PlayStation Network Extends Its Video Delivery Service to PSP

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If you watched our E3 announcement this morning, which we are featuring in the E3 channel on PlayStation Store, the E3 space in HOME and also on, you heard that PlayStation Network is extending our downloadable video entertainment offerings to PSP.

Beginning today, you can download standard definition movies and tv shows directly to your PSP through PlayStation Network video delivery service. You can still transfer programs to your PSP via the PS3 or from your PC via Media Go. But now, by accessing the video store directly on your PSP, it’s easier than ever to take your favorite entertainment with you on the go.

We’re also excited to release a variety of shows from partners such as Showtime Networks, Starz, G4 & E!, Summit Entertainment, The Weinstein Company, HDnet & Magnolia Pictures, Anime Network, Media Blasters, Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment, Starz Media’s Manga Entertainment, Toei Animation, Viz Media, WEP, UFC, TNA and Video Action Sports – increasing PlayStation Store’s library to more than 1900 movies and 9400 TV episodes.

So check out the 9000 hours of new programming… on your PS3 or your PSP!

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  • Speaking of videos and stuff from the ps store, what about Qore for the psp? It can be done. Plus it will push the PSPgo’s digital media

  • @Grace Chen

    Somebody better get the store updated or there’s gonna be a riot. Seriously. FFVII. NAOW!

  • Bring the video store to EU please Sony,

  • When are psn cards coming to Canada…

  • Been refreshing both stores all evening for Final Fantasy VII. :(

    And yeah, bring the Video Store to Europe! Or mass seppuku will ensue!

  • Can’t redownload videos WTF is that?
    I downloaded the free Dexter episode on my PS3 then got the new Media Go and tried to download in with that and it says I can’t redownload the content!

    This is a joke!

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    you eruo ppl go to the euro ps blog and fuss at them this is sony north america not euro they cant help euro go to the euro blog and fuss sheesh

  • @57..Hahah, ya..

    @56..Read the terms of use.

  • If Canada isn’t going to get the video store, can we at least get a Canadian PS Store? Just like we have a Canadian App Store? And a Canadian Xbox Marketplace?

    This way we’ll be less confused about promotions that show up on the store front page that we have no access to. It’s fairly demeaning.

  • #57, ok but we Canadians, where can we go to complain ? :P no videostore in Canada one year later is just….very disapointing.

  • I can haz FFVII..pleaseeee? :D

    Seriously though, when are you gonna update the store? ]:

  • Continue to convert the psp into a media player. It’s great.

  • a leader in enterteinment where?
    does sony only care about usa?
    still waiting on the video service here in canada.. hopefully by the time the ps4 comes out i will be able to enjoy it?

  • This is the most underhanded announcement ever made.

    I hope everyone at Sony knows how HATED they are by Canada right now. Quit ****ing around and give this service to Canada. THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE REASON WHY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA! Do the work, get it done! Holy **** are you all incompetent at Sony?

    And yes, until you announce something, you DO hate Canada. You’re giving more ****ing support to Latin America than Canada. Grace, maybe you should find a new employer, one that won’t make the entire world hate you.

  • Seriously, start getting some of these big announcements going in Canada at the same time. There’s no reason why those distribution rights couldn’t have been discussed at the same time, is there?

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    canada does have a ps store and the ones who keep saying xbox this xbox has that than go buy one and to #60 if u have to call sony and complain and ask sony what is canada law thats blockin it i know the us has the weakest laws as in movies the way u set them up like thru ps and thru other online stores so that might be a reason we get it early but idk just call sony look on ps3 box and it will have the number

  • Fine, ignore Canada -.-

  • It’s been a year and still no movies for Canada? For being “a leader in entertainment” you guys are very slow at doing things.

  • @58
    Yeah the terms suck!
    It’s even a Free download.

    No matter, I know another place that offers Free downloads too and doesn’t cripple the media.

    Funny E3 they talked about taking the media everywhere and Media Go and PSP and PS3.

    Whatever, I am done with this PSN Video store.

  • Also, Grace, if you had any spine you would take the thousands of complaints you’ve had about the lack Canadian video store to your superiors, and get the ball rolling.

    Otherwise, you’re just a corporate mouth piece who we probably would hate if we ever met you in person. maybe try responding to comments here or talking to the appropriate people who can have an open dialogue about the issue? Clearly you aren’t doing your job right as “Senior Manager of Playstation Store”. Maybe you should resign?

  • Sony continues to ignore its Canadian users.

    Sony I am really getting upset now.
    No Video store
    No PSN Cards
    No Contests
    No Free Kung Fu

  • I can’t wait to continue pirating movie and television shows because the US is too ignorant to offer digital downloads of their shows in Canada!

    Maybe you didn’t ignore Canada we wouldn’t be on your piracy black list?

  • “Vegeta, what does the PS Blog say about the PS Store’s amount of hours for TV episode content?”

    “It’s OVER 9000!!!!!”

  • I’m a qore annual subscriber and haven’t received my uncharted beta code yet. I have been a subscriber for almost a year now…. Please help!

  • You know what’s amazing about the new over priced PSP NO? It doesn’t even use the same memory stick as the original PSP. Which means if you make the move, you will lose everything.

    Sony, you’re amazing! Taking 5 year old tech and repackaging it for its original price.

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    @72 fk u we aint ignorant maybe if u quit cryin like a bich and call sony canada maybe that would help just bc u wanna cry doesnt mean all americans r ignorant check with canada laws its dif than ours u lil dingleberry

  • @66,

    The problem is, if Microsoft can get distributing rights here, then why can’t Sony? I think they are too lazy to talk to our content regulators(CRTC). If the video store isn’t in any other nation, then let the Americans have their fun. I guess I’ll keep forking out money on PSN games, when I would be buying the videos in droves.
    I hate supporting a service that feels like the money is being spent on Americans’ well being. (Jeez Sony, you’re driving a stake between these two nations. We fixed our relations 50 years ago)

  • @73: AHAHAHAHAHA, They set themselves up for that one. Brilliant.

  • You know, this isn’t a hard question to ask… what about Canada?

  • i just don’t understand why uncle bill can deliver movies in Canada and Sony, who owns a crap load of movies can’t deliver, might as well throw in the towel now Sony, it seems like you will always be a few steps behind Microsoft, it’s pathetic really

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    i just talked to sony america they said call sony canada and complain to them even tho we share a blog they are in charge of the canadian ps store

  • just tried it on PSP store front. Clicking on that icon/tab does nothing. What is up with that?

  • Showtime SWEET!!!!!! DEXTER!!!!! All we need is HBO and I can cancel my directTV!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn’t seem to be working on my PSP – am I missing something? I see the banner, but I can’t click on it.

  • Thanks for the ginormous ANIME update! More anime is always welcome! (More HD Anime wouldnt hurt either!)

  • 81 their no Canadian PS store that just the American ps store until you check out and have to pay the freaking gst. And I don’t complain much about the long absence of the psn video store in Canada. I know that most distribution deal are pre Internet era and until these deal can be renegotiated the 21 century will not really start. But Sony is a freaking Movie studio and distributor! They already own the right to truckloads of content so If they really wanted a worldwide video store they would have one by now. So it just lack of will nothing else! When their a will their a way! This is the last time I talk about this am off to some undisclosed site to get what I want when I want…

  • I hope the video store is headed to other regions soon — i know that Microsoft are finally bringing its XBL video marketplace to Australia, so what about SONY ? Any plans to offer the service in more countries?

  • Great performance today sony! The PSP Go is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since the day the PSP came out. It needed to be smaller and more capable of storing greater amounts of content. Good form!

    … Although, much like every other person commenting here, I’m thoroughly upset at the fact that the movie store received absolutely no acknowledgment whatsoever with regards to Canadians. Even my girlfriend is nagging for this service and she hates video games and all things related! I would gratefully stop renting and buying from outside stores if I had your option. Anyway, that’s my two cents. If you (ie. sony) has any info at all as to why it’s delayed or when it may come; I’d love to hear anything!

  • LMFAO – I can’t get over this guy that keeps saying it must be Canadian law stopping a Canadian video store.

    Sony distributes a heck of a lot of TV shows and movies – chances are, they signed an exclusivity agreement with one or more digital media distributors in Canada and thusly can’t vend these programs from their own store for a certain amount of time.

    If this is the case, just say so already – otherwise just tell us what the snafu is – enough with the secrecy already.

  • mhenderson – same thing happening to me. I will try again tomorrow. maybe it’s not actually working yet.

  • Yeah I’m clicking the “portable entertainment just got better” button in the ps store but nothing is happening. No complaints from me. Just wanna know what I need to do to resolve this issue.

  • Whens it coming to Canada!!!?!

  • Australians want:
    No Video store
    No PSN Cards

    Hurry up already! What do you guys do? Do you work?


  • Our Video gallery just closed so now I have nowhere to rent movies (im in canada) Didn’t really care about the lack of service in canada untill recently

  • I totally thought you guys were going to announce a Netflix Partnership…which would make some sense…

  • This is great and all but I’m still waiting for a monthly all access subscription (like how netflix works) to access every video and tv show on the psn when ever I want or just add Netflix. While your at it or actually even better, talk to Hulu about getting the Hulu Desktop app ported for the PS3. It’s great that we can watch Hulu through the browser but the browser is not remote control friendly and could use a little more optimizing. I want to be able to watch some of my favorite shows/movies with out having to pay such an absurdly high amount ($6 for a HD movie rental, come on!!!) Because of this (and only this!!!) I have yet to rent a movie off of the PSN. Please take these into consideration.

  • I mean.. you guys do realize that CanCon doesn’t apply to the digital realm right?
    The CRA would like you to believe otherwise but the mandate only applies to broadcasts.. downloads aren’t broadcasts.

    Just making sure you understand that.

    I just have a hard time believing it’s only licensing issues that are holding you back.. I mean practically everything you offer is available in Canada.. filtering out exceptions shouldn’t be too hard.. and the iTunes store got their licensing issues sorted out at a much better pace.

  • Is the video store on psp up and running?

  • Kudos on the new PSP store and the impressive E3 Showing. Also, I really like the PS store’s new feel. One question I have, though, is will we ever see a TV show rental capability?

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