the system. You know how big of following monster hunter has? Yal are dropping the ball on this one.

  • As other have asked above, is this game going to be released on the PSN as a digital download? I am apprehensive about buying new UMDs as I am still undecided if I want to upgrade to the PSP Go.

  • Why isn’t Monster Hunter coming to the PS3? Anyway, I may have to pick this up until then.

  • I really did not like the demo. Maybe I just suck?

    • It takes some practice to get good. If you have friends to sync up with, try that. It adds a lot if you have buddies to hunt with.

  • Tack this onto the nearly endless list of “Would buy in a second if we had AdHoc Party”

  • Reiterating #12’s point:

    I’ve downloaded Adhoc Party on the Japanese store and used to it play Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the Unite demo and Phantasy Star Portable. It works flawlessly.

    Think about if you were able to harness a North American version of this service. “Play with friends all over the world if you both have Playstation 3 consoles.” Hey, I bet there would be some more sales out of this title and any other that touts a North American version of Adhoc Party.

    Shawn – I would honestly feel jobbed by Sony for them not preparing and making a North American English-language supported version of Adhoc Party a priority. I would be pretty pissed, in fact. This would be one of the many selling points of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and any other ad-hoc only multiplayer PSP game. I would only imagine this would help sell even more copies, yeah?

    There are a slice of us PS3 / PSP owners who know about Adhoc Party and use the Japanese version of it. There’s a huge audience out there that probably don’t even know about this functionality that is already available. I would only think promoting this functionality would only be an extremely positive thing for Sony.

    • I actually use the Japanese AdHoc Party pretty regularly. I actually just leave my PS3 on almost all the time. Catch me online sometime for hunting. I\’m usually in G8 (since it\’s pretty empty and that\’s were me and my hunting crew hang out). Look for PSN ID: Snow_Infernus

  • I’m really interested in this game, yet the lack of internet multiplayer makes me hesitate to buy this. I own Monster Hunter 2 on PSP, and not being able to play with anyone has killed my enjoyment of the game. I still have no idea why SCEA has not launched Ad-Hoc Party support in North America, it makes no sense to release games like this without that feature.

  • Shawn likes furry cats. Pass it on.

    • Aw, I see how it is. Well, at least I don\’t smoke toy cigarettes…

      I\’m sorry, that was a low blow.


  • Sweet, now all we need is Ad Hoc Party to be released in the Europe and North American. I mean the functionality is already there seeing as how We can download the program and use it, We just need a translated version.

    I often wonder why a leading company like Sony can’t get some people to translate a program that many people would love to have.

  • We need Ad-Hoc Party in the US.

    btw, any chance for the game to come out in the PS store? I much rather have it on my memory stick than a UMD.

  • John, Is capcom gunna stop support of the PS3/PSP in the future like activision is?

  • Will this be coming to the Store on Tuesday as well?

    Also, seconded for Ad Hoc Party in the US.

  • Monster Hunter on the PS3 PLEASE!!!!

  • I will only buy this game if Chun-Li is in it. Ah hell.. I’ll be buying it anyway v_v

    • If it makes you feel better, there is an armor that looks a lot like Akuma when you have the full set.

  • Monster Hunter PS3…Make it happen Capcom

  • Hay Capcom, Monster Hunter PS3 please

  • hay capcom…hay capcom…hay capcom…hay capcom….Monster Hunter PS3 Please

  • So…Capcom is this going to actually be good on a Sony platform?

  • I will buy you a Cookie if you make Monster Hunter on the PS3

  • Monster Hunter on the PS3? YES?

  • oh 2 cookies for Monster Hunter on the PS3

  • Ok Capcom you drive a hard bargain. 3 Cookies for Monster Hunter on the PS3.

  • Ok Capcom, just reply to this one question.
    Will there be a PS3 Monster Hunter? Yes or No. I do not feel like asking without any response from you guys. Just answer my question and I will leave you guys alone.

    • Right now we\’re not working on one. But, who knows what the future holds. As you\’ve seen in the news, we never say \”never\” here at Capcom.

  • 4 cookies!!!!

  • spammage…..

  • Hmmm… if only we could use Ad Hoc Party without connecting our PS3 wired. I mean, it has WIFI for crying out loud!

  • I still haven’t finished the first Freedom, so I wasn’t really planning on picking this up- but if it were downloadable from the store, I would’ve probably grabbed it on day one. I’m much more inclined to purchase PSP titles if I don’t have to carry around the UMD and can launch straight into the game from my Memory Stick. Work on getting it available for download and I’m in…

  • So can we expect Ad-hoc party for the NA Psn store? I’ve been holding off getting it from the Japanese store because I don’t want to go through making another acount and all that. I’d really like to be able to help MHFU players (if MHP2G can link up with it that is).

  • You know what would be cool? A 1942 code >_>


  • Hey Capcom,

    Thanks for giving the PS3 community Monster Hunter 3 and all those “fantastic” ports of your multiplaform games. We really appreciate it.

  • Thank you Capcom for Monster Hunter franchise

  • I have a tip for you guys this is something not even sony know how to do:

    “Advertise your game on TV like crazy, and expect Pokemon like sales”

    Please market this game on TELEVISION and the PUBLIC, dont be like sony who market games at 1 am at night and all over the net where gamers that have a PS3 look.

  • Hesitatent

    @Shawn Baxter
    So in other words, Wii owners who might not have played a Monster Hunter game in the past is more important than the FAN’s and Sony console and handheld owners who made Monster Hunter popular are not relevant to your company. Got you, do not worried, there is no hard feelings. I just will not support your company anymore.

    @46 aranben1

    yeah those “fantastic” ports are amazing with their 5GB install, crappy graphics, terrible controls, laggy online, screen targing like no tomorrow, 1 year oldness, buggy as hell, and being praise by Capcom as the second coming of Christ.

  • Awesome, I didn’t know ad-hoc features voice chat, that seriously blows my mind :| I can’t wait! I’m getting Freedom Unite on DAY ONE!

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