Hamster vs Human Dance-Off for Control of PlayStation Home

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PlayStation Home Hamsters vs Humans Dance-Off

We told everyone that it was an April Fools’ joke; that there was no way a malevolent race of giant hamsters could take over PlayStation Home, replace all the music within it to Animal House’s “Chain Swing” and host a dance party in Central Plaza. We don’t know what their game is, but we do know this: the hamsters are back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, PlayStation Home has been taken over – conquered if you will – and this Saturday night, the humans are making their stand. Which is why this Saturday night, at 8PM PST, in Central Plaza, the Home community – both hamsters and humans alike – will meet on the battlefield of Listen@Home for the ultimate Hamsters vs Humans Dance-Off. It’s bound to look like a Pat Benatar video, but where shoulder dancing was utilized to combat violence against ladies of the night, the running man will be key in fighting off these furry invaders.

This call to arms (which will be used for body pops and not body blows) is not without its own reward. Whichever faction wins this desperate struggle for control of PlayStation Home by forming the longest dance lines or chains in Central Plaza will then unlock a special reward item for all of Home, to be delivered in a future update.

So where do you stand? For which group shall you dance the night away? I for one welcome our new furry overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted community personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their tiny, plastic containment units, complete with running wheels and water drip.

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  • I like the whole hamster Idea, I also like the xi thing, it seemed a little over whelming compared to the usually do nothing on home. lol
    but yea, I think I might just spend a couple of bucks to support home.

  • woohoo Im lluck 100..can i got a prize lol like Socom come on lol

  • Awesome! But How Will That Be? A Dance Mini Game? Well Anyway I Want a Hamster Space! Or House!! =D

  • So is there going to be a balloon to let us know who has won? There’s about twenty of us give or take doing the running man.

  • ll reppin the humams we have repel those hamsters back to the cages….lol victory screech

  • Okay guys. I did it. I danced for 90 minutes while saying stuff like “On which side is Chuck Norris? HUMANS BABY!” and “Bustin’ makes me feel good. And HUMANS BABY!”. So… what’s my prize?

    “Who made the best console? No offense but HUMANS BABY!”

  • It’s a shame. I would have been a Hamster, but the costume you need costs money…if it had been free I’d be all over it…

  • I signed into Home and watched people dance for an hour just to see if anything different would actually happen. Nothing did. There was just about 20-30 people doing the running man or wave or whatever Home dances are on the selection list.

    This whole event was pointless. It was just to get people to pay $2 for a Hamster suit to generate revenue for Sony.

    Sony, please ditch Home, and put your focus towards other things like games (RPGs, mainly as we’ve yet to see one directly from a Sony studio) and PlayStation Network community features.

  • So who won?

  • How can you lots, say Home is MAAD Boring,that dance off was actually well fun!
    It maybe like a life-simulator but it’s one that’s better than the Xbox New Experience, who agrees?

  • This is so Childish SCEA!! We Want IN GAME MUSIC FOR THE ENTIRE PSN AND HOME BEFORE 2010!!! And I’m sorry but you guys have horrible tastes in MUSIC!!! Play some Lady Gaga!!!

  • BalramRules I bet your probably a kid/Teen by saying that lol..jezz..Home needs Mp3 support and more stuff to do besides dancing in Immature Childish Animal costumes thats junk that SCEA provides us with! Japan now has Dj Clubs and Europe has Design your own clothes they even have exclusive stuff they have 3 new places to shop as well that you would wish we had..there even playing the hottest previews Transformers 2, G.I. JOE Rise OF Cobra, Star Trek, etc theres just to many to list..Sucks for us We still don’t have a Music video store but Europe has it and its called VIDZONE! It has over 10,000 Music Channels!! So Moderators or BuggieTechnica How about the US?.Stop giving everything to Japan and Europe don’t forget about us PS3 users in America we want this to! Peace!!

  • AT first i was kind of…. MEH… about this…

    And then i read it again and realised it was a very good thing…

    Since Home was first announced at GDC all those years ago, it would’ve been really nice to think SOMEONE was in control of it.

    At this stage i think hamsters might have a better chance of implementing features the GAMING COMMUNITY cares about. You know those people who spend billions on playing games… as opposed to chasing a facebook-type audience?

    For instance: displaying trophies in your home space? Remember that?

  • Nothing happened. I agree, I think this was just another attempt for Sony to drain us of more money.

    I used to have a lot of faith in the PS, but as time goes on I’m losing that faith. I’ve even thought of trading my PS3 in for an X-box 360.

    I really do hope Sony surprises me with something worth while, otherwise, adios to years of business from me.

  • Given the amount of interest this event has generated and the sheer number of people that enjoyed the event it’s obvious that hamsters vs. humans was a success.

    It was a community event that cost nothing to run. I hope that the folks that didn’t get or understand the whimsy and humor of the event don’t discourage the Home community team. Suggestions for future events like this:

    1. Codes for the “hamster head” of the day. (I didn’t mind spending $2 to participate but everyone likes free stuff and it would placate a good 66% of your critics. Don’t worry about the cynics. They’re not happy unless they are complaining)

    2. More East Coast friendly time. Even one hour would have made it more palatable.

    3. Your really need to recruit community volunteers to assist in organizing. There are too many servers and clearly too few of you.

    4. An even ticker of some sort that would stream live news or comments from community leads about the event as it takes place. The ticker should be common across all servers.(This idea was taken from someone else)

    5. There should be some way to identify what server you are on.

    “For the glory of Hamsterdam!”

  • do you guys wanna know who really won last night?
    Sony WON with all the purchases you have made for the hamster costume, so far i see that psn and home are well setup to milk money from us, maybe once they get out of the financial hole they put themselves in we will get what we’ve been asking for, and that’s a BIG MAYBE!!!

  • Wooo! Sony Taking OUR Money! Again!!

    Please. This is like complaining about the HD space Home takes. Both arguments are myopic and miniscule. “I will delete Home!”= “It’s $1.99 for Sony! They just want our money!”

    100 or so Hamsters @ $2 bucks a pop= Why that’s easily like $200!! Jesus, someone call the government! Those fat cats are raking in the dough!!

    Don’t forget, it was HUMANS vs. Hamsters. You didn’t have to buy anything to participate. I wore my niftiest “Resident Evil” Free T-shirt. How crazy is that? I dont even like Resident Evil!

    BTW the rats were all late. @8pm PST there were 3-4 of the lil varmits. We humans called victory at about the 8:40 mark and I left.

    But lo! Never underestimate the reproductional capacities of tiny mammals as when I came back right @ 11pm PST- DOZENS OF HAMSTERS!

    FOUL! Can’t be belle of the ball if you don’t show up for the dance! Tardy Hamsters, next time try to be there BEFORE everyone thinks youre not showing up.

  • They had better start listening to its real user base fans soon. Because otherwise I know for a fact that they ripped us off from the launch of the PS3 back in 2006! Because most of the people who bought a PS3 were Adults not kids..They are now sucking up to Europe with VidZone it has over 10,000 music videos from the 80’s to all the way to the 2000’s damn Which I wish we had this service which by the way is free!..Are we ever going to be getting VIDZONE here in the States??..But first they need to fix the Sycning on the PSN and IN GAME MUSIC FOR ALL OUR GAMES! If they can get this down I’ll stop asking about it or better yet stop Complaining!

  • Hmm maybe they shouldv’e added Thriller from the 80’s in HOME for the Dance Competition Hamsters Vs Humans perhaps? lol.. Because I hate Chain Swing its been been done to death!! Zzzzzz Add 80’s Remixes Thriller from 1982..lol..Imagine people dancing to thriller in HOME LMAO! Classic!

  • Hey Sony get the Dance clubs up! I have 9 clubs but there all blank I feel like I’m talking to Shrink! LMAO!! So please hurry up with the Dj Clubs! Japan has it up now America needs to play catch up again? Lamo!
    We want techno Trance clubs in HOME Armin Van Buuren Rules as well does other Killer Dj’s!! I have a ton of music on my PSN now please Emplement this in HOME!!!!! Jezz I have over 120 MP3’s that are dying to be used in HOME Space etc..No offense but you guys who decided to give us your Zzz music suck $$.. So please IN GAME MUSIC FOR THE PSN AND HOME ASAP!!!!!Peace!!!

  • Man, and I even recorded video of this event…

  • :| who wonnnnnn

  • do you think that they know that their going to win, they might have somthing up their sleeves in order to beat us try to check them out and see their moves…

  • never mind its to late for that lol

  • What, no gerbils? Hahaha! Somebody call Richard Gere!

  • at the dance off,i was part of the * Cole train!!!*

  • hey are u guys gonna put the trophy case in home i really want it and will you have to pay for it ?

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