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Hey, all PS Blog readers. Tsubasa here. I’m excited to announce a new update, coming June 18, for my favorite PSN puzzle game — echochrome! The update is for the PS3 version (The game was released last year for both PS3 and PSP. Both versions are available now for $9.99 each). We’ve added a ton of new features to the game since last year’s launch, including Trophies.

Here is a quick run down on the new features being added as of June 18.

This is a game mode that allows players to upload levels they have created, and also download levels that others have posted. We have added a simple search function to go with it. For example, if you find someone whose works you like, you can search for their levels by ID.

Our Picks:
For those of you who do not want to search through the sea of user-generated content, we have weekly updates of 8 recommended levels for you to enjoy.

YouTube Uploader/PlayStation EYE support:
Another great feature update is the YouTube uploader. Once players have played through a level successfully, they have the option to upload the replay to YouTube (you will need a YouTube account of course, but the process is very straightforward).

Even better, if you have the PlayStation Eye peripheral, you will be enabled to capture yourself playing the game. This capture will appear as a “picture-in-picture” image, that you can also upload to YouTube. Capture that moment of successfully solving that mind breaking puzzle and share with friends!

There are a bunch of smaller but important additional updates as well, such as DTS Sound Support, custom soundtrack support (play back your own music in-game, from your XMB playlist), and updated Trophy Icons. So yes, we do listen to comments or feedback from our dear users.

We are very happy to continue support on this project, and hope you enjoy the added value!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for the echochrome spin-off for PSP that was announced at E3 last week — “echochrono (working title).”

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  • @Kumi
    Will this behind the scenes video be released on the PS Store? That would be a great way to remind people of this game. The soundtrack really is great so please release it for free/purchase! The PS Store needs more game music :)

  • I think it’s about that time I buy this game.

  • qwertyuiopasdfgh

    Is the patch coming out June 18 in Europe as well or only in the US?

  • Yes, In game soundtrack!

  • Cool thanks for the continued support.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    It really pisses me off that I’m having to say this more and more but, as per usual…..


    Are you getting the point yet?

  • It really pisses me off that I’m having to say this more and more but, as per usual…..


    Are you getting the point yet?

  • great job on the dlc how many trophys are they adding and how much for the dlc.rock on

  • I liked playing echochrome in home. I earned all the pieces for the echochrome suit.

  • I already own this game, and wanted to tell you, thank you so much for adding DTS support and In Game Custom Soundtracks support! (along with the last patch) That’s awesome! I cant wait to see what the new Trophys look like. :)

    Also, I seem to be having an issue getting one of the trophys unlocked, and I’m hoping that this patch will fix that issue. :)

  • Custom Soundtracks and updated icons, yay! ST support was MUCH needed and those icons were a bit drab. Awesome additions, thank you…

  • At SNSKID,

    This game rules!!!

    Thanks for the update!

  • Kumi Yuasa, since you’re doing a behind the scenes look at the soundtrack, I was wondering if the US was going to see a release of the soundtrack since I really like the music and the only thing I can find is a Japanese import for like $28, which to be honest is a little too much for 13 songs in my opinion. Thanks for any info.

  • Wow. The youtube picture-in-picture thing is why I’m glad to own a PS3. Where else are you going to find such a hearty dedication to user-created content?

    I don’t think any of my levels were hard enough to warrant a tutorial. I can still just have origami sailboats go across the screen though.

  • woah pseye -> youtube pip? nice one guys! More devs need to take note

  • Poopookakabumbum


    Considering Kaz said UMDs were NOT going away, and they were going to be continued side by side with DDs, there’s every reason to expect a UMD version of Echochrome.

    As for your condescending, patronising, extremely rude attitude – you just continue to show your ignorance.

  • @66

    Just because the UMD isn’t going away does that mean every single game that gets released on PSN needs to be on UMD as well. Next thing I’m going to read is that PS1 classics will now be coming to UMD.


    That reminds me, I bought the content for PSP levels and never finished them. Hopefully they release a patch for level sharing on the PSP since that version is indeed being overlooked.


    Must finish all the levels before the 18th… again.

  • Updated trophy icons = cool!

  • Hey could we actually put the levels we create onto our own sites? Then use the ps3 to launch echochrome from the browser itself and play the level or download the level onto the ps3?

    I dig the level sharing but level sharing via intranet really cramps up mods/designing levels of games. How can play/create/share be possible when you can’t share ideas? When you can’t create with friends? and when the type of levels you like, you can’t play, because a million other levels are drowning it out in a cramped intranet?

    Thanks for keeping this gem updated though. It was worth it then and it is still worth it now! A must own for every ps3 and psp owner.

  • This is very nice. I’m not 100% sold on the camera functionality… but the custom music is a game saver. I enjoyed this game (Even got near the full costume on the Home Arcade version, though I know it’s supremely different) but that old style music on loop gets soooo dull after a while. I just couldn’t take it.

    My only other suggestion to make long play periods more appealing would be some sort of visualizer in the background. Nothing too fast or crazy, just something to get the monotony down a bit. Hell, if you could figure out how to build in the PS3’s music visualizers, that’d be an added bonus, since you could actually switch between those and they could potentially expand over time…

    Anyway, thanks for the update! Huge respect for you guys.

  • Thank you for great support!

    Is this patch also for the European version?

    Will we see EchoChrono (Replay in EU) also on the PS3?

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak RE: On sale

    You are right, I wish I had gotten this on sale for $5. With the new DLC it might be worth $10.

    However, but having missed out and with a lot of good $10 downloadable games across all platforms, it erks me to think of paying full price.

  • Who cares I never liked that game in the first place! And SCEA is not listening to what we want..I don’t know how many times I have to post this without getting banned due to SCEA’s lack of knowledge! “Where is XMB in all our Games!” and where is the Music Videos!..Damn you people are so slow its enough that Summer is just around the corner June 21st you still haven’t given us anything that will make us happy Sony!..Europe is bragging while we are asking you since after E3 where is 2.80 update or 3.00 Update PS3!! I’m sick in tired of Network Stabilty Updates! You people seriously need to lay off the beach until you start listening to what we want!..

  • Thank you very much Kumi, Tsubasa + SCEI!!

    This was a great update! Especially DTS + the making-of documentary (particularly exciting).

    Hope you can include Cloud mode on PSP someday.

    [I also hope the PSP runs as smoothly as iPod touch someday, too. Is it the ‘firmware’? I miss the ‘minimal’ approach of PSOne, + the feeling of ‘convenience’– but, I digress.]

    Keep up the good work!

  • @67

    That would defeat the point of saying that UMD is staying, wouldn’t it?

    All people are asking for is choice. It’s not an unreasonable demand.

  • @73
    Chill, all that will come with time. For the meantime, I’d rather them work on making games better.

    Still haven’t bought this game, going to though on the 18th. I thought this game looked amazing when I first saw it, just never got around to buying it.

  • @75
    Dude, they’re not going to make all games for UMD, just like a lot of games aren’t downloadable. Why not just download it? Seriously, it’s not that difficult.

  • So the time limit will remain, huh? I wish I had never bought this. A game of this perplexity should have NEVER had a time limit.

  • Well, its nearly 7am on the east coast side and still no update… I guess I’m just too excited to wait any longer…come on I wanna see new trophys and hear some DTS sound! :)

  • Not sure when it went up but the patch is now live in the US! Pretty small at just 23mb despite the large features it adds.

  • I HOPE you guys are still reading this blog!!

    The Patch came out today and it DOES NOT WORK as it is intended to do!

    Please get us a new patch asap to fix this problem! The problem is the exact same as with Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

    The DTS will NOT playback properly unless I deselect Dolby Digital from the XMB otherwise the game automatically chooses Dolby Digital which is the inferior output.

    I WISH you guys would hire people like me that would actually TEST out the patches FULLY before giving them out to people!

    The devs at Evolution Studios (and the Socom devs) have the same issue. They release patches before even testing them out completely making the PS community very angry.

    Can you guys PLEASE make a new patch that works properly with the DTS output. Otherwise putting DTS in the game was meaningless because most people will not bother to deselect dolby digital each and every time they want to play Echochrome.

    Or at the VERY LEAST allow us to select DTS from the options menu in the game like in Uncharted and have the game SAVE that choice for the future.

    Either way as it stands this patch is broken.

  • Also I would like to add, I want to say thank you for the in game custom soundtracks support, it works great!

    I also like all the small new things I am seeing in the game so far as I play, like the tiny square that appears in the corner of the stages picture that I complete to help me keep track of whats beaten and whats not. Small additions here and there I noticed make it feel more like a complete polished product.

    Also being able to use select to record the gameplay is a great idea, sadly you used MotionJPEG instead of AVC and it looks heavily compressed. Can you change this in a future update to AVC @ 8Mbps or let us choose what we want to save it as?

    All the updates you have made so far have been important IMO, and I am glad to see Echochrome finally become one of the more “must have” type of titles for PS3.

    You just have to fix that DTS issue please. It is very annoying.

  • Also, I am glad I don’t need to accept the EULA each and every single time I play the game anymore. That’s nice. :) I can basically go straight to the game now without all the hassle. Thank you! :)

  • @Kumi Yuasa
    It’s funny you say that because I do upload a lot of videos to youtube. In fact I have been uploading videos in general for the past 24 hours or so. Thankfully this 23rd one is the last. @_@

    I have to keep you informed.

  • Once you address the DTS sound issue on the US version, when can we expect a patch in the .EU?

    Loaded the game a couple of times but no update. (but I do need to accept the eula + select to download new content every time I load the game – is this supposed to happen or is my profile data messed up?)

  • I’ve been meaning to get Echochrome for a long time.
    I did download the demo, but once I installed it, it wanted to install an update and complained that it wasn’t the full game, so it didn’t work and I couldn’t even launch the demo… I had to delete it.
    I still have no idea if I’ll enjoy the game so I’ve held out on buying it because of that.

  • Play, Create and Share.

    Thats all I ask of an update for echochrome on PSP, you guys did it for the PS3, listen to your fans.

  • The music that was included made this game so beautiful. I guess if anyone has gotten sick of it then they can switch over to their own stuff. I might try that.

  • I’m having problems with the autosave in echochrome. I played the “A” row in Atelier last night only to find this morning that nothing I did last night was saved. I deleted my save file and started over this morning but through experimentation found that saving is still iffy. So far I’ve only gotten A1 and A2 progress (and their times) to save permanently. Does it only save if your time is below a certain limit or something? I can’t find anything in “tips” that says anything of the sort if that’s the case. Anyway I think I’m done with echochrome until something is done about this.

    Also, what is the difference between “Complete all stages in A to G” and “Complete all courses in A to G” in the trophy descriptions? Does one refer to Gallery only and the other include the user-created levels? I can’t figure it out.

  • Okay, never mind. I figured out at least that for courses you choose the letter only (A through G) on the stage select screen and you play through the whole row.

    It also seems that maybe the autosave only works if you wait for that timer counter to count up all the way at the end of a stage. This is kind of odd though, because your times are shown on the stage select screen even if you don’t do this. And if the autosave only works if you wait for this counter, then why not disable the ability to exit the level until it’s done?

  • I’m not sure about the save feature for entire rows, but it seems to be fixed now for individual stages.

    I was able to get my Trophy finally for completing stages A-D and also the Trophy for completing E-G, which never did kick in before (on 1.01), even though I have beaten the game numerous times. So they definitely fixed the stage by stage save progress. :D

    Sad thing was, I had to beat each stage all over again to obtain those 2 Trophys, but that was not much of a biggie. :)

  • Turns out my theory about waiting for the counter at the end in order to save was false. I played through 11 stages tonight and when I went back to the game later none of those 11 stages were marked as played.

    Can we get an answer on this, please? Has there at least been any acknowledgement that there’s an issue?

  • @ViolentPhlegm, I just played the “Atelier” –> “Gallery” Row A and beat it in about 4 minutes… saved it, and turned off the game. Went back to the XMB and powered down the system. I flipped the switch in the back to completely cut off power and waited 5 minutes.

    I turned the power back on, turned on the system and fired up Echochrome. And when I went back to that section I noticed that Row A still has that tiny black square in it indicating that the Row A was complete.

    So for me, Row saving and individual stage saving is working fine.

  • Yeah I just beat the game again, unlocking the last trophys I needed and it all saved just fine, so it looks as if the biggest issue of this patch is the DTS sound problem.

    Also, I will admit when they said they changed the trophy pictures, I thought they meant all of them, not just half of them.

    The fact that I get the same trophy picture for the hardest gold trophy as I do the easiest bronze trophy is not very exciting at all.

    Please make it so that the biggest and best trophy at least has its own cool picture. Why change half of them and stop there? Change the rest of them please. :P

    We would appreciate it.

  • I tried again last night. Played one stage, exited and went back into the game and it had saved. So I played a few more stages, exited and went back in again and none of the new stages saved. It seems random for me.

  • Okay… I’m officially a useless tool. Been pressing Start then Quit after finishing a stage instead of pressing X which forces a save. This only took me what 4 nights of playing to figure out?

  • the new psp game looks awesome

  • Every time I select “cloud” my PS3 freezes :(

  • @98 Cloud can just take a long time to load depending on the speed of the servers. It just takes a while to gather the information.

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