Big Surf Island Washes Ashore this Week!

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Hey guys, great to be back on the blog. After all that E3 madness you must need a vacation! Well…mark June 11 in your diary, your Burnout vacation starts then! The Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island pack will be available to download for $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 on the PlayStation Network on June 11 Worldwide!

Big Surf Island is a brand new playground we built from the ground up enhancing and expanding on everything we know you already love about Burnout Paradise. We’ve included new challenges and events for you to play online with your friends, an exciting new World to discover, the biggest and wildest jumps yet, plus a set of nine new vehicles to experience it all in. Yep… nine!


When you play Big Surf Island you’ll get a brand new Big Surf Island license to complete. This means new races, stunt runs, marked man, road rage, and even a brand new type of event, the Island Tour!

Of course there are also roads to rule, smashes, billboards and brand new “Mega Jumps” (even bigger than “Super Jumps”, super just wasn’t a big enough word to describe them)!

The Island also really comes to life online. We’re including 10 new online freeburn challenges, bringing our total online challenge count to 500!


We’ve unveiled four of the nine included cars so far (check out our Island trailer). When you buy the Island pack you’ll be given the Carson Dust Storm, an awesome purpose-built buggy ideal for the massive air and stunts of the Island.

Beat the Dust Storms’ burning route and win the Dust Storm Superturbo, a faster, more agile version of the Dust Storm in a cool matt black finish.

Win enough events on the Island and get the Hunter Olympus Governor, boss of all cars. The strongest car in the game, now available offline and with stunt boost, our resident designer Sarge Sullivan’s favourite new car (just check the license plate for proof).

To reward your dedication, when you complete your Island license you’ll get the Carson Annihilator Street Rod, the car with by far the best livery in Burnout. Strictly for the pros, this beast has a speed boost, rears up when boosting and can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph!


We’ve included so much content in this new DLC that it’s hard to get your head round it all. Check out this brand new CRASH TV for an in-depth Island tour explaining the offline and online progression, the new license, and four of the nine new vehicles.

We started supporting Burnout Paradise in January 2008 with our “Year of Paradise”, a promise to support the game through DLC. Here we are a year and a half and nine download packs later and we’ve used this experience and community feedback to create the best possible Burnout experience.

The Island pack is incredible value for money and the cheapest and best vacation you’ll ever get!

If, for some reason, you haven’t bought Burnout Paradise yet, you’ll need it to play Big Surf Island. Burnout Paradise is available to download right now for $19.99 from the PlayStation Network.

See you on the Island!

Island Pete
Big Surf Island Producer
Twitter: @IslandPete

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8 Author Replies

  • 360 version is only $12.50. Where’s my 50 cents EA.

    Worth every penny!
    I can’t wait!
    Criterion ROCKS!

  • This game other than Rock band or GH has the most downloadable stuff ever. It’s cool but in a way it sucks if U don’t have internet and want a new game. Why don’t they just make another blueray version with every thing packed in it And call it Game of the year eddition. Or make a new one allready!! :)

  • First, there were no skinned car packs. The vehicle packs (and cops and robbers) all added actually different cars.

    If you don’t care about them, don’t get them! Like I didn’t get Toys! But I wanted the Boost and Legendary cars, so I got them.

    I like the Cops and Robbers game, so I got it.

    I have friends and family play with me, so I got the Party Pack.

    If you don’t care about something, don’t buy it.

    As to the Island, it was going to be free, but they said last year they expanded it significantly, such that the Island they originally planned was scrapped.

    I’d rather get a better Island for $13 than a worse one for free.

  • for the next dlc add a snow option where u can have it snowing plz :-p

  • AHHHHH… my ps3 chose a bad time to get the ylod :( but i will download when i get it back from Sony.

  • Overpriced.

  • if i had known this was coming out so close to the cop cars i would have waited on the cop cars. Everytime i get online i can never find a cops and robbers match. I feel like I’m the only one that bought it. :(

  • Any word on a Burnout DLC combo pack? Just a tidy little package that would include all of the stuff released since Ultimate Box.

  • Any news on bundle pricing for the add-ons that have come out so far?

    I haven’t bought any of the add-ons yet and would like to get them all now that the Island is finally out, but purchasing them all individually looks a lot like the price of buying a new video game :-(

    Can we get a bundle deal?

  • when criterion was releasing all the free dlc, all of you were praising them. now that they get back to business and try to make some money you all wanna cry. they are a business, their main goal is to make money!! what a bunch of adolescent teenage pissies!! we adults thank criterion for all the support you have given this game. day one purchase for me. yall crybabies get your mommy to hand you a kleenex to wipe your snotty nose!!

  • YES!! And i have just enough funds to pay for it!!! But then i can’t get the LBP ico pack… DANG IT!!!

  • Not enough content… to warrant any purchase price. I was taken for a fool when I purchased the terrible add-on content so far. Pathetic. This is a clear ‘must miss’ for me and everyone else I know…

  • WHAT FREE DLC?!??!?!!? SOME TERRIBLE CARS?!?!? STFU. Do not praise them for releasing 2MB of free code when they then charge $5 per car(some cars). You people make me sick. You young bastards dont know what gaming is.

  • If I had one request you haven’t filled yet, it would be to introduce the old-style crash mode back into the game, perhaps as a challenge only in Party mode? It is sorely missed in my home and I hate to get out Burnout 3 just to have it.


  • almighty-slayer

    Good one Criterion. Good to see some great British developers doing a great job on a great game :) Bought every piece of DLC you guys have pumped out despite many complaining about the price.

    I’m sure this piece will be no different. Looking forward to downloading this on thursday, along with VidZone of course

  • I just got Burnout Paradise the other day and I am loving it. I’m not ready to buy an expansion for it since I’ve done like 10% of what there is to do in the main game, but it’s good to know that there’s a new area waiting for me when I’m ready for it. =P

  • Sweet, Big Surf Island here I come..!
    Did I heard Black 2 is coming!!? Oh no wait…

  • @64
    The updates that came with Bogart?
    The updates that came with Cagney?
    multiple new, free online race modes?
    Bikes pack?
    weather and day/night cycles?
    New timed challenges?
    A trophy patch nearly 8 months after the game is released?

    Those were all free, and more than a couple cars.

    Maybe it’s you old fogeys who don’t know.

  • The haters need to settle down a bit I’m not gonna say that some of the DLC from Burnout has not been a little over priced and did I feel a little duped after I bought the party pack swearing I would by all the DL content because of Criterions previouse support for the game… yeah but it is still our choice and I’m sure their is added cost to add more trophies everytime which they have to add to our cost.

    2ndly you need to take into consideration how much you would have paid for bikes which you got for free and all the other things Criterion did for free.

    They have given even us original purchasers (at $60) great value and even with all the packs anyone who bought the game at $20 should be in heaven even if they pay for all the add ons when it comes to gaming value.

  • Can someone please let me know How much memory this thing is going to take?

    • This download pack comes in at 416MB on the PS3. That includes the whole new Island location, 9 new cars and all the great new gameplay.

  • Day 1 purchase.

  • $12.99?!? That is hilarious.


  • I’ll most likely be grabbing this on Thursday! Looks great, nice to have new area to drive in… I get sick of the planetarium area events, too far away and not enough shortcuts, lol.

    And, nine cars in addition make this even more tempting!

  • chocolatepanther

    If there’s ever a sale or a bundle of DLC, I’ll get it but otherwise… probably not.

  • @71
    Good question, I am running out of room for anything more!
    Time to upgrade my hard drive! :D

  • @64

  • Hi Criterion, after seeing the Project Natal demo. using Burnout:Paradise, are there plans to also allow PS3 owners to drive without controls using the Sony EYE? This would be a great free value add to those of us who already have an EYE and Burnout:Paradise, especially since the EYE is already integrated for the photo taking feature already.

  • The worst part about this is that they previously said it was going to be free – though I never expected it to be. Of course considering the Cops and Robbers rubbish, this seems to be a much better value. Its still a little more than I’d like to pay, but given how much I like burnout, I’ll probably pony up the dough regardless.

  • 2008: Loved Criterion Games
    2009: Not so much… Make a new game already!

  • I look forward to purchasing my first DLC for Burnout. You know, if you drop Cops and Robbers to 4.99, I will bite.

  • I was expecting this to be 15-20$. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Island.

    I’ve put over 200 hours in on this game even if Burnout was 100$ total it would still be an amazing deal.

  • Question: Do you repackage the full Burnout Paradise EXE to include ALL free dlc or must users go out and download the free dlc separately after downloading the full game?

  • Awesome deal for 12.99. I was expecting this to be atleast 14.99.

    Even better, it comes out on my birthday, so this will make a great present when I buy it. =)

  • @46
    Yes, I completly understand supporting the developer, I bought the game when it was new at $60, not the $20 it is now, all I’m saying is that no matter how awesome it is, I’m not going to pay $4 for a virtual car, there are much better uses for my PSN wallet.

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  • Apparently people think that since they bought the original game, they’re entitled to free updates for years. Even though Criterion spends how much development time and money on DLC, people still expect it to just be given away? That doesn’t make any sense.

    It’s very simple: There’s enough content in the game out of the box (or download, either way) that will keep you occupied for a long time. If you want more, you can buy it. Just think of it as buying an expansion pack or a partial sequel. They’ve added more stuff in the past year than sports games ever do, and it’s roughly the same price.

  • You guys are RETARDED. You almost make me embarrassed to be on this website.
    Honestly, they could have released JUST this on a disc with some extra cars and charged 60 bucks for it. Easily. “Burnout: Big Surf Island – $69.99”. I would buy it just to get a sequel to Burnout.
    This is a FULL SEQUEL to Burnout Paradise pretty much. It’s a whole new island to free roam in, complete with missions, time trials, new stat tracking, etc etc etc.
    I haven’t played Burnout in a helluva long time – nor have i bought any DLC. I Will be buying this though, this is an amazing deal.

    Hooooly crap… I’ve lost all respect for pretty much all of you. The guys in the N4G comments are more intelligent…

  • @88
    You do realize the scale of everything, are you willing to pay $70 for 15 new events in a new location smaller than any area of paradise?

  • Awesome. I wont be playing it until my PS3 comes back from the shop, but once it does, I’ll be all over this. Cheaper than expected too. Nice.

  • Good price point for the content. It simultaneously highlights how overpriced the other DLC has been.

  • neorudemovement


    please bring it back somehow, the old burnouts are some of the only games i use my backwards compatibility for.

    i will be buying this island within the first 5 minutes it available thursday, i have been waiting for this. good job criterion

  • Okay I have been waiting for the island for what seems like forever (4 months) and I like what I have seen. But will there be any butter on this muffin icing on the cake if you will? I see that the island has events and well it goes without saying the main land has events, but will there be events between the two? Perhaps events that, start on the island and end on main land or vise versa. If so that would be wickedly sweet, to this awesome sick game.

  • Super excited for Island Surf update. I appreciate Criterion Games consistently updating their content, supporting lifetime and value of Burnout Paradise. One wonders, what’s in store for a sequel?

  • After passing on all the (over priced) DLC… i was gonna get this one. Legimitaley adding a new ‘map’ to the game sounded pretty cool.

    But, from watching the videos of Big Surf Island… it doesnt look too different to Paradise City. Wish it was a newer looking setting.

    Also, enough with the milkage… its time to make a new game


  • The sooner that is out, the sooner I’ll have it! Burnout Paradise happens to be my favorite racer!

    It is the Uncharted of the racing genre or the God of War/Prince of Persia SOT – three of my favorite games – well in total that would be four, now wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, thanks Criterion!

  • Looks really great!
    But one Question: will there be some kind of “MEGA-PACK” including all the DLC at one time, making it easier to buy all the stuff that was released so far and maybe being a bargain?
    That would be awesome.
    Thnx, and see you on the island!

  • Nice been waiting for this update for months now but I think EA needs to fix there Trophies as well I’m a Class A License and I’m missing half my Trophies!..How you explain that EA huh?.Fix that soon because its really annoying Peace!..

  • All the ‘free’ updates are all items that should have been available to begin with. Day/night cycles? Are you kidding me? Youre proud of a dev that adds DAY/NIGHT after the fact? You people are pathetic. Enforcer_X, your comment just shows your inability at life. Get some experience, then speak. Seafea, listing old, worthless updates does not make you…well, anything. All should have been and were probably all ready to go…’What can we hold back and tout later? Or charge for?’. Get experienced.

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