E3 09 Virtual Booth Tour: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

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Here’s our third “Virtual Booth Tour,” Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (click for our God of War III and MAG installments). In this session, sit down in our E3 booth with Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson as he details the game’s story, new tech, why you’ll want to hold on to your RCF: ToD save game, and my favorite new addition: Hoverboots! They don’t make Heelys in my size, so this is the closest I’m ever going to get…

Be sure to drop by the Blog tomorrow for our final E3 Virtual Booth Tour: Heavy Rain!

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  • Nice tour!

  • Freakin sweet. RandC is hilarious and great fun. Insomniac are the best!

  • Jeff if you get a chance to talk to Sony people about PSP Go again, can you ask if it will have the capability to output to normal interlaced (tube) televisions like the PSP 3000 does?

  • trophies for this gonna be awesome wish they also wouuld add for tod

  • Man I cant wait for this Game….year of the PS3 Indeed!!

    @3 yes it does….check Joystiq.com they have a post about all the accessories….

  • This game is good.YET it wouldve bin GREAT is it has co-op since it is a TWO CHARACTER GAME.Sony just loves single player game setups.im not sure why but most of thier good xclusive games are just single player and its gettin lame.i dont mind playing a game by myself but it would be alot cooler if i could play with a friend or family. IMO..THIS GAME WOULD BE PERFECT FOR CO_OP CAMPAIGN. split screen of course. if campcom can do it on re5..insomniac can do it too!hopefully they keep this in mind for the nex R&C game.im sure many fans would love this idea!

  • SWEET looking game.
    Will this game also support a MP mode?



  • Jeff do you know why Sony did not have a spot in their conference for this game?

  • Looks nice but I’m hoping there is a lot more platforming than ToD. Seems every game these days involves shooting things.

    • James Stevenson

      I didn\’t get to show the whole demo, but there is a platforming/puzzlish section.

      The main area you saw is similar to one of the battlefield areas that you\’d see in Up Your Arsenal.

  • Ratchet! finally!

    Looking awesome as always :)

  • I cannot wait for this game… it’s gonna be awesome! ;)

  • James Stevenson, you are AWESOME! Can’t wait for next full moon show.

  • Nice, I actually learned something new!

  • So crack in time + uncharted 2 – BROKE for christmas.

  • @James Stevenson
    Looks great can’t wait to get it into my hands. Thankfully we’ll have trophies this time around which would have helped in the replay value of the first title.

    I just hope you guys are working on some cool competitive and co-op online components. R2 was really sweet and Uncharted 2 (naughty dogs) is a ton of fun with what they have. R&CF really should shoot for an online component of all the single player campaigned titles out there this is a top one on my list that needs MP.

    When are we going to see the results for the Uncharted 2/E3 contest?

  • you guys told use to save our resistance 1 saves for resistance 2…that amounted to nothing.

    this needs much more than just single player to warrant a 60 dollar purchase.

    didnt get ToD till it was much cheaper and used.

    • James Stevenson

      Sorry about that – at the time their were plans for unlockable MP stuff if you had an R1 save, but it didn\’t quite make it.

      I can promise you that we\’re doing the ACIT save.

  • Nice. I have not gotten into Ratchet and Clank but these videos are getting me hooked. Seems awesome.

    Ahhh, Heavy Rain tomorrow. Best for last… I am le stoked.

    • James Stevenson

      You should definitely go check out Tools of Destruction now that it\’s greatest hits (or will be next week!). It\’s a pretty awesome game for $29.99, if I do say so myself.

  • LOL I love Heelys, but I’ve grown out of mine too. :(

    Anyway I wish we had the option to customize our weapons in this game. Still looks good though.

    • James Stevenson

      We have lots more to announce about our weapons at Comic-Con – where we will reveal the fan-contest weapon winner as well.

      So stay tuned.

  • It is simply amazing how you guys pump out “AAA” quality exclusives on an annual basis…is this game going to be strictly 1 player or will you be including a next-gen version of the GREAT multi-player that you guys made for “Tools of Destruction”? That would make this game such a hidden gem of an online experience over the same FPS nonsense we see nowadays.

  • Looking forward to this game =D

  • Looking forward to completing the mission. I am glad that we won’t be subjected to just smashing boxes most of the time in different levels and there will be a wider variety of things to accomplish in each of them. R&C Rocks! no matter what so bring it on this Fall i am ready.

    P.S. Co-op would be a really nice addition.


  • Woow this game looks very very good.. cant wait :)

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Thank GOD !!! This was the tour I was waiting for. There’s barely any footage of this godly game, and I was hoping for something like this. WOOOOOT !!!

  • i don’t really like the cel-shaded look. Still, I’m buying this day 1, and I’ll platinum it a week later.

    I REALLY wish you guys would add trophy support for the first. I love that game, and am still hanging on to it.

    • James Stevenson

      Everybody here is really focused on getting RCF:ACIT out the door for its release its fall. I\’m sure there will be PLENTY in this game to keep you busy. :-)

  • Why would you give out a spoiler about Ratchet and Clank possibly parting ways? Sorry, but that was a stupid move on your part.

    • James Stevenson

      It\’s not really a spoiler, the whole story is about them learning about their origins and deciding what that means for their future.

      To find out all about that, and what happens, you\’ll just have to play the game.

  • cant wait totally :)

  • I think the new graphics look great.

  • Jeff,

    Off topic, I noticed your name was listed in the credits for inFAMOUS. Nice!

  • Is it just me or is this looking a bit more cell shaded?

  • I CANT WAIT! i have R&C:TOD got that game day one and this game is no different, THANK YOU SO MUCH IG!! IG FTW!! :D

  • This looks great and all, but I have seen this demo a bajillion times already. Guess I will just have to wait for something new….tsk tsk

  • Also PLEASE add multiplayer splitscreen and online

  • Are you going to kill off clank? And have ratchet have nefarious’s head as sidekick. That would be the most awesome move ever!

  • R&C = Awesome graphics, responsive controls, awesome mini games and puzzles and they are FUN to play over and over.

    All other developers should look to Rachet and Clank games a the pinacle of perfection and mold their games after them.

    I am so looking forward to this title to continue my R&C epic saga gaming experience. Thank you Insomniac for making my life complete!

  • @James Stevenson
    Hay James Stevenson, when can we expect to see what you guys NC studio is working on? Are they working on a new IP or Resistance 3?

    • North Carolina is still getting fully up and running, but we\’ve got a fantastic group there and I\’ve seen some really cool stuff they\’re working on. Still a way\’s from showing anything publicly though.

  • im glad that you brought back the saves and be able to get items from ToD like what you did with the ps2 games

  • Is there any bonus for having a Quest for Booty save? Or having both: TOD and Q4B saves?

  • @James Stevenson
    Hay James Stevenson, I just want to let you guys know that there is only one other developer I respect more than you guys and that is Team ICO. You guys been doing such an amazing job since I started playing you guys game back on the Playstation 1. Keep up the good work and I hope you guys stick with Sony for the next generation of consoles.

    • That\’s good company to be in! We love Team ICO\’s stuff and can\’t wait for The Last Guardian. Probably one of my most anticipated games right now (along with Uncharted 2 :-D)

  • 2 questions i have

    1. will it have multiplayer like the ps2 game
    2. will it have custom soundtracks

  • Hey Jeff, have you guys selected the winners for the uncharted 2 contest already? I haven’t been around for the past couple days so I don’t know if I had missed any updates on the contest.

  • Hey good morning.

    Thanks for the virtual tour!

  • This game is looking better and better with every video that comes out. I enjoyed R&C: TOD and hope this game is just as long or even longer in gameplay.

  • Impressive. I like the new art style.
    It was hard to approve the new art direction ?

  • Hey there,

    This game is looking awesome. I can’t wait to see how Ratchet and Clank’s adventures are going to turn out. :) Krell Canyon alone looks great, I’m looking forward to play the other levels, space levels, and the new arsenal of weapons and gadgets, which seems to be getting better and better at every game!

    If there are two games I’m sure to get this year, it’s RCF:ACIT and Uncharted. Best looking games of the PS3.

    Insomniac Rocks !


  • @39 Chase167:

    I believe that, if they are planning a multiplayer mode, they will make a big announcement, so, be patient. They haven’t said “no” yet, there is still hope. ^^

  • The new art style looks like the awesome CG trailer for TOD. Keep up the great work!

  • Despite what some others are saying, I absolutely love the new look.

    In my opinion, it’s vastly improved. Stick with it guys, to me it really gives the game it’s own character, which can be a lot in helping people identify a franchise easier.

  • I loved ToD but I was really disappointed by how limited the Battle Arenas were compared to the main PS2 R&C games. Please tell me the Battle Arenas will be back in full force in ACIT?

    • The Arena will be back. I can\’t say much more about it at this point. But it\’s definitely returning – it\’s part of the R&C franchise DNA.

  • @JaKhris
    i hope they make some kinda of party system like Uncharted 2 beta

  • cybershinigami87

    I know you won’t comment on this but Clock Blockers was easily the best name of a game never to be used. You should have fought harder to keep it. Anyway, great demo and i hope it’s as good as FToD.

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