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A nice variety of stories hitting the web this week, including post-E3 impressions, inFAMOUS review stragglers (hint: they still love it), and another entertaining, if bizarre, “reviewsical” from the minds over at Sarcastic Gamer.

You know the drill – add your stories to the list via our comments section.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 8, 2009)

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  • @ Chris

    So Chris how’s the deleting the trophies feature coming along. lol
    remember i mentioned before and you said you would give it to the sony team and take it into consideration.

    Thanks a lot i apreciate it

  • Jesus.

    That’s a lot of good stuff! Keep it up, SCE. Too much to read for me, actually, not enough free time. =.=

  • Its been a great week, thanks guys…

  • This is my favorite update of the week, I get to catch up on anything I missed….now I am off to work, it sucks living in a tourist town, you never get the weekends off!

  • Go Under Siege, go! :D

  • This week really came handy for PlayStation. :)
    I’m gladto see God of War III, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain made it for the best Games of E3 this year!

  • Nice news week, thanks Jeff

  • So when is Fat Princess coming out?

  • Hey Jeff, I wanted to ask what games are you playing right now? Thanks

  • hey jeff a few weeks back sony annonced new greatest hits titles like gt5p mgs4 but gt5 didn’t go down in price on the playstation store yet

  • So many positive news on the upcoming PS3 exclusives and great to see Quantum in action too. Does the Blog have any info on the Wardevil development or could you give ’em a call & get some news for us?

    The PlayStation brand dominates GameSpots E3 awards. Congratulations!

    • Doesn\’t seem that there\’s been news on that title for some time, but I\’ll give them a ring.

  • what’s goin on?

  • Can we have a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Collector’s Edition?


  • the most important announcement people were waiting for, at least me and alot of others that constanly bother you, and nothing. in voice messaging, game launching and all the other stuff we always annoy u guys with. hmmm, other than that, the booth babes were the best thing to happen to this years e3…

  • no, chris is too, or at least he works with, or rather for, jeff… sorry chris…

  • There was a fakie running around claiming to be one. followed it on twitter. found it amusing at first but then realized no this isn’t good but then Jeff came to the rescue for all our news. I know Chris is one also but Jeff does the majority of interviews and gets the “Real Scoop” for us. I just wish he would grill Slant Six like he did the maker of Lost Planet. You can do it Jeff.

  • Jeff you should have mentioned that FFVII is the top PSN downloadable game

    i bought it and here hoping they release FFIX!






  • Digital only (stomach turns), zero control over what I own, the future *sigh*.

  • Can you please ask sucker punch to start making a sequel for infamous, because I have had a taste of sandbox/superhero heaven, and you DEVELOPERS sucker punched me with your ending.

  • So, Fat Princess coming on the 18th?

  • Nice to see some intresting thing. I got bad new for some of us PS3 players and also people who are big fan of the Dynasty Warriors series.

    I wanted this game out in US, it could have been superior to the other WO games. I hope this is a lie, I really don’t believe it until Koei said so.

  • I just bought a PSP 3000 Rockband Limited Edition Bundle and I am loving the hell out of it.

    Now I can take my games and movies on the go (not the PSP go, I just mean where ever I go)

    • Congratulations! I\’m a big fan of Rock Band Unplugged, played it a lot on the way to/from E3.

  • So when are we getting that MGS4 anniversary post from Brandon? You know the one he clearly said in his last blog post.

    For the most part a good week, I’ll post my links in the next post.

  • I loved the Valkyria Chronicles news :).. im sure if you guys write something about it in this blog it will even sell more .. anyways awesome week and cant wait for Fat princess

  • Would be nice in addition to this topic, if you’d post something about “forum or blogger posts that caught our attention”. Doesn’t have to be all marketing, all the time and you don’t always need to listen to the press or analysts. Got lots of real world users right here! :)

  • hey jeff you ya read how GT5 “won” on that poll at cnet LoL

    never underestimate the PS brand

  • Jeff,

    My PS3 no longer works. Its gets the yellow/orange light, blinks red a few times and then shuts off. Is there anyway I can get this fixed for free? It’s been broken for 2 months now and it’s an original 60GB. What do you say? I need help, can’t buy games until this is fixed, and no point in getting it fix if I can’t buy games.

    I need help

  • @31

    Your PS3 has recieved the YLOD. It pretty much means that it’s dead. However you can call Sony and get a new one to replace that one for 150 bucks. If you still have your warranty.

    However there are some videos on youtube that shows you how to fix the problem. Just type in “PS3 YLOD Fix”

    This is a very rare occurence and I’m sorry it happened to you.

  • Chris, is the Sucker Punch gang gonna come back for some inFamous (or Sly 4) related news?

    And some new Soulcalibur PSP screens:

  • Jeff, will there be a Playstation Premiere event this year?

  • NJz-Greatest-420

    will fat prinecess release date be announce this week or next week or in a couple weeks please answer lol pretty please

  • The guys at Kojima Productions are celebrating the anniversary of MGS4 is by releasing MGS on PSN, MGS4 as a greatest hits, and releasing a new MGO patch with a downloadable map of Shadow Moses (Crying Wolf Stage) and a playable Solid Snake for it. BTW to play this new stage, players need to buy the SCENE expansion pack. All this is good but where are my MGS4 trophies??? It’s been a year!!!!

  • Jeff i have a question to ask ,not so long ago i got my 60 gb ps3 back from sony( YLOD) and now i cant download movies because it says that another ps3 is activated to my account , can you help me on this matter???

  • Hey Jeff,,

    Can you make sure that more developers reply to comments? Ive noticed that of late there’s been too many blog posts with only 2 or 3 replies (or none).

    The PS blog is great because we get actual feedback from developers and people in the know… otherwise this site just turns into a big advertisement.

    So yeah, more feedback from devs

  • A good set of reads!

    Has Sucker Punch announced a PS3 iteration of the Sly Raccoon franchise at any point? Sly Raccoon was a pretty awesome franchise back in the day, if I don’t say so myself.

    Jeff: given your PSN avatar, do you have anything to note?

  • cross game voice chat

  • for the love of god can we get some new avatars on the PSN ALREADY?





  • You know it probably won’t amount to anything but i think you should make different size options for the dualshock 3. I think the design itself is perfect but for me at least it would be nice if the center piece where the PS button, start, and select is was wider because then your thumbs couldn’t hit each other while you’re playing. The design of the controller itself is great, just the one thing would be a nice improvement.

  • Jeff, working weekends? :)

    I’d be interested in knowing what community contributions/ideas creates a buzz with the Sony staff, regardless if it will ever be implemented or not. For example, in the forums, one talented graphic artist has posted many variations of an alternative XMB. He’s probably got the most lively forum thread. What’s the office talk about those graphics? How about a blog topic asking for people’s alternative XMB submissions i.e. free development/innovation from loyal and creative users and we get to hear what Sony thinks (and by Sony, I don’t mean just Jeff…think your role was created sometime after the blog was launched and the execs realized they had no time for this on an ongoing basis)

    How about asking the community to submit their ideas for maps for Sony studio releases such as Killzone….winner as voted by the community gets his/her map created by the studio. That person gets his name of the credits, free download + 10 dloads for his/her buddies. This is a variation of the play, create, share theme.

    How about some embedded surveys..real marketing surveys such as “Your friends would buy a PS3 if… a) fill in survey responses here”


  • What I love about DVDs (and blu-rays) are the commentaries from the directors and actors about the making of a movie or some technical aspect…how about some of that content on the blog? I know developers are on here once in a while but not often enough. Insomniac published an article about cell programming a few years ago. Interesting. What does Naughty Dog have to say about new things they’ve learned about the cell architecture.

    What are our fav PSN/casual games. We would like to see the soon to be released PSP app store opened up for PS3 devs as well?

    How about a blog topic asking users what or who they want to hear from in a special report that you or someone else makes happen.

    I guess what I’m getting at is to temper the push marketing/news updates with marketing that reaches out to the community and asks them what they really want to hear about.

    Another topic I’d love to hear about is most underrated games.


  • To sum up my long posts, if you objectively look at all the blog posts in June, 90% of the content is billboard like. It’s a veiled sales pitch (nothing wrong with that. we like buying and playing). However, I’d really ask Sony marketing to ease up on the sales pitch and think more about web 2.0 content and interaction. Have a look at your competition, not only do they have the sales pitch but they have personality types for a) getting the most out of your system e.g. tech tips b) hardcore for sharing game tips and strategies c) journalist who profiles gamers and developers – now that’s connecting with your consumer! etc. I could go on. Moral of the story, need to connect more intimately with your consumers in ways that will engage them and make them even bigger ambassadors for your product. i.e. you get the sales in the end but in a much more roundabout and productive way. Damn, have gone long again!

  • Off topic Sorry

    Sony, please fix the flash. Hulu is buggy and cant play fullscreen.


  • Great week! I am enjoying the Uncharted 2 Beta :)

  • I believe there should be an idea section in the here on PSB.

  • Nice collection of stories! I like this idea–saves me from having to browse. :)

  • Every old PS3 game after the PS3 motioni sensor controller comes out should get a patch for us to be able to use the controller with old ps3 Titles.

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