PlayStation Network Extends Its Video Delivery Service to PSP

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If you watched our E3 announcement this morning, which we are featuring in the E3 channel on PlayStation Store, the E3 space in HOME and also on, you heard that PlayStation Network is extending our downloadable video entertainment offerings to PSP.

Beginning today, you can download standard definition movies and tv shows directly to your PSP through PlayStation Network video delivery service. You can still transfer programs to your PSP via the PS3 or from your PC via Media Go. But now, by accessing the video store directly on your PSP, it’s easier than ever to take your favorite entertainment with you on the go.

We’re also excited to release a variety of shows from partners such as Showtime Networks, Starz, G4 & E!, Summit Entertainment, The Weinstein Company, HDnet & Magnolia Pictures, Anime Network, Media Blasters, Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment, Starz Media’s Manga Entertainment, Toei Animation, Viz Media, WEP, UFC, TNA and Video Action Sports – increasing PlayStation Store’s library to more than 1900 movies and 9400 TV episodes.

So check out the 9000 hours of new programming… on your PS3 or your PSP!

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  • W00T ANIME!

  • Nemesishunter420


  • Update the PS Store please.

    Finally a good PS1 game worth playing and you guys decide to wait until the end of the earth to go live.

    Please hurry up.

  • so i expect that as soon as you update the PC Store this will also be available for download to the PSP?

  • and the video store is releasing in Canada when?

  • uncharted is out!!!

    thanks sony with GAP!!!

  • For a second there, I thought this post was going to be PlayStation Network Extends Its Video Delivery Service to Canada. :(

    Sony, why do you hate Canadians? :(

    • We don\’t hate Canadians… sorry, but we don\’t have anything specific to announce right now about Canada.

  • Finally!! I feel the urge to actually buy/rent something now. ^_^

  • Hellz yeahz!

    Naruto is one I’m definitely going to check out (some very specific episodes anyway). I’d like to see a “buy season” option, but this is definitely a good thing. When will these things be going live? (I assume 9000 hours of content aren’t just going to show up overnight…)

  • when will it come to canada, yeah… We exist you know? :P

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    How about extending your video delivery service to Canada?

  • Nemesishunter420

    Common guys reply back about the no psn movies in Canada. We deserve an explanition

  • i need to buy a bigger memory stick to download stuff on the go.

    wooo, just got uncharted via g.a.p. too.

  • This morning i woke up and my dream of a Playstation Christmas came true. I love all my Playstation Consoles.

  • Oh, and, as a personal request, please make sure you get Bleach in there too. Pretty much the best anime out there- flashbacks and minor details take a backseat to killer action and I enjoy every last second of it.

  • This is nice and everything, but can you please update the store now?


  • Maybe since the Uncharted beta goes live soon, they’re waiting until midnight to update everything. That would suck, but explain how late it is without and update.

  • Yay! Bleach, Naruto, Ghosht in the shell SAC, and NGE!!!

    Woot! It’s sony day!

  • Is Fox on there yet with episodes of House? :D

  • YEA ANIME!!!!!!!! I’m really enjoying xam’d lost memories! I hope there’s better ones to come.

    I can’t believe you put that biased gaming channel on the store: G4. Do you know they are still calling MAG Massive Action Game. I’m quite sure that name was debunked and is now just MAG. Just goes to show how little they keep up on Playstation news. You should have got Gametrailers. :P

  • Will the anime episodes include the original Japanese VA with subtitles?


    Thank you sony for the Anime.

  • wow!!! i will be gitting psp DAY ONE!!!

  • This is great to hear and I am glad that it will be a native app for the PSP.

    I would love to see the PC Store make it’s way back. I very much liked being able to browse the PlayStation store from any location without being restricted to a PC client. It would also be nice to queue up downloads to my PSP or PS3. I am not always available in a wifi area and I would like to queue up content that starts downloading when I boot up the PS3, or connect the PSP to my PC.

  • Hey Sony, How about extending your video delivery service to Canada?

    Quit making excuses already and do it already.

    While your at it, Update once and a while. once every 3 months is not really worth it. The site has no reason to exist with what you currently do with it.

  • ….but not to Canada.

  • How about extending it to Europe?

  • @21…No there dub

    – Dang still no sub feature, even though the subtitle feature is for the 1Seg tuner –

  • Canadian Video Store?
    Canadian PSN cards?

  • Sony hates doesn’t like Canada. Brazil and Uruguay must put out quicker or something.

  • Why are you guys crying about a canadian video store?

    Just import a psn card from play asia (yes, they sell NA cards)

  • Still missing 1080p and Surround Sound to OWN for the PS3 side.
    This is depressing!

  • Also thanks Grace Chen, one hell on a show at E3.

  • @31
    I believe the are IP locked out of the video store, as even though I have yen on Japanese PSN account, I can’t view the video store.

  • Let’s just keep asking – when will Canada get the video store?

    They may just answer sooner or later…

    I wasn’t being sarcastic btw, I want to know…it’s an E3 later and…nothing.

  • @31, uh, because the video store doesn’t exist in Canada?

  • Update the store already!

  • What about Europe Sony? Your competitor just announced the launch of their video service in europe. I live in Sweden and we still don’t have the video service, like many other countries. Why is the video store taking so long?

  • @34..So you went on the NA store and ip blocked you or you cant see the video store button? I know there different stores, like the euro store since it has multiple languages

    One store has Buzz Brain Blender for free (Go onto the UK store search *Buzz*, and there should be two free games there *I tried this on the psp*)

    @36..Are you on the NA store

  • I have a US account(Created it to download Rag Doll Kung Fu).

    Video store doesn’t show up. its IP blocked, just like hulu.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Europe? Last Year you guys said Spring 2009

  • @40..Oh I see.

    Europe, don’t you guys have some kind Go! video store?

  • People from countries like Canada who aren’t getting what they are looking for might want to start looking to their own country business practices for the answer.

    Sony, like any business, is out there to make money. I’m sure they’ve brought the idea to your country but something in the legal process is holding them up apparently. IE in EU where they won’t be releasing PSN cards it sounds like because theres to many countries with to many different tax issues etc etc.

    Just a thought, could be wrong.

  • This is unnacceptable to not bring the videostore in other territories than the US. Microsoft expand their video marketplace to 80 countries and you guys just ignore other country and just bring this to the useless PSP.

    Sony you HAVE to concentrate on the ps3 and PSN way more than the Ps2 and PSP, I found the conference very disapointing. I’m not happy the way the PSN goes right now with too many territorial stuff I mean, Y pay my system 650$ in launch like every others and I have less services.

  • Can we expect the sony E3 press confrence on the PS store like last year? If so, then how soon? Im not checking any live blogging or news websites until I see the actual show.

  • Questions: If I download the movie onto my PSP but then later want it also on my PS3 will I be only allowed to transfer it to the PS3 via the USB from the PSP since I don’t think we can redownload from the PS Store Download list? Will movie files purchased and downloaded onto the PSP be the same files as if we purchased and downloaded it off the PS3? Backing up movies that we bought, will that only work on the PS3 or will the Media Go allow us to also backup movies?

  • Why you guys wont get this service for Canada? i relly want to buy all these movies and shows :(

  • Grace, you’ve had at least 3 years to get the video store out in Canada(Kaz was talking about the video download store even before the PS3 launched). You have zero excuse to not have it ready when you launched the video store in the US let alone a year after that and still nothing.

    The lack if time and effort Sony has put into it is disgracefull. an appropriate level of effort would have achieved results by now.

  • where’s Final Fantasy 7 :(…..

  • Canada? any words on it? been a while now

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