E3 09 On the Show Floor: Quantum

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As soon as the show floor opened up at E3 2009, Chris and I made a beeline for the Tecmo booth (well, after a run through of the God of War III demo ;-)

Why Tecmo? Because the team there is working on two games you’ll only play on PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be talking Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 tomorrow; today we bring you an interview on a game that many readers have been asking about: Quantum.

This 3rd person action-shooter is shaping up to be a very interesting addition to the PS3 software lineup, with a brutal brand of shooting that may well be a first on the console. Take a look at the video (with US Producer Pete Garza) and let us know what you think.

I’m definitely looking to get more time with the game (which is currently around 40% complete), and we also are looking forward to sharing more with you as well.

More from the show floor to come!

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  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    jeff this site leak information about a software update during e3 and i figure since today is last day of e3 is their a firmware update coming? and Quantum looks good already

  • The trailer on PSN looks pretty good. I just hope they improve the art a bit and have local co-op and a horde mode going through the towers.

  • Oh great since there’s a post going up now I guess this means we can expect the Store update at around 11EST again…


  • Looks like an interesting game

  • …he said no local coop… do not want. Whats up with Sony games and No local co-op? What Local Co-op games are coming out in the future?

  • Looks neat I may have to check it out

  • Stinkinmushroom

    This looks really good!

    Just so you guys know, there is a sync problem on Part 3 of the Conference video on the PS Store … It bugs in the middle of the GOW3 presentation and all the audio is synced out till the end. (maybe it’s only a problem on my console, but i think it’s general)

  • This is our Gears of War. Let’s hope it lives up to that standard.


  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Good video,

    Jeffrey, did you talk to Namco Bandai about TOV localization? Or to Square Enix about whether or not The Last Remnant is canceled?

  • Looks really good.

  • Hopefully this game will have custom soundtracks, game launching, portable and implantable cover, human shields, movable environmental cover, and some kind of platforming ability in single player and online multiplayer. The trowing of the lady sounds nice, but another platforming ability would help as well such as a grappling hook.

  • @9 Get a new keyboard/ hit Cpas Lock/ let go of Shift

    Anyways, this game looks freaking amazing. We just now need a Mass Effect Spin off for the PS3 those are really the only two games I wanted from the X Gears and Mass Effect. lol Now I don’t have a reason to buy a box anymore. GJ Temco really looking forward to it. I feel my wallet getting lighter every day. :(

  • I will buy this thats for sure

  • @9
    you know Sony has nothing to do with the development of the game?
    Jeez I hate when people complain to Sony about a game that theyre not even developing or publishing

  • @7, I had the problem, as did someone else. I can’t stand out of sync audio :(

  • wait no split screen play?! C’mon!

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo

    GeoW clone for win! hopefully youse gaize have a better multiplayer netcode than it.

  • Great interview Jeff.I become more interested in this game the more I see and hear about it.

  • I had my eye on this game since TGS 08 and it looks good. looking forward for more information in the future

  • “This is our Gears of War.”

    No, there’s our Kill.switch dimwit.

    “Let’s hope it lives up to that standard.”

    What ‘standard’?

    A broken, lagfest?

    Laughable outdated Unreal Engine graphics?

  • and This game looks awesome!!!!!
    Might be dispointed a lil by no coop but its not a game killer!
    but I’ll still get it because its looks awesome!

  • Looks delicious. Can I assume each character is available in co-op mode (and hopefully in single player, as well)?

  • @ Moosehole

    “…I guess this means we can expect the Store update at around 11EST again… *sigh*”

    We’re getting 3 updates in 3 days and you’re going to complain about having to wait a bit? Really!?

  • looks awesome! ill be sure to check this one out!

  • I’m probably in the minority here, but I seriously don’t care to buy or play a Gears of War clone, which let’s all be honest, this looks like. Does this use the Unreal Engine as well? Because it looks like it does… sorry, my game snobbiness is showing. :P

  • Firmware update soon?

  • Please, just shut down this project. This game is embarassing. What’s up with the Gears Of War ripoff! Either shut it down or make it multiplatform. This is not a good exclusive.

  • To all you mofos number 9 is right… You say its “our Gears of War” but and intgral part of what makes Gears the game it is is the co-op.

    The only exclusive games I own with 4 player co-op are Little Big Planet and Resistance!

    Sony need to secure games with co-op (Looking forward to Lost Planet 2).

  • @ me

    “Can I assume each character is available in co-op mode (and hopefully in single player, as well)?”

    Sorry, didn’t watch the video before I posted. I’m actually glad there’s no co-op, I’d rather have a single-player focus, personally. Looks like you’ll still be able to take control of the female warrior at times, though- which is what I was looking forward to, anyway. Stoked.

    @ Everyone calling it a “Gears clone,” remember that Gears was a RE4 “clone” to begin with. The character design is a little more Gears that RE, but CliffyB doesn’t have a trademark on beefy, hunky videogame heroes.

  • I’m on the same boat as “ShdwDrake”
    This looks like one hell of a bad ass game, but why is there no offline co-op? Games that have this mode usually sell really well (hello! halo and gears of war). I mean, this game looks really good, but I would pre-order TODAY if it had the off line 2 player split-screen mode.

    But anyways, still looks good though. thanks tecmo!

  • This looks like a amped up version of gears of war. Game modes they need to put in CTF, Asassintation(like killzone 2), conquest(capture the areas on the map and gain points), TDM,and Rage mode(where a bunch of those aliens come at you in various of corners all around you and defeat all of the 100 waves). Nice preview you did there.

  • Quantum of war!!!!!this game looks GOOD!!

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Good job securing this interview Jeff! It was a good one.

  • i’m not interested in co-op at all…who really cares about co-op/split screen on games like these, they’re meant to be enjoyed in full screen…yup…


  • Looks decent, you can tell it needs a lot of work. To me, it quick paced gears game. I hope the weapons are more creative when the game arrives.

  • Excuse my ignorance, I havnt followed this title. Quantum = Quantum Theory?

  • @37
    yes you are correct

  • Yeah the graphics have really picked up since I last seen this. We need more 3rd party exclusives for sure.

  • It looks really good. The trailer was very impressive. I kinda hope they put in some form of coop, though. Guess you can’t have everything. Probably a day one purchase for me, regardless. :)

  • Str-8 HOT-ness… I’m all over this game… can not wait..

  • Soul Caliber + Gears of War = Quantum

    But they really need to add Split screen Co-op

  • @42

    Nah. The female protagonist’s (DELETED) aren’t nearly big enough for this game to be a mashup with Soul Caliber.

  • It looks pretty cool. I agree with “Insyt” I dont care that much about co-op/split screen. Full screen rules.

  • I love my games with a full screen too, but I have friends that I love to sit around and play games with.

    And it’s looking more and more like I have to get a different system if I want to do that.

  • Looks alright.


    Making a kill doesn’t really look satisfying right now.

  • Honestly, I know it looks similar to Gears in ways, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

    Consider this game officially on my radar. This preview impressed.

  • Looks nice. Early 2010 is too packed,gow 3 on march,heavy rain and this game around then too. Hopefully it’s spread nicely so each game can have good sales.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Looks pretty awesome.

  • Hey people, just found some interesting news on the Sony site for the PSP.

    Here are some details:

    go to the Sony site…click on PSP, then under Key features there’s an item called PSP is Going.

    It mentions how a camera can be connected as well as about a GPS system.

    Here’s what I saw there:

    Using the Camera, which attaches via the High Speed USB connector, Go!Cam turns your PSP into a video and stills camera. With a 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo inserted in your PSP, you can record over two hours of video footage, instantly being able to play back the action on the PSP system’s screen.

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