Killzone 2 “Flash & Thunder” Pack Out Today – How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

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With the release of the second Killzone 2 downloadable content pack “Flash & Thunder” on PlayStation Store today, we have been able to uncover Helghast documentation on their movements in the newest maps: Southern Hills and Beachhead. These two maps might be familiar to veterans of the first Killzone on PS2, but they have been completely reworked and re-imagined to suit the PLAYSTATION 3 experience. With that in mind, here’s a report from the frontlines on how to survive the Southern Hills and nuclear attack!

Helghast Field Manual 15: Surviving the Southern Hills

The treacherous ISA forces have resorted to using nuclear devices in their futile efforts to invade our beloved home-planet of Helghan. This cowardly act will not go unpunished and the Helghast High Command training corps has prepared a field manual to ensure its loyal soldiers do not die in vain. Read the below carefully as it could be the difference between your survival of a nuclear attack and turning into a burning corpse.

1. When you hear the siren, drop whatever you are doing. Just run like heck. A live soldier is a lot more useful to the Helghan Empire than a scorched, smoking one. You’ll only have a couple of seconds to get to cover, so don’t waste any time.
2. Science be damned! Just Duck & Cover! If you see the nuke going off the in the distance, simply ensure that you have a roof above your head. You don’t even have to close the windows or anything. Anyone caught outside will be turned into a something resembling jerky.
3. If you spawn in your base and hear the sirens going off, just stay where you are and the let the folks outside deal with the problems. You’ll be much quicker off the mark once the dust settles.
4. Sentry Bots and Sentry Turrets are not immune to the devastating power of the nuke. Don’t leave them sitting outside, or they will turn into burning chunks like anything else. Place Sentry turrets inside to ensure their safety and they will cut off the enemies path to shelter.
5. If you are inside, watch the doorways for enemies ducking inside to safety. Or even better, mow them down with an emplaced machine gun before they get anywhere near. That’ll teach ‘em to run like dogs!
6. Out in the open? Any base can be a safe spot from the impending nuclear annihilation. If you find yourself far from home, just go duck into the enemies’ base. Your chances of survival will be higher than out in the open.
7. The Bots in Killzone 2 do have a sense of self-preservation and when that siren sounds, they will try to save themselves as much as any living player. Follow them for the closest safe-spot, but make sure no sneaky ISA scum are hiding in there in the first place.
8. Repaired ammo boxes and Emplaced MG’s will not be destroyed by the blast, so you won’t have to repair them again.
9. Assassination targets! If the siren goes off, get to cover. I repeat, run like hell. Nothing worse than successfully defending the target and having it turned into smithereens before your very eyes and not being able to do anything about it.
10. If all else fails, climb up the ladder to the roof of the central base to get a good view of the explosion in the east. It might cause you a fiery death, but damn it the explosion is too sexy not to look at in all of its splendor.

Keep these tips in mind when the ISA Cruisers launch their gutless assault on our beloved planet and you might just survive another day.

All hail Visari!

Master Sergeant Downie
5th Helghast Training Corps
Pyrrhus Rise

Killzone 2 Flash & Thunder 1 Killzone 2 Flash & Thunder 2

For a Q&A on the Flash & Thunder DLC pack, visit here:

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  • “This train is either going somewhere, or carrying something important.”

    …Yes, that’s what trains do. The dialogue in KZ2 was so bad, haha.

  • Where is the update? For those of you with World at War get map pack 2 for about $3.00 more instead of two maps for $5.00. Think about it.

  • I might give it a try but I’m a little worried because not many people bought the first pack.

  • I love killzone… wish i could be playing it now lol

  • bundle this and the old DLC for $9.99 and I ‘ll buy it first thing

  • PSN killing me today with all the stuff to buy.

    I hope you guys bundle it so more people will buy it. I have the first one but barely any games run them. Thank god majority of my friend list that has KZ2 have the packs and will get this pack.

  • Love that friggin video

  • you got my money on this one…

    long live GG n their partnership with $ony!!

  • Can anyone confirm any trophies with the new map pack.

  • As a web & graphics developer, I can definitely appreciate this video.

    Entertaining, creative, and informative about the tricks and techniques that go into creating animation.

    Awesome original stuff from a developer that truly is dedicated to their fans!

    Great job sticking with your game GG and supporting KZ consistently!

  • Both S&T and F&T Map Packs are priced at 5.99. or they should be. S&T is and they said in a previous Blog Post that F&T would be too.

    Very funny. Please keep up the love.

  • Well in one way its only $2.oo more. but CALL OF DUTY map packs give you more for the money.

    Either way I will still pay for the map packs.
    It always a bonus to have extra online maps to kill in.

    But I think $9.95 for both packs would be more suited. Happy playing Killzone2 Killer’s!

  • Great vid. Not sure if I’ll pick this up today but I will eventually.

  • How much is going to cost?

  • Great video!

  • Nice right up Seb and looking forward to the maps. I’m sure you’ll flooded with questions and comments on the Killzone 2 forums.


  • sounds fun, can’t wait.

  • I can’t seem to find any games with the Steel and Titanium packs. There should be a way to allow people who bought the map to host and allow other players in.

    For now, I continue to foresee 90% of gamers playing the standard maps.

  • i hope its free
    killzone needs some free dlc
    learn from burnout developers

    u need to do a mix of free and paid and since the last dlc was paid…this one should be free

    if you dont

    with each paid dlc the killzone community will always become more fragmented… until you will have only the most hardcore killzone gamers left to play

    which will not be enough to sell your other paid dlc and make enough money to justify the time and work spent on the dlc

    dont be too greedy at the beginning let killzone 2 grow and stay around for a long time to come

  • Killzone 2 is my favorite FPS to date I even like it over COD4 which is a very very good FPS…. I got the Steel & Titanium pack is a little shame that I haven’t got to play that much in those levels so I’m getting this pack in hopes people get a bundle or maybe the 2 pack’s…… anyways KZ2 is the best!!!

  • update the freakin store now!

  • Great Video!

  • best video ever!!

  • You forgot to fix the controls, lighting and shadows.

  • That video was awesome! hahahha!

  • I just started to play Killzone 2 online because of the new patch and I have to say, the precision controls helped me out a lot. Seems like a lot more people came back online too…I worry that with the cost of the maps, not enough people will buy them, thus making them rather useless. Please consider bundling the map packs and sell them for $9.99 for a week or so. This would highly entice me to buy them.

  • Loved the video. That was pretty funny.

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  • The video was hilarious! Thanks Guerilla. can’t wait for the map pack!

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  • Sony, I have money for you. Now, update the freaking store!

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  • ayyyy whats going on with the play station store today…I cant get any of the new add on that was supposed to come out today…Killzone 2 map pack is still not available and the COD WAW map pack is also not available…this is ridiculous..

  • Nice, GG. Keep making videos like this. Since your team has created a graphical masterpiece of a game, so many fans are curious about the development phase. Love to see this stuff.

    Can’t wait for the new levels, though I can’t afford them right now. It’s a tough economy for us all, especially those of us just heading into the job market.

  • LOVE the video!

  • im buying this downloadable content indefinetely i just bought killzone 2! its one of the best ever shooting games, Major graphics. BETTER THAN HALO FOR SURE

  • awsome!!! :P

  • Map packs are great guys, don’t get me wrong, but a nice juicy expansion like a new class, vehicles, or co-op etc… would be absolutely beautiful! Keep it in mind guys :P

  • Hey guys. I’m new to Killzone 2 and I already bought both map packs but there aren’t many player with them so I haven’t played on them that much. Please everyone buy them! :P

  • Awesome I mean awesome video I loved it! good job GG!

  • That video was hilarious. Nice job GG. Thanks for the unrivaled dedication to your games and thus the gamers.

  • Yeah please bundle them for 9.99.

    Killzone 2 is amazing.

  • Great promotion! I hope we see more of this from Guerrilla. Comedy really makes the game less serious and really helps it enter my hear, if you know what I mean.

  • digitalpowershot

    :-)))) need to buy the second DLC for Killzone2

  • Beach head looks amazing, with the rain and thunderstorm. Beats all previous maps visually.

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