Coming to PlayStation Home: New SOCOM Space, Ghostbusters Apartment, EA SPORTS Complex Update + More!

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Greetings Home-boys and Home-girls!

To say we have a pretty massive update coming for all of you this Thursday, June 18th would be the understatement of the week. To start, we’ll be unleashing the long-awaited SOCOM Tactical Operations Center space. This space is the first installment of a two-part SOCOM Home hub (the second highly interactive space – OPFOR – will follow the TOC shortly) that is the ideal 3D locale for the huge SOCOM community to meet up and socialize. At this new SOCOM strategy post, you will be able to plot the next course of action with your friends by gathering around the Telestrator tool and coordinating your next assault. Chock full of maps and modes from SOCOM: Confrontation, the Telestrator is a powerful tool that the Home community can use to collaborate, strategize, and enhance their gameplay experience. On top of this, the TOC boasts a regional leaderboard that pulls data from the SOCOM site and updates Career stats (such as all-time ranking, kills, deaths, and kills/deaths ratio) in real-time. And in an imminent refresh of the TOC you’ll also be able to purchase a slew of related virtual items to decorate your avatar with. So if you like to sport the Military chic look you’ll have to make a point to stop on by and load up on bandoliers, balaclavas, and other assorted tactical outerwear.


Also coming to the world of PlayStation Home this week is our first foray into movie and game-themed personal spaces. All of you virtual Egons will be overjoyed to find a Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space available for purchase. This 3-floor space comes jam-packed with tons of furniture and assorted decorations at no additional charge (including your very own Ecto-1). We hear that the basement’s ghost containment unit might have accidentally leaked a poltergeist or two, so you’ll have to keep an eye open for supernatural activity. Lucky for you, the Ghostbusters Firehouse comes with full Loot Stage Set functionality (including move props and portable blue screens) so you can stage your own Ghostbusters machinima. And as a token of our infatuation with the Ghostbusters franchise, we’re giving away free t-shirts that commemorate the 25th anniversary of Slimer hitting the silver screen. So be sure to log in and load up on all the goodies while the gettin’ is there to be gotten.

Electronic Arts is also freshening up their hugely-popular EA SPORTS Complex with additional Racing tracks, a leaderboards, Racing Boost Shop, and Poker updates (including bracelets for the ladies). The as-of-yet-unopened Golf Pro Shop space will temporarily disappear but will reappear and launch within a short time, so have no worries. All in all, this is a pretty significant update to the Complex, so if you haven’t been over for a while, this Thursday would be a dang fine time to drop on by.

We’re also bringing you some more game-related virtual items (did somebody say Street Fighter IV?!?!), including the free inFAMOUS Cole Costume for all of you that downloaded the demo and played it through to completion. Keep your eye on the official PlayStation Twitter page for more info regarding the awesome updates we have in “store” for you (terrible pun, I know).

To top this all off we have two events running this weekend in addition to the regularly-scheduled Resistance: SRPA Siege and Saturday Night Street Fightin’ game launching events (check the Clubs and Events subforums on the official PlayStation Home messageboard for more details). The first event starts Friday morning and ends Friday night and has something to do with you and your friends going on a scavenger hunt for parts of a secret code scattered throughout Home and the first 100 winners receiving a free download of Bomberman Ultra from the PlayStation Network. The other is scheduled for Saturday night and also involves free stuff, but you’ll have to keep your eyes on the video screens throughout Home between now and then for more details, because my memory is getting a little furry in my old age…

Oh, and by the way, the Killzone 2 Visari’s Throne and the Namco Bandai Museum are indeed coming to SCEA’s version of PlayStation Home. But not this week. You’ll have to keep an eye on the official Blog, forums, and Twitter accounts to stay up to date as to the progress of these spaces. But don’t despair; you can always spend the time between now and then launching into games of Crash Commando with your friends in Home. Don’t believe me? Give it a try…

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2 Author Replies

  • hey, i downloaded the demo and copleted it! but i deleted it. can i still ge tthe costume?

  • crap. I hate typos.

  • locuuussssssttt. I <3 you.

  • So Ghostbusters is owned by Sony and they even made a space in Home, yet Terminal Reality (the developers) gimped the PS3 and PC versions by making the ps3 version look a lot worse, and removing the PC multiplayer.

    360 version is the best looking one, it’s not trolling, just truth. How funny that the only choice in europe is the ps3 version

  • HOME is really starting to come together, I just wish they wouldn’t charge so much for stuff. I like HOME a lot I just think it’s missing something….I don’t know what…

  • 360 sucks RROD.

  • Most people I know only care path 1.50 and the DLC for SOCOM.

    In fact, most people who bought the game still await the features listed on the back of the box.

    No game release has ever been that botched.

  • Microshack, go to and watch the latest video. It shows how the Lens of Truth video was way off base. I believe LoT used a pre-retail version of the PS3 game. Ghostbusters looks identical on the PS3 and 360, I don’t know about the PC.

  • spunnups | June 17th, 2009 at 3:12 pm
    HOME is really starting to come together, I just wish they wouldn’t charge so much for stuff. I like HOME a lot I just think it’s missing something….I don’t know what…

    It’s Missing Public Voice Chat!!!


  • While it’s awesome that we are getting a Visari Throne Room apartment… what about like an actual Killzone 2 homespace. Something that can be used for clans would be totally awesome.

  • What happened to the Buzz space? Did it launch already?

  • Wow, pretty big update. Keep up the great work guys!

  • i deleted the infamous demo cause i got the full game, do i still get the Cole costume?

  • Just a general advise: Charging for features is really a bad idea (clubs, pictureframes).

    I have no problem that you charge for some Avatar-Clothing etc. (though most of the time it is advertising anyway so why let people pay for it?) but don’t take away functionality from the Home-software itself.

  • Aww that f’n Ghostbusters apartment is the best thing you’ve offered yet!! BUT how much does it cost?? If it’s the usual $6 it’s sold as far as I’m concerned.

  • Hmmm. Your memory is getting “furry” eh?

  • not bad of update

  • @6 random much?

    Anyway Great update. Home really is getting better. I remember when I wouldn’t even attempt to go into it. But now I go on like 5 days a week.

  • Excellent work Home Development Team!

  • Any update on the missing Singstar items? It’s cool that infamous items got fixed btw, just wonder why Singstar is still in limbo. =\

  • I hope so I can just redownload and complete it again anyways

  • Wow this is one of the most impressive updates to Home ever since the Open Beta launched to the public. If only you guys could release updates this massive each week, more people would probably visit and enjoy PlayStation Home.

  • Just so everyone knows…..The ghostbusters game looks just as good if not better on the ps3. You can see a comparison here So please igore the Microtroll above.

  • Nice update. So will Socom have game launching within home tomorrow and what’s up with the singstar items?

  • EPIC Update! Definitely can not wait for this update and the next ones! Thank you Locust!

  • “because my memory is getting a little furry in my old age…

    Oh and funny you should say furry because we have been seeing Hamster all around Home! :D

  • @23…

    Um…that linked video shows that 360 version looking alot sharper. Is that what you meant to show?

  • “The other is scheduled for Saturday night and also involves free stuff, but you’ll have to keep your eyes on the video screens throughout Home between now and then for more details, because my memory is getting a little furry in my old age…”

    Does your memory also poop out on you sometimes? (trying for a lame hamster “pellet” pun, har har)

  • @9 I doubt we’ll ever get it back without the system being gimped. People playing music and screaming like idiots across every single space made me mute voice chat entirely.

    Anyway, I’m definitely happy about these new things, though I’m wondering if/when NIS will work on porting the Disgaea 3 Home Space from Japan. Any news on that? (and while we’re at it, a target release date for Disgaea 3 trophies that tie into Home?)

  • Im curious about the Cole costume as well. I had the demo and got it early sue to my getting the code from best Buy but after buying the full game i delteted it. I actually played through the demo multiple times as well.

  • @29

    Your right about the voice chat issue. Can’t count how many times I was just walking through the home square and heard multiple profanities. Not necessarily a big deal to me but my kids may be close enough to hear all that and I’d prefer that they didn’t.

  • This is cool and all, and me and a friend will probably check it out..

    But well check it out for like 20 mins, find out everything about the new complexes are boring and frustrating to use, i mean standing in virtual lines so i can play a [DELETED] 30 second racing game?

    No thanks.

    Honestly, i was a big supporter of home before it came out, but the way you guys have executed it, with all the frustrating things just to do anything, its not worth it.

    Stop spending money on home, abandon it, and for the love of god start spending your time and effort on cross game voice chat, and a huge number of improvements to the online.

    bottom line.


  • I gotta Ask … is Canada Allowed in on this Friday Scavenger Hunt … or do we get left out again cause of our ” Laws ”

    Locust it would be great if you or Buggie or Cydonia messages me if Canada can Participate or not



  • I’ve noticed from the EA Sports complex, you can look outside the big window and see a boxing ring and a backetball floor… will those become active some day?

  • Thanks for the update.. This may just be the shot in the arm that SOCOM needs. Hopefully this is a sign of more things to come for the SOCOM franchise.

    There is a lot of dedicated fans still left. Please don’t forget that.

  • I want that firehouse… O_O

  • you got to be kidding me right is this coming to eu? this is soo cool! whens killzone space coming out?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Are we gonna get the Hot Shots Golf Home Space eventually as well?

  • @34, the arenas outside the window in the EA complex are a lot smaller than you think. It’s a perspective trick.

  • These Home updates are great. Keep them coming! I’m especially interested in the Buzz! home space and never knew about the Cole costume. I already have the game, but I may try finishing the Demo and hope it pops up in my inventory a week later.

    Keep supporting Home. Some people think it’s just a place to play free games and win prizes, but it’s more than that. It’s a place to meet and communicate with other people! So if you’re going to be impatient and antisocial and just want to play the free games without waiting, then don’t bother logging into Home. It wasn’t made for people like you.

    I’ve actually met a bunch of cool people while waiting for a game to free up.

  • Wow. This is impressive for both spaces. I REALLY like the Socom’s projection screen as I I can imagine it would be a far better interface then the Warhawk table.

    And MAJOR kodos to the group behind the Ghostbuster’s space! It looks amazing! And the addition of Blue Screen’s and a playable Slimer! WOW!


    I won’t buy any more crap until I can actually use it all in my Home spaces. It’s pointless…

  • I won’t play Home as long as their server are crappy like they are. Too much lag and the games offered are pitiful. They only offer 1 place to play and only a few players can play , how the heck are you suppose to share will thousands of other fellow ps3 owner? Also, some of the games are made only for HD, such as the poker game, you can barely see crap on a SDTV.

  • Thanks Locust_Star sounds like a great update to Home.

    I can still remember last year before Home went live.

    I can’t believe how far Home has come since those days.

    Keep up the great work !

  • I forgot to ask on my last post.

    When I was at my Clubhouse last week, I noticed that I can’t add or move furniture any longer.

    Is there a reason why ?

    It seems to have happened right after the picture frames went live in Home.

  • the ghostbusters HOME space looks to have better graphics then the game.

    I will buy it.. but only if I can slide down the fire pole.

  • I actually might buy the Ghostbuster space

    Hey can you guys make custom soundtracks in Home, because all these public spaces are dead silent, since voice was taken out. And custom soundtracks might make me stay in Home more than 5 minutes.

  • Man, if only every update could be this good! The pictures I saw earlier today of the GB space don’t do it any justice compared to the video, that’s going to be an automatic buy for me definitely. The SOCOM space just looks killer, especially the strategy planning projection screen.

  • keep up the good work guys. Thats alot of content. And i hope soon more developers launch their games with home content from the start. any type of content from costumes to spaces would be cool.


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