Qore Episode 13 – Featuring inFAMOUS, Fight Night Round 4 and The Frag Dolls

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As we mentioned in an e-mail to subscribers, we experienced a delay in releasing the final version of Episode 13 and apologize for the inconvenience.

This month marks a milestone for Qore—its first birthday! When the PlayStation Network launched the show a year ago, we were very excited about the opportunity to give gamers a unique glimpse into the world of PlayStation.

We want to thank everyone for their support during this fast and furious year for PlayStation Network’s first original production.

And now, the episode at hand:

Almost inFAMOUS
In Episode 11, we saw how the unique music of inFAMOUS was created. This time, we head to Seattle to visit Sucker Punch, developers of the Sly Cooper franchise, to witness the fascinating way they’ve created “karma” in their electrifying PS3 debut. We also utilize their development rig to capture the amazing particle effects of the game in super slo-mo.

Lords of the Ring
Muhammed Ali is the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest of All Time.’ Mike Tyson was unstoppable in his prime. EA’s Fight Night 4 provides the setting for the ultimate fantasy boxing match as Veronica visits the passionate pugilists at EA Canada to go a few rounds and stir up the debate.

Playing With Dolls
What does it take to join one of the most well-known clans in gaming? How do these ladies handle themselves in a predominantly male-dominated activity? Veronica Belmont finds out as she competes for an opening on the Frag Dolls’ roster.

Everyone who downloads Qore this month will receive an exclusive inFAMOUS PS3 “Bad Karma” theme as well as Qore T-shirts for Home that you can wear with pride! Enable the T-shirts in Qore and access them through your Home wardrobe. New Qore subscribers will also receive High Velocity Bowling.

Finally, to commemorate the release of a slew of new PSone classics on the PlayStation Store, we’re offering all Qore purchasers the original Spyro the Dragon. Fans of the classics will be happy to know that the number of PSone titles available on the PlayStation Store will nearly double by the year’s end.

Look for Qore Episode 13 available Thursday.

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2 Author Replies

  • Yay! I need my monthly Veronica Belmont fix ;)


    Kevin I would like to share a day dream I had….

    Okay what if you took the same pattern recognition software in Eye of Judgment (also some of the upcoming PSP and PS3 games) and applied it to the Playstation Magazine.

    I you follow the Harry Potter craze (If you live on the planet earth) one thing that has been very unique is the books and news papers that come to life with moving text and videos as apposed to pictures.

    This would be a sensation on the PS3/PSP, if I could pull out my Playstation Magazine, point my PS Eye at it, and then suddenly it comes to life.

    Instead of reading some Q&A on some new game I could watch the video on my magazine and so on…

  • I thought the Frag Dolls only played on Xbox 360 and PC? How is Veronica joining the Frag Dolls and playing on PS3 with Xbox 360 girls? hmmm

  • Nice to hear Spyro will be free :D. Thanks!

  • Man that’s awesome and I will buy this episode of Qore if I can get Spyro.
    I don’t have to subscribe to get Spyro right?

  • I hope i get my voucher code for Spyro not like the beta Uncharted 2 beta… I never got it. I have contacted you about this…

  • now i can play spyro on my psp 2000 i already own the disk version of it. Love qore!

  • Yeah the Frags Dolls are PC and Xbox 360 base. What a slap in the face to PS3 owners. It seems that they did not do their homework on them, because if they did there would not be a section about them on the PS3.

  • I still wish you guys kept the PSP Go! in there.

  • I have *never* gotten any of the subscriber emails that had redeem codes in them, and my emails to support went unanswered.

    It would be really nice to be able to get Spyro this time around — please fix the email notifications! Even better — why not just send a PSN message or provide a direct link to the store from within Qore?

    I’m still miffed I missed out on the Syphon Filter download :(

  • I love Veronica Belmont. She is so nice.

  • Happy birthday Qore, I will be enjoying a delicious slice of cake while playing Spyro tomorrow.

  • Yeah Veronica is alright ;). Haha

    Why did you bother to cut the PSP GO! stuff? Everyone has seen it anyway

  • Wow Veronica is looking better than ever. In the words of Elvis Costello: VERONICA!

    Oh yeah, Qore. Looks good.

  • as a new subscriber that signed up under the offer that ‘allegedly” included a free beta code for Uncharted 2, I think Qore needs to revisit is Incentive system

    don’t get me wrong free stuff is cool, but c’mon games that have been out are probably already purchased by most, and if not going to send stuff out why promote it

    I never got my beta code and from contacting them and getting the “we don’t send them out” reply, seems like they shouldn’t offer things they don’t control.

    I’m very disappointed at how they treat their loyal consumers, they should just include a voucher or a game of a certain price or early release of a new game. “it’s only once a month” c’mon

  • Happy Birthday Qore…

    Should’ve looked me up when you shot in Vancity! I QA’d FNR4, could’ve shown Veronica the ins and outs, if you know what I mean.

  • I remember that the email said that this episode would have a more fleshed out feature on the PSP Go, but there’s no mention of the Go anywhere in this post.

  • i thought there was going to be stuff about the psp Go?

  • Is Spyro available only to annual subscribers, or to anyone who purchases this episode?

  • wheres psp go?

  • sounds like a great Qore this month! hopefully since this was delayed, it doesn’t delay next month!

    I wish you guys still kept the PSPGo video! It would have been nice to have.

    But nonetheless i can’t wait to download and watch this!

    Thank you! and keep up the good work!

  • Hi Sony Qore Company My name is Jorge and i have a problem that i need to solve as soon as possible.

    Ok I’m an Annual Subscriber of Qore. I got my Subscription to Qore since May 2009 but….

    I can see that many people already got Qore episode 13 and I only got access to Qore Episode 12, the one about Batman, and the next of my Download List it is July 2009 Episode. What’s going on with that????

    Today is already the 3rd Thursday of June i mean June 18, 2009 and i don’t see access to Qore avaliable to downloaded on my PlayStation Store, I’m living in Canada and seriously i have no idea why I don’t have access to what i payed for. “THIS REALLY GOT ME MAD”

    I already went to look for it on my Account Management / Transaction Management /Download List but The Qore Episode 13 does Not even are listed there. What i have is this:

    May 2009
    ????? —–> Missing Episode not on the list
    July 2009
    August 2009
    September 2009
    October 2009
    November 2009
    December 2009
    January 2010
    February 2010
    March 2010
    April 2010
    May 2010

  • If you sum these, they are a total of 12 Episode and that’s it. What a rip off?I have to get 13 Episodes because I’m a Full Annual Subscriber but i dont know why Sony Qore Company try to steal my money taking off what I already pay for, i have proof of payment and every time i try to contact with them by phone, they take for ever to answer and when they answered, they ask about What is my PS3 Serial Number?, When I bought it?, Where i bought it? Where do i live?, etc, etc, etc. and at the end they say: You have to wait it should be out on the PSN Store soon, keep checking the PSN Store.

    Come on guys!!! Why you do such of thing like this?.

    Please the only thing I’m asking for is:
    I wanted to get all my 13 Qore Episode form May 2009 to May 2010 and i want to get it at the right time not afew week later when everyone already have it or if not give me my money back, because if you already charge for something you should give what you charge for.

    I hope to hear back something soon to solve this problem. Thank You.

    Note: Also i get subscribed on May 2009 when you was giving early access to Uncharted 2 Online Game and i did not get access to that… Again what a rip off? Don’t you think so???

  • If Final Fantasy 9 is one of the psONE titles you’ve earned 10$ from me.

  • Loving these free games… And I freaking love the Spyro PS1 games…

  • I have to agree with erx3 too though.

  • Hey, I live in Australia and really want to watch this show. Why isn’t it on the AUS store? There is no reason… I got my PS3 at the midnight release in AUS and buy loads of things on the store and generally like to support Sony because I really like their brand but you keep forgetting about Australians… WHY?

  • @74 (similar problem)

    I bought the single issue of Qore in june 2008, then bought the annual subscribtion in July 2008.

    Wouldn’t my subscription run from july->july
    why isn’t the june 2009 issue on my list?


  • All these free games I have gotten over the past year have more then made up for my subscription price, even if some of the Qore content has been lacking. I look forward to renewing in July.

    And can I just say: Free Spyro! Woo Hoo! Spyro has got to be one of the best game franchises introduced in the PSOne age. Sure, there are games with better graphics, writing, and more difficulty, but for pure fun and enjoyment Spyro is tops.

  • Why must u always give away games I’ve bought already lol

  • Time to make this available to all regions, heh ?

  • I already paid for Spyro the Dragon!!!
    How about Spyro 2?

  • Ihope qore is listening these are all valid posts. As a first time subscriver im begining to wonder why I subcribed myself.

  • I just want Driver and Theme Park to come to the States. :(

  • Very lame that only those that downloaded the demo get the Cole costume. I for one did download it but did not play it thru. After 2nd mission i was more than convinced to buy the game which i did and i destroyed it. Beat it as Hero and Infamous, with about 85% trophy acquisition rate, and i get jack squat for free! Sense…none here if you ask me.
    Other than that its a massive update and i cant wait to check it out!

  • oops very wrong post to place my reply. my apology for that. i have reposted it where it should have been in the 1st place.

  • would be very nice if i could have my issue 13 of qore. i got my subscription in may of 2009 and no june … hmm if its fixd why do i not have mine

  • Yay, PS3 news……

  • ok i got mine now thank you very much

  • Why doesnt qore change the free game download every issue or every other. They have more than enough content for that..

  • I still can not download mine….. I am very unhappy. Someone please get back to me as to why I haven’t got mine yet. I subscribe last month and this is not a good start……….

  • I downloaded my June episode and it did not have the PSP Go content? WTF?

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