Photo Sharing Coming to PlayStation Home

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Update: We experienced a minor glitch this morning with the Buzz space in PlayStation. We know what the issue is and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible. Please check back with the blog for an update on when it will go live.

Greetings, Homies. Fasten your seatbelts, because we have the most exciting news to hit PlayStation Home since Open Beta! We know you loyal Home fans have been asking for media sharing since the get-go, and we’re very happy to tell you that the first stage is here!

Photo sharing, the first feature to support user-generated content, is finally coming to PlayStation Home! Starting today, Thursday, June 4th, you’ll be able to purchase picture frames in the Mall, upload photos from your hard drive or select from a gallery of default pictures, and then display them in your personal apartments. So if you’ve got photos from your latest game tournament that you want to share, all you have to do is upload them, choose the angle and size options for display, and then invite your friends back to your Home pad for your viewing party. Awesome!

But that’s not all! As usual, we have more exciting content updates coming today, including the highly-anticipated launch of the brand-new Buzz! game space. Get ready to strain your brain and freak your mind with this fast-paced, interactive quiz game. You’ll have to work with your friends and fellow community members to answer the questions lickety-split (hint: some organized sprinting may be necessary). Join the Home Community Management team in the Buzz! Space throughout the day where we’ll be challenging you to a game or three. Be sure to visit the MyBuzz website to discover what it takes to get your own quizzes into the Buzz! game space for future challenges.

When you need a break from thinking, be sure to visit the Mall for some retail therapy. It will be packing brand-new Ghostbusters costumes, designer duds for dandified men and women, and still more Street Fighter IV costumes.

Last but not least…word on the street is that everyone’s favorite ARG, Xi, will be revealing new spaces, ornaments, and mini-games.. Keep on playing, because it’s not over til the last butterfly flutters.

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  • Good but what about video and music streaming

  • Sweet! It’s about time!

  • Looking forward to BUZZ!….

    Thanks guys.


  • Will we get some frames for free, or do we have to pay for them? If we have to pay, that’s total bull. We’ve been waiting so long for this addition to be added, so the least you could do is add one or two free picture frames.

  • We have to pay to display our own photo, well then lets forget about music and video streaming… Its going to be an arm and a leg possibly more. This is a joke.

  • systemfansteven

    Just got it and it works really well, also the Buzz space is really fun! I only have one question, when will music streaming be up?

  • Finally.

  • Yes. Very cool. Thanks again Home team!!

  • complain about paying to display pics? GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Purchase picture frames… slick…

    can you have a frame do a slide show though?

  • “Thursday, June 4th, you’ll be able to PURCHASE picture frames in the Mall”

  • It’s one of those pay real money for virtual goods things I’m not fond of.

  • Pay to display a picture? I think I’ll stick to sending my pictures through the messaging system. This is a rip-off if we have to pay to display our pictures. We should at least get a few free picture frames.

  • THANK YOU, I know you guys have had trouble passing this stuff through and I’m sure you know as much as I do * no offense for bringing this up * but Microsoft is bringing that party watch thing :(…. you guys REALLY have to push out the tvs in Home… I really don’t want any bragging on their side…. and it will look good on your part if you bring it first ;)

  • Guess this is a start. So when can we expect to stream movie and audio from our HDD in our HOME space? 2 years from now?

  • Great work! Home is getting a lot better. Cant wait for the Buzz space.

    But I have 2 questions
    – What price will you be asking for the pricture frames?
    – What PlayStation Home Spaces can we expect this month? And are there more third party devs that will intergrade in HOME?


  • Guess this is a start. So when can we expect to stream movie and audio from your HDD? When the PS4 comes out?

  • @ BloodyCow… seriously, these things are hard to pass through, no need to be an ass

  • OH, have you heard anything about them adding more avatars on PSN……. that was suppose to happen this summer AKA NOW!

  • Thanks for the ability to share pictures. It’s definitely a big step in the right direction. However, charging us to post pictures isn’t a great way to introduce a highly requested feature. Perhaps making it free for a few days? Or allowing us to download 1 free picture frame?


  • if I have to pay for picture frames, my Home space will reamain bare.

    i appreciate the effort by the Development Team, its just that I am not a fan of micro-transactions for virtual content.

  • Niiice ! Just need to get some TV’s for streaming video..

    And Pool tables for sale would be nice >.>

  • Hey CydoniaX,

    I had this really cool idea that should be incorporated to Home. Hopefully this Beta stage is almost done and when that happens this is what should happen. When you highlight Home on the XMB your presented with a door that has the Home insignia and when you press X, this is where the magic happens, it will animate as if it was opening somehow! I think this would be really cool! Also, will Home eventually get rid of most the loading you get like everytime you go to access a Space, this has got to be The most annoying thing and if this is eliminated then Home can be one Hell of a place. Of course I mean Hell in a good way!

    Thanks for the update, this is awesome!

  • @17 Link01
    I was not trying to be an ass. But they should not have shown us these feature 2 years ago without having them at the launch of the beta. If they would have keep it internally, then people that was interested in HOME for those reason wouldn’t be complaining.

  • game-launching? That’s the purpose of home anyway right?

  • This is great,But what I want to know is,are we getting TV’s and Boomboxe for Music and Videos.

  • Getting there!! but I don’t spend money in home sorry. Games are what I spend money on. But hey it’s a start and I want play music in home. inviting friend over to look at my pics is ok but E-mail works better!!! :)

  • You must drop $2.99 for the initially released frame in the Home Mall.

    Here are a few limits to consider as well, regarding the amount of frames which can be used in each personal space:

    Harbor Studio – 4 Frames Max
    Summer House – 2 Frames Max (Why? I have no idea.)
    Lakeside Cabin – 6 Frames Max
    Chamber Apartment – 12 Frames Max
    Loot StageSet – 0 (!?)

    Also, for some odd reason, this feature was not implemented into the club system, at least not yet, so you’re confined to only using them in your personal spaces.

    According to : *

  • Home wont let me log on.
    Things are network crazy lately. Im downloading on my psp and ps3 all while logged into socom and

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    What the heck happened to the Star Trek uniforms?

  • jedi_webslinger

    I dont buy things on Home but You guys sold me on the Ghostbusters outfits. The pic option seems cool. So this is shaping to be what i hoped for.

  • I guess this is a start. It would be even better to get a pool table for personal spaces, maybe even a pinball machine. Hopefully the next step will be sound in the case of public space voice chat and music which should lead to the combination of image sequences and accompanying sound in the form of TVs.

  • They’ve got a point there up above… you should sell things like pool tables and bowling add ons…. the other stuff is usually crowded, this will give incentive for parties in Home places

  • I’m actually thinking about buying this, but then i remembered that every time you release an update for Home. My Home space is empty like I never decorated it. That’s the whole reason I quit playing. I just wish you could fix that so it doesn’t happen because I really enjoy the experience.

  • How much are frames going to cost? and please give at least one for free.

  • Cyd, you guys really need a blog or a twitter account that gives people updates about whatever the hell is going on. Forum people are getting restless.

  • Now the freaks from home can share photos, great….

  • Yea thats cool. But i agree with others. Video and music streaming please. Microsoft just added it to their system and you dont even need to be inside a seperate app. Please give us a party system so we can link up OUTSIDE of home and share music/video as well as persistant voice chat no matter what were doing.

    I love my PS3 but honestly what puts this system on top for me is the awesome games that come out for it, not the systems features but MS has you beat in that area (with the exception of bluray of course).

  • Buzz will not be in home today as per scee detected a problem withthe space no word on ETA

  • WTF? we must pay for this? :(

  • Great. I hope in-house/club music streaming and video sharing isn’t too far away.

  • Kudo’s for the frames. Hope you allow a bit more customization (sizing of frames etc) over time. More feedom in placement would be cool as well.

    Overall a good step forward. I’m looking forward to televisions and streaming media.

  • The most important question: Will these be functional in the Club House’s?

  • I can see Home becoming very FaceBook-ish. Probably a good thing.

  • Great, Now we gonna have all these kiddos asking ppl with girl avatars for pix…wouldn’t that be harassment?
    How would the “MODS” try to avoid this?

  • Cool :) I’ll be putting up pictures of my baby girl (she’s 5months now) on my home space.

  • THAT’s what I’m talking about! Actually making Home personal now. Still, in what I should have expected to be a double-edged sword, I’m hearing it’s a one-size thing. Figured I could just buy the frame (which I was planning to do), and resize it from within the Homespace. Nothing’s really all that simple with you guys, is it?

    Guess that’s one more to cross off the list:
    Photo- Check
    Homespace Games-

    At least we’re making some progress. :)

  • Eh, I’m indifferent on paying for the frames. As long as you can use one frame multiple times, I dont see an issue. Limits on how many frames you can put in an area assuming the above post is true? Do NOT like that one.

    And movie sharing? That’s what BD Live is for. Incredible Hulk can do it, I’m 90% sure. It’s all up to the movie maker if they want to include it. So I’m not scared of MS’s announcement AT ALL.

  • Home’s been open beta for how long… and yet MS announced at E3 that they’ll soon be allowing shared video viewing… which is something home should have already been doing… sad

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