High Velocity Bowling Updates – Two New Ball Packs and More

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Hi there, bowling fans! Brandon here. It’s been a couple months since my last High Velocity Bowling post, but we’re back with some more goodies for you to roll with. Some of you may have missed it because of all the E3 excitement, but we released a patch and two brand new characters for you June 3rd. We are also releasing two new ball packs for you at the end of the month. Here is some info for our new additions:

The Patch
There were a couple things we wanted to fix up to make things a bit more enjoyable:

  • Resolved network stability issues
  • Background music playback is now available while not signed into PSN
  • More than 1 additional costume is now allowed especially in Online Head to Head.


HVB - Don Carlos

Don Carlos ‘El Gordo’ Caliente
Don Carlos is a lower tier Luchador from Mexico City, Mexico. Beyond his size, his love for spicy foods has equipped him with the internal power to launch the ball. Unfortunately, his brute force leaves him with very little spin success. Comes with the new Casa de Caliente lane.

HVB - Milan

Milan ‘Princess’ Travellage
Milan is the daughter of a wealthy motel magnate from Van Nuys, California. This wannabe celebutante sports knockoffs of the latest fashions, and plays with the best second-hand balls on the market, which are great for adding spin. But she lacks power because she’s scared of breaking one of her cheap press-on nails. Comes with the new Celebutante’s Row lane.

Ball Packs

HVB Ball Pack - Tiki

Tiki Polynesian Ball Pack
The Tiki Polynesian Ball pack was inspired by the cool, laid back attitude of the islands, including 2 showcase balls.

HVB Ball Pack - Sixties Surf

60’s Surf Ball Pack
The 60’s Surf Ball Pack was inspired by the legacy and style of 1960, including 2 showcase balls.

The new characters and ball packs can be had for just $0.99. Stay tuned in because we’ll have a lot more stuff for you throughout the year. Don Carlos and Milan are out now, and the new ball packs will be out in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. For those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, we invite you to pick it up. It’s great fun for family and friends, at home or using online multiplayer.

Thanks again from Team RamRod!

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40 Author Replies

  • Hi Brandon, My friends and family all love this game. We play it all the time. Foxy’s Den is our favorite set of lanes.

    We only wish there was one feature that was included. 3+ online multiplayer. My bro and his wife live in another state and we would love to be able to play them. I’m sure a lot of people would love this feature. Do you have any plans to include this in a future update.

    Keep up the great work!

    • We are very happy that you, your family, and your friends are enjoying the game. The number 1 thing the team has been talking about has been beefing up the online experience. I can\’t go as far to say that there are definite plans to do this, but I will say we have been trying to come up with a solid plan if the possibility arises.

    • …and thank you for the great words and support!

  • Hi Brandon, HVB is still a great game and loads of fun to play, but 4 player online matches, and level specific online rooms (no 250 average bowlers being allowed to enter the begin a rama rooms) is an absolute must for this game. Please tell us that these changes could be coming.

    • I wish I could give you a definite answer on this, but I can\’t. The next major step for HVB would be to improve the online experience, and the thoughts are certainly there. Unfortunately there isn\’t an easy button for this one. Several steps need to happen before something like this is carried out. Thank you for the kind words, and your support.

  • HVB online has not worked for me or my friends the last two days. WTF is wrong?

  • Thank you for the alert. The issue has been resolved, so give it another go. Thank you for your support.

  • Great family game!! The use of the motion sensing controller adds realism…something the Wii cannot do. My seven year old daughter loves the new Tiki balls!! Keep up the awesome work updating the game!

  • Oh sweet deal! New characters and Players. I have a few questions to ask though:

    1. Will there ever be an update with more trophies, or at least a Platinum Trophy?
    2. I’ve noticed that pins tend to shift if they’re not knocked down, but the Pinsetter doesn’t set them in the right positions. They are still in the shifted position (not centered where they are supposed to be).
    3. For future DLC’s, can you add a way to know what balls are added? Ie; “There are 6 balls in this pack: 2 F Balls, 1 C-, 1 B, 2 A-” I haven’t bought any of the ball packs because I only like to play with F balls and I don’t want to spend money on balls that I most likely won’t use…

    Other than that, keep up the AMAZING work and the support you are dishing out on this game being almost 2 years old! Great job and can’t wait for future patches, bowlers, and balls!

  • thank you so much i couldnt even play online before this update. it was horrible. Now i can work on those trophies.

  • Well done! This is a really cool game. I love it!
    Your implementation of the Sixaxis is great.
    The spin was a little strange to start with but really cool to get the hang of.
    I think if the spin was done with the motion of the Sixaxis & not the triggers it would be very hard for non gamers (like Granny) to get to grips with. The ball would be spinning with every shot. Good choice!
    The graphics are spot on. The characters are really good. The sound FX are also spot on. The DLC is cool. Well worth the money!

    One problem though! I’ve just tried to play my mate online and it keeps saying ‘ATTENTION A connection to the PlayStation Network cannot be established at this time’ on both our PS3’s.
    I’ve just went through the PS3 update to see if that would help with no luck.
    Any suggestions?

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Seems as though I am not the only one having connection issues. Help on this would be appreciated.

  • Hey gang,

    This is a “me too” post in every way possible.

    1st: Great game! This is one I always come back to play, especially when I have friends over. I also work with 3 other PS3 owners and have convinced each of them to pick it up.

    2nd: Online multiplayer for more than 2 people. Yeah, yeah you’ve heard it a bunch but I just want to toss in my vote for it, even if it’s in a High Velocity Bowling 2.

    3rd: Playstation Home… Another fan favorite, right? Just putting in my vote for it. A space would be cool, complete with all the HVB Bowling ambiance, but game launching by itself would be really nice to have. Shoot, maybe Sony would let you set up shop in Home’s bowling alley. You can play Home’s little freebie game, or step into the back room where the “grown up” bowlers roll. Even if you couldn’t get a whole space, a leaderboard in the arcade next to the alleys might help drum up business, especially if you could launch the game right then and there. Since it’s a PSN game anyway there’d be no disc to insert.

    Again, all stuff you’ve heard before but I wanted to get my vote in.

  • I’m 56 yrs old and I purchased this game and all of the add on bowlers about a week ago and it’s great!

    I haven’t been able to get a connection to the Playstation Network today or last night, but I can connect to it on other games, is there a problem or is this a normal occurrence?

    Thanks for a great game at a great price and I’m looking forward to new additions.

  • HVB is the best game I have and can’t go wrong for $10. I haven’t been able to connect for two days. All other network functions including PS Home and other online gaming work great.

    Brandon, I suggest a “whiteboard” system that would list outages scheduled or network outages so those of us that love the game will know when we can play online. Just something that will keep the fans informed of problems.

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