Coming to PlayStation Home: New SOCOM Space, Ghostbusters Apartment, EA SPORTS Complex Update + More!

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Greetings Home-boys and Home-girls!

To say we have a pretty massive update coming for all of you this Thursday, June 18th would be the understatement of the week. To start, we’ll be unleashing the long-awaited SOCOM Tactical Operations Center space. This space is the first installment of a two-part SOCOM Home hub (the second highly interactive space – OPFOR – will follow the TOC shortly) that is the ideal 3D locale for the huge SOCOM community to meet up and socialize. At this new SOCOM strategy post, you will be able to plot the next course of action with your friends by gathering around the Telestrator tool and coordinating your next assault. Chock full of maps and modes from SOCOM: Confrontation, the Telestrator is a powerful tool that the Home community can use to collaborate, strategize, and enhance their gameplay experience. On top of this, the TOC boasts a regional leaderboard that pulls data from the SOCOM site and updates Career stats (such as all-time ranking, kills, deaths, and kills/deaths ratio) in real-time. And in an imminent refresh of the TOC you’ll also be able to purchase a slew of related virtual items to decorate your avatar with. So if you like to sport the Military chic look you’ll have to make a point to stop on by and load up on bandoliers, balaclavas, and other assorted tactical outerwear.


Also coming to the world of PlayStation Home this week is our first foray into movie and game-themed personal spaces. All of you virtual Egons will be overjoyed to find a Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space available for purchase. This 3-floor space comes jam-packed with tons of furniture and assorted decorations at no additional charge (including your very own Ecto-1). We hear that the basement’s ghost containment unit might have accidentally leaked a poltergeist or two, so you’ll have to keep an eye open for supernatural activity. Lucky for you, the Ghostbusters Firehouse comes with full Loot Stage Set functionality (including move props and portable blue screens) so you can stage your own Ghostbusters machinima. And as a token of our infatuation with the Ghostbusters franchise, we’re giving away free t-shirts that commemorate the 25th anniversary of Slimer hitting the silver screen. So be sure to log in and load up on all the goodies while the gettin’ is there to be gotten.

Electronic Arts is also freshening up their hugely-popular EA SPORTS Complex with additional Racing tracks, a leaderboards, Racing Boost Shop, and Poker updates (including bracelets for the ladies). The as-of-yet-unopened Golf Pro Shop space will temporarily disappear but will reappear and launch within a short time, so have no worries. All in all, this is a pretty significant update to the Complex, so if you haven’t been over for a while, this Thursday would be a dang fine time to drop on by.

We’re also bringing you some more game-related virtual items (did somebody say Street Fighter IV?!?!), including the free inFAMOUS Cole Costume for all of you that downloaded the demo and played it through to completion. Keep your eye on the official PlayStation Twitter page for more info regarding the awesome updates we have in “store” for you (terrible pun, I know).

To top this all off we have two events running this weekend in addition to the regularly-scheduled Resistance: SRPA Siege and Saturday Night Street Fightin’ game launching events (check the Clubs and Events subforums on the official PlayStation Home messageboard for more details). The first event starts Friday morning and ends Friday night and has something to do with you and your friends going on a scavenger hunt for parts of a secret code scattered throughout Home and the first 100 winners receiving a free download of Bomberman Ultra from the PlayStation Network. The other is scheduled for Saturday night and also involves free stuff, but you’ll have to keep your eyes on the video screens throughout Home between now and then for more details, because my memory is getting a little furry in my old age…

Oh, and by the way, the Killzone 2 Visari’s Throne and the Namco Bandai Museum are indeed coming to SCEA’s version of PlayStation Home. But not this week. You’ll have to keep an eye on the official Blog, forums, and Twitter accounts to stay up to date as to the progress of these spaces. But don’t despair; you can always spend the time between now and then launching into games of Crash Commando with your friends in Home. Don’t believe me? Give it a try…

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2 Author Replies

  • wow, i wait all this time for a socom home space and you supply us with this bland gray and retarded video. shows nothing about joining a game with friends, nothing about in game access. What is this? Another LIE? Another DELAY?

    I am done with SONY, the only reason i have the PS3 was for SOCOM. Not only did you let SOCOM FAIL, you FAILED, that was your best franchise and you hoped other losers such as Killzone would get hyped enough to cover up your loss.

    This space looks like garbage. Maybe Next Year…

  • Any updates regarding Buzz?

  • how about a metal gear outer haven pool deck?! better yet, i want drebin’s truck available in the furniture store!

  • I HATE HOME !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Socom? No thanks! I tried to play several times and It’s probably the online game with the more nasty, rude and unfriendly players ever! Enjoy your game!

  • To the arguments further up yes the 360 version of Ghostbusters blows away the PS3 version which sucks. Obviously the developers put no time into it.


    Cross Game Voice Chat, stop adding this dumb stuff to home that no one is going to use on a game that is the worst game on your flagship console.

  • It’s such a shame Ghostbusters version for PS3 turned out so inferior to the 360 version. They must have spent no time making. The Home space for it looks great however.

    As for Socom, please Sony, just PLEASE stop talking about this game, I bought it the day it came out and its the worst video game I’ve ever purchased. They never even came out with patches or DLC they promised. It’s dead.

    Cross Game Voice Chat needed.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Hey I played the infamous demo through completion but already deleted the demo, do I have to download and play it again?

  • Will Socom launching be included with the new space, kind of strange that not all SCE games have game launching.

  • nice update. more content is always good. now if only you could find a way to make the loading times a lot shorter. i mean i have FIOS so it’s not that bad but still loading all the different “people” still can take time, at times.

  • This is a pretty good update Locust. A new space and new apartment is what I want to see tomorrow.

  • So…. I take it that Killzone 2’s EVENT LAUNCHING HQ SPACE will come out…. when the game is worthless and used up? Just like SOCOM?

    Way the Go Fony Craputer Untertainment America..

    Microsoft FTW always doing their job right. Releasing extra content DAY 1 not 2 years later when no one gives a Phart

  • As for the inFamous costume… did this have to be done when the demo was finally released on the PSN store?

  • Hey btw if your reading this then please put custom music for home or put some default music for the space because in spaces for example like SOCOM it’s tooo quiet! n it’s annoying for all gamers imo.

  • Yes! i can still get the cole costume!

  • Excellent update. I adore your hard work.

  • @#62




  • seriously Sony you need to make home somehow work with the xmb e.g your home avatar

  • So many people hate on Home, especially 360 fans.

    My advice, grow up and face facts. 360 is a thing of the past now.


  • About game launching…

    Will games like Modern Warfare 2 support Home game launching right out of the box?

  • good job guys. u really are about 2 rock the interactive multiverse. i am surprised that the socom guys could stop shooting guns long enough 2 complain about something. go drink some haterade guys and try flower out, b4 u go all full metal jacket on yourselves, or maybe u should. GB space is gonna rip it up.

  • What PS Home really needs, is universal game launching. Once you guys successfully implement that feature accross all games. Then I’ll use PS home. At the momment, I only go into PS Home every now an then.

    Better yet…We just need a unified PSN. Once you guys do that. All your problems will be solved.

    @ 7
    You are absolutely right. Slant Six needs to finish that incomplete game called Socom.

  • Seriously, diddo

  • I meant diddo to 50.

  • I better be able to BUY a Cole costume, if I didn’t play the demo. I own the ****ing game, I should either be given the costume or at least allowed to purchase it if I didn’t play the demo.

    If not, Home is being deleted permanently from my HDD. I’m sick of Sony’s ****ing antics when it comes to items and actual incentives to be part of Home.

  • nice update! if i beat the infamous demo later, will i be able to get the costume later as well?

  • Here’s an idea Sony. Kill what remains of Socom since its the ugly face that will always haunt you. You guys continually let /6 drop the ball on a game that could have been a HUGE money maker for you.

    Good work. Any time I see an article about Socom I’m going to bash you for the lack of support, lack of features PROMISED ON THE BOX, and lack of quick fixes and updates. 1.5 is coming the day the world ends…. yeah thats what it seems like.

    Shame on you. Oh btw, great job getting a HOME space for a crap game, with crap issues, that hasn’t been fixed. SOCOM HOME space should be the last thing on yours or /6’s minds right now.

    Good job with everything else tho :)

  • How long do we have to complete the inFamous demo? Hearing this news, I’m downloading it now. Thank You!

  • Saying to Home moderators/directors, I want to say we want a Beatles: Rock Band space, launching at release date complete with studio set, apartment, furniture (like a Höfner bass), and obviously a space (Abbey Road Studios), full of minigames, songs of the Band, etc. Answer please!

  • Would have been nice to know that the Ghostbusters space would include the Ghostbusters ornaments before I bought them. Thanks, Home managers.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys are on a roll. New stuff every week. Thank you sooo much.
    Why is it still beta? If yah are updatin it regularly, shouldn’t it be the full version already? Or, are yah the only people that provides great new experiences in a beta. No one else does that.
    Also, more places means more content for our avatar as well as our spaces. So, how bout more decoratin content for our homes. We got the pic frames, keep it goin. Again, thank you soo much.

  • Free Home items… in my US Marketplace… that isn’t a T-shirt?

    Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

    Socom is meh (confrontation esp…) so I’m not too jazzed about it’s space, but I’ll check it out if to see if it’s like the Warhawk space a little.

    Yay a Free Ghostbusters Tee, sort-of cool for nostalgia I guess…

    EA poker space being updated includes fixes for the freezes, surely? I’d get on more for that reason (and to win the Gold bracelet if there were more tables… *sigh*).

  • What about a KZ2 space? Not that I use Home, but if there was one I might visit…

  • great thanks, just what we all needed, more 3D chat rooms, so far you’ve been getting lots of our money and i know that’s the whole purpose of home but when will we be getting what we’ve been really asking for?

  • Any word on SOCOM game launching?

  • Socom game launching? It’s hard enough for them to get the normal game to work right let alone from Home. Forget Socom, Slant Six killed it.

  • Socom partying and game-launching anyone?

  • Oh so this is what Slant Six has been wasting there time on instead of the 1.5 patch… It all makes sense now ;(

  • #’s: 85, 86, 87 and 88 join me at #77 lol.

    Socom don’t work for crap, patch 1.5 is never coming BUT YOU’VE GOT HOME SPACE!!! YAY!

  • Too bad Socom is the worst PS3 game ever. Not many people even care any more. Obviously Sony and Zipper doesn’t cause they handed off to a third rate developer.

    As far as the rest of HOME it’s SLOWLY getting better. When I can play my “own” music/video’s in my personal spaces,then it will be worth dabling in.

  • How do i get myself a Ghostbusters 25th Ann. shirt?

  • I hope this means that SOCOM Confrontation gets the long awaited 1.5 update with this Home space

  • Awesome stuff, I like how HOME is growing :)

    And the fact that you guys hook it up with costumes! I can’t wait for Halloween LOL

  • sweeeeeeet! sounds like a great update! keep up the good work with home!

  • They look awesome. We in EU have the Everybody’s Golf and city apartment to look forward to.

    Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see these spaces. We are still waiting for that Uncharted 1 space. Cough*, when’s Uncharted 2 out?

  • That Ghostbusters apartment looks especially AWESOME.

  • When are the SOCOM outfits going to be for sale? I was looking forward to that :(

  • Would you please release Klonoa today too?

  • @Locus_Star

    I completed the preorder demo before it was released on PSN to everyone. Will I still unlock the Cole costume?

  • Sweet, will be visiting them all this evening once it launches!!!!

    Mostly looking forward to the Ghostbusters one!!!

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