Killzone 2 “Flash & Thunder” Pack Out Today – How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

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With the release of the second Killzone 2 downloadable content pack “Flash & Thunder” on PlayStation Store today, we have been able to uncover Helghast documentation on their movements in the newest maps: Southern Hills and Beachhead. These two maps might be familiar to veterans of the first Killzone on PS2, but they have been completely reworked and re-imagined to suit the PLAYSTATION 3 experience. With that in mind, here’s a report from the frontlines on how to survive the Southern Hills and nuclear attack!

Helghast Field Manual 15: Surviving the Southern Hills

The treacherous ISA forces have resorted to using nuclear devices in their futile efforts to invade our beloved home-planet of Helghan. This cowardly act will not go unpunished and the Helghast High Command training corps has prepared a field manual to ensure its loyal soldiers do not die in vain. Read the below carefully as it could be the difference between your survival of a nuclear attack and turning into a burning corpse.

1. When you hear the siren, drop whatever you are doing. Just run like heck. A live soldier is a lot more useful to the Helghan Empire than a scorched, smoking one. You’ll only have a couple of seconds to get to cover, so don’t waste any time.
2. Science be damned! Just Duck & Cover! If you see the nuke going off the in the distance, simply ensure that you have a roof above your head. You don’t even have to close the windows or anything. Anyone caught outside will be turned into a something resembling jerky.
3. If you spawn in your base and hear the sirens going off, just stay where you are and the let the folks outside deal with the problems. You’ll be much quicker off the mark once the dust settles.
4. Sentry Bots and Sentry Turrets are not immune to the devastating power of the nuke. Don’t leave them sitting outside, or they will turn into burning chunks like anything else. Place Sentry turrets inside to ensure their safety and they will cut off the enemies path to shelter.
5. If you are inside, watch the doorways for enemies ducking inside to safety. Or even better, mow them down with an emplaced machine gun before they get anywhere near. That’ll teach ‘em to run like dogs!
6. Out in the open? Any base can be a safe spot from the impending nuclear annihilation. If you find yourself far from home, just go duck into the enemies’ base. Your chances of survival will be higher than out in the open.
7. The Bots in Killzone 2 do have a sense of self-preservation and when that siren sounds, they will try to save themselves as much as any living player. Follow them for the closest safe-spot, but make sure no sneaky ISA scum are hiding in there in the first place.
8. Repaired ammo boxes and Emplaced MG’s will not be destroyed by the blast, so you won’t have to repair them again.
9. Assassination targets! If the siren goes off, get to cover. I repeat, run like hell. Nothing worse than successfully defending the target and having it turned into smithereens before your very eyes and not being able to do anything about it.
10. If all else fails, climb up the ladder to the roof of the central base to get a good view of the explosion in the east. It might cause you a fiery death, but damn it the explosion is too sexy not to look at in all of its splendor.

Keep these tips in mind when the ISA Cruisers launch their gutless assault on our beloved planet and you might just survive another day.

All hail Visari!

Master Sergeant Downie
5th Helghast Training Corps
Pyrrhus Rise

Killzone 2 Flash & Thunder 1 Killzone 2 Flash & Thunder 2

For a Q&A on the Flash & Thunder DLC pack, visit here:

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  • Maybe I might get this since my whole clan is going to.

  • I am just commenting so no one has a chance to say first, I hate that.

  • Haven’t played killzone in a while, I basicly bought the map pack then got the trohpies.

  • this is awsome..
    So Sebastian? Whats the cost for this F&T Pack going for?

  • Will these new maps have trophies like Steel & Titanium did?

  • LOL, I’ll buy both packs today but I’ll return to killzone after beating infamous, LONG LIVE HELGAST!!!!

  • Let us skip the intro movie when we boot up the game. We only have to see it once, not every time we want to play a fast game of multiplayer.

  • This is great and all, but it’d be nice if you just updated the store now -.-

  • hopefully the map packs are bundled for $9.99

    COD games always have 4 maps for $9.99

    I really wish you guys made maps that really differ from what came with the game… to freshen things up. These maps, although great, look a lot like what’s already in the game

  • Hmmmmm, let’s see what’s the word I’m looking for, ah, SOLD!!! :P :D

  • this looks legit…
    no criticism from me.

  • #7, at least it’s not Metal Gear Online and you have to boot up into MGS4 first and then launch and boot up a second game. :)

  • whoa, wish i could buy it today but i need to get a psn card. but i can only remember one map from this that was in the original killzone. well i guess that means i need to go back and play the original cause its been a while. and side story. i remember in 06 after hurricane katrina i lived in sacramento and i had to rebuy my ps2 and some games cause well yea. but anyway one of the games that i had to buy again was of course killzone. So i was playing it one day and i was on he last level inside the ship were you learned that dude with the dreads (totally forgot his name) was evil. and i was playing with rico in one section and my uncle walked in and he said ” is that a movie” and i was like no its a game. kz one looked good for the era but if he saw kz2 then his mind would explode. keep up the good work GG.

  • @7, you can skip after Sony and GG logos pass… kinda normal to have to see the publisher and dev info before starting.

  • another dlc pack. gg

  • Hey Sebastian I have a question in dire need of an answer:
    I have the UK LE of the game. The problem is that I play it on my US account – is there anyway I can download the 2 packs (which I want really bad and look extremely awesome) and play them on my US account where I’m already a general?

  • lmao at the guy

  • Why don’t you people update the store at a decent time in the first place! I’m tired of X-Box one uping Sony in terms of time frame! Why do you let that happen?

  • I need a bundle discount!!!!

  • nice video

  • that’s awesome, so there will be actual nuclear blasts online?!?

  • how can Killzone be on their 2nd DLC add on and all this and SOCOM can’t even get 2 legitimate updates since October?

  • That nuke explosion looked pretty… err… pretty! lol

    I still think that the map packs are bit expensive (10 dollars for two maps?!) But, if there’s some sort of a discount bundle I’d be glad to purchase some add-on maps for Killzone 2! :P

  • Please make a bundle for the two map packs.

  • “Like a Trailer park girl on Prom night….”


  • Oh wow that’s frickin’ hilarious Seb. Nicely done.

    So DLC every other month? I’ll hold GG to it.

  • Awesome!can’t wait 2 get off work.THank again 4 da dlc.

  • Haha, awesome video.

  • really cool video yall, but how much is that gonna cost?
    1 thing is for sure I ain’t paying more than 4.99 for it

  • nice i cant wait to DL this and have my ps3 get its “fix” between this and Big Surf Island lol ^_^

  • Wait wait wait…. I’m feeling a tad retarded at the moment, is this implying that the new Maps have Nuke’s being dropped on them O.O …. OMFG I am so onboard for that madness. Doesn’t sound like I’ll be sniping much on them, it would be fun to try though lol.

  • Good something to keep me up all night I got to work tomarrow!!! :)
    @29 It’s 5.99 just like the other pack.

  • @29

    it costs $5.99 like last time. I dont see the value for money as DLC is supposed to add something new to the game whereas this map pack looks way too familiar to whats already there.

    A discounted bundle of both and i’ll probably buy

  • Will you guys bundle both map packs any time this year like warhawk?

  • @18 you’re silly, fussing over 2 days. Next thing you’ll be telling us how prevalent it is to have Twitter and Facebook on the XMB. Then you’ll probably follow that up with PSN should charge a monthly fee *rolls eyes*.

  • @Seb: Wow!!! Thank you very much for the explanation & video of the Southern Hills map. I will purchase the map pack later tonight & can hardly wait to play it.

    My friends & I would like to see Exo-Skeletons & vehicles that we can control in the next DLC.

  • Excellent Video, made my evening.

  • Can’t wait i miss these maps

  • lol Awesome video cant wait

  • Seb you suck.

  • Hell yeah. Can’t wait. Oh and nice video.

  • I’m still waiting for an apology from when you lashed out at me on the GAP forums back during the Liberation Beta. remember that kid named “Myspace” that you misunderstood what I was trying to tell you about how they were leaking out ur beta but you got it wrong and blew up at me. I still haven’t nor in the future will I buy any games that you are involved in until said apology happens. ON THE FORUMS for all to see.

  • Instant buy for me!… thanks GG, keep rolling those DLC’s! theres no reason to stop (until development of Killzone 3 starts.. or has it?)

  • lol @ 42

  • @42
    I’m a GAP member…. Get over yourself, ya it sucks that he “blew up” at you, but you’re missing out on an incredible game. Even if it’s Platinum trophy has kept me from playing for almost to months now. I’m starting to miss it and can’t wait to get back on for this pack.

    Honestly I don’t think anyone on the GAP would care if he apologized to you myself included. Good to have some measure of pride, but you yourself have said it was a misunderstanding. Reason enough to let it go.

    Now if he came out and cut your Liberation Beta access and maybe threatened your life then I could see an issue. Seriously just let it go.

  • Haha, loving that video! Great job guys!

  • Sweet video, I need to get back to kz, I’m missing all the fun. lol

  • Great video. Entertaining and educational.

  • not buying at 5.99 until I get a job. Not enough people even play the Steel and titanium pack. I’ll just go buy Final fantasy VII or wait for Marvel vs Capcom 2, they are sure to be worth what I pay.

  • One of the best PlayStation videos yet. In addition to DLC, these kinds of informational, yet entertaining videos make me want to play Killzone 2 again, months after it’s release. Great job Guerilla!

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