Hamster vs Human Dance-Off for Control of PlayStation Home

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PlayStation Home Hamsters vs Humans Dance-Off

We told everyone that it was an April Fools’ joke; that there was no way a malevolent race of giant hamsters could take over PlayStation Home, replace all the music within it to Animal House’s “Chain Swing” and host a dance party in Central Plaza. We don’t know what their game is, but we do know this: the hamsters are back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, PlayStation Home has been taken over – conquered if you will – and this Saturday night, the humans are making their stand. Which is why this Saturday night, at 8PM PST, in Central Plaza, the Home community – both hamsters and humans alike – will meet on the battlefield of Listen@Home for the ultimate Hamsters vs Humans Dance-Off. It’s bound to look like a Pat Benatar video, but where shoulder dancing was utilized to combat violence against ladies of the night, the running man will be key in fighting off these furry invaders.

This call to arms (which will be used for body pops and not body blows) is not without its own reward. Whichever faction wins this desperate struggle for control of PlayStation Home by forming the longest dance lines or chains in Central Plaza will then unlock a special reward item for all of Home, to be delivered in a future update.

So where do you stand? For which group shall you dance the night away? I for one welcome our new furry overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted community personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their tiny, plastic containment units, complete with running wheels and water drip.

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  • @39

    Yeah, Sorry I could have sworn I mentioned that I would hope they could implement that feature into the PS3.

    Right now, only the PSP is able to map the directional buttons to the analog stick.

  • Home is a place where PS3 gamers can meet others who may share similar intrests. R=They can come on and talk about one particular game, or anything at all. You can also launch games with friends rather than having to play with total strangers. There are also mini-games in Home such as poll, bowling and Texa’s Hold’em.

    The Home Team has given away prizes in their events, such as virtual items for your avatars and, a few months ago, Warhawk. Last night they gave away the latest Socom game.

    Home is constantly growing. Pop in ands see what the excitement is all about. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find something that you like.

  • PSBlog needs to have a section of the xmb. Not all ps3 users come here for the great info given out, so it would be nice that this community feature was on the xmb and opened up like the psstore.

    Sounds great I may have to chk it out.

  • I’m going to be there in all my Hamster glory!

  • I think if they drop HOME then the people who actually visit HOME will complain here as well, and I’ve seen enough whining regarding HOME! Honestly SONY, keeps supporting your product, and eventually it will become a magnificent one, HOME is still listed as ‘BETA’ which means is still on development so there’s room for mistakes and fixes as well. From time to time I visit HOME just to kill some time while downloading stuff, so it would actually bother me if it wasn’t there! “You don’t know what you have until you loose it!”

  • Thanks Buggie…yep saw at least one hamster suit when I was in Home last night.

  • i love all the events in Home! They are always so fun. Great to see a post by Buggie here on the blog. =)

  • I’m sorry if I sound mean here, and normally I wouldn’t say something like this, but…

    This is seriously the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever seen. Sony is paying people to think up crap like this?

    How about you use that money to make some more games? Or better yet, keep the money in your pocket and cut the PS3s price to have a larger install base.

    Seriously I can’t believe this crap. WOW.

  • love the avatar Buggie. For mother Russia!

  • I doubt I’ll be able to stay away from this.

  • What if I’m in my Blanka suit?

  • wait… this ‘contest’ is basically the FREE human avatars VS. people who have to pay $2 to dress up in a hamster suit? Not only has this made me even less interested in Home as I was before, but I think it has actually convinced me to go so far as to delete it completely from my hard drive. I am interested to see what awesome Home promo they think of next.

  • Waaaaaahhhh!!

  • Stay Pufts UNITE!!!!!

  • Xi gave me hope, this has removed all hope.

  • please bring back teamwork!!! i loved that song more than chain swing plz!! it was one of the best listen@home songs

  • Sure wish public space voice chat could come back. Makes it easier to find out who has a good headset before launching into the 4 games that support it so far. But I guest dances with hamster suits are more important. I wonder what Bobby Kotick would have to say about this.

  • Sure wish public space voice chat could come back. Makes it easier to find out who has a good headset before launching into the 4 games that support it far. But I guest dances with hamster suits are more important. I wonder what Bobby Kotick would have to say about this.

  • In a day full of crappy headlines about the Playstation (thanks Activision) I was really glad to see that there is something cool, really carefree and creative happening for the Playstation community.

    I fully plan to spend my $2 don my furry mantle and dance Home into dawn of a Phodo-Sapien future.

    Seriously?!….negative forum ire over hamsters dancing. I shake my tiny hamster tail at thee in pity.

  • i won’t pay a cent for the hamster costume! after saturday, it’ll be stuck in your inventory/wardrobe and remind you how stupid you really are!

  • i’ll be passing by Home to see this event, its going to be funny.

  • “I for one welcome our new furry overlords”

    i for one know why you would prefer the new furry overlords, it would be more money in your pockets, i’m tired of these stupid games to get as many people possible in home in the hopes that they will pass by the mall and give you more money, when will you be giving us what we’ve been asking for, you got our money now give us something in return!!! thank god for 3rd party’s creating stuff for home, home would still be where it was in the closed beta, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere besides milking people, thanks but no thanks, i’ll be doing my own thing.

  • Oh. My. God.

    FURRIES. Gross.

  • This should be hilarious. I love HOME’s efforts at making people come together in the Sony community

  • You guys make being a sony fanboy really, really hard.


  • Il check it out for sure

  • Warning HAMSTERS! I do… Have a cat.

  • yeah back off of sony. Besides the non streaming aspect of your home and some of the voice chat issues, Home is doing everything it was suppose to do. I think most of you guys were expecting some sort of big free game. Over expectations its what most of you have.

  • Are we going to get the Cardboard Robot outfit now too?! :)

    expo: In that poster for the dance-off there is a Home avatar in a cardboard robot outfit.

  • @GreyFoXX4

    You can already see the PSBlog from the PS3. Just go to the web browser and it has a link to the left which sends you straight to the PSBlog. It doesn’t need to be on the XMB as we already have updated info on the XMB from the info bar below the time.

  • 44@ It’s a good job you don’t have any power then, I’d hate to see Home removed just because of people like you.

  • @77

    What does that have to do with this article? Keep on topic please.

  • Not Chain Swing, We demand the Hamster Dance!

  • HOME should be like an MMORPG. Your character be able to level up by doing all kind of things things. It would be cool if some Scientific in the “Home Universe” create some monsters to invade home; and you with all the home community have to fight them all with all kind of weapons!! There should be side quests as well. It would be nice also if you add some trophies by accomplishing some missions.

  • @85

    Just go and play WoW.

  • I really don’t want to sound like a total d**k, but this is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard Sony think of.

    I mean, first of all, there’s a limited number of dances you can actually do in Home, so what’s going to happen, I’m going to make my avatar do the wave and leave him there for an hour? Second of all, WHAT? I mean seriously, hamsters taking over? Who thinks of these stupid ideas?

    I really never liked the Home idea. I thought it was cool at first, but when it actually released it was boring. I mean, there’s really nothing to do and it’s not something you can easily go into. It’s really something you have to go out of your way to do and every time a new area opens you have to sit there and let it download.

    I think Sony should put less focus on Home and these stupid Hamster ideas and put more focus on bringing us the community features we so desire on the PlayStation Network. I’m talking about voice chat across games (not just text chat to get us to buy that thumbpad), more profile features, and maybe some more things related to games to better enrich our experience.

  • (continued from #87)

    I really hope someone at Sony reads this, and if you do, reply to this with even a blank response if you don’t want to comment. I’d seriously just like to know they’re taking our feedback.

  • It’s things like this that make me seriously think of trading in my PS3 and getting an Xbox 360… seriously when are you gonna give us things we want, such as in game music for ALL games (which was promised but never actually delivered as only a few games do this)
    IMHO Home has failed to deliver, I’m not the kind of person who wants to spend money on a piece of virtual clothing/items and I really don’t see the point. Home needs more of a purpose and more user involvement at the moment it is essential just a chat room with some games that you have to queue for…

  • Hamsters will dominate!

  • @87
    Protip: if you want your criticism to be taken seriously you should choose your words carefully so as not to sound like a whiney tween. You may have valid points but ‘this is stupid’ is never a swaying argument.

  • Why take the time to read about Home, write about Home, complain about Home, & seek the end of Home? If you don’t like Home, don’t go there. Don’t play it if you don’t “get it”. Yes, it is boring, that’s the beauty. You have to make your own fun there.

    Now for all the glitchers out there, “wow, you can dance on top of things, good for you, now stay off my drink!” (i’m lookin at you, Sully’s)

    And for what its worth… I for one, dislike this whole Hamster thing. Hamsters & Humans are not meant for this kind of inter-species intermingling. Just ask Richard Gere.

    Next thing you know, cats & dogs living together….

  • …also it shouldn’t be totally up to the big brains on the mountain top up at Sony to cook up & ladle out some massive, awesome, miraculous spontaneous online content to everybody, everywhere, all at once & at all times, and fun and cool and candy spilling everywhere with rainbows and unicorns and wish fulfilling leprechauns…

    its really up to you. the folks in there. like real life there are total d-bags, and there are some very slow texters, people i personally find adorable.

    Slow typing, how cute!

  • Ha ha ah this will be a laugh :)

    Id also like some Warhawk clothes for my avatar, like warhawk baseball cap, bomber/flight jacket, boots. Some ornaments for the appartments please

  • Home Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • first of all i think home is a good idea but they r spending to much money on home they should add better ideas to it ask the users wat they want on home rather then put stuff on there that people dont want then they will de saving more money on home and have many more users on home

    that would be a gooder idea

    is any body with me on this????????

  • who cares who wins we all win cause of free stuff and we all love free stuff

  • funny how fast they respond to a comment when someone wants to know how to purchase something

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