E3 09 Virtual Booth Tour: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

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Here’s our third “Virtual Booth Tour,” Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (click for our God of War III and MAG installments). In this session, sit down in our E3 booth with Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson as he details the game’s story, new tech, why you’ll want to hold on to your RCF: ToD save game, and my favorite new addition: Hoverboots! They don’t make Heelys in my size, so this is the closest I’m ever going to get…

Be sure to drop by the Blog tomorrow for our final E3 Virtual Booth Tour: Heavy Rain!

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  • looks good

  • I have to say I poo pooed Ratchet and Clank on the PS2 but I bought TOD and LOVED it! I am so hooked on R&C that I am super excited about this game. But I have one complaint. You’ve been showing the same footage for two weeks now. I mean I love but when can we expect to see some new footage…maybe a trailer or something? Just wondering, and I cannot wait to buy this game! Keep up the good work!

    • Stay tuned for Comic-Con.

      What you\’ve been seeing over the last week and a half is our E3 demo, we\’ll have much more to show over the next few months.

  • @50

    I agree, Clock Blockers would have been awesome name! :D

  • Game looks fantastic. My gf is asking me to get it already.

    Sony – Cross Game Voice Chat

  • James: I apologize for the harshness of my comment earlier.

    I have been a huge fan of the series since day 1. I know the game will be great, and that we won’t be disappointed.

    Thanks to everyone at the studio for all the great work you do.

  • I agree with @25 but oh well.

    James, you don’t play with lock strafe?

    Anyway, as a huge Ratchet fan, I was (for no good reason) down on this game. Then I actually saw it and looks phenomenal. I can’t wait to pick it up when it comes out.

    Is this gonna be the last Ratchet game? If not, I think this series should get a couple years off. Maybe a new IP in 2011?

    • James Stevenson

      Nope, I\’m not a Lock-Strafe guy.

      I realize you will look down on me now. But I like to think I\’m a pretty good Ratchet player – despite nearly dying (it\’s hard to turn around, talk, and play at the same time!)

  • Thanks for your response James! I’m really looking forward to ACIT! ToD is still one of my favourite games on PS3. :-)

  • You guys seriously need to get the multiplayer back!

    i loved the MP on the ps2 games, all those wacky levels that goes left and right and upside down, it was one of my favorite MP games on Ps2

  • Wow, the game looks so lush and vibrant. Plus everything looks great, even off screen. Keep up the great work!

  • looks great and much more powerful. i have to play the first part before i buy this one ^^…

  • how much rachet and clank is their?

  • You wouldn’t happen to have a direct feed video of this demo would you?

  • I hope it has online. I really loved the online in Up Your Arsenal, not so much in Deadlocked for some reason though…

    Yeah anyway it just adds a lot of value to the game. Looking great so far though! Really glad you guys put the R2 water in there too, pretty impressive stuff.

  • insomniac take your time with resistance3 make the graphics as good as killzone2 or better game play is really good thought!

  • Thanks for replying James! I will be looking forward to any footage from this game! Can I get it early? Just kidding…or am I? Ha ha!

  • Any plans for Collector’s Edition, btw?

  • Will there be a playable demo a Comic-Con? Thanks James!

    • James Stevenson

      There should be a demo of the game on the floor – I believe. If Sony has a booth (which I\’m 99% sure they do), then yes, definitely, the demo will be on the showfloor.

  • You guys should in the future add DLC multiplayer to this game, as well as trophies with that DLC. I also hope to see a ton of crazy skins for ratchet and clank.

  • Man I need two jobs just to keep up with all the new must buy games coming out on the PS3.

  • hm it’s weird i kind of have mixed feelings about the stylized look of it, It’s beautiful yeah but it’s just different, I will definitely be buying this game though LOVE the R&C series. The more i think about it the more i like the new style.

    BUT, just a tip, when you guys do resistance 3 make it more akin to resistance 1 resistance 2 was a tiny bit too colorful it seemed sort of halo-ee if you get what im saying, i like the somewhat grim look of R1. A happy medium between the 2 aesthetics would be awesome.

  • It looks really cool, but it just doesn’t seem to have that Ratchet and Clank magic. I loved anticipating Tools of Destruction because Kerchu City was so pretty, but this desert environment isn’t as cool.

  • almighty-slayer

    haha, hit their weakspot for MASSIVE DAMAGE, huh James?

    Anyway looking excellent as always. another addition to the best platforming series evar :D

    • James Stevenson

      I was trying soooo hard not to say that, cause it\’s overused, but I still find myself slipping towards it.

  • Looks amazing.

  • Hi James,

    good demo for the blog man. Quick question about the water technology from R2 that you guys are using for ACIT, I don’t know if you guys watched the video review of x-play of R2, but in it they harshly said that the water in R2 (especially when you fight the hydra boss on a floating platform) by saying that it looks weird and too “bouncy”, so are you guys updated it ever since or it’s the same exact source code?

  • Ratchet and Clank can’t go separate ways! Why would you tell me something like that, James?! WHY?! ;_;

  • I have a question. Will RCCIT offer more playability then the first or could you give a hint on that such as ship upgrades, customization, more armors etc you get what I mean right? Cause Ratchet and Clank Up your Arsenal was my favorite R and C game because it added upon the Going commando universe. I look at TOD however and don’t see that much things to do as was in R and C UYR. Any hint or yes there will be more would make me happy.

  • We need the E3 demo on the PSN!

  • Are you guys doing a save data transfer from the past two Future titles on the PS3?

  • The game looks great. I like the stylized smoke and other additions you’ve added. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Any info on multiplayer James?

    Wow you already answered 18 questions, is that a new record on the PS Blog? ;)

  • James when is comic-con.

    Is the mission based gameplay similar to UYA/DL but with less menus and times where the gameplay actually stops.

    Love the stylized look. keeps it fresh in years to come. Kbabz will love this.

  • I love R and C! I loved the length and complexity of the levels in TOD. I didn’t really get the devices though. Can’t wait to see how the story turns out.

  • I am a HUGE R&C fan and i must ask….
    Will we see this R&C and Home makein some nice rewards ;)

  • you know what i would like in games?
    the ability to play back all the cut scenes kinda like in Resistance and infamous because my GF really enjoys the story but sometimes i continue playing when shes not there so she misses part of the good stuff and there is no way that im gona go and replay the whole thing for just a scene or two.

    that kinda made me sad about MGS games. i love the stories so much and so does she but there are no ways to just see the scenes again. anyway keep that in mind cause i loved the way it was handled in resistance

  • Hey James, im from australia and loving RaC And i was woundering in ACIT if any of the old charicters would be in it like sasha and angela ect.. P.S Helga :P

  • wow cant wait for this to come out

  • Very nice. I’m tempted now to buy Ratchet and Clank: FOD since its only $30 now.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I heard developers answer questions so here it goes. First of all i believe that insomniac and naughty dogs are Sony biggest developer. Will you be able to drive in ratchet & clank and when can we espect another dlc for resistance 2 that is if there’s one.

  • this game is going to be absolutly awsome!!

  • will all the planets be as huge as this level? and will the increase in size of levels affect the number of planets?

  • @James Stevenson

    Hey man try to respond to this. Are we going to get a confirmation of an online mode? The Pre Box art located here
    Has the “Playstation Network” symbol in the top right. So how about James!?

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