Qore Episode 13 – Featuring inFAMOUS, Fight Night Round 4 and The Frag Dolls

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As we mentioned in an e-mail to subscribers, we experienced a delay in releasing the final version of Episode 13 and apologize for the inconvenience.

This month marks a milestone for Qore—its first birthday! When the PlayStation Network launched the show a year ago, we were very excited about the opportunity to give gamers a unique glimpse into the world of PlayStation.

We want to thank everyone for their support during this fast and furious year for PlayStation Network’s first original production.

And now, the episode at hand:

Almost inFAMOUS
In Episode 11, we saw how the unique music of inFAMOUS was created. This time, we head to Seattle to visit Sucker Punch, developers of the Sly Cooper franchise, to witness the fascinating way they’ve created “karma” in their electrifying PS3 debut. We also utilize their development rig to capture the amazing particle effects of the game in super slo-mo.

Lords of the Ring
Muhammed Ali is the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest of All Time.’ Mike Tyson was unstoppable in his prime. EA’s Fight Night 4 provides the setting for the ultimate fantasy boxing match as Veronica visits the passionate pugilists at EA Canada to go a few rounds and stir up the debate.

Playing With Dolls
What does it take to join one of the most well-known clans in gaming? How do these ladies handle themselves in a predominantly male-dominated activity? Veronica Belmont finds out as she competes for an opening on the Frag Dolls’ roster.

Everyone who downloads Qore this month will receive an exclusive inFAMOUS PS3 “Bad Karma” theme as well as Qore T-shirts for Home that you can wear with pride! Enable the T-shirts in Qore and access them through your Home wardrobe. New Qore subscribers will also receive High Velocity Bowling.

Finally, to commemorate the release of a slew of new PSone classics on the PlayStation Store, we’re offering all Qore purchasers the original Spyro the Dragon. Fans of the classics will be happy to know that the number of PSone titles available on the PlayStation Store will nearly double by the year’s end.

Look for Qore Episode 13 available Thursday.

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2 Author Replies

  • First !
    And im sure the first of many.

  • Very nice.

  • Any word on how renewing a subscription works?

    • All June subscribers will be receiving an email notification about how the renewal will work. Basically, you\’ll need to wait for the July episode to publish and then access the Qore section of the PlayStation Store to renew your subscription.

      We hope to get you all the details very soon.

  • what about the episode where the psp go was leaked? :)

  • wish the e3 stuff was there but thats ok. Just glad an episode got released. and Happy Birthday Qore. here’s to more birthdays to come.

  • Wow, every time I see a new trailer of qore I think to myself: Damm, why do I live in EU?

    Greetz, and keep up the good work!

  • Hmm, so how do I renew or will it auto charge & renew

  • Hmm, I already downloaded Episode 13 before E3… It had PSPgo stuff in it, too.

  • and omg i just read it, thank you for the free spryo download. I lost all my ps1 games and ps2 games and i owned the spyro and crash games. But i already bought the crash games over psn. So thanks for helping build my collection back up. Cause i love the naughty dog and insomniac classics.

  • We better get a discount if we are the people that subscribed for the year and resubscribe this year.

  • Awesome! Looking forward to it!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And it ps originals will double by the end of thi year? awesome!
    u desrve it.

  • I remember having Spyro coming as a demo when I bought my ps1. Played it over and over again without getting a chance to buy the final version. The music is still in my head, lol. Thanks Qore for allowing me to finally play it ^_^. Happy Birthday.

  • thanks for the Spyro! I love classics!

  • Finally it’s here and packed with goodies to boot. A nice reward for our patience :). Happy Birthday Qore ^_^

  • Not really feeling the content this month, but Free Spyro more than makes up for it! :)

  • The original Spyro comes free with this episode. EPIC! I love all the Spyro games (Spyro 2 was my first video game ever and my favorite ps1 game ever) and I owned all the original disc based versions. I recently bought the download version for 2 and 3 but I did not get the first one. Now I will have it thanks guys this is the best free game you have given through qore. Free new costumes was a nice touch too.

  • Can’t wait to pay Spyro again. Awesome. Thanks.

  • Qore t-shirt, awesome

  • I was thinking about buying Spyro recently too. Procrastination pays off again :)

  • Cool about Spyro- sad as I already have a ton of content and Qore has been a waste – giving away for free things that I have already paid for. Creates an environment where I should wait around to get it for free as opposed to buying it at launch.

  • wait, does spyro come free with this episode of qore or with a yearly subscription?

  • Looking forward to resubscribing. The benefits definitely, and by far, outweigh the costs.

  • This brings up also another important topic, my QORE RENEWAL… Since whoever is getting episode 13 as their last episode from the QORE annual subscription, is also a early adopter of QORE, My question is:

    Are we going to get a discount for renewing the annual subscription?

  • I would prefer a subscription to Qore being included with my Playstation: The Official Magazine subscription. Too bad you quit giving codes on a monthly basis. That was a win-win for all of us, and I can’t see paying for something that should be included with a paid yearly subscription (3 years for me) to a publication by the same company.

  • lol a qore “home” t-shirt =P

  • I don’t seem to have it in my download list. I’ve got the May episode, and next in the list to come is July.

    Canadian Account

  • Happy Birthday QORE!!!!
    Why did you removed the PSP Go feature that was supposed to be in the episode? We all have seen it but i was hoping to watch the video with better quality.

  • Oh c’mon.I just bought Spyro the Dragon:(

  • Comment seems lackluster this week, but Spyro will make up for it.

  • Im so glad we got Quore in the Uk now, finally … wait no we dont =_=

  • I hope there is more than a Home T-shirt. We should be getting M.A.G BETA codes. Oh well there always next month right. :)

  • Been waiting for this episode!
    Does anyone know the song name or artist of the fist 17 seconds of this video (up to Fight night round 4)?
    Thanx in advance!

  • what are the frag dolls psn id and do they play warhawk?

  • I’m upset the PSPgo content got cut out. This is some BS.

  • great.. i already bought spyro… can I get a rebate? :D :D

  • Well Happy B-Day Qore. I’ll be renewing just make sure to show love for the annual members.

  • Upset over a now not so relevant exclusive view of the PSPGo. Go youtube the video if it bothers you so much that it isn’t there.

    What’s the news on current subscribers renewing?

  • Is it even worth subscribing?

  • I already have Spyro…. gift card plz?

  • “Fans of the classics will be happy to know that the number of PSone titles available on the PlayStation Store will nearly double by the year’s end.”

    The US Store has 41 PS1-Games at the moment, so it should be around 35 new titles?
    For one, that is good because there are “only” 27/28 Store-Updates left this year.
    But I hope the most of them are actual “classics” and not games like “Bowling” etc.

    Final Fantasy Tactics will be day one btw.
    (I hope it comes this/next week? plz?)

  • This episode is definitely a miss if you ask me. The downloads seem weak, and i’ve already read just about my fill on FNR4. And as for imfamous, that whole episode should’ve been devoted to pushing that game insteading of breaking up one chunk before it’s release and another after. Still a great digi-mag but this is definitely a miss episode. PS – The Frag Dolls don’t even play on PS3. They play weekly matches on Xbox Live. What a sucker punch to the gonads.

  • This is exactly the same episode as what was released early. Well minus the PSP Go! that is. Why did it take a delay of 2 weeks to get this?

  • Can i still get spyro even if i only buy the single issue??

  • For all those people from Europe we are getting our own Qore alternative very soon.

  • I hope we get an email telling us how to renew.

  • I saw one other person asking and wondering myself.

    When and how (via email ?) will we receive a renewal notice.

    This month my subscription is up, but I’d like to renew and haven’t seen anything on renewing yet.

  • As an original Qore subscriber, a subscriber to Official Playstation Magazine, and a Sony fan/supporter, I feel like I’ve been a bit shafted for my loyalty. Where should I start first? Being a subscriber to OPM, I received a code for the first 8-9 episodes of Qore for free. Episodes for issues 7 and 11 were free for everyone. So out of the 12 over the year, I maybe paid for 2-3 episodes. Well what about the free downloads of PSN games that Qore offered, or the early access to demos and betas? Being the supporter that I am, I already bought EVERY single one of those games beforehand that was given away for Qore subscribers later on. Early access to demos is really not a selling point to Qore. I’m a patient man. I can wait a week or two for public release. As for beta access, I will always preorder the games I’d buy anyways just to get the beta access. So what does Qore do besides discourage me from purchasing PSN games I may get for free later through the subscription?

  • Why not offer a free PSN game a month or two before public release for subscribers? Give the subscribers some value. I’m sure there are people on the other side of the spectrum who are loving Qore. I’m sure Qore has paid for itself for some. That’s nice and all for them, but what about those who have been supportive and loyal? I feel like I’m the nice guy who is always there to support and comfort the hot chick when she gets in a fight with her abusive and using boyfriend. I get to know and experience a little bit of the hot chick, but in the end, she always goes back to the boyfriend and he gets all the action.

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