Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 at E3 09

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Towards the tail end of E3, Team Ninja chief Yosuke Hayashi took time to chat (through a translator, as will be readily apparent) about Tecmo’s other upcoming PS3-exclusive, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Quantum is the other). Yes, I realize E3 ended nearly 2 weeks ago, but editing a video translated from Japanese is its own special brand of fun. Also, this is technically still the latest info about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, as it hasn’t been shown since. Enjoy!

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  • hey hey i have 2 ask this
    1. how many trophies are in the game
    2. will there be custom soundtracks
    3. will there be a demo soon
    4. will we be able 2 upload to youtube

  • Jeff I’m all for the subtitles thing. Help our PS3 brothers and sisters out

  • and thanks tecmo for showing some love. been looking at quantum theory since last year and thought it looked pretty also.

  • sorry tecmo but it is now too late, you guys can’t repack an old game and hope to sell it to us for full price, it hasn’t worked for games like bioshock and this one won’t be the exception. shame on you guys

  • Is Sigma 2 a bigger badder version of ninja gaiden 2 n the 360?

  • I so tired. Wine in my belly. What’d you think of that? Unemployed artist, that’s the name of the game. You feel me?

    What? This is the PS blog? Mmm… Jeff, I challenge you to a game of checkers; only then will we know who’s the true boss, king, or queen – feeling androgynous? Wacky!!!

  • I certainly hope the western release of this game gets delayed so the incorrectly colored magic dust can be replaced with geysers of blood as in Ninja Gaiden 2. Hayashi-san should realize westerners are not afraid of blood and you could never make a game like this appeal to less hardcore players by replacing blood with magic dust. Let Japan have the magic dust, give the west blood. That and custom soundtrax and game launching.

  • Thanks for the interview Jeff. Can’t wait to get my hands on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

    Sorry to be a little off topic, but is there a way I can buy a PS3 shirt and hat off the PlayStation website like it use to be or is it not going to be on the website anymore?

  • Cant wait for Heavy Rain!! loll sry i had to say it i just watched an interview about it

    On topic, i bought Sigma 1 and i have been disappointed, i like games with story and this one had none or almost and the cutscenes looked horrible.. did it change for Sigma 2?
    The gameplay was fun tho but it didnt compensate for the bad story

  • Yes! God, yes! I can’t wait for this game, Sigma was my favorite Ninja Gaiden game, and I think this is going to trump it. :)

  • Sigma 2, Back in Black! Finally some new Ninja Gaiden to sink my teeth into.

  • i just have all consoles except the wii…
    the wii stinks and is seriously overpriced for what u get vs the PS3.

  • Lol @56 that was epic

    Because I think you were drunk and Jeff That Reply was Great I Laughed out loud.

  • Another informative interview Jeff! Any news on In-Game XMB Music???

  • Your guys really should post the videos for download on PSN too !!!!!!!!

    I’m going to follow the trend to get noticed


  • @49:

    The PS3 version has A LOT more content than the original release.

    You get new missions and bosses, new characters with their respective story missions, online co-op, better graphics, tweaked gameplay and more weapons.

    I dont know how much it will cost, but it is definitely worthy 60 bucks.

  • I wish Cross Game Voice Chat and new firmware features were at E3 2009.

  • Looks awesome… So many games coming out its crazy. Wish us PS3 owners could get a couple a good RPG or two this year though.

  • Is it possible to hack off enemy limbs in Sigma 2 or that’s exclusive to the Xbox 360 NG2 version?

  • How come Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 wasn’t release at the same time as the 360s? I think we are getting a rehash of sigma with a few tweaks. The co op is not even part of the main game. Its like a hoard mode side mission. If Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is priced at $60 then you guys can forget about me buying it. Its been a year since the xbox 360 version came out. I don’t know how many times I must say this but you developers really need to release these softwares simultaneously. Once you start playing console favoritism. Fans does the very same. Look at Bionic Commando. These people at Capcom showed up on the blog and lied through their teeth. Now their game is not selling jack. Sony fans don’t play around.

  • Woo hooo

  • Jeff, can you find out what’s the madatory install? 3GB or 5GB?
    Its always nice to get home with a brand new you game you must spend between 10-15 minutes installing. OMG, I hate that [DELETED]! Sony needs to put warning on the box. That way, Ill know what not to spend my money on.


  • Hey Jeff, I was just reading through the comments when I saw TrueFFVIIFan’s comment about subtitles (and KazeExternal’s that followed). I get the feeling the following wouldn’t be fine simply because of the way things have to be done for the blog, but perhaps it would be possible to sort of recruit a volunteer(s) for this kind of job? There are lots of people on the internet well practiced in putting subtitles to video files with a variety of programs, and many of those people happily volunteer that for things they like. If that was acceptable, you could have some kind of volunteer competition! Well, it’s probably not, but I just thought I’d say it… the more people enjoy the blog, the merrier!^^

  • Is it gonna be broken up like in Sigma? Or will I get to have 4 different save files going at once.

    I hate it being broken up.

  • Hope the final boss is not as difficult as the final boss on the first one!!

    It was really frustrating trying to beat it until I found I could move the platforms moving the sixaxis controller!

  • Brutally hard games FTW. Hey, I didn’t know NG Sigma 2 was a PS3 exclusive. When did this happen?

  • Sexy game!!

  • I bought 3 different versions of the first Ninja Gaiden and Sigma was the only version I could really get into (and finally finish). Glad to see that NG2 is getting the same treatment. Ayane looks like she’s going to be a lot of fun…

  • Keep asking Namco-Bandia about Tales of Vesperia please.

  • I can’t believe someone would ask “where’s the blood?” There IS blood. I was there to play NGS2, the game is almost exactly similar to the original NGS…There were a little bit of slowdown, but nothing major like the other console. *smirk* Go sony!

  • We want something on white knight chronicles, please Jeff can ya set up something,, please

  • haha that D.O.B thing is annoying… I think my D.O.B is January, 1st 1900? Right?! LOL I do that on purpose

  • @ zombie_56 (#72)

    $60.00 US is about $68 Canadian.

    1 CAD = 0.889576 USD

    So there you go.

  • Not sure if it’s too late now but Team Ninja should include the option to have the original blood in the game. They seem to have made improvements but toning down the blood was not one of them and doesn’t make the game “cooler”, in fact probably the opposite.

  • Any chance they would include some old school Ninja Gaiden (some of that 8-bit grafix)on PSN or unlockable content on Sigma 2? Ninja Gaiden Sigma was my first PS3 game!!!! :)

  • Tons of laziness in these videos. It’s gotten to the point where I truly believe that either a peacoc* (You know I’ll get modded for that) or the Frankenberry cereal guy will try to pwn garbage off on me. Looking forward to the game as I like the first on the platform. Just not into the used car old box of tricks from frick and frack here.

  • Oh wow, I missed that Rachel would be playable in all the other E3 hoopla. I loved the original NG and NG:sigma, but for some reason didn’t like NG2. I like the idea of other playable characters, though, so I might pick this up now that there are THREE. Any idea on how much (missions?) you’ll be able to use the other characters?

  • will this version have all the costumes in the disc rather than making us pay like the ripoff version on the 360?

  • Great interview as always.

    By the way Jeff can you please do me a favor & ask Hayashi-san this question:-

    Are we gonna be forced to play with the extra characters in the story mode like what happened in the first Sigma or we can pick the character that we want to play with?!

    thanks in advance & you doing great job. :D

  • This looks EXTREMELY toned down. I’m not going to buy this if it doesn’t have the over the top blood geysers that the original had.

  • @72 “what’s the madatory install? 3GB or 5GB? Sony needs to put warning on the box. That way, Ill know what not to spend my money on.”

    They do have them on the box, how about you LOOK next time?

  • Well, looks good but I had such a bad experience with the first Sigma. Meaning I know is a hard game and everything but after dying 50 times with the last boss I put it back in the shelf.

  • When Is This Game Out Again?

  • You know how you could unlock the original Ninja Gaiden on original xbox. Is there anyway you could get them to add that to Sigma 2. That would be monumental 4shiggitty.

  • Jeff why didn’t you do any post yesterday, with little polls etc?

  • hey Jeff..could u hook me up with a trophy t-shirt PLEASE!..I NEED ONE!

  • glad to hear they’re still planning on a Fall release. I was starting to wonder with no news coming out of E3 on Sigma 2 and the fact doesn’t have it up for pre-order STILL…

    I have NG2 right here, but I’m definitely picking up Sigma 2. This is easily one of the better action/adventure series on the market. In terms of pure action it’s second only to GoW. ;)

  • Off-The-Hook, I Still Love Xbox360

  • Can’t wait for the game!! It’s awesome news to hear that Rachel is comming back to the game!!
    Just hope that the blood doesn’t get too toned down, it’s pretty cool to have those effects left in, ESPECIALLY WHEN RYU SHAKES THE BLOOD OFF THE WEAPON BEFORE HE HOLSTERS IT!!!!!!!!

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