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A nice variety of stories hitting the web this week, including post-E3 impressions, inFAMOUS review stragglers (hint: they still love it), and another entertaining, if bizarre, “reviewsical” from the minds over at Sarcastic Gamer.

You know the drill – add your stories to the list via our comments section.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 8, 2009)

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  • And I mean idea section by letting people have a section for giving off ideas or atleast voting for great ideas.

  • @ katsuo7171 (32) & Aclar00 (31)

    “…you can call Sony and get a new one to replace that one for 150 bucks. If you still have your warranty.”

    The $150 repair cost is for out of warranty systems. If your warranty is still valid, it won’t cost you anything to get it fixed. Chances are, if it’s a 60 GB, your warranty is already up. I had to send mine in a while back (no YLOD, but MGS4 would stop loading after 15 minutes or so) and it’s worked perfectly ever since I got it back. I’m sure you’d like to get it fixed for free, but $150 is a relatively small price to pay considering you dropped over $600 on the console to begin with. I was just happy it wasn’t more…

  • @ remanutd5 (37)

    1-800-345- SONY

  • Just got a Wii a few weeks ago and have been playing the Hell out of it since. It’s a lot of fun, but the PS3 still dominates it in my honest opinion :D

    By the way Jeff, I just made myself a new wallpaper and made another version of it for you if you wanted it :)

  • sweet thanks for al the links

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