E3 09 On the Show Floor: Quantum

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As soon as the show floor opened up at E3 2009, Chris and I made a beeline for the Tecmo booth (well, after a run through of the God of War III demo ;-)

Why Tecmo? Because the team there is working on two games you’ll only play on PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be talking Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 tomorrow; today we bring you an interview on a game that many readers have been asking about: Quantum.

This 3rd person action-shooter is shaping up to be a very interesting addition to the PS3 software lineup, with a brutal brand of shooting that may well be a first on the console. Take a look at the video (with US Producer Pete Garza) and let us know what you think.

I’m definitely looking to get more time with the game (which is currently around 40% complete), and we also are looking forward to sharing more with you as well.

More from the show floor to come!

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  • weres my psn store update i want it nowwwwwww

  • This is looking pretty freakin’ awesome. :) The combination of Action and Shooter elements certainly seems to suit the game well. I was kind of hoping for some form of cooperative, whether it be in story mode or in a way similar to R2 or U2. Still, this thing has jumped up on my list.

    Not sure if I’d call Sigma 2 an exclusive, but if the original (non-Sigma 2) was exclusive I suppose it’s fair game. :P

  • Epic, please disregard the half-wits who would spit at an exclusive, whether there is something similar already on the market or not. I, for one, will welcome it with arms wide open.

    (Honestly, I think these guys are just Xbots trying desperately to make you think we don’t want it. Insisting something go multiplatform because it’s “not good enough” certainly sounds like a turncoat.)

  • May have overshot there for my comment on @50.

    I was sure I saw this at the UK store and the US store, but now when I go back to the US store I can’t find it.

    The UK store does mention a Camera and GPS system for the PSP however.

  • Jeff ur getting better at doing interviews keeps up the good work

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Guy that comments @ 50 and 54 >

    You’re a little late, those accessories are already available (at least in Europe) and works pretty good, it sold pretty well actually. The GPS is nice and Sony made different “games” that used it. For the cam, i never used it but you can see a trailer of a game using it on gametrailers: the game is called ‘invazmal’ or somthing like that

  • is there gonna be a store update?

    Well it better update before the NBA Finals start because Im turning my PS3 off right before they start.

  • @37
    i could have swore this was called Quantum Theory, but they look the exact same, so it probably is the same game.
    Jeff, do you know when they changed the name?

  • Um, check the store. The update is live. PS1 support continued with Street Fighter Alpha 2!

  • Trash Panic is fun. Great game for $5 :)

  • Wow this game looks really good, better than gears of war!

  • Looks interesting, had my eye on this for awhile. Kinda glad that this isn’t releasing this year with all the games already coming. But I do have to say that I liked the old name better.

  • I want to get that trash game and possibly Wolenstein, but I can’t find any info on it. Is it a straight port? Are the graphics beefed up? Whats the deal?

  • hey jeff, if you can, you should ask hideo kojima if mgs4 will ever get trophies

  • Why can’t this game be our Gears of War? jk
    But seriously the ps3 needs at least some GOOD offline multiplayer games, this is getting ridiculous…All my friends have 360s so I can never play with them on PS3 Cmon sony!

  • It look awesome seriously. Go Tecmo!!!

  • LMAO at how it looks JUST like Gears!! XDDDD

    i’m not hating. Gears is amazing, and i rly hope this is just as good. : )

  • This game looks fantastic. When was it announced?! Because this is the first time I’m seeing it. Sony really needs to show off its exclusives better.

    It does remind me a lot of Gears of War but I hope they really flesh out the action/melee side of things. What I see looks very exciting.

    That said, NO CO-OP? WTF?! I’m not one of those people who want co-op just for the sake of co-op, but this game is begging for it. I think they really need to think about it. I don’t mind if I have to wait until summer next year, let them take their time and create a really solid co-op experience.

    Tecmo, I hope you’re reading!!

  • @9 Please stop using caps lock. I feel like gauging out my eyes every time I read your post.

  • The game looked pretty bad to me and the voice acting and dialogue were awful. Needs a different colour palette, better VA and script and some crazy melee moves/weapons. Can see it getting 4 or 5/10.

  • Looks great :D

  • I think it Quantum looks… okay. It’s kinda bland so far to be honest. But, it’s only 40% complete now, so I guess I can’t say anything JUST yet… I’ll have to keep my eye on this one…

  • Looking forward to this one!

  • Huh?
    I thought the name was “Quantom Theory”, not just “Quantom”.

  • Im glad you guys posted this about Quantum. Im very intrigued by this and i really cant wait to see what comes of it.

    Thanks so much for the coverage

  • Looks really good :P

  • How do the people at Tecmo have a job? This is one of the worst looking games of E3. Terrible graphics,dull looking gameplay and no offline or online co-op. Epic FAIL.

  • @56 Stinkinmushroom.

    Thanks for your comment about how the 2 add ons work.

    I saw the game you referred to already and that’s what made me look for the camera and then I saw the GPS system.

    Sure hope North America can get these 2 add ons soon…I think they would definately sell well here too.

  • Game looks really good but something sony just does not seem to understand is that a game cannot compete with halo or gears if it doesn’t have CO-OP, right now i’m just finishing up killzone 2, game which screams co-op, its really good, but whenever friends and family are around its call of duty 5 or halo. Please to whomever reads this forum and knows somebody who knows somebody important enough to make a difference. CO-OP in FPS and racing games is a must. Was heartbroken over burnout paradise.

  • at first glance it looked meh, but now looking into it, it looks decent.

  • @ RGS-14 #57

    “You better update the store ’cause I’m going to watch basketball soon!”


    Yeah, I’m sure they’ll get right on that, just for you.

  • Jeff, you’re amazing at your job, seriously. You know how to communicate directly with the fans, make the right questions, and use a language that’s familiar to all of us. No corporate bs, no “oh I won’t mention Gears of War similarities because GeoW isn’t in our company – I’ll pretend this is just a great new game and innovative concept/genre!”, same during the Lost Planet interview.

    Really, as a business student who is very interested in communication and marketing myself, I admire you.

  • @77

    And how do people have a PSN account? This is defintely not the worst looking games of E3 and we only saw a fraction of the gameplay footage and you say it’s got dull-looking gameplay? Did you spot any glitch? Perhaps a bug?

    No coop so it’s an ‘EPIC FAIL’? You are just one of those who follow the masses tying ‘epic fail’ or ‘epic win’. Bioshock 1, MGS 1-3, Mass Effect and Fallout 3 are all great games without coop feature.

    What a disgrace.

  • What does this game do right exactly? It will get rated 6/10 by every site and go down in history as the game trying to be like Gears of War. It brings nothing new to the table. It is humilating to even have this game on PS3. Uncharted 2 on the other hand. Naught Dog knows what they are doing. Tecmo can take this exclusive and shove it up their ass. No on or offline co-op is the biggest failure of E3 for a 3rd person shooter.

  • This game looks amazing i downloaded the trailer and i already want to play it. i played Gears of War at my cousins house and i think this game if they put a mode on the multiplayer similar to the one on Gears of War with the one life per round 8 rounds not that many people per team thing would be awesome.The idea you talked about in the interview i saw on youtube from some website where one person from both teams is a girl and is the leader and other teamates are guys protecting the girl sounds fun also i think the max players at the most should be 12 but i think 8 sounds just fine.Heres a new idea i got for this game they should have a good varaity of characters in the games online mode so theres less chance to see doubles but we still get to pick who we want to be with where one from each team is a girl there should be one team as the good guys from story and one as bad guys from story that would be cool.HERES THE LINK FOR THE FORUM ABOUT QUANTUM http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=actionadventure&message.id=147858&jump=true

  • I hope you can change the look of your character or something because that main character just looks too much like a prick :/

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