High Velocity Bowling Updates – Two New Ball Packs and More

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Hi there, bowling fans! Brandon here. It’s been a couple months since my last High Velocity Bowling post, but we’re back with some more goodies for you to roll with. Some of you may have missed it because of all the E3 excitement, but we released a patch and two brand new characters for you June 3rd. We are also releasing two new ball packs for you at the end of the month. Here is some info for our new additions:

The Patch
There were a couple things we wanted to fix up to make things a bit more enjoyable:

  • Resolved network stability issues
  • Background music playback is now available while not signed into PSN
  • More than 1 additional costume is now allowed especially in Online Head to Head.


HVB - Don Carlos

Don Carlos ‘El Gordo’ Caliente
Don Carlos is a lower tier Luchador from Mexico City, Mexico. Beyond his size, his love for spicy foods has equipped him with the internal power to launch the ball. Unfortunately, his brute force leaves him with very little spin success. Comes with the new Casa de Caliente lane.

HVB - Milan

Milan ‘Princess’ Travellage
Milan is the daughter of a wealthy motel magnate from Van Nuys, California. This wannabe celebutante sports knockoffs of the latest fashions, and plays with the best second-hand balls on the market, which are great for adding spin. But she lacks power because she’s scared of breaking one of her cheap press-on nails. Comes with the new Celebutante’s Row lane.

Ball Packs

HVB Ball Pack - Tiki

Tiki Polynesian Ball Pack
The Tiki Polynesian Ball pack was inspired by the cool, laid back attitude of the islands, including 2 showcase balls.

HVB Ball Pack - Sixties Surf

60’s Surf Ball Pack
The 60’s Surf Ball Pack was inspired by the legacy and style of 1960, including 2 showcase balls.

The new characters and ball packs can be had for just $0.99. Stay tuned in because we’ll have a lot more stuff for you throughout the year. Don Carlos and Milan are out now, and the new ball packs will be out in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. For those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, we invite you to pick it up. It’s great fun for family and friends, at home or using online multiplayer.

Thanks again from Team RamRod!

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40 Author Replies

  • 2nd

  • Nice to see continued support for a PSN game. Thanks!

  • my post is……..OVER 9000!!!

    Thanks for the update :)

  • Great to see you guys still putting out updates and content for the game. Will be sure to grab the patch next time I boot up :) Keep it up :)

  • sooo into this game

    • Keep on checkin in…there is more to come. We hope you enjoy the new DLC. Thanks for the support.

  • I think I’m 2 caricatures MIA right now. Be nice to get some more trophies in online play. Like win a game with over 200 with a certain caricature. I buy them and never even use them.

    • That\’s a good idea. More trophies is always a great thing. We\’ll certainly keep that in mind. Thank you for your support.

  • Best bowling Game EVER And I like the motion controlls Very Nice!! Keep the updates coming!! :)

  • Change the controls. The spin buttons are terrible.

  • Are you gonna patch this when the new waggle comes out?

  • I own this game but never played it more thna 10 mins.
    I think i’ll reboot it now-Thanks!

    • Well I hope you enjoy the new content. Tell your friends and family. 10 min. is better than no min. Hope the new stuff keeps you on longer. Thanks for the support.

  • love this game

  • How about you guys stop making such pathetic sterotypical characters for once?

    I hate playing the game because every single character is annoying and uninteresting.

    Is it so impossible to make a character I wouldn’t be ashamed to pick?

    • We\’re sorry you feel that way. We just wanted to create some fun caricatures to add to a fun bowling experience. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • You think you guys could work on HOME game launching? I’m tired of getting beat in bowling in HOME and challenge someone to REAL HVB, and they never show.

    It would be awesome to launch from HOME. Plus the game is already on the HDD.


    • We\’ve certainly thought about it. That would be pretty cool to do. Unfortunately we are two entirely different games within the same family. Both structures are much different and would require quite an undertaking to make that work. But for now, we\’d like to focus on bringing you fans many more fun characters and ball packs to keep the game alive. Thanks for the support.

  • I wish I liked this game. Got it through Qore, but I can’t seem to play it well, nor do I even find it appealing. :(

    • We wish you did too. How about give it one more shot, and invite some friends and family to join in. Thanks for taking the time to write in.

  • This game is a hidden gem, of all hidden gems… very underrated IMO. It should be the official bowling for HOME, LOL. Thanks for the continued support on this title!

    • Thanks for the great words. Continue to spread the word. There is alot more to come so stay tuned in. Thank you for your support.

  • Nice to see that you are still supporting this great game…

    • It\’s great to see fans like you keeping at it. We\’re trying to keep up with you all. Thank you for your support.

  • Thanks for the continue support to this amazing game. Are there any plans of having a HOME space for this game? Or having the ability to utilize the game launching feature within HOME?

    This title can really benefit from the game launching function in HOME.

    • Your welcome for the support. Thank you for your support. The Home space seems to be a hot topic this time around. It\’s a great idea. For now, our immediate focus is bringing alot of new content to you fans. We will certainly keep the Home space in mind. Thanks for the support.

  • I just got this today with Qore. I haven’t played it yet but I will soon. It’s nice to see I have even more to try out.

    • We hope you have fun playin\’. It\’s also great including your friends and family. Thanks for your support.

  • 23rd!

    Actually haven’t played this game in a couple months. Going to have to give it a try again – especially with the tiki balls coming up.

    Thanks for continuing to support this game.

    • Our pleasure. Pick it back up and have a blast. Tell your friends and family, and enjoy. Thanks for the support.

  • The specialty balls are starting to look like Pog Slammers with thick plastic with objects embedded.

  • I have this game but only played it once due to the sixaxis controller. Is there a way to play with just the analoge sticks? I truly hate holding the controller in that weird way to play.

  • You guys should also patch in the ability to copy the save…that is a ridiculous restriction.

  • Nice to see y’all still support this game. I love this game and ever since it went online I thought that it could use and update where you could play with up to about 3 other people. That would be superb!! Also tournaments would be great. Could someone please chill out on making new characters for a while and look into that? Oh and speaking of new characters it doesn’t make sense to get new characters and bowling balls if you can’t show them off online. They shouldn’t be invisible. Also what’s with no custum music while chat is on? If these things get addressed in an update this game would be perfection!

    • You are absolutely right with all of your points. We as a team have been evaluating those very elements to improve the game. But those changes do not come quickly and are not small tasks. So we are right there with you. It takes work to be perfect, but for the present day, we want to continue the fun. Thank you for your support.

  • I have a couple of questions:

    1. Will there be an update for 2-player PSN log-in on the same console?
    2. Will we ever seam a 2-player team competitions added to the game?
    3. Are additional trophies going to be added to the game? A possible platinum maybe?

    • I cannot give you a definite yes to any of your 3 questions. But I can tell you that, that has been a big topic of conversation for the team. Before any decision to address any of those is made we need to ensure our plan is solid. We wouldn\’t want to jeopardize the game. We will keep you fans informed if that possibility arises. Thank you for your support.

  • Thanks Brandon…still love this game.

  • Anything free coming in the near future?

    • Unfortunately not. But for 99 pennies we got some fun stuff for you fans. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • You’ve done a great job supporting this game…keep it up. Any plans for a version 2 with the ‘newly’ announced controller :-)

    • We do our best. Thank you for supporting by continuing to play and taking the time to comment. There are no plans for V2 at this time.

  • It’s great to see you are still creating content for this game but I stopped playing because there are no new challenges available. I was trying to get a perfect score but gave up, I remember reaching more than 250 points once and couldn’t beat that again.

    Maybe you could make some obstacle challenges for online mode or something.

    The guy who said horrible things about the characters in the game is right, I don’t find a character who is appealing to me, they all seem to be a bunch of losers and that combined with the music sets an unpleasing feel to the game. Maybe you can enter the play/share/create fashion that is strong right now and develop a “Customize Your Character Until It Stops Looking Pathetic” mode. We can call it CYCUISLP mode when we speak about it here on the blog.

  • Hi Brandon, thanks for the reply on my previous post (23). I’ve now thought of a question.

    I like all of the additional characters, but I really enjoy seeing all of the work your team has put into the characters’ lanes. Are there any plans for future DLC packs that are dedicated to new lanes? I think that would make a great enhancement.

    • At the moment there are no plans in exclusively dedicating our efforts to new lanes. Thus far, our process has always been creating a package that includes a character, ball and lane for a single price. We appreciate your support.

  • Would it be possible to add an option to select a character randomly from whatever characters we’ve unlocked or DL’d? The same for “Pain”, please.

    • It\’s always possible to add different options. However, there is always a cost to every option we create. Perhaps in the future an option like this will be more feasible.


    You guys should come out with a purchasable, Create-A-Character store item. This way some unhappy people could make their own characters that will make them once again happy to play the game. Make it like 1.99 or 2.99. If you did this, many people would pay to make a game character to make of themselves. :)

    • This would be a pretty cool idea, but this is so much easier said than done. Putting a create a character mechanism in the game at this point would get pretty complicated, and could hinder the quality of the game. We appreciate the thought. Thanks for your support.


    Oops, sorry, i didn’t notice (32’s) comment. I guess I totally agree with what he said. lol

  • You guys have really put the sixaxis motion to ecellent use simulating the bowling motions on the PS3. Will you guys be working on any other title(s) for the PS3/PSN that utilize the sixaxis? I would imagine you guys could make a great High Velocity Golf game.
    I still play HVB almost every day still and I bought this game when it first came out.

    • That\’s great to hear. At the moment we are not slated to create any new titles with the sixaxis. We appreciate your support. Thanks for playing the game!

  • great too see, i will definitely redownload (i just recently got my ps3 repaired) but once again great to see such a great game gettting even bigger.

  • Hi, Brandon:
    We love HVB, thanks for putting out good downloadable contents. We would like to see
    1. Online Tournament
    2. Online Challenge (3 or more player in same room)
    3. Online trick shot
    4. Random oil patter for online play

    The online scene has died down quite a bit.
    I believe if any of the above is implemented the online scene will explode again.

    Die hard HVBer


    • I agree. The team has been really talking about beefing up the online…it just may take a bit because it is not an easy task. We need to make sure the current game is not jeopardized, and that the timing is right. Thanks for the support!

  • Ok Brandon

    So why don’t you make a stupid american caricatures to add to a fun bowling experience.

  • digitalpowershot

    one of the best PSN games! I love it!

  • I agree with #16. This is a great game but how about a couple normal characters? Even better an expansion we could buy to allow custom characters.

  • I want what #39 has to say more than anything for this game. If you spent all your funding and energy doing that instead of giving us new balls and characters that would be awesome even though it’s cool you’re still expanding on this game. I still play it when I get on a bowling kick as it’s a lot cheaper than real bowling. (I can’t afford to bowl where I live as it’s $15 a game)

  • Are you guys working on a new game for the PS3? If that the case, then you have one individual that will purchase it.

  • you should start work on a new psn game for the new motion control. i love hvb but i have beaten it 100% and there is nothing much else for me to do.. actually motion controlers wont be out for a while so you should release a hvb 2.. i would buy it.

    i love this game

  • Cool. Im joining today for the first time. Game looks fun.

  • YAY :) but to be honest I don’t buy the tiny winy add-ons.. that are already preloaded into the games. I find them useless. I mean look how many LBP content there is.. is it really worth it? NO.
    I would prefer to save the money on actual games!
    Anyway off-topic there… Mum, Relatives and me like the Grandma cause she makes funny noises and we all laugh. So yeah that’s kool.. one thing that the wii doesn’t have. What is strange is my mum (doesn’t even play games at all) goes “can you get me the wii cause of the bowling game on that console?” I was like yeah right on your birthday you will. Ironically she doesn’t even know anything or even plays console games. Even my Grandma likes the games and ironically again beats us like 3 times in the bowling on the wii. It’s real fun and simple :) I’m not saying HVB is crap or anything all I am saying is that the controller is really weird on the PS3, is slightly complicated and I just haven’t been bothered playing it any more. And now my PS3 got the YLOD.. another reason to get the wii.

    Cheers guys,

  • Absolutely an amazing game, and thank you for the support!

    I recently topped the 100 wins mark and am finally top 100 again!

    The only thing (more) to make this experience better would be the ‘Home Game Launching’ feature. I noticed a prior comment on this, and wanted to voice my support! There’s a problem when no one really wants to play a skilled player like me… and I rarely receive invites when players are ranked so much lower that they don’t seem to bother. Thus, the Game Launching within Home would really work well! I mean, it’d be such a fun way to connect with friends- more people will buy the game IMO because of it! :) Hope it gets added…!

    • Thank you for your support. The Home Launching is certainly a hot topic, and the entire team hears you guys loud and clear. In short, that is a great idea. If that ever becomes a possibility, you fans will be the first to know about it.

  • @1,2, & 3 – great constructive posts. I commend your abilities to articulate relevant thought.

    Re: the post and update; this game is one of the nice hidden gems of PSN…humorous, countless re-playability (single/multiplayer, online/offline), as well as, updates.

    Add a midnight bowling alley/lane. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your support. We haven\’t forgotten about your thoughts about the midnight alley…I think you voiced this back in March. That\’s a great idea.

  • This might sound weird, but…

    I’d love to see a new character based on a real-world comedian, perhaps with rated M voice content. (People who don’t explicitly buy the content never hear it, and there are already parental controls, so I don’t see any problem with having some saucy content a la PAIN.) A large variety of high-quality (lossless audio, at least) lines would be worth $1.99 for me.

    Dana Gould, Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, and Louis CK immediately come to mind. Having them record some standard lines, write their own, and ad-lib new ones (maybe record them while they play the actual game?) would be really excellent and quite innovative.

    Even a better variety of lines for the existing characters would be nice, but I wouldn’t expect to pay money for them.

    Keep up the good work!

    • First off, the suggestion does not sound weird. Adding content like that is indeed attractive, but not very easy…or really possible to put in our game. Making a move like that would affect our ESRB rating…regardless if you had a function to turn it on and off. I hope that makes sense.
      Thank you for the support.

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