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Hey, all PS Blog readers. Tsubasa here. I’m excited to announce a new update, coming June 18, for my favorite PSN puzzle game — echochrome! The update is for the PS3 version (The game was released last year for both PS3 and PSP. Both versions are available now for $9.99 each). We’ve added a ton of new features to the game since last year’s launch, including Trophies.

Here is a quick run down on the new features being added as of June 18.

This is a game mode that allows players to upload levels they have created, and also download levels that others have posted. We have added a simple search function to go with it. For example, if you find someone whose works you like, you can search for their levels by ID.

Our Picks:
For those of you who do not want to search through the sea of user-generated content, we have weekly updates of 8 recommended levels for you to enjoy.

YouTube Uploader/PlayStation EYE support:
Another great feature update is the YouTube uploader. Once players have played through a level successfully, they have the option to upload the replay to YouTube (you will need a YouTube account of course, but the process is very straightforward).

Even better, if you have the PlayStation Eye peripheral, you will be enabled to capture yourself playing the game. This capture will appear as a “picture-in-picture” image, that you can also upload to YouTube. Capture that moment of successfully solving that mind breaking puzzle and share with friends!

There are a bunch of smaller but important additional updates as well, such as DTS Sound Support, custom soundtrack support (play back your own music in-game, from your XMB playlist), and updated Trophy Icons. So yes, we do listen to comments or feedback from our dear users.

We are very happy to continue support on this project, and hope you enjoy the added value!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for the echochrome spin-off for PSP that was announced at E3 last week — “echochrono (working title).”

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  • echochrono looks like a lot of fun. i got bored of echochrome too quickly

  • i liked echochrome look to the psp one.

  • day in day out, playing echochrome on the psp

  • I love how this game is always getting update. :3

    I’m even happier that I already own it. lol

    • Thanks for your comment, sNsKid! We\’re looking forward to seeing your echochrome YouTube videos!

  • So echochrono is essentially cursor10?

  • Sounds very cool! I have yet to purchase echochrome (poor student :() but that youtube uploader update makes it seem so easy and straight foward to make a help video or some such thing.

  • “and updated Trophy Icons.”

    “So yes, we do listen to comments or feedback from our dear users.”

    Indeed you do listen! But its a little hard to believe you actually went and did take such a minor suggestion to heart. :) The replay/youtube feature will be of great help and the easier new level grabbing will be very useful. Bring on the patch!

    Oh and I loved the ‘echochrono’ trailer by the way. Hope to hear more about it soon. Could it launch this fall with the Go!…?

    • Yes, we do value our fans and appreciate your continuous support!

      Stay tuned for more updates on echochrono (working title)!

  • Any chance that we can get user generated content and our picks for the PSP version of echochrome?

  • i wish some of these updates would come to the psp. i kind of regret not buying it for ps3 now.

  • nice, i love this game.. not sure if i’ll use custom-sound track on this one; the soundtrack already fits the game nicely.

  • wow, really great support and you now added pretty every XMB-Feature in this game :o
    glad I have the game already ^^

  • Great game, and these are nice additions. Keep up the good work, hopefully more people will check this gem out.

  • Awesome addition to the already great game.

  • i always wondered is this game good?

    • It’s a fun and addictive puzzle game with elegant and simple graphics.

      Now\’s the perfect time to check it out! It\’s been over a year since the title was released and it keeps getting better and better with lots of new features!

  • hmm that Cloud mode sounds great, it seems I’ll finally buy this game :)

    @TwiztedR3DHead #14: Download the demo and try it yourself.

  • i got echochrome but i havent played in a while… i got frustrated with a level…

    gonna check that out

    • YouTube uploads of game replays are bound to help many players.

      Out of curiosity, which level was this? (frustrated)


    Got any info on this game?

    Like why were still playing a beta, or when the patch is coming, or how come 8 months later we still don’t have any DLC when promised by Seth Luisi we would have it on release day…

    “DLC will be available on release day. You will be able to upgrade it and get new customization options and more on release day. We plan to have new DLC every month, and a big package every 3 months”.

    Well congratulations on not delivering any DLC 8 months later, now can you stop ignoring the damn Socom fans and give us something to play already.

  • I’ve gotten really close to buying this game a lot of times. Maybe this will push me over the edge.

    • Yes, now\’s the perfect time to buy! The game keeps getting better and better with lots of new features! :)

  • I definitely have a soft spot for Echochrome. It’s odd that a game so simple on such a powerful piece of hardware is so pleasing to look at.

  • Very impressive update. Unfortunately I only have the psp version.

  • Echochrono seems a lot like parts of Braid. Which is good, because I loved Braid.

  • A pretty dicent update, ill have to check this gam4e out some time.

  • I’m very happy to see that this game is getting support still. Keep up the good work :)

  • nice pseye support! more games need this.

  • I’m stoked to be able to listen my own music finally. This should bring life back into the game, just like it did with The Last Guy update.

  • Why would anyone want to listen to custom soundtracks when Echochrome has probably one of the best soundtracks ever!

    Is there anywhere we can purchase the music of Echochrome or Echochrono? It’s so damn incredible.

    Best PSN game. Hands down…

  • Awesome, DTS support!!! It is 24-bit/48khz? what’s the bitrate?

    Thanks so much, I love the music and can’t wait to hear it in high-def! I just hope that the spatial accuracy of DTS won’t make the announcer’s voice too creepy ;>

    While you’re patching first-party titles, can we get trophy support in Piyotama, Locoroco Cocoreccho, and Everyday Shooter? I’d love to hear the Locorocos singing and music in 24-bit DTS also!

    Thanks for continuing to add innovation and value to your legacy titles!

  • Any chance we’ll see Echochrono on the PS3?

  • This is wonderful news. The update that I’ve been longing for. Thank you so much for adding custom soundtrax. Now I’ll be on my way to adding funds to ps wallet to get the game. I hope this is my most memorable week with this being the 1 year anniversary of MGS4.
    Hopefully they finally add trophies and custom soundtrax to that game.

  • SWEET! DTS support and Custom Soundtracks!? Awesome.
    Im not gonna say anything about the LBP-esque play create share type thing you’ve got going there. Just know that i WILL be Playing, Creating, and Sharing with it. :D
    This is so awesome.

  • I watched the video, and at first glance I thought echochrono was a blatant ripoff of lemmings. After finishing the video I realized just how wrong I was and am now thoroughly ashamed of myself. This must be how xbox owners feel.

  • @Psycho_Eddie

    You are idiot…if you wrong about your assumptions then you are probably wrong how people feel about play the xbox. Just play teh game and dont be so close minded.

  • this is awesome for a great game already!

  • @Aeric

    is he? Maybe you’re the idiot. Go back and read his comment. xD
    Uber self-pwnage!

  • Yeah!! Yeah!!! Custom soundtracks!! Thank you so much. The Echochrome music is great but it’s awesome to be able to listen to your own music if you want. Love how many developers are adding this, thanks again.

  • wow i love this game and this is just amazing
    now this is what i call supporting your game
    good job!!

    • Yes, we appreciate fans like you and wanted to support this title further. Thank you for your kind words!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Will you have this game on sale again? I missed it last time and now it’s 10 bucks again, please have it a $5 sale again on this, PJM and The Last Guy and I’ll buy all of them.

  • does the last guy support trohpies now?

  • custom soundtrack support was the only thing really stopping me from buying this game in the past so i will def be picking this up soon. nice work!

  • Neat. Maybe this will be enough to get me to finaslly get those two last trophies (all I need to do is stage G).

  • DTS FTW!!!!!!!!!

    and complement that with Custom music, ok now I’ll be buying this for sure.

    PS: I wish more PS3 games supported DTS sound, its so much better, then anything else. Devs if you want ultimate sound out put for your games plase add DTS, DolbyDigital does not do us gamers justice.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak



  • The Eye/YouTube feature sounds amazing. I hope more and more titles include it in the future. :D

  • I love Echochrome. I got the game for PSP & PS3. I got a couple of trophies in the game.I also have a Playstation Eye so I am very glad I have this game. I’m so excited about the new echochrome spin-off for the PSP coming out soon. Good job with the game!!!

    • Thank you, AlexC224! The spin-off title will be very different from echochrome, but it\’s still really fun and challenging. We\’re excited about it too. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.

  • Thank you for the IN-GAME XMB MUSIC! I will be picking this game up now!

  • Thank you for your compliments on the music of echochrome!

    For the fans of the music, we’re working on a special behind-the-scenes look at how the soundtrack came together. So look for it in coming weeks!!

  • @AEREC

    You are idiot…if you wrong about your assumptions then you are probably wrong how people feel about play the xbox. Just play teh game and dont be so close minded.

    No. You idiot. I not wrong. You wrong. People play the xbox very ashamed. Also, you engrish too good.

  • Loved the innovation this game did in puzzle games, and I always fell in love with the soundtrack. Own on both the PSP and PS3 and the challenging puzzles were quite enjoyable.

    Though to be honest I’m more interested in Echochrono (working title) because the concept looks like another winner and I don’t even think I have to say its another guaranteed purchase from me. I almost missed it because I thought it was a typo until I downloaded a bunch of PSP demos and noticed it wasn’t a typo.

  • Sounds like a great update! I have the PS3 and PSP versions (plus add-on), and I’m slowly chipping away at the levels.

    Would be cool to be able to get the music on the PSN…

  • So I guess it’s the PS3 version that’s getting all the support.

    I only own the PSP version since I saw echochrome as more something I’d want to play on a handheld. Is the PS3 version really wroth it that much on its own?

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