Photo Sharing Coming to PlayStation Home

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Update: We experienced a minor glitch this morning with the Buzz space in PlayStation. We know what the issue is and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible. Please check back with the blog for an update on when it will go live.

Greetings, Homies. Fasten your seatbelts, because we have the most exciting news to hit PlayStation Home since Open Beta! We know you loyal Home fans have been asking for media sharing since the get-go, and we’re very happy to tell you that the first stage is here!

Photo sharing, the first feature to support user-generated content, is finally coming to PlayStation Home! Starting today, Thursday, June 4th, you’ll be able to purchase picture frames in the Mall, upload photos from your hard drive or select from a gallery of default pictures, and then display them in your personal apartments. So if you’ve got photos from your latest game tournament that you want to share, all you have to do is upload them, choose the angle and size options for display, and then invite your friends back to your Home pad for your viewing party. Awesome!

But that’s not all! As usual, we have more exciting content updates coming today, including the highly-anticipated launch of the brand-new Buzz! game space. Get ready to strain your brain and freak your mind with this fast-paced, interactive quiz game. You’ll have to work with your friends and fellow community members to answer the questions lickety-split (hint: some organized sprinting may be necessary). Join the Home Community Management team in the Buzz! Space throughout the day where we’ll be challenging you to a game or three. Be sure to visit the MyBuzz website to discover what it takes to get your own quizzes into the Buzz! game space for future challenges.

When you need a break from thinking, be sure to visit the Mall for some retail therapy. It will be packing brand-new Ghostbusters costumes, designer duds for dandified men and women, and still more Street Fighter IV costumes.

Last but not least…word on the street is that everyone’s favorite ARG, Xi, will be revealing new spaces, ornaments, and mini-games.. Keep on playing, because it’s not over til the last butterfly flutters.

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  • $3.00 for a picture frame?

    look, I think Home has enormous potential, but when you start charging for basic features like picture sharing/displaying you are only shrinking your user base. A basic FREE picture frame along with some purchasable ones with enhanced features would have been a better approach. At least that way EVERYONE can try it out. Maybe if I could just try one out, I would have more incentive to buy other frames that could be slide shows, or where you could add text bubbles to images.

    I am scared to think about how much a TV or Radio would cost in Home.

  • StalkingSilence

    “organized sprinting” – too bad you can’t run :(
    Loving the photo frame news!

  • hell yeah baby :D

  • haha Pay $2.99 for a picture frame to display photo’s. No.

  • So how will Sony handle people posting porn in those frames? A HUGE warning that comes up when invited to someone elses home space?

  • Awesome! But I’ll be even happier and DEFINITELY Use HOME more when Video and Music sharing is in play. I’d love to listen to my music with my friends in HOME, and give them a taste of what I listen to. And Videos I watched too! That was the main reason I upgraded my Launch PS3’s HDD, so that I could put some good videos on it to Let friends in HOME enjoy and see what I watch!

  • @ KidCommando (50)

    Actually, I do like that idea to an extent. I think size should be incorporated into that, making the free one or two that would be permitted fairly small in size and with small file-size limits. I certainly don’t mind paying $3 for it if it’s adjustable, but that’s been an issue for Home, with purchasable couches being, ridiculously enough, confined to a single color. If I’m paying for a virtual item, I should AT LEAST be able to change that freely.

    I can agree that there’s a massive level of potential here and we can all imagine it fairly easily, but it still feels more corporate than personal.

  • @50
    Yo’re right, the cool thing about it is that
    1-the avatars at Home don’t seem that worried about the sluggish economy

    2-They don’t work(they’re lucky)so they won’t feel the pay of paying $10.00 Dlls for a TV at Home

    3-I normally go to Home to try and forget about the stuff you see on the media everyday..but Sony is sure making Home “pretty realistic”

  • :O My PS3 just got the YLOD… what bad timing :(

  • A basic FREE picture frame along with some purchasable ones with enhanced features would have been a better approach. At least that way EVERYONE can try it out.

    Now that should be the business model. Who’s in charge of microtransitions for Home, anyway? He’s nearly shooting it in the foot. I like Home and whatnot, and I definitely have 3 bucks in my PS wallet, but still, it’s stupid to see it for even $1.50 for a basic frame.

  • Just wishng I was not banned =[

  • The day I pay a dime for anything in HOME is the day I check myself into a psych ward

  • AWESOME! Hope I have some funds left in my wallet for the frames.

  • Regardless of how much you make for a salary or your age… $2.99 for the ability to display your own photo, which was shocased a year+ ago is nonsense and I won’t be supporting it.

    Micro-transactions are ok, if you correctly. This seems more like a Capcom: “2.99 extra costumes unlock key.”

    I hope non of you support this. Your foolish if you do. They know they can make money off of this and so they jacked up the price…not cool.

  • Photos are a good start, but as many have already said, we’d like Video and Music playback in our private spaces, as well. If 360 can allow Netflix content to stream to a user and their party, there should be no trouble with allowing us to view and listen to our saved HD contents. Also, it’d be a nice gesture to offer these items (frames, TVs, stereos) for free considering this feature was championed in the original Home announcements.

    Besides that, the item cap in personal spaces REALLY needs to be increased. A frame or two means that much less furniture I can add- and with action figures and shelves and such, I already can’t fill up larger premium apartments like the Lakeside Cabin or the Summer House. Please give us a little more space for the stuff we’ve given you our money for!

  • Will you be able to have as many up as you want with the purchase of one like with a chair and other furniture work?

    I dont see why people who have purchased this $300.00+ game system complain so much about something so little that is actually a little useful. 5.00 for a Home tshirt is a little crazy but a picture frame that has some use isnt bad. I had someone want to get a copy of my Zen Pinball that i purchased for 10 bucks last week. He said he doesnt have the money for it. If you dont have the money to purchase a really good $10.00 game that actually should be a little more IMO, you bought the wrong game system!

  • @ Korbel83

    Now, THAT is just greedy/stingy. If everything in there were free, it would collapse in on itself like a black hole. They didn’t charge you for access to Home itself, so the funds have to come from somewhere. I know there’s a reasonable middle-ground.

  • BOOO 2.99 are you kidding? That is extremely overpriced I predict a backlash. I will not be buying one of these you can get a LBP add on pack for that price!

  • @Jeigh

    To me, HOME collapsing on itself is a perfectly viable option. I see it as a useless platform of inconvenience and piece-meal.

  • Picture Frames = Cool
    $2.99 = Not Cool

    Regardless, I don’t use Home much anyway so not too worried. I am not being forced to pay it I suppose.

    It just seems out of balance that they would give a free Home Space (The Chamber) but not a free picture frame.

  • Since you said this is the first step in media sharing does that mean there is hope for sharing video? It was something that was promised way back and M$ has already beat you guys to the punch with their announcement at E3 about video sharing. How is it they got past legal and Sony hasn’t yet?

  • This go to EUROPEAN HOME? … :(

  • ALL HAIL CYD!!! I love the frames

  • SingStar Home space please!

  • Nice step foward.
    They better hurry and approve video sharing too before MS launches theirs on the 360.

    Make it happen SONY

  • Good work guys! Really good work.

  • $3.00 for posting a pic is ludicrous. As for the argument that Sony is giving us Home access for free, and therefore they need to pay the bills via microtransactions just doesn’t hold. Home is a giant advertising vehicle at it’s heart. Publishers & Developers are not likely getting their access to Home for free, although I imagine they’re getting a deal in order to build this “world”.

    I’d argue that $3.00 is better spent on a number of other PSN tranactions: Linger in Shadows, Magic Ball DLC, Rock Band/Guitar Hero DLC, etc.

  • I’m somewhat disappointed with the picture frames. I on one hand I’m glad it was actually implemented, I was getting worried it wouldn’t. On the other I wish I had more freedom, freedom to put them any where there’s a flat surface, and freedom to show them the way I want, letting the pictures breathe not squished to fit or cut off on the sides.

    Personal spaces are for expressing myself right? I don’t feel I’m truely expressing myself with these mounting and size limits. I feel like I’ve been let out but on a leash, reigned in.

  • Never mind about the squished comment. I just found out you CAN rotate the frames, but I still wish I should make them bigger and put them any where I want.

  • Um idk why people are complaining, I remember when people posts on the forums saying I will pay anything for picture frames. As people have said before gamers are pure rubbish this gen. They don’t know what they want and when they get something amazing say time travel, they say oh it isn’t fast enough.

    Good job home team I know you guys are really working your butts off on Home and I appreciate your efforts.

  • Never mind again. I’m actually more mad now the pictures only go in one way, if you rotate the frame the picture will rotate with it. Now I’m really disappointed, this is a very poor implementation. I hope you guys fix this, or I wouldn’t buy any more picture frame designs.

  • Yeeeeeeeah. Sorry guys, but I’m pretty sure i can buy a real picture frame for 3 dollars. Nice try tho!

  • I’m putting a picture of John D in mine…who’s with me?

  • Great job Cydonia, you and your team have been working very hard and it shows, keep it going we’re behind you, well most of us anyways!!! ;D

  • rip off

  • totally offtopic but I need this answered please: When are going to get information about Eyedentify? That game really got me pumped back on 2005 E3, but there has not been any news since then, please update us about it!

  • “Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a number of issues with the new Buzz! HQ space since going live this morning that have meant some players have got stuck or frozen in the game. To fix this as quickly as we can, we’ve had to take Buzz! HQ down for the time being, but the dev team knows what the problem is and we’re looking forward to getting this space back up as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated via the blog, Twitter and the Forums, so please bear with us and keep checking back. It’ll be awesome when it’s up and running! “

  • I agree with a majority of the people here. $3 for 1 simple frame design isnt cool.

    As for the Buzz area I heard that its been pulled in the UK area,is that going to be the case in NA?

  • I’m put one more comment up on this post.

    I you guys probably are working hard on Home, I appreciate that. Though I just can’t faine complete contentment wih the picture frames. I would really like more freedom. I can place everything else where ever I want, like piling sofas in a corner, so why not pictures frames? I don’t get it.


  • Nice first step. I would really like music and video streaming as well. It’d be nice to hang out at Home and have a little movie or dance party!

  • IT SHOULD BE $.49 4r the frames.

  • they were FREE in the private beta..

    You need to Step up to the plate HOME devs,
    360 Is getting LIVE video sharing/viewing
    with up to 5 people..

  • Can I expect a $50 virtual 65″ Sony Bravia for my apartment anytime soon?

  • You’re got to be effing kidding me.

    Having to pay for a frame? You know, just because PSN is free you don’t always have to take the chance to nickel and dime people.

  • Music Streaming Next Please!

  • I just took a screen capture of my battery indicator obscurring the XMB clock. I’m going to purchase a picture frame and post it in my home space.

    Someday…in the far, far future…when the crack-whiz team of Sony developers solve this complex-riddle of a problem, I’ll be able to look back with fondness at the picture. And remember.

  • You mean we have to buy the picture frames in order to put photos on our wall?

  • Well, there’s a start to everything. I am really looking forward to music streaming.


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