E3 ’09: PSP go Leads a Huge Wave of PSN Content

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Hello, PlayStation Nation! E3 is the most exciting time of the year in videogames, and I wanted to share with you all some more insight into the news we just announced – specifically on the PSP platform and with our PlayStation Network.

We’ve been saying that 2009 will be a breakout year for the PSP because of the killer software lineup that no other handheld can match. Well, the PSP story is even stronger now with the unveiling of the PSP go, the newest addition to the PlayStation Portable family that is sure to be the “must-have” device for consumers seeking the deepest gaming and entertainment experience on-the-go. PSP go is sleek, pocket-sized, and 100 percent digital. This is the PSP designed for those of you who are completely comfortable downloading and storing digital media, and it’s ideal for anyone who considers themselves an early adopter of the latest and greatest technology. After talking extensively with consumers and our publishing partners, we know that now is the time to introduce PSP go. It will live alongside the current PSP-3000, and I should note that for those who prefer disc-based content, we remain committed to the UMD format, which will continue to be available at retail.

Here’s a quick look at the key specs:

  • The most portable PSP ever, PSP go is more than 50 percent smaller and more than 40 percent lighter than the original PSP we launched in 2005
  • A stylish sliding screen maintains the high resolution and vibrant visuals of the PSP-3000
  • Replacing the UMD drive is 16GB of internal flash memory to store plenty of games, videos, music, and photos
  • Memory Stick Micro slot offers expandable storage up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth support

Check out this brief video walk-through of the PSP go, courtesy of John Koller.

Whether you’re ready to purchase PSP go on launch day (October 1), or you’re already part of the PSP family with an existing model, we know that there’s plenty of demand for digital content on your PSP. PlayStation Network is your lifeline for this content, and we’re expanding our offering in a big way to deliver what you want. Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time evolving the network for PLAYSTATION 3, as the “always-online” system, and now we’re bringing that expertise over to enhance the PlayStation Network experience on the PSP with exciting new digital content and services. Starting today, you’ll be able to access the video delivery service of PlayStation Store directly on your PSP. No more downloading through a PC or PS3 first – just connect your PSP to a Wi-Fi Internet hotspot and you’ll have access to the thousands of movies and TV episodes available for rental or purchase. The volume of video content is growing weekly – in fact, we’ve announced 16 new content partners from Hollywood, anime, and sports, including Showtime, Starz, G4 & E!, Anime Network, UFC, and TNA, to name a few. Both PSP and PS3 owners will be able to enjoy this entertainment content, which will be rolled out this week. All of this is in addition to the broad range of games available on PlayStation Store.

And speaking of games, that’s what E3 is all about, so here’s a snapshot of what’s in store this year:

  • Beginning this fall, PlayStation Store will offer digital versions of many UMD games from the PSP’s library, as well as all upcoming titles, including Gran Turismo PSP, which was unveiled to the world at E3. We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the world’s biggest racing franchise to come to PSP, and your patience will be rewarded with a title that made jaws drop when we showed the demo at our press conference today. Newly announced PSP exclusives like Konami’s Metal Gear: Peacewalker and Capcom’s Resident Evil will also be available in digital format, as will LittleBigPlanet when it launches this year.
  • We’ve heard loud and clear that you want more classics from the PlayStation vault. Today we’re launching fan favorites, Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. By the end of the year, the number of PSone games will double to nearly 60 titles. You’ll be able to enjoy these classics on the big screen with PS3 or on-the-go with PSP.
  • And, the PlayStation Network is an incubator for small, creative developers, and we unveiled some innovative titles at E3, including Gravity Crash and Hustle Kings for PS3 and Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for PSP.

Worldwide there are now 24 million of you accessing the PlayStation Network, and we’re working hard to bring you the best games and entertainment content. As you can tell, that push for more content kicks off today, but you should check back throughout the week to see what else is up our sleeve.

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  • I’m guessing Mac users get screwed on the deal again? There isn’t a single good PSP media manager for the Mac.

  • @144:

    actually, if u looked at the features it has, it has more then just internal memory. It has bluetooth as well, and well thats all i can think of right now, yes it may not be all that, but hey, if you really want it, and your willing to buy it then wait untill prices go down, there is no point in saying that the price is too high becuase when a product 1st comes out it IS going to be slightly pricey no matter what, at least untill more of that product are bought so that prices can go down. It’s basic Economics. If i have to agree with you though, i would say that $200 would be a good deal.

  • omfg i need my portable FFVII version NOW!! i know you guys are busy with e3 and all, but seriously, how long do we have to wait?! i want to blow my money now!!

    btw- great conference, you guys stole the show. best stage presence of everyone. great job everyone!

  • will I be able to use my location free player with the psp go ?

  • At the price, you can buy an Iphone/itouch

    In other words the price is way to high.

  • Loved the press conference, but I have one doubt not answered anywhere: what about the games we already own in UMD? How will we be able to transfer them to the PSP Go?

  • OMG, you guys have really outdone yourselves this year. The PSP GO is super sexy, and with Gran Turismo, a new Metal Gear, Little Big Planet and Assassins Creed on the way this should be a great year for the PSP.

    Is Gran Turismo PSP going to have a UMD version? And can we please get the whole press conference on the PSN again like last year.

    I really do think that Sony won this years E3 buy a country mile. Great job.

  • I really hope this is touchscreen. That would maybe explain it being $250. I’d buy it either way though. I’ve never owned a PSP of any kind, so I’m not losing anything by buying this. One day purchase for me.

  • I have a question no one has answer me yet, does FFVII PSN version has something different from the old PS1 game? Like support for widescreen, better quality, etc…

  • I’m gonna wait for the inevitable PSP-Go 2000…

  • @158..Same one from the ps1.

  • There’s a giant elephant in the room, which many have mentioned, but what’s one more?

    I’ve heard nothing about whether or not we’ll be able to transfer our UMD games using the media manager and an older PSP, or something of that sort.

    That’s pretty darned important. With 35 games, this is the single deciding factor for me. It seems like a slick little machine, but if I have to leave my games behind, then I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

  • PSPGo! should be $50 cheaper. I was set to pick one up, now not so much. I also don’t want to hear anything regarding value.

    Also, any plans to bring back the PlayStation PC store?

  • We need PSP Trophies!

    Trenton said you guys listened to developer requests: why no second analogue screen or touch screen? Touch screen wouldn’t make PSP 3000 obsolete if it were in the Go if it were just used for little minigames, as it is in the iPhone.

  • Oh and why not launch the PSP like $160 or $180 to compete with the DSi, and drop the PSP 3000 price to $120 to undercut the DS Lite?

  • $249 is a little much considering I’ve already dropped $450 between the 2 PSP models I’ve owned (and recently another $90 on a Memory Stick that won’t cross-over). I’ll get one eventually, but it’ll have to come down a bit. In the meantime, I’ll be loving all the downloadable games. I’m normally a tangible media consumer, but in the case of portable games (and media I can’t rip to file from disc), I’d rather have more content available at the push of a button than have a bunch of discs with me. I’ve already purchased several downloadable games from PSN and I’ll be buying a lot more, it looks like. I’ll be all ready to fill the Go up when I finally get my hands on it, thanks to the PSN. Now if only my video content were tied to my account the way my gaming content is, I’d be more comfortable buying more movies and such that way. Nevertheless, thanks for bringing G4 content to PSN finally! I bought all 4 episodes of AOTS that are available as soon as the conference ended and can’t wait for more. HD would be nice, but I’ll take what I can get. Any Olivia Munn is good Olivia Munn… :D

  • exciting stuff..


    Are the WIFI cards in the PSP go the same as the originals PSPs..

    Will we be able to pair the PSP go with our PS3 via Bluetooth for use as a peripheral or to transfer data..

  • I was waiting to see the official announcement at E3 before deciding. After seeing the announcement and doing much research, reading and watching of video on the new PSP go, I just ordered the PSP 3000.

    A smaller screen for $80 more? One of the main reasons I decided to get a PSP was its great screen, and the “upgraded” model makes it smaller and charges a premium to do it? No thanks.

  • aye E3 sux unless you have psp then you have a boat load of games to look forward to. i mean White Knight Chronicle was a no show only to new IPs announces. they only showed two games that’s coming out this fall. Why wasn’t DEMON’S SOULS showed when its coming out this fall and it was PUBLISH by SCEJ. No add on to the PSN no nothing here i thought they saved the best for last. then they showed some crummy video game reel twice which was filled with third party games.

  • in fact, we’ve announced 16 new content partners from Hollywood, anime, and sports, including Showtime, Starz, G4 & E!, Anime Network, UFC, and TNA, to name a few.

    Yes, more anime for all of us.

    I’m glad to see Final Fantasy 7 goes up on the PSN store (along with Medal of Honor). It’s a great day for all PS owners.

  • The new PSP looks great (even though the name “Go” doesn’t)!

    But I have a few important questions before I purchase one:

    1. Will God of War: COO and MGS: Portable Ops be up on PSN?

    2. When will PSN Cards come to Canada?!

    Thanks. :)

  • PSP GO seems to be interesting to me, from how they said it, it comes with internal flash memory of 16gb and u can add another 16gb card and have a total of 32gigs on the thing…if thats the case, thats great…plenty of memory for movies music and games…

    All i really want is Flash to stream videos on the psp go and also about converting current umds into digital pieces to put on our PSP GO…

    I will keep my PSP 3000 for an extra device either way, the PSP GO will be more suited like a cell phone for travel or just being out and about…

    Bluetooth is a great addition as well…skype might get used now…


  • I REALLY hope you don’t expect us to rebuy all of our UMD games just so we can use them on the PSP go. If you do that, then I’m not getting one, and I doubt a lot of others will either…

    However if there’s a way to convert the said UMD games (or a mail-in program or kiosk or whatever), then this is a first-day buy for me. I’ve been itching to upgrade from my launch-day PSP…

  • the extra money for the PSP GO is because it has internal memory of 16GB…whats wrong with people, how much is a duo stick of 16GB for the psp 3000 and less…about $80 or more…mayne people and their B-I-T-C-H-I-N’

  • What about all my old UMDs will I be able to transfer those games to the PSP Go or do I have to rebuy game library all over again?

  • I’m starting to really like the PSP Go, but I have two questions/comments. Will there be a way for people to bring their UMD games onto the 16MB storage, or do they have to re-purchase all of their games? Also, I wish the Go didn’t require a different kind of memory stick. I’ve already bought 2 of the old ones specifically for my PSP, and the idea of them becoming useless if I upgrade to Go is really turning me off.

  • Too small for me. And it looks like I’m going to get cramped hands way more often with that thing.

  • No dual analog stick = no sale!

  • Final Fantasy VII?! FINALLY!!! Time to break out by PSP and dust it off. WOOOO!

  • Nice hardware, but the price is TOO high! $199 I can live with, but $249 just alienated a BUNCH of people from buying PSP Go.

  • Got to love people complaining.

    Listen guys, Sony have said over and over this isn’t going to replace the 3000 model, so all of you who are complaining about the Psp Go not having UMD support, just stick to your 3000 model..it’s that simple.

    Sony aren’t holding a gun to your head and demanding you buy every product, if you have 20/30 umds then just stick to the other model..jeez, do you guys need to be spoon fed as well?

    I swear, how do you guys manage to dress yourselfs in the morning?

  • @180: We are simply trying to figure out if its worth a purchasing a PSP go. We have been loyal PSP supporters who have actually BOUGHT UMD games (unlike a hell of a lot of people who just pirate them – you’re probably one of those) and it is really dishartening if it was all for nothing.

    It’s true that Sony isn’t holding a gun to our heads, but we all want a smaller PSP with bluetooth and all that jazz. Is it wrong to ask if I can convert my UMDs???

    I didn’t think so. So STFU and GTFO!

    Also I dress from the bottom up. Socks > pants > belt > shirt > hat

  • Great job guys, I’ll be picking up a PSP GO to go along with my original!!! :D

  • @sam_i_jam

    As I said it was REALLY NOTHING NEW.

    1. New Rockstar game (Agent) exclusive to PS3 (ANNOUNCED 2 YEARS AGO)

    2. FF14 exclusive to PS3. (NEW)
    3. God of War 3 played and blown people away. (ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED)
    4. MGS for PSP written by Kojima-san and looks amazing. (NEW)
    5. Uncharted 2 played live and press salivate.(ALREADY ANNOUNCED)
    6. MAG shown with 256 players in action. (ALREADY ANNOUNCED)
    7. Resident Evil PSP announced (Was expecting this from ages ago)
    8. New insane motion tech (I saw the presentation…it’s nuts) announced (BEEN LEAKS ON THE INTERNET)
    9. Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 and GT for PSP unveiled (ANNOUNCED WHEN THE PSP-1000 LAUNCHED)


    So out of your 9 things only like 3 new things. It wasnt anything to be excited about.

    Announcing new countries to get the video service, expansion of the PSN CARDS to other countries, showing off a new FIRMWARE FEATURE. A Price drop for crying out loud.

  • Great job with the go. It’s a little larger than my iphone and easy to carry around. I have a psp-2ooo,but it’s just not easy to carry around in pocket or something. Definitely getting this at launch

  • I am totally buying this

  • Just wanted to let ppl kno, if this is like what happen when we waited for Resident Evil, then the playstation store might be updated at 11:00pm Eastern time, which I think is 8:00pm Pacific time, so we possibly got 3 more hours till Final Fantasy VII =[

  • $250? are you kidding me? the dsi is new piece of hardware and its cheaper. its not just some rebranded ds either not like the pspgo! why not a psp 2? i would have bought one of those for $250 but not a psp.

    this is sad sony. i really like my ps3 but im starting to think it may be the last piece of sony hardware i buy.

    and for the record microsofts e3 show was the best by far.

  • Wow sony’s doing a great job coping apple, put out a new version every year thats really the same thing in a different box.

    Please do somethign with the psp that the consumer actually wants, another thumb stick.

  • All the complains about the price need to rethink what they would be buying. 16GB of memory on a portable device? Thats expensive. I have the 16GB Memory Stick Duo from Sony and that ALONE cost me over $165.

    But, I have my doubts about the PSP Go! only because of the UMD-less part. What about UMD’s that are currently owned by us? Are we gonna get a giant “F-U” or what? I wouldn’t mind digital downloads, but I gotta remember the games I currently own & love.

  • Lower the price by 50-100 dollars please its way to expensive and it just makes you(Sony) completely unaware of of what is going on in the world today.

  • 802.11b too? Sale -1

  • To go back to my previous comment…

    I just looked up the price of the 16GB Memory Stick Duo, and it is currently running $99.99 on BestBuy.com. So theres $100 of the new PSP Go!’s price already.

    *Note: I bought my 16GB stick when it first released… back when Circuit CIty only had it AND only had it available online.

  • $249.99 is a bit steep was expecting $199.99 at the most for it. Guess I’ll be sticking with the PSP 3000 model instead. Glad to see PS1 games coming here maybe get Silent Hill and more RPG games.

  • I hope it doesn’t cost more than 150 and that at launch there is a significant back-catalog

  • PSP Go is a day one purchase. I don’t own a PSP yet so I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    To all the complainers in here…well…just go to hell. That’s all! Nice work today SONY!

  • How about some Media Go support for Mac OS X. Its getting really old that Mac users are getting shafted in the compatibility department.

  • $250 dollars. Are you kidding me? Didn’t get either of the first two, definitely not wasting my time or money on this one.

  • playstation should hold on a bit before they release another psp


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