E3 ’09: PSP go Leads a Huge Wave of PSN Content

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Hello, PlayStation Nation! E3 is the most exciting time of the year in videogames, and I wanted to share with you all some more insight into the news we just announced – specifically on the PSP platform and with our PlayStation Network.

We’ve been saying that 2009 will be a breakout year for the PSP because of the killer software lineup that no other handheld can match. Well, the PSP story is even stronger now with the unveiling of the PSP go, the newest addition to the PlayStation Portable family that is sure to be the “must-have” device for consumers seeking the deepest gaming and entertainment experience on-the-go. PSP go is sleek, pocket-sized, and 100 percent digital. This is the PSP designed for those of you who are completely comfortable downloading and storing digital media, and it’s ideal for anyone who considers themselves an early adopter of the latest and greatest technology. After talking extensively with consumers and our publishing partners, we know that now is the time to introduce PSP go. It will live alongside the current PSP-3000, and I should note that for those who prefer disc-based content, we remain committed to the UMD format, which will continue to be available at retail.

Here’s a quick look at the key specs:

  • The most portable PSP ever, PSP go is more than 50 percent smaller and more than 40 percent lighter than the original PSP we launched in 2005
  • A stylish sliding screen maintains the high resolution and vibrant visuals of the PSP-3000
  • Replacing the UMD drive is 16GB of internal flash memory to store plenty of games, videos, music, and photos
  • Memory Stick Micro slot offers expandable storage up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth support

Check out this brief video walk-through of the PSP go, courtesy of John Koller.

Whether you’re ready to purchase PSP go on launch day (October 1), or you’re already part of the PSP family with an existing model, we know that there’s plenty of demand for digital content on your PSP. PlayStation Network is your lifeline for this content, and we’re expanding our offering in a big way to deliver what you want. Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time evolving the network for PLAYSTATION 3, as the “always-online” system, and now we’re bringing that expertise over to enhance the PlayStation Network experience on the PSP with exciting new digital content and services. Starting today, you’ll be able to access the video delivery service of PlayStation Store directly on your PSP. No more downloading through a PC or PS3 first – just connect your PSP to a Wi-Fi Internet hotspot and you’ll have access to the thousands of movies and TV episodes available for rental or purchase. The volume of video content is growing weekly – in fact, we’ve announced 16 new content partners from Hollywood, anime, and sports, including Showtime, Starz, G4 & E!, Anime Network, UFC, and TNA, to name a few. Both PSP and PS3 owners will be able to enjoy this entertainment content, which will be rolled out this week. All of this is in addition to the broad range of games available on PlayStation Store.

And speaking of games, that’s what E3 is all about, so here’s a snapshot of what’s in store this year:

  • Beginning this fall, PlayStation Store will offer digital versions of many UMD games from the PSP’s library, as well as all upcoming titles, including Gran Turismo PSP, which was unveiled to the world at E3. We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the world’s biggest racing franchise to come to PSP, and your patience will be rewarded with a title that made jaws drop when we showed the demo at our press conference today. Newly announced PSP exclusives like Konami’s Metal Gear: Peacewalker and Capcom’s Resident Evil will also be available in digital format, as will LittleBigPlanet when it launches this year.
  • We’ve heard loud and clear that you want more classics from the PlayStation vault. Today we’re launching fan favorites, Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. By the end of the year, the number of PSone games will double to nearly 60 titles. You’ll be able to enjoy these classics on the big screen with PS3 or on-the-go with PSP.
  • And, the PlayStation Network is an incubator for small, creative developers, and we unveiled some innovative titles at E3, including Gravity Crash and Hustle Kings for PS3 and Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for PSP.

Worldwide there are now 24 million of you accessing the PlayStation Network, and we’re working hard to bring you the best games and entertainment content. As you can tell, that push for more content kicks off today, but you should check back throughout the week to see what else is up our sleeve.

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  • Is this worldwide or US only? Also where’s the Video store for us Europeans? Oh year we have our own blog now…i’ll ask them too!

  • best confrence ever

  • Hopefully in the future the psp go will have updates that go beyond the old psp like better flash support and more updates to the system that the psp 3000 didn’t have. Surely some people won’t like the psp go but on the other hand many people will love being totaly digital.

  • no new psn features or no video store in Canada ….FAIL

  • Video store for Canada and a ton full of psn content for cheap like an app store if you want me to get me a Go!

  • I was all for it until you announced the price. Not worth its price, its the same damn unit as the PSP 3000.

  • great show today…there seems to be a common theme to the presentation its Exclusives!

    great line up i must say and if you can do a UMD to digital convesion via you media manager thing…you have a sale of that new psp..

    Keep it up Sony.

    Bring on uncharted 2 mutiplayer

  • Awesome about FF-VII. Please do Chrono Cross next I’ve never played it and heard it was amazing.

    Also…. Cross Game Voice Chat???? P L E A S E.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I’m sorry but not adding touchscreen, even if only for multimedia and web browsing capabilities, and then slapping a $250 price on it = FAIL.

    Really, how many handhelds nowadays go for that much and are not touchscreen? Only devices with storage capacity > 100GB, which the PSP GO is not. Disappointed to say the least.

  • Guys if you can read this, plz change the sound of the Playstation Store as it was, the new sound is really annoying. Plz, I want my PStore experience to be nice and relaxing, not annoying.

  • Personally the psp go was short of my expectations. I was hoping for touchscreen and a more compatable unit to the ps3. This psp comes across as a cosmetic enhancement with out umd. 16gb of memory is fine, but the current 3000 can hold 32gb (look it up) As for on the go media and pretty much everything I need on the go… I’ll stick to my iPod touch for now. A on the “go” device made by Sony should cover all on the go activities…especially at 250.00. Just me 2 cents. I enjoy both my ps3 and psp’s…I just expected more.

  • All that was cool, but where the hell is our in game voice chat? You show us a new controller and Psp, but we still can’t voice chat. Lame!

  • Will there be any way to transfer a UMD game to the PSP go like a save game transfer from the memory cards to the PS3 hard drive?


  • Great news :)

    I’ll stick with my PSP 3000 tho and just enjoy more digital content. Yay!:)

  • What ? Smaller screen (lol, that was the big advantage of the courrent PSP), no UMD Drive and you want 250$US form us?

    No way…Sorry.

  • really memory stick micro. I think i’ll take a 3000 to upgrade to.

  • Sure you might have more features than the DS but most people end up deciding n price not features, oh and games of course do help…a little…not much.

  • Sony had the best e3 conference by far. The motion controllers looked so awesome.

  • S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R

    I can already store my games on internal memory (memory stick) for free (thanks dark alex). $250 is too much for something that just added bluetooth and no touchscreen. Sorry to say this product isn’t gonna sell very well.

  • I liked most of the announcements for PSP users from e3. The GO isn’t bad but I like a bigger screen, but Imay get one for my boy. Smaller is better for his littler hands, and no UMD’s for him to loose or break.

    But for us old salts that have been waiting forever. How about even a SINGLE mention of the GPS and the Camera. We have been patient and you are out of excuses… GIVE US WHAT WAS PROMISED

  • How many times do I have to tell you, UPDATE YOUR CANADIAN SITE. It hasn’t been touched at all in 2009 minus that Gamers voice thing. It still says copyright 2008 all over it.

    SCEA has officially abandoned Canada for Brazil and Uruguay.

  • Sony you are awesome!! This is why I am a Sony fan!

  • My suggestion as a loyal brand owner: the price is too high, it should be $199.99 no bundle and then perhaps $229.99 bundled with a latest hot title like GT portable. On top of that the PSP3000 should then be lowered to like $159.99 no bundle and perhaps $189.99 bundled.

    I am also hoping someone official addresses the following concern I have: If the PSP go will be UMDless, how will users want to play current and older PSP games which are on UMD? will all PSP games eventually be turned into digital? Will sony offer some kind of program or firmware to make UMD’s digital?

  • this is great!

  • In the PSP game montage, what was the 2nd ggame after Soul Calibur 4?? PSP Eye of judgement? Does the PSP go have a camera?

  • sony let me down,sony wheres touch screen, second analog. and i want we want new design this look like psp 1000 with slide tingy and litle screen

  • I was all for this thing until I heard the price tag. $250 seems a little bit too much for a device like this. But, when you think about it, it is cheaper than a lot of other devices. I’ll get this by selling my PSP 3000 and its games, but I have to have these games on the PSN Store before I do this…
    -Secret Agent Clank
    -Wipeout Pulse
    -Metal Gear Solid Portible Ops
    If these do become avalible on the PSN Store, the I’ll get this. The only thing bad about this is filling up my memory with these games and a lot of others, old and new. I hope I’ll be able to keep up, lol. :P



  • $250 is too much for the PSP Go. I’d say at most it should be $200. I doubt I’m going to get the PSP Go until it becomes cheaper.

  • Instead of updating the PSPs video store, why not try bringing the video store to Canada? Or is Canada just not worth Sony’s time? Sony isn’t worth my time until they start realizing Canada is not ****ing Europe.

  • for those wondering about what to do with UMD games, this is what Sony Representatives had to say:


    They sounds clueless to me xD

  • At that price?
    No sale

  • $80 more than the PSP-3000…and what do we get? Internal storage…a smaller screen…and no way to play any of your existing UMD games or movies.

    Sweet deal. Where do I sign up?

    And I loved the quote in the presentation when they were talking about the movie store:

    “Playstation has something for everyone…wherever you want to go.”

    Except Canada. And Mexico. All of Africa. All of Europe. Australia.

    Hmmm….so wherever you want to go…if you want to go to the United States or Japan.

  • Hey, will someone at SCEA answer my question: Will Media Go! work on my Mac, and if not, why, and when will you support the Mac?

  • Those of you saying $250 is too much are just too darn cheap. I mean wouldnt you think the price would go down a few months after!? For what the PSP GO offers, which is more then the orignal psp at launch, you would think its a Great price! anyways, i know im gonna get one, even if the economy is bad… or i’ll wait untill price goes down… Sony can always make a UMD to PS3 converter ( which can be like a mini cd drive,USB, but for UMD) and convert to digi, it can plug into ps3 or even PC, just as long as they have extra strong security on it… just my thoughts.

  • Can’t wait to get mine.

  • psp go .. analog stick next to the directional buttons?..

    who was the designer? ..

    I don’t like this new “psp?”

  • I expected more from e3… I guess I’m gonna say what I say evry year, “there’s always TGS” (sigh)

  • As others have mentioned previously, I wouldn’t even consider upgrading unless there was some way to convert my current UMD-based game library to work with the GO.

  • Finally Final Fantasy VII !!!!!

    Keep those PSOne Classics coming

  • Nice work Peter. You made all us PS fanatics proud today. Go Sony!

  • Consider it already bought.

  • #136:

    We’re not cheap. We’re just not stupid. Why pay $80 more for a device that is inferior in many ways…that obsoletes our entire library of games…and only offers a single improved feature (internal storage).

  • I was so excited; was even ready to sell my Monster Hunter PSP for a new PSP Go.

    But then I heard the $250 price point.

    I think that’s really way too high of a price. It really is.

  • It’s ludicrous.

  • Won’t buy PSP Go until a second analog stick and built in camera arrives. Sony! where is the second analog stick, and the emulated PS2 downloadables… :-)

    I have a feeling there will be 3 or 5 more versions of PSP Go until the perfect one arrives. With touch screen, downloadable and software emulated ps2-games, built-in camera with mic, gsm, 3G2, wifi, mobile functionality, bluetooth, external umd-reader for BC, more than 16gb of memory, support for sdcard and memory stick pro duo, not the deprecated m2 format which sony ericsson is leaving to have SDcard support instead.

    Sony, u said your were listing, apperantly you didn’t take notes.

  • @ #144 So bluetooth isn’t an improved feature?

  • I’m happy to pay that, I paid 249 for the psp phat on release week, that was about 3 or 4 years ago.

  • When should we expect the store to be updated w/ FF7 and MoH and the video from the press conference?

    Great Day. Really wonderful announcements guys. Makes me feel good that I own a PS3 and PSP – no rivals.

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