Big Surf Island Washes Ashore this Week!

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Hey guys, great to be back on the blog. After all that E3 madness you must need a vacation! Well…mark June 11 in your diary, your Burnout vacation starts then! The Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island pack will be available to download for $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 on the PlayStation Network on June 11 Worldwide!

Big Surf Island is a brand new playground we built from the ground up enhancing and expanding on everything we know you already love about Burnout Paradise. We’ve included new challenges and events for you to play online with your friends, an exciting new World to discover, the biggest and wildest jumps yet, plus a set of nine new vehicles to experience it all in. Yep… nine!


When you play Big Surf Island you’ll get a brand new Big Surf Island license to complete. This means new races, stunt runs, marked man, road rage, and even a brand new type of event, the Island Tour!

Of course there are also roads to rule, smashes, billboards and brand new “Mega Jumps” (even bigger than “Super Jumps”, super just wasn’t a big enough word to describe them)!

The Island also really comes to life online. We’re including 10 new online freeburn challenges, bringing our total online challenge count to 500!


We’ve unveiled four of the nine included cars so far (check out our Island trailer). When you buy the Island pack you’ll be given the Carson Dust Storm, an awesome purpose-built buggy ideal for the massive air and stunts of the Island.

Beat the Dust Storms’ burning route and win the Dust Storm Superturbo, a faster, more agile version of the Dust Storm in a cool matt black finish.

Win enough events on the Island and get the Hunter Olympus Governor, boss of all cars. The strongest car in the game, now available offline and with stunt boost, our resident designer Sarge Sullivan’s favourite new car (just check the license plate for proof).

To reward your dedication, when you complete your Island license you’ll get the Carson Annihilator Street Rod, the car with by far the best livery in Burnout. Strictly for the pros, this beast has a speed boost, rears up when boosting and can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph!


We’ve included so much content in this new DLC that it’s hard to get your head round it all. Check out this brand new CRASH TV for an in-depth Island tour explaining the offline and online progression, the new license, and four of the nine new vehicles.

We started supporting Burnout Paradise in January 2008 with our “Year of Paradise”, a promise to support the game through DLC. Here we are a year and a half and nine download packs later and we’ve used this experience and community feedback to create the best possible Burnout experience.

The Island pack is incredible value for money and the cheapest and best vacation you’ll ever get!

If, for some reason, you haven’t bought Burnout Paradise yet, you’ll need it to play Big Surf Island. Burnout Paradise is available to download right now for $19.99 from the PlayStation Network.

See you on the Island!

Island Pete
Big Surf Island Producer
Twitter: @IslandPete

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  • looks really good and love the support you guys give for the game.

  • i love this game. i didn’t think it would be as fun/addicting as it was. i bought it like 3 weeks ago and am still playing it like crazy.

    there’s just something alluring about showtime…

  • Looks freeking amazing. I hate racing games, but this one is so much damn fun. Thanks guys :)

  • MUST BUY!!


    Criterion is AMAZING, they should be there own company (well they are, but there own publisher), BURNOUT PARADISE along with GT5 PROLOGUE, are my favorite RACERS this generation period.

    just a question will this DLC include a set of new trophies? Perhaps a secound platinum? =D

  • All this DLC costs so much! This game turns out to be about $100 if you chose to buy it all.

  • @4. Do you guys not know what a Platinum Trophy is? They are only available for disc based games (or full featured games that are also available on PSN, like Warhawk, Burnout, and Wipeout). A platinum trophy can only be obtained if you received all the other trophies. That’s what a platinum trophy has always, and will always be.

  • Criterion. Please make a retail disc with ALL DLC included bundled together. I think with everything you could get away with a $39.99 price tag and totally get alot of sales from that. It would be an incredible value and not seem like your microtransactioning us to death with car models. (is that a word? lol)

    Anyway I have already sold my copy as I didnt want to keep buying new cars at those price points but it would be a definate buy for me if you included everything on the disc. Hell id even buy that bundle for $50 probably.

  • Criterion, you have my money as soon as i can possibly download Big Surf Island.

    Can we expect more DLC or is this the end?

  • wonder y the island content was announced for free earlier….

    think u guys saw how much u can make on extramoney with the DLC….

    this strategy is crap. & i won´t spend the money for the dlc´s.

  • Does this make Burnout the first game to break 100 trophies?

  • Look at you guys milk this game like a cow!

  • Hey there.
    Will there be more updates for Burnout paradise in the future? or will you guys be done with this game and focus on the next one?
    Keep up the good work. Will buy whatever comes from criterion with my eyes closed.

  • I am surprised at some of the negativity, personally I feel that Criterion are doing a superb job in supporting their game and I definately think that the Island is being sold at a bargain price.

    Thanks Criterion!

  • @6
    Well that doesn’t mean that a game with a second platinum is impossible, especially with the way Criterion is supporting this game.

    What if someone buy’s all the expansions, all the addon’s, and each comes with a slew of trophies and it almost amounts to a second game? Maybe a second Platinum really is necessary for those who are dedicated to the game to the extent of buying all of that content and earning all of those trophies.

    Rules can change.

  • “All this DLC costs so much! This game turns out to be about $100 if you chose to buy it all.”

    Then don’t buy it. Criterion is doing a lot of work making all of this extra content. You don’t have to buy it though. Would you rather pay $120 for two games?

  • Burnout Paradise best racer ever.

  • What’s with some of you? If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Criterion has already provided FAR more free updates to the game than the typical developer.

    I think it’s great that they continue to support the game. More Burnout = yes, please.

  • makes my nuts butter

  • Have to agree with Seafea they have done so many free updates for the community no one else can match them in terms of support for a game and the price not to bad either.

  • @19, doing 2 free updates doesn’t give them the excuse to rape us for tons of DLC afterwards.

  • Burnout RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • … at least this one isn’t a rip off, like the other cars were. I might get it after I finish infamous… which is like the best game ever.

  • I have 102% on Burnout and all the DLC except the toy cars and the time savers pack. The toy cars are not worth as much as the island! But they cost the same.

    I’ll totally be getting the island.

  • trophies here i come :-D

  • What about drift challenges That would be awesome!
    I don’t care about cars or places expand the
    Content fill out the game you have stop expanding the dull.

    • Check out the video in the blog piece. There’s a really cool drift challenge shown. If you like drifting you’re going to love the new Inspiral car park!

  • I’ll have to say that Criterion has definitely been putting a lot of effort into Big Surf Island. My problem is that when it was announced just about a year ago, they SAID it will be free, since they wanted everyone to be able to access it, not just a select few who would buy a piece of dlc to play on.

    I’ll get the exact Crash FM podcast from where it is from later today…

  • Thats really, REALLY expensive…

    The Burnout Paradise DLC adventure started out with a bunch of cool stuff, which we got for free. Criterion then moved onto realeasing reskinned cars for ridicolusly high prices and now that they actually release some quality DLC is costs half of what the game is available for on PSN!

  • I have both the PS3 version and the PC version. Should I get the PS3 version or wait for the PC version? Any news on any future updates to the PC version?

  • I peed a little…..but just a little so I dont have to change clothes

  • I have been waiting so long for this, but seriously guys… after this please move to your next game. I am “Burned out” from DLC, lol.

  • Dang I was hoping for $9.99.

  • That’s a pretty good price compared to all of the other DLC packs. Any chance you’ll do a “Big Surf Bundle”, packaging all of the DLC together for a slightly lower price? :)

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    This is a good value at $12.99, but after over a year I was hoping for something more substantial. Only 10 online challenges and 15 events? I think I would rather have a full sequel with an all new world than a relatively small add-on. Please make more of these islands and release them every 2-3 months and I’ll be happy.

  • OK great and all but last time I checked 12.99 USD = £8.10 = €9.36 . So a price point of $12.99 / £8.99 / €9.99 would make a lot more sense.

    Can’t really figure out the price discrepancy especially when it’s an online release.

    Anyway love the game and will still probably get the expansion. Would like an explanation on the prices though.

  • AvoidTalkingMice


    The game used to cost $60 when it came out. You should keep that in mind. It wasnt always $20. $12 is a bargin for this much content. I dont agree with the over-priced cars, but a totally new island for 1/5 of the game’s original cost is awesome.

    Stop complaining! This was never in the origonal game! Developers dont OWE you anything for free! If you like it, buy it, and if not – then dont.

  • youll always have some gamers you just cant please… to them, if ya dont like it, dont buy it.. thats why there are so many other games to buy… downloadable content is how games are going anymore.. you can deal with it or go back to PS2 games.. i think Criterion has done a great job keeping this game relative for the past year and a half… i do wish and hope that whenever they bring out a new Burnout game, they can bring back the real Crash mode, like from Burnout 3.. that was the most fun… but add destructible environments as well as the traffic… i can imagine the car crashing thru some storefront windows, perhaps even bringing down a small building with an explosion.. its all in fun, right? that was Crash mode..

  • AvoidTalkingMice

    ..I hope Black 2 has this much DLC, if it ever comes out.

  • Black 2 = MORE YES PLEASE.

    I loved that game. And it had a good lead-in to a sequel.

  • I dont know. I have supported this game so far up to this point but its begining to get too costly now. I mean there are some cars that were just used over again with new looks and charged out the but for them. For example the hawker. I might get this one. I will see cuz I know on the 11th there is too much good stuff suppose to be released and I dont know if I will have the $$$$$ to buy this then.

  • @17
    But you have to admit that most of the packs are over priced, I don’t care how cool the flying DeLorean copy was, I’m not paying $4 for a virtual car that doesn’t add all that much to the game.

  • I have stopped playin the game…was looking for something to pull me back in and this’ll do it, love the support for this game, criterion is [DELETED] awesome

  • people should really stop complaining about the price. i usually complain about companies screwwing us over with dlc but criterion does not fall into that category. they have given this game remarkable support. some for free. if u add up the cost of the game along with the expansions it still cost less than most racing games(providing u dont factor in the extra cars.) this is extremely good value for ur money and trust me this game is worth it.

  • Great Price point IMO!!! Good Job Criterion!

  • I wish I hadn’t bought the party pack and bought the Island instead.

  • I was expecting $10, but $2 more isn’t that terrible. At least it isn’t overpriced like all the other pay-for DLC you made me buy for the trophies are. *sigh*

    Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll get it, but not day one.

  • @40..hey the prices are perrfect for what we are gettin. out of all the cars ive bought EVERY ONE OF THEM CHANGE MY RACING XPERIANCE. from cars to bikes to toy cars and bikes.THIS GAME IS AMAZING! and for Criterion to keep making it bigger and add more viechles to it makes it GREAT! you have to understand that the money WE spend on the games helps support it and the developers.yeah they gettin richer out of it but so is our gameplay!

  • Overpriced as all these Burnout DLC. I was a huge fan of Burnout ’till you guys started to add some tiny content for a couple of $$$. I just bought Cops and Robbers – it was my worst PSN purchase ever. Sorry to say that, but I played it 0,5 hour earned trophies and it wasn’t funny anymore. And it was SO expensive.

  • So I’m not gonna buy any Burnout DLC more ;) Not at this price ;)

  • looks cool…i might get it…but then battlefield 1943 is coming out as well…

  • o and what was up with the overpriced cops and robbers? ($9.99)

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