Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 at E3 09

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Towards the tail end of E3, Team Ninja chief Yosuke Hayashi took time to chat (through a translator, as will be readily apparent) about Tecmo’s other upcoming PS3-exclusive, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Quantum is the other). Yes, I realize E3 ended nearly 2 weeks ago, but editing a video translated from Japanese is its own special brand of fun. Also, this is technically still the latest info about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, as it hasn’t been shown since. Enjoy!

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  • … someone is mad and gave this a 1 rating? O____o

  • where is the blood? purple blood?

  • No information about the online :(

  • Looks good, good interview as well.

    Btw, was there a miss in the edit of the video or did the producer not answer (or misinterpret) your question regarding the blood (he talked about Ryu’s “coolness” instead)?

    • There\’s no miss in the edit, but perhaps the question was broadened during translation, or Hayashi-san broadened the answer to address all of the changes made from Ninja Gaiden 2 to Sigma 2.

  • One of the few 360 games I bought last year. Wish I would have just waited as online co-op and camera fixes will really make the game better.

  • Also….

    When are we getting the demo :)

    • I did ask this off camera, but they didn\’t have answer yet. They\’ve been welcomed back for any future details, announcements, etc.

  • Any plans for a demo, like the original did?

  • hated the 360 version

  • I can honestly say that I still haven’t finished NGS. But nevertheless, i’m still getting NGS2 no matter how hard it is. Great interview Jeff.

  • Yaaayyy!!! Great interview Jeff, can’t wait for NGS2, I envy you that you get to meet all the cool & great game developers around the events. ;-D

    By the way, did you met or interviewed Hideo Kojima at E3?

    • I\’ve met Kojima once before, but he wasn\’t doing interviews during this E3, unfortunately.

  • Yeah, i wanted to hear about the blood or the decision for lackthereof, and maybe some online coop.

  • Did you guys get to talk to the Katamari Developers? I’d like to hear more about that PS3 exclusive.

  • give me a “blood geysers” dammit :)

  • BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Should be a BLOOD option at least.

  • sweet nice interview, hey jeff i have a question umm any chance i could get a ninja gaiden avatar? pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Very nice interview and it looks good it looks like the year long wait might be worth it.

  • Jeff, any word on if Tales of Vesperia was being considered for a US release? Also, you meantioned last week we’d see some FFXIII news on the blog but nothing came of it. Any word on that?

  • there is too many games coming out this holiday that I might have to skip this baby.
    I must get all these game first
    Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
    Uncharted 2
    Demon Souls
    NBA 2k10 (Kobe on the Cover, Lakers NBA 2009 Champs)
    Fat Princess
    Well basically all PS3 exclusive.

  • Thanks for the answer Jeff.

  • i liked NG2 on the 360 im glad a more refined version is coming to ps3 as the 360 version had some flaws that made me not want to replay it, such as the recycling of bosses is this still in there?

    good interview by the way^^

    • Thank you. I know that the Statue of Liberty boss is new (there\’s a shot there in the video). Clearly there are a lot of good questions left on the table – I\’ll definitely try and get Tecmo back here on the blog between now and launch.

  • Heheh. “More cooler.” :P

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jeff, are you SURE that was a translator and not his real voice? XD It’s definitely looking good and, honestly, ‘geysers of blood’ make me think Monty Python which, while completely fine for Monty Python and comedy in general, really doesn’t fit in with the more serious… ‘things’ like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (I really didn’t know what word to use there. “Games” feels like an outdated, condescending term to me now.)

    What I’m REALLY happy about from this interview (besides three hot chicks to play with I mean): camera adjustments!

  • Sigma was hella tough…but i’m ready for Sigma 2, game is gonna be hella tight…


  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I hope they fixed the glitches, frame rates and camera problems….I’ll probably buy this, but as with every port, I’ll wait until it’s < $30.

    Speaking of late ports, any word on ToV PS3 for the US Jeff?

  • Hey Jeff? I was wondering when will you be more than willing enough to have subtitles added to your videos- or in general videos for that matter? I wanted to read the subtitle in order to understand what this “interview” is all about? It’s simply because I am deaf. I don’t want to go all way out here to identify myself, but for those who truly want to understand – don’t have that opportunity to do so, you know?

    • You make a good point. I\’m not exactly sure what kind of closed captioning services exist for internet video (in my TV days you hired someone to do it live for your show).

      It\’s worth looking into, and I\’ll do that.

  • yea i saw the shot of liberty looks very cool thanks jeff

  • Was hoping for some Kaz Yamauchi translator action, that gy was badass

  • This game REALLY needs to be released in July, August or early September at the latest. There’s just so many games coming out during the fall/holiday season that a year old port will just get completely overlooked.

    Seriously, why do publishers feel that every game needs to be released with a 3 month span?

  • what about the news in psn this week?

  • Jeff! Any news on White Knight Chronicles? You promised us a release date by E3 :~~~

  • Im really excited about Yosuke Hayashi taking the NG franchise into a whole new direction.

    See’ing the things he put in sigma like co-op really shows the forward thinking Yosuke Hayashi has in mind for the series.

    I hope NG will be one of the greats again, it might even break out to be a popular household name (instead of a niche franchise)

  • Looking forward to Ninja Sigma

    Is there a password setting for the PS3, Im getting tired of some people paying with my PS3 but I cant find any password settings to go with my username. Maybe in a future update please

  • Ninja Gaiden is not hard in terms of skills. It consider hard because the camera angle makes it difficult to lock onto enemies.

  • He didn’t really answer why they toned down the blood.

  • @29 Dark_Vincent
    Do not ask dude. Jeff already address that situation with WKC. I cannot say I am not extremely disappointed that he or Chris was not able to get a WKC blog post.

  • Is there any word about online coop? That would be AMAZING.
    I loved Sigma, so I will probably pick this up ASAP. Although, I highly doubt I’ll be able to platinum it (assuming there will be trophies for the hardest difficulties).

    • There is online co-op, though I don\’t have the details… yet. We\’ve let Tecmo know about your questions and have invited Team Ninja back to the Blog to take on questions.

  • Jeff I want your shirt!

    I definitely have to get this game! It’s on my top 5 games of E3 list.

  • @ Jeff

    Hey I was wondering when this game was going to come out an what about are females in the game? are they add ons or build in the game?

    2nd is that I was wondering if you found out anymore on Demons Soul’s?

  • Jeff it’s nice to see Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Nice to see some difference from the 360 version. But uh, can we get the blood back in. I hope it’s not censorship that’s blocking it. I remember when Sigma came out in Japan, Tecmo removed the gore in the game (the gore was in US and some European version).

  • What sort of TV related stuff did you do Jeff?

  • I’m a bit skeptical regarding the coolness as I haven’t felt it yet. Maybe you need to be there to feel it.

    So, I’m curious Jeff, did you feel the coolness that he spoke off?

    • I played a bit on the show floor, it looked super smooth. I enjoyed the first one, and I\’ll definitely be playing this one as well.

  • I would assume this game will release at the $59.99 price point later this Fall?

  • never really played any of this series but i might pick this up

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo

    needs MORE blood geysers! Say it loud PSer’s!

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo



  • This game looks great. However, I was planning to buy this game but with the Price of the PSP Go I dropped two games from my list. Yes I’m on a very strict budget. But, if I get my Christmas Bonus I might just get it. :D
    Also, is that Grace from the PS Store posts Translating? Not a stereotype but it seems like it would fit her voice.

  • @Jeff
    Jealous that you met Kojima, but on the note of subtitles.

    There should be some open source tools available to allow you to use your own text with timings for use in burn in. I’m not sure if flash has added support yet, but you maybe able to get your flash (ActionScript) programmer (if you have one) to build one to accompany your flash 10 video player.

    • There are some apps for YouTube, but there\’s the matter of transcribing all the words and editing them in, in realtime.

      I don\’t know if you\’ve ever done that kind of work, but it\’s pretty much a full time job. Again, something worth investigating.

  • I think it’s important that he talked alot about what the differences from the 360 version are. I know you want to focus this as much as possible on PS3, but this time it’s relevant to hear about the other consoles.

  • Will NGS2 buy for co-op.

    what happen to the Uncharted cast video from E3?

    • I was working on the edit today. Trying to get some behind-the-scenes video, which I think will help illustrate some of what they\’re talking about.

  • Are we going to get charged $60, because that sucks. I saw the competitions copy for $20. Or are we geting charged a late fee.

  • Played a little bit of the second one on the 360 but definitely picking this one up. Love Sigma and glad that there is extra stuff in both to call more than just a over priced port.

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